163 Christmas This or That: Test Your Holiday Choices

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Get ready to make festive choices with our Christmas this or that questions.

We’ve got you covered from selecting between easy holiday scenarios to tasty dishes, and stylish outfits to exploring the season’s culture and traditions.

So, gather your friends and take turns asking each other quick questions where you have to choose between two exciting options. 

To add some extra thrill, you can use a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency, and set up a consequence like telling a funny joke or doing a silly dance for those who can’t answer right away- feel free to put your own twist!

You can find detailed instructions at the end too.

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Easy Christmas This or That Questions

Ready to make uncomplicated choices?

Our easy Christmas this or that questions feature a straightforward selection of preferences to kick off the holiday decision-making.

  • Real Christmas tree or an artificial tree?
  • Green Christmas tree or white tree?
  • White lights or colorful lights?
  • A few decorations for Christmas or your whole house decorated?
  • Store-bought decorations or making your own?
  • Sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies?
  • Wrapping presents with wrapping paper or using gift bags?
  • Giving gift cards or a gift?
  • Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph?
  • Hang stockings by the fireplace or under the tree?
  • Formal Christmas outfit or an ugly Christmas sweater?
  • Christmas countdown calendar or Elf on a shelf?
  • Wreath on your front door or lights around the door?
  • Secret Santa at work or open bar at the work Christmas party?
  • Caroling on Christmas Eve or having a Christmas Eve dinner?
  • Snowy Christmas or tropical Christmas?
  • Going to a Christmas parade or driving around to see people’s Christmas lights?
  • Building a snowman or making snow angels?
  • Writing Santa a letter or visiting Santa at the mall?
  • Open present on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve?
  • Family lunch on Christmas day or dinner on Christmas day?
  • Go to someone else’s place for Christmas celebrations or host people in your home?
  • Christmas craft fair or holiday concert?
  • Modern Christmas songs or traditional Christmas songs?
  • Christmas musical or Christmas movie marathon?
  • Traditional Christmas movies or modern Christmas movies?

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Christmas Food This or That Questions

Looking to explore your culinary preferences during the holidays? 

Our Christmas food this or that will serve up a delectable array of choices, guiding you through the flavors of the season.

  • Hot chocolate or eggnog?
  • Candy cane hot chocolate or white hot chocolate?
  • Mulled wine by the fire or hot cocoa?
  • Spiced tea latte or apple cider?
  • Candy canes or chocolate truffles?
  • Ham or turkey for Christmas dinner?
  • Roast beef dinner or tacos for Christmas dinner?
  • Mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole?
  • Steamed beans or yams?
  • Cranberries on your turkey or gravy?
  • Homemade cranberry sauce or store-bought?
  • Homemade dinner rolls or store-bought?
  • Cornbread or dinner rolls?
  • Fruitcake or rice pudding for dessert?
  • Pecan pie or pumpkin pie?
  • Sugar cookies or Yule log cake?
  • Chocolate truffles or peppermint bark?
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels or candy canes?
  • Roasted chestnuts or candied pecans?
  • Whipped cream or ice cream with dessert?
  • Fruit platter or nut tray?
  • Pickle tray or cheese and cracker tray?
  • Deviled eggs or stuffed mushrooms?
  • Spinach dip or Tex Mex dip?
  • Roasted root vegetables or green bean casserole?
  • Cheddar cheese ball or mini quiches?
  • Cranberry cheesecake or mincemeat pie?
  • Cheesecake or pie?
  • Decorate sugar cookies or a gingerbread house?
  • Cocktail meatballs or sausage rolls?
  • Pigs in a blanket or creamed spinach?
  • Mushrooms wrapped in bacon or brie and cranberries on crackers?
  • Leave Santa cookies and milk or tea and a piece of pie?
  • Cocktails or mocktails?

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Christmas Wardrobe This or That Questions

What’s your perfect look for the season?

The following questions will offer a stylish selection of options to help you curate your ideal festive attire.

