81 Dares To Do Over Text: Friends & Couples Options

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Whip your phone out and get ready for dares to do over text!

Whether you are friends having a laugh, a new couple at the early stages of dating, an established couple looking to mix things up, or a couple who are simply having fun – the following good dares over text will have you laughing, cringing, and generally just having a great time all the while connecting with your friends or other half via technology.

Our dare game questions are split into sections including funny dares to do over text, easy dares over text, clean dares over text, and cute dares over text.

Then we turn it up with our good dares over text for guys, and finally, texts over text for her.

This list of questions and actions can be teamed up with truth or dare dares over text too.

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Note: There are a lot of dares so feel free to split up the sections and execute them over different sessions or use an online randomizer to choose which dare to do.

Funny Dares Over Text

The following dare game questions will definitely give you a laugh.

Some are visual so request a photograph or video so you can enjoy the moment with the victim and the innocent bystanders if you are up for it.

As with all of our question guides, if any of the following questions don’t quite sit right, just skip to the next.

1. Text the last six emojis you used to your parents.

2. Message a random person on private message on social media and ask them to pet sit for you this weekend.

3. Find an object that can act as a hat.

4. Ask your parents for bail money for your partner. Send a screenshot of their reply.

5. Send a group text to five random people from one of your social media and tell them you have a secret to tell them.

6. Put your shirt on backwards.

7. Dial a random number and sing them ‘happy birthday’.

8. Get dressed in your nicest clothing.

9. Call a pizza place and order sushi. How long until they hang up?

10. Change your relationship status on social media.

11. Grab the closet thing to you beginning with o and send a selfie with it.

12. Send me a screenshot of your last 24 hours of searches.

13. Change your background to an image that makes you laugh.

14. Find the hottest item in your fridge and eat a tablespoon of it straight from the jar.

15. Call a random number crying that you cannot recharge your phone and need to borrow their charger.

16. Send a meme that always makes you laugh.

17. Finish this statement: I love it when my mom…

18. Message one of your closest friends if you can borrow their wheels and a shovel.

19. Send me a video of you twerking while singing the ABCs.

20. Call any customer service line and act like you know them personally and want to confirm dinner plans.

21. Screenshot your missed calls list.

22. Offer a random stranger online a potato.

23. Find food beginning with J.

24. Call your grandmother and ask to borrow her lipstick.

25. Ask the followers on social media if your hands smell weird.

26. Scroll to L on your phone and ask the first contact for money. Say you really need to take your partner out on a date.

27. Open a social media app, go to following, flick the screen for two full scrolls and go to the first account you land in. Leave your first pet’s name in the comments.

28. Lap up your coffee like a dog.

Funny pug dog with head tilted

Easy Dares Over Text

Next up we have straightforward options but just because they are simple to do does not mean they aren’t good dares for texting!

All you need is your phone, some creativity, and a sense of humor.

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29. Pretend to lick your camera screen film recording in selfie slo-mo mode.

30. Send the slo-mo video to the last contact under S.

31. Taste your body wash. Video the reaction.

32. Send a Haiku to oldest (longest) friend or follower. You can copy and paste one from online or, if you are feeling creative, write one yourself.

33. Mix the first three condiments you find in your fridge together to make a shot, and then drink it.

34. Call your parents to tell them that you love them.

35. Go to search on any social media channel, choose the account you searched for last, go to a post at least two months old and share a wink emoji.

36. Do 20 jumping jacks wherever you are right now.

37. Call your mom and ask to borrow her casserole dish so you can make pancakes.

38. Draw a picture of me.

39. Screenshot your phone background and sent it to me.

40. Do as many pushups as you can in 30 seconds.

41. Sing a song you cannot stand as loud as possible two times through. Record it and send it to me.

45. Show me the last app you downloaded.

46. Do a random act of kindness for me!

Clean Dares Over Text

In this section, we have dares to do over text message that are PG which is great for those who are still warming up.

If this is your comfort level, that’s OK too!

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47. Fill your mouth with ice cubes and sing a theme tune.

48. Make a group message on any platform and add seven members. Each member’s first name must make up the word ‘seven’ so S=Sarah, E=Ethan, etc. Once everyone is in the group leave the comment ‘You are the chosen seven. You have seven hours to work out why. Go’. Do they work it out?

49. Taste every item you have in your fridge.

50. Create a three minute tutorial on something you are really bad at and post it to your social media.

51. Tell me one things TikTok made you do?

52. Go to the archived groups on WhatsApp or Facebook and send a message that just says ‘Hello’.

53. Stand on one leg for two minutes. Use the timer on your phone.

54. Leave someone a voice note telling them that they are a valuable human being and are loved very much.

55. High five someone online.

56. Open a message and start typing ‘thanks’ then choose the auto-suggest words until you have sentence, send it to me.

57. Put socks on your hands.

58. Choose a filter, send me a picture.

Couple laughing in bed while woman shows something through the phone.

Good Dares Over Text For Guys

Next, we have dares to ask a guy. Some are funny, others a little cheeky.

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

59. Write a breakup text message and then text it to some random number.

60. Drop three ice cubes down your pants and let them melt.

61. Shave a bit of your leg, arm or armpit. Film it.

62. Tell me what you are afraid of.

63. Draw my portrait using SkribblDrawasaurus, or Drawaria.

64. Record yourself singing me a love song and post it on social media.

65. Create a three course dinner for me. Using only emojis or GIFs.

66. Go on your phone provider’s chat and explain that your phone camera needs repaired because your handsome selfies destroyed it.

67. Your life is a movie, title it.

68. Show me your last deleted photo.

69. Write me a sappy love poem.

70. Tell me your best pick-up line.

Man relaxed in chair on laptop. D

Good Dares For Girl Over Text

Finally, good dares for a girl over text which include lighthearted requests and raunchier options.

71. Show me your worst dance moves over video call.

72. Your life is a book, what’s the synopsis?

73. Show me your last deleted image.

74. Sing the reply to the next dare and send me the voice recording.

75. Describe how we met.

76. Write me a letter. Using words beginning with the a, c, d, f, i, o, s, z only.

75. Tell me something you regret in your life.

76. Screen record your Amazon order history.

77. Video call me and do a cute dance.

78. Send me a picture of a part of your body that you love.

79. Choose a moustache, draw it on your face and tell me why you chose that style.

80. Choose three images from your media library that sum up your week and send me them.

81. Send me a delivery of your favorite food. I’ll pay.

Woman speaking on phone in cafe

Final Words

Did you enjoy our list of dares to ask over text? If there are any other games you’d like us to create, contact us or leave comment.

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