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80s Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Graphics of TV, sunglasses, and radio in 80s-style color beside text 80s Trivia Quiz in all caps.

How well do you know everything about this decade? Test your knowledge in our 80s Trivia Quiz! The eighties is commonly known for being the era of big hair, bold fashion statements, and iconic music.  It was also a time of significant cultural shifts, technological advancements, and political upheavals that continue to influence society today. […]

126 Date Night Questions for Married Couples

Illustration of wine glasses with wedding rings above beside text Date Night Questions for Married Couples in all caps.

Hey, hey, lovebirds! Let’s be honest, we all know that date nights are essential for keeping the fire burning in our marriages.  But what happens when you’ve exhausted all the usual things to talk about and find yourselves stuck in a rut?  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!  In this guide, we give you our […]

138 Funny Questions to Ask on a First Date

Funny heart face in purple beside text in all caps: Funny Questions to Ask on a First Date.

So, you’ve finally got a first date with someone you’re interested in? Congrats! But before you start imagining your future together, let’s be honest- first dates can be awkward and nerve-wracking.  Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing to break the ice and have some laughs. Forget about the boring, generic inquiries that everyone asks, and […]

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Quiz (Questions and Answers)

St. Patrick's day hat and clovers beside text St Patrick's Day Trivia Quiz.

How much do you really know about this holiday? Test your knowledge with our St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Quiz!  Celebrated on the 17th of March, usually by people from Ireland and North America, it’s the time of year when everyone slips into something green, dons a pair of rosy cheeks and goes wild in their […]

80s TV Trivia Quiz (Questions & Answers)

Televisions graphics with stars and checkered in purple and yellow color beside text 80s TV Trivia Quiz.

How well do you know the programs aired during the era of big hair and shoulder pads? Test your knowledge with our 80s TV Trivia Quiz! From entertaining sitcoms like “Cheers” and “The Golden Girls”, to the pulse-pounding action of “Knight Rider” and “The A-Team”- the 80s were an epic time for television, with some […]

149 Date Night Questions: Easy, Fun & Deep

Illustration of couples on a date with moon and stars in yellow color beside text Date Night Questions.

Imagine your ideal date- what comes to mind?  Maybe it’s a romantic dinner for two, a leisurely stroll through a park, or a spontaneous night of activities. Whatever your idea of the perfect date may be, one thing is for sure: a great conversation is a must-have. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting […]

122 Truth Questions for Friends: Clean, Funny & Deep

Illustration of friends beside text Truth Questions for Friends in all caps.

Are you ready for a great conversation starter that will make you laugh, squirm, and spill some juicy secrets?  Then get your friends together, grab some snacks and drinks, and let’s play “Truth Questions for Friends”! Whether you’re having a cozy hangout or embarking on a wild road trip, we compiled a good list of […]

80s Movie Trivia Quiz Questions & Answers

Popcorn and CD illustration beside text 80s Movie Trivia Quiz in all caps.

How well do you know your 80s movies? Test your knowledge with our 80s Movie Trivia Quiz! From a group of misfits banding together to go on a wild ride to save the day to a creature from another world befriending a young boy and becoming an unlikely hero- many of these 80s hits captured […]

72 Truth or Dare Questions Over Text for Couples

Phone with heart and hands in purple color beside text ''Truth or Dare Questions over Text for Couples''.

Hey lovebirds! Looking for a way to bond with your special someone, even from miles away? Bring the joy back into your long-distance relationship with an old classic: ‘’Truth or Dare’’.  This game has been around for ages and with the rise of digital communication, couples who are separated by distance can enjoy them over […]

25 Colorado Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Purple Colorado map shape beside text Colorado Trivia Quiz in all caps.

How well do you know this state? Test your knowledge with our Colorado Trivia Quiz! Colorado is located in the western region of the United States and is known for its stunning natural landscapes and vibrant urban cities. It is also home to a number of famous mountain ranges and national parks like the Rocky […]