  • Santa Claus hat or reindeer antlers?
  • Elf hat or frosty socks?
  • Elf hat or Grinch socks?
  • Christmas-colored hat and mitten set or fringed scarf in Christmas colors?
  • Cozy knit sweater for a work party or a flashy sequin top?
  • Holiday dress or ugly Christmas sweater?
  • Velvet top or sequined top for a Christmas party?
  • Faux leather pants or velvet pants for a Christmas party?
  • Comfortable ankle boots or trendy high heels to finish your Christmas party look?
  • A classy cocktail dress or a sparkly party dress?
  • Sequined skirt or tulle skirt?
  • Wear matching ugly Christmas sweaters with coworkers or matching earrings?
  • Diamond or gold jewelry to complete your Christmas look?
  • Christmas earrings or Christmas necklace?
  • Natural makeup or festive makeup?
  • Natural nail color or fun Christmas nail designs?
  • Natural hair color or dye hair a Christmas color for the holiday season?
  • Jingle bell earrings or tinsel in your hair?
  • Mrs. Claus earrings or a snowman necklace?
  • Fuzzy Santa slippers or Christmas-themed wool socks?
  • Christmas outfit for opening presents on Christmas morning or wearing Christmas pajamas?
  • Christmas-themed onesies or matching family slippers?
  • Normal pajamas for the holiday season or only festive pajamas?
  • Holiday photos in matching pajamas or matching sweaters?
  • Holiday bowtie or Frosty tie?
  • Christmas apron or chef’s hat for cooking Christmas dinner?
  • Festive leggings or candy cane striped scarf?
  • Flannel Christmas pajama pants or Christmas nightgown?
  • Faux fur stole or plaid blanket scarf?
  • Festive headband or knit beanie?
  • Holiday-themed apron or a t-shirt with a funny Christmas saying?
  • Tacky holiday vest or ugly Christmas tie?
  • Jingle bell necklace or a tinsel boa?
  • Rudolph’s nose or a Santa beard?
  • Elf costume to go grocery shopping or a Mrs. Claus outfit?
  • V-neck Christmas sweater or crew neck Christmas sweater?
  • A cozy sweater for Christmas day or a trendy outfit?
Christmas ugly sweatshirt.

Christmas Culture This or That Questions

Curious about the various facets of Christmas culture? 

The following round lets you decide between traditions, movies, music, and more, as you delve into the cultural side of the season.

  • Build a snowman or build a snow fort?
  • Skiing or snowshoeing?
  • Celebrate on Christmas day with extended family or on Christmas Eve?
  • Leave cookies for Santa or carrots for his reindeer?
  • Watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or “A Christmas Carol” on Christmas Eve?
  • Christmas lights in the tree or strung around the house?
  • Christmas pickle or Elf on a shelf?
  • Watching the Christmas parade or caroling with friends?
  • Gifting pajamas on Christmas Eve or no presents until Christmas morning?
  • Making Christmas ornaments or decorating gingerbread houses?
  • Spending time with family on Christmas day or volunteering at a homeless shelter?
  • Calling loved ones on the phone on Christmas day or doing a Zoom call? (For activities to try, see our Zoom games guide for ideas)
  • Organizing a Secret Santa at your work or organizing a toy drive?
  • Spend an afternoon ice skating or sledding?
  • Baking sugar cookies or baking gingerbread men?
  • Browsing a Christmas craft fair or going to a Christmas concert?
  • Sending digital Christmas cards or physical cards to loved ones?
  • Learn how to make a festive wreath or knit a blanket to gift to someone?
  • Doing a DIY tutorial on social media or gathering friends for a night of crafts?
  • Participating in a holiday cookie exchange or attending a potluck?
  • Buying gifts from a thrift store or making them yourself?
  • Spending the evening reading Christmas books or watching Hallmark Christmas movies?
  • Donating to your local food bank or “adopting” a family for the holidays?
  • Christmas countdown with a chocolate for each day or a little gift for each day?
  • Browsing a holiday market or walking around a Christmas light display?

Wholesome Christmas This or That Questions

Ready for heartwarming moments and cozy preferences?

