126 Bachelorette Dares List for Bride-to-be and Friends

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Bachelorette parties are a time for brides-to-be to let loose, have a blast, and take a break from all the incoming wedding dramas. 

If you’re assigned the bachelorette tasks, you probably have some fun planned for the party or are looking forward to a getaway at a charming destination.

Whatever it may be, a great way to spice things up and get everyone in the spirit is by playing some bachelorette dares.

Check out this post for our bachelorette dares list brides-to-be and their friends can complete together.

Whether you want to do something fun, wild, or crazy, this bachelorette dares ideas are sure to keep things pumped up before the big day.

So gather your girls and get ready for some shenanigans!

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Easy Dares for a Bachelorette Party

This easy bachelorette list of dares will get the party started with some laughs without too much challenge.

From doing twenty squats to singing your heart out in front of people, this will fill your party with excitement.

We also have another set of easy dares you can use in our guide to dares for friends.

1. Stop wherever you are and do 20 squats.

2. Sing the chorus of a sappy love song.

3. Do a tequila shot.

4. Put your socks on your hands until your next turn, if you’re not wearing socks use your shoes.

5. Snort water.

6. Name as many celebs as you can who share the same name as the bride-to-be.

7. Balance on one leg until the group decided you can stop.

8. Ask the next married couple you see for advice to pass on to the soon-to-be-married bride, if your group is enjoying a solitary bach, call a married couple and ask via speaker.

9. Nominate someone to go through your phone and check your last searched item on a social media channel.

10. Scroll through your phone book until the group says stop, then leave that contact a voice note rap.

11. Do a handstand and recite the alphabet.

12. Act out a funny scene in a movie and see if the group can guess what movie it is from.

13. Let the group go through your purse, is there anything that shouldn’t be in there? This is actually a game that features in our virtual bridal shower games guide.

14. Hula hoop with an imaginary hula hoop until your next turn.

15. Choose three members of the group and name a celebrity that looks like them.

16. Do ten burpees.

Girls pour wine on beach at bachelorette party

Clean Bachelorette Party Dares

If you’re looking to keep things tame and wholesome, here’s some clean bachelorette party list of dares.

You can even share these dares over text if a friend missed the party but want to take part in all the fun as most of these challenges are not too demanding.

17. Sing instead of talking, do this until it is your turn for a dare again.

18. Do your best supermodel walk for the bride to judge.

19. Hold a silly face until your next turn.

20. Make a toast to the bride, telling her what you admire the most about her.

21. Do the hokey pokey.

22. Talk in a Disney princess voice until your next turn.

23. Cross your eyes for the next two minutes.

24. Try and put your whole hand in your mouth.

25. Talk in the form of questions until your next turn.

26. Recite the alphabet backwards.

27. Tell the story of how you met the bride in less than three words.

28. Talk without opening your mouth until your next turn.

29. Imitate your favorite celebrity.

30. Refer to yourself in the third person until your next turn.

31. Stand on your tippy toes for the next minute.

32. Roll your tongue until your next turn.

33. Give the person on your left a three minute shoulder massage.

34. Try and do a handstand and hold it for 30 seconds.

39. Change spots with the person across from your, but only move yourself using your hands and arms.

40. Hold your ear to your shoulder for the next two minutes.

41. Bark like a dog until your next turn.

Girls in pajamas and sleeping masks sitting and covering mouths with phone.

Funny Bachelorette Party Dares

Get everyone laughing and feeling silly with this list of funny bachelorette dares.

Be sure to put on your brave face and get ready for some hilarity!

42. Do your best impressions of the groom.

43. Bust a move to a theme tune of the bride-to-be’s choice.

44. Take a group picture with everyone in a cute pose without using your hands.

45. Share your funniest social mishap.

46. Imitate your favorite superhero.

47. Do your best attempt at the Riverdance.

48. Create a funny backstory about the person to your left using less than 30 words.

49. Do the Macarena dance wherever you are.

50. Do your best line dance until it is your turn.

51. Sing a power ballad to the person to your right. Check out our wedding duet songs for titles.

52. Call a random number and ask the person who answered if they want to play scrabble with you.

53. Go live on social media while the group does their best performance of a Spice Girls song.

54. Talk with an accent until your next turn, the more ridiculous, the better.

55. For the next five minutes, only talk using lines from songs.

56. Flirt with a stranger, then tell them they remind you of your dad, and walk away.

57. Countdown from 20 backwards while reaching for stars.

58. Read out your last text from your mom.

59. Say your name leaving out any vowels that are in your name.

60. Using less than 50 words, reveal to the group a personal story that is partly exaggerated and partly true.

61. Give your phone to the person in front of you and let them post whatever they want on your social media.

62. Make an over-the-top impression of the person on your right.

63. In a high-pitched nasal voice, sing your favorite jingle.

64. Only talk in a whisper until your next turn.

65. Repeat everything the bride-to-be says for the next five minutes.

66. Give the person on your left a dance.

67. Twerk to your favorite childhood song.

68. Pick someone in the group and slow dance with them.

69. Tell everyone a summary of your wildest or weirdest dating experience.

70. Do the chicken dance.

71. Create an acrostic poem using the bride’s name. You’ve got one minute. Go!

Child with plane wings

Dares for Bachelorette Parties at Public Spaces

In this section, we feature a series of dares that require crowd participation!

