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Games you can play with your partner, friends, family, and coworkers such as truth or dare and would you rather.

231 Never Have I Ever – Girl Edition Questions

Illustration of three girls raising their hands beside text ''Never Have I Ever Girl Edition''.

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to bond with your girl besties, partner, or wife?  Look no further than the classic game “Never Have I Ever.”  It’s a great way to break the ice and bring out some interesting and entertaining stories and confessions from your closest ones. If you’re planning to […]

149 Best Friend Quiz Questions: Friendship, Funny & Deep

Illustration of two people doing high five colored in purple beside test Best Friend Quiz Questions

Your best friends are the ones you can rely on– they know all your secrets and help keep you sane, especially during rough times.  But how well do you know each other?  If you think you know your BFFs so well, why not put that to test by answering some best friend quiz questions? This […]

222 Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples: Clean, Funny, Cringe & Deep

Text Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples Image Open Eyes

Whether you’re going on a date, on a vacation, at a party, or simply hanging out at home, there’s always an opportunity to truly connect and better understand your partner. And one of the most enjoyable ways to do that is with a good old-fashioned game of never have I ever. To help you get […]

126 Bachelorette Dares List for Bride-to-be and Friends

Text Dares For Bachelorettes image ring and shoe

Bachelorette parties are a time for brides-to-be to let loose, have a blast, and take a break from all the incoming wedding dramas.  If you’re assigned the bachelorette tasks, you probably have some fun planned for the party or are looking forward to a getaway at a charming destination. Whatever it may be, a great […]

120 Fun Dares For Friends: Perfect for Parties or Hang Outs

Text Dares For Friends with hands making pinky promise

When you’re out of ideas for fun things to do with your friends, the classic ‘’dare game’’ is always a blast.  Whether you’re having a party or simply hanging out, this is the perfect chance to see your pals’ hilarious, embarrassed, and craziest side! But what are the best dares for friends to get everyone […]

116 Truth or Drink Questions For Couples

Text Truth or Drink Questions with shot glass and lemon

Line the tequila up, it’s time to play truth or drink questions for couples! Tequila not your style? No problem. Pour the vodka or rum instead. Our truth or shot questions are divided up into sections featuring funny truth or drink questions for couples, personal truth or shot questions for couples, truth or drink questions […]

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun

Text Virtual Bridal Shower Games and image of bride looking at computer screen

Have you been given the honour of hosting an online bridal shower to commemorate your best girl’s move from Miss to Mrs? Traditionally, the mother of the bride organizes this milestone party but more recently the job has been passed to friends. Regardless of who is planning the digital soiree, this guide shares the best […]

70 Fun Kiss, Marry, Kill Game Questions

Text Kiss Marry Kill Game with a kiss, rings and gravestone

Kiss, marry, kill, f k, marry, kill, bang, marry, kill, screw, marry, kill, snog, marry, avoid – what do you call the following forced-choice questions? Tell us in the comments! Whatever the official name is, this is a fun friendship and couples quiz that can be played during on a date, at a social event, […]