The following round of our holiday this or that lets you choose from a selection of inspiring Christmas experiences and activities.

  • White elephant gift exchange or Secret Santa gift exchange?
  • Wrapping gifts in novelty paper and gift bags or wrapping gifts elegantly?
  • Getting gifts or spending quality time with family for Christmas?
  • Standing under a mistletoe with your partner or your mom?
  • Making new Christmas traditions or making new ones with your family?
  • Matching family sweaters or matching family pajamas for Christmas morning?
  • Snowball fight on Christmas day or snowman building competition?
  • Elaborate centerpiece or simple centerpiece on the table for Christmas dinner?
  • Snowmen or candy cane decorations?
  • Hot tea or hot cocoa?
  • One big Christmas tree or several smaller trees around your house?
  • Making Christmas cards for friends or Christmas cookie trays?
  • Waking up to presents under your tree or going to loved ones to open presents Christmas morning?
  • Singing all your favorite Christmas songs around a fireplace or dancing the night away at a Christmas party?
  • Ordering Christmas dinner or making a homemade feast?
  • Watching Christmas cartoons or classic Christmas movies?
  • Watching Christmas movies or caroling?
  • Board games on Christmas Eve or a Christmas movie marathon?
  • Twinkling Christmas lights or roaring fire in the fireplace?
  • Solid Christmas lights or blinking lights?
  • Dripping Christmas lights or twinkling lights?
  • Big light-up Santa decoration on the roof or inflatable Frosty on the front lawn?
  • Tropical getaway or cabin on a snowy mountain for Christmas?
  • Sledding or tubing?
  • Snowy winter wonderland Christmas morning or a light dusting of snow?
  • Ice skating on an indoor rink or a frozen pond?

Funny Christmas This or That Questions

Get ready for a good laugh with the funny round of our this or that Christmas game.

We’ve got a collection of humorous choices that will have you chuckling through the season.

  • Receive a lifetime supply of eggnog or a year’s worth of candy canes?
  • Serve expired cranberry sauce or spoiled eggnog?
  • Use eggnog-flavored mouthwash or have to pee every time you hear “Ho Ho Ho”?
  • Get drunk while cooking Christmas dinner and you burn the turkey or have someone bring potato salad with raisins in it?
  • Wear a Santa every day during the holiday season or eat fruitcake every day for breakfast during the holiday season?
  • Attend a work party where everyone dresses in cute Christmas attire or everyone wears clothes they made with Christmas wrapping paper?
  • Rely on Frosty for the daily weather or Rudolph as your headlights when driving?
  • Have Frosty do all your Christmas shopping or have the Grinch cook your Christmas dinner?
  • Stand under a mistletoe with Rudolph or the Grinch?
  • Find out Santa is a long-lost cousin or that Rudolph is your new assistant at work?
  • Forget to label all the presents you wrap or run out of toilet paper on Christmas day with your whole family over?
  • Listen to the same Christmas song on repeat for the entire holiday season or listen to no music at all?
  • Help manage the naughty and nice list or Santa untangle all his Christmas lights?
  • A Christmas tree decorated entirely in pickle ornaments or a tree that sings jingle bells whenever you walk by it?
  • Have your front lawn completely covered in inflatable Christmas decorations or every inch of the outside of your house covered in flashing Christmas lights?

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Christmas lights in Peacock Lane Portland, Oregon.

Final Thoughts

Did you have a fantastic time navigating our Christmas-themed this or that questions?

We’d love to hear about your experience, so please leave your comments below and share your favorite moments and choices with us.

Our Winter Games

How to Play This or That

Wondering how to play this or that? The game is pretty simple.

One person will start by asking a this or that question from the list. The player/s must choose between the two options and give their answer.

You can also put your own spin on the game.

For example, if you want to add more pressure to the following this or that questions, use a quickfire timer to reduce thinking time and add a forfeit such as ten-star jumps or a shot of a drink of your choice if the player/s goes over.

If you want them to share more information, just tag on the question ”why” to their answers.

This game can also be played online or over the phone.

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