Feel free to mix dares from above and below too or you will be noising up a lot of people in one space!

Naturally, you should ask for consent before touching strangers. 

72. Order the funniest sounding drink on the menu in a sultry voice. Slippery Nipple anyone? 

73. Sing ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars really loud in the middle of the bar, and encourage everyone to join in while pointing at the bride-to-be.

74. Ask the next person you see for their phone number.

75. Clear the neighboring tables’ glasses and ask if they’re having a good time.

76. Do an exaggerated wink at the next person you see.

77. Ask the DJ to play a kid’s song, like Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baby Shark, etc, with a straight face.

78. Wish someone at the bar Merry Christmas.

79. Tell the next guy that approaches the group that you have head lice. Itch frantically.

80. Try to convince the next person you see that you appeared in a famous movie of your choosing.

81. Say ‘’I love you’’ in Spanish to a stranger in a hat.

82. Smell the armpits of a member of the bach party and then describe to the group what it smells like.

83. Put ice cubes down your top and keep it there as long as possible.

84. Fake cry really loudly in the bar, and then immediately start laughing hysterically.

85. Blow a kiss to the closest person with tattoos.

89. Talk without closing your mouth while ordering a bag of nuts.

90. Order a bag of nuts without using the word nuts.

91. Find another group having a bachelorette party and take a group selfie with the brides to be in the middle.

Flight of beer on table

Dares for Bachelorette Party Bride-to-Be

When it comes to bachelorette parties, many brides like to keep things tame, opting for girl time and some fun presents, while some want something more outrageous and a little bit daunting.

Whatever the preferences, this list of dares for brides-to-be can go from easy to something a bit extreme.

92. Act out the spouse-to-be’s worst habit.

93. Do the moonwalk.

94. Do a shot of sambuca.

95. In less than 50 words, tell the group a funny story about your fiancée that no one is supposed to know.

96. Go into a public restroom and have a whole conversation with your reflection about how crappy your bachelorette party is.

97. Do your best husky howl for 30 seconds.

98. Smell the feet of three friends in the group and rate them from best to worst.

99. Circle around the group while clucking like a chicken.

100. Talk really loud like no one can hear you until your next turn.

101. Make out with a mirror like it’s your soon-to-be spouse.

102. Serenade the person to your left, be over the top, and dramatic.

103. Start a conga.

104. Imitate a makeup vlog tutorial.

105. Hold the hand of the player to your right until your next turn.

106. Let the group post any photo they like from your photo gallery with a funny caption to your social media.

107. Text your fiancé and tell him you have a secret to tell him, and then don’t answer his texts.

108. Swap tops with a bach of your choosing. Wearing a dress? Swap shoes!  

109. Tell two lies and one truth and make everyone guess which is true.

110. Bend your arm like you are tensing your bicep then take a photo of the crease of the elbow. Send the fake bottom pic to your fiancé or your mom. You choose!

pretty woman doing the kiss face on yellow background

Online Bachelorette Dares

Whether you’re planning to have your party virtually or just want to see the girls do something insane online, then check out this online bachelorette party dare list.

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111. In less than two minutes, find a household item that could be used as a microphone.

112. Add a cat filter to your video.

113. Draw a picture of the bride-to-be using the Pictionary function on Zoom or Scribble.

114. Change your wallpaper to your favorite picture of you and the bride-to-be.

115. Share the last three things in your search history with the group.

116. Put a clean pair of underwear on your head.

117. Let the bride-to-be pick a song that you have to sing and dance to until your next turn.

118. Stick out your tongue and recite your favorite poem.

119. In less than 20 words, describe your first kiss.

120. Do a magic trick.

121. Serenade the bride-to-be with a song from the 2000s.

122. Belly dance until your next turn.

123. Text your last five emojis to a colleague and send a screenshot to the group via chat.

124. Try to lick the bottom of your foot.

125. Create a haiku about the bride and share it in the chat so they can read it out. 

126. Take a funny selfie and posts it on social media as your profile pic.

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 Final Thoughts

Try these dares for bachelorettes for some harmless fun or to make sure the bride-to-be has a memorable last night out.

Grab your cameras to document all that’s happened- and don’t forget to tell us in the comments below how you and your friends fared while completing them!

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