138 Clean Would You Rather Questions For All

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Keep it PG with our clean would you rather questions!

This guide features this or that questions on food, lifestyle, music, vacation, school and work which you can use as quick fire questions to get to know your kids, friends or partner better or as part of a bigger game.

These lists can also be used as ‘either or’ icebreaker questions for work or social events.

If you want answers to last longer, instruct players to explain why they have chosen that option.

If you want to add more pressure, use a timer to reduce thinking time and add a forfeit such as a funny dance or saying the alphabet backwards.

Are you playing with friends?

Test how well you know them by guessing their chosen answer.

Note: There are a lot of questions! Feel free to split up the sections and discuss over several different occasions!

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Clean Would You Rather Questions?

First up we’ve got food!

Sorry if you have to stop and snack during the quickfire question session.

Food This or That Questions

Would you rather eat…

1. Breakfast or dinner?

2. Sandwich or soup for lunch?

3. Midnight feast or afternoon snack?

4. Bread or fries?

5. Oat or dairy?

6. Fruit or veg?

7. Cake or ice cream?

8. Smoothie or fizzy?

9. Cheese or chips?

10. Red or mustard on a hot dog?

11. Hot coffee or iced coffee?

12. Smooth peanut butter or crunchy peanut butter?

13. When ordering a salad dressing on the side or dressing on the salad?

14. A restaurant that serves delicious calorie-free entrées or a grocery store that gives away free food?

15. Being cooked for or cooking for someone else?

16. Cooking or dishes?

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Coffee on table with books

Travel This or That Questions

17. Free rent/ mortgage for a year or free travel for a year?

18. Visit the Caribbean or visit Europe?

19. London or Paris?

20. Rome or Vienna?

21. Las Vegas or NYC?

22. Yosemite or Grand Canyon?

23. Disney or Universal?

24. Canadian Rockies or Niagara Falls?

25. Safari or road trip?

26. Solo or group trip?

27. Going on a tropical vacation or enjoying a staycation?

28. Spending the day at a botanical garden or canoeing?

29. Ski trip or beach trip?

30. Hat or shades?

31. Sweatshirt or shirt?

32. 2-day friends trip or 2-week family vacation?

33. Maps or get lost?

34. Learn the language or struggle with a smile?

35. Train or plane?

36. Suitcase or backpack?

37. Arrive at the airport hours early or just on time?

38. Carry or stored luggage?

39. Aisle or window seat?

40. Near the plane toilet or trolley area?

41. Plane food or go hungry?

42. Bus or train?

43. Ferry or sailboat?

44. Camping or staying in a hotel?

45. Mountain or beach?

46. Water sports or parachute-style sports?

47. Sunburn and sleepy or too hot and awake?

48. Bloated belly or diarrhea?

49. Mosquito bites or blisters?

50. Water park or theme park?

51. Fast flumes or river rapids?

52. Seafood or meat platters?

53. Gelato or sorbet?

54. Ocean or lake?

55. Sand or grass?

56. Drinking water with or without gas?

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Packed suitcase.

Lifestyle This or That Questions

57. A nosey neighbor or a loud and obnoxious neighbor?

58. Have roommates or live by yourself?

59. Be the host of a party or be a guest at a party?

60. Dance or chill on the sofa?

61. Run 5K or cycle 10K?

62. Cardio or weight training?

63. Glasses or contacts?

64. Bluetooth or WiFi?

65. Video call or voice message?

66. Podcasts or documentaries?

67. No phone for a week or no clean socks for a month?

68. Netflix or Disney+?

69. Comedy movie or thriller movie?

70. TikTok or YouTube?

71. Console games or mobile games?

72. Singer or influencer?

73. Actor or writer?

74. Model or sports star?

75. Baseball or basketball?

76. Bad breath or bad hair?

77. Mole or pimple?

78. Main character or producer?

79. Invisibility cloak or power to fly?

80. Angry for life or sweaty for life?

81. No taste or no smell?

82. Hair up or down?

83. Christmas or summer?

84. Perfume or body spray?

85. Glitter or face paints?

86. Festival or garden party?

87. Be saved or save someone?

88. Superhero or villain?

89. Laundry or dishes?

90. Contacts or glasses?

91. Bath or shower?

92. Free time to do whatever you please or more than enough money to buy whatever you want?

93. Shop on Amazon or shop on eBay?

94. Curtains or blinds in the bedroom?

95. Sleeping in or going to bed early?

96. Jeans or leggings?

97. Rewind time or pause time?

98. Be in the photo or take the photo?

99. Pick up dog poop or clean cat litter tray?

100. Sneakers or sandals?

101. Bikes or scooters?

102. Roller skating or ice skating?

103. Flowers or plants?

104. Cleaning or cooking?

105. Polka dots or striped clothing?

106. Binge-watch documentaries or reality shows?

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Paper plants

Music This or That Questions

107. Arena show or intimate gig?

108. Drummer or guitarists?

109. Hear only intros or choruses for life?

110. Advert jingle or elevator music?

111. Earbuds or earphones?

112. Music with ads for free or ad-free music for premium?

113. Apple or Spotify?

114. Rock or pop?

115. Country or electronic?

116. Bagpipes or Trombone?

117. Baby Shark or Gangnam Style?

118. The Beatles or Rolling Stones?

119. BTS or One Direction?

120. Adele or Beyonce?

121. Scottish ceilidh or ballroom dancing?

122. TikTok/Instagram volume on or off?

Rock concert stage. Guitarist playing on electric guitar.

Work This or That Questions

123. Task done early but incomplete or late and finished?

124. Working alone to working on a team?

125. Work in silence or with background music?

126. Friends trio or group of eight?

127. Lunch with friends or lunch outdoors?

128. Always happy or achieve more success than you can imagine?

129. Weekends or vacations?

130. First day back or last day before vacation?

131. Your twin in your team or at another company?

132. Top in class but no creative bone in the body or creative and suck at other subjects?

133. Sneakers or shoes?

134. Boss’s pet or class clown for LOLs?

135. Diarrhea or vomit in communal toilet block?

136. Fall at lunch or fall during a social event?

137. Smelly lunch featuring fish or boiled eggs?

138. Fart in front of work crush or a whole staff meeting?

Laptop on desk. Office. work.

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