23 Fall Party Games Ideas: Fun-Filled Autumn Activities

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Looking for activities for your upcoming autumn-themed gathering?

Here’s our curated list of fall party games that’ll have everyone laughing, bonding, and making unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re planning a laid-back get-together with friends, an adrenaline-pumping showdown, group activities for all ages, or heart-pounding outdoor races, we’ve got you covered with creative suggestions that capture the essence of this splendid season.

Picture bobbing for apples under the golden sun, pumpkin carving battles that bring out your inner artist, relay races that’ll leave you breathless with laughter, and more!

So, get ready to embrace the season with unforgettable memories and loads of autumn cheer!

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Fun Fall Party Games Ideas

Friendly Competitions

Get ready to turn your fall gathering into a festive battleground of friendly rivalry! 

In this category, we’ve rounded up the most entertaining and lighthearted fall-themed games that will have everyone competing with a grin.

Bob for Apples

Bobbing for apples is one of the harvest party games that are perfect for those who are willing to get a bit messy and feel silly in the name of friendly competition.

Using a large bucket filled with water and apples, participants attempt to properly grasp an apple using only their teeth.

The objective of the game is to be the first person to get an apple out of the bucket, and if you wish to make this a more extended competition, you can tally the number of apples each person gets until all apples have been obtained.

Bob for Apples can be a lot of fun regardless of age, although it is most common among children and young teenagers.

Apple Toss

If you’re looking for a small-scale game that adds a touch of athleticism to your fall gathering, Apple Toss is the perfect choice.

It’s a lovely activity that combines precision with a hint of competitive spirit.

Gather your friends and family into pairs, and each pair will take turns tossing apples back and forth, starting at a short distance.

As this fall-themed game progresses, increase the throwing distance, adding an extra layer of challenge.

The team that successfully covers the longest distance without dropping the apple wins!

Apple Toss is an ideal game for folks who enjoy a bit of light physical competition while reveling in the crisp fall air.

Pine Cone Bocce

Looking to add a touch of fall flair to the classic game of bocce?

Pine Cone Bocce is a twist on the traditional game, where pine cones take center stage in place of the typical balls.

In Pine Cone Bocce, the rules are refreshingly simple, with a single designated ball that’s thrown into the dedicated playing field.

The objective is to use your decorated pine cones to get as close to this target ball as possible.

To ensure team members can distinguish their cones from the competition, it’s a great idea to decorate them with paint or some other distinctive qualifier.

Pine Cone Bocce is a game for people of all ages who appreciate low-intensity physical activities, making it an excellent choice for a fall gathering where everyone can join in the fun.

Candy Corn Balancing Act

For a side-splitting, coordination-testing game, look no further than the Candy Corn Balancing Act. 

It’s a hilarious fall activity that is sure to bring out peals of laughter and some entertainingly wobbly moments.

The rules of this game are as follows: Each participant takes a popsicle stick and holds it in their mouth.

They need to skillfully balance as many pieces of candy corn as possible on the stick without any falling off. 

The winner is the one who can skillfully hold the most candy corn in place without any unfortunate tumbles.

Candy Corn Balancing Act is a perfect choice for older children who appreciate a good laugh and enjoy a bit of low-intensity competition.

It’s an entertaining game that will have everyone in stitches as they attempt to master the art of candy corn balancing.

Apple Stacks

If you’re seeking a family-friendly game that demands coordination and focus, Apple Stacks is the perfect choice.

This activity is all about balance, laughter, and a touch of messiness.

The rules are simple yet engaging- each member of the team starts with one apple, and at the beginning of each round, participants must add a new apple on top of the first one.

Stack as many apples as possible without toppling the tower.

The winner is the one who can skillfully maintain the tallest apple stack without it tumbling to the ground.

Apple Stacks is a game that’s suitable for people of all ages, offering low-intensity competition, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy some laughs and a bit of a mess.

High-Intensity Competition

For those who crave the thrill of victory and the a need to defeat, our high-intensity competition games are the ticket to excitement this fall season. 

Whether you’re aiming to claim the crown or just enjoy some heart-pounding action, these will take your party to the next level of competition.

Football Skills Challenge

If you’re looking to infuse some classic American fall sports excitement into your gathering, the Football Skills Challenge is a game that’s sure to score big.

It’s an opportunity to showcase your athletic prowess while enjoying the crisp autumn air.

The rules of the Football Skills Challenge are all about demonstrating your football finesse.

Various skills challenges can include catching, throwing, and more specific drills.

To keep things competitive, judges keep a close eye on statistics, tracking metrics like balls caught, successful throws, and time for speed-based drills.

The target audience for the Football Skills Challenge includes teens and adults seeking a highly athletic outdoor activity.

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or simply looking to test your athletic abilities, this game promises an exciting experience that captures the essence of the classic American fall sport.

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Leaf Pile Contest

The Leaf Pile Contest is a thrilling air and style competition that brings the joy of jumping into piles of colorful leaves to a whole new level.

Participants must gather large piles of leaves, expertly raked together in one spot.

They must take turns jumping into the leaf pile, aiming for maximum airtime and style points.

For added excitement, it’s a great idea to position the leaf piles in front of the swings, allowing participants to launch themselves into the sky before descending into the soft, cushiony leaves.

Judges play a crucial role in deciding who achieves the most impressive height and showcases the most flair during their jumps.

Safety is important with this high-flying game, ensuring that the leaf piles are substantial enough to provide adequate cushioning and that there are no hard objects hidden underneath.

With safety measures in place, this contest is perfect for younger children with an adventurous spirit, providing them with the exhilarating experience of leaping into autumn with both air and style.

Southford Falls State Park during fall in Connecticut.

Ghosts in the Graveyard

For a high-intensity game that combines the elements of hide and seek and tag with a twist, Ghosts in the Graveyard is the ultimate nighttime thrill.

Gather your friends and prepare for an exhilarating chase in the dark.

One brave participant takes on the role of the ‘ghost’ and must hide somewhere in the designated area.

Meanwhile, all the other players must band together to find the ghost.

The moment someone successfully locates the ghost, they shout out, “ghosts in the graveyard!” 

When this happens, the finder is declared safe, and all other players must make a mad dash back to a predetermined safe zone.

However, here’s the catch: if the ghost manages to tag any of the fleeing players before they reach safety, that tagged player becomes the ghost for the next round.

Ghosts in the Graveyard is tailor-made for kids and teens who crave high-intensity nighttime excitement.

It can also be a great addition to your list of fall birthday party games, involving as many people as you want and taking up plenty of space if there is room outdoors.

The combination of suspense, strategy, and the thrill of the chase makes this game an unforgettable addition to any fall gathering.


Outdoor Racing Games

Lace-up those sneakers and head outdoors because our outdoor racing games are about to turn your gathering into a whirlwind of sprinting, dashing, and laughter. 

These activities will get the adrenaline pumping and the good times rolling.

Capture the Flag

If you’re seeking timeless outdoor fall games for parties that combine strategy, teamwork, and a dash of adventure, look no further than Capture the Flag.

It’s the classic pursuit that promises hours of exhilarating fun in open spaces.

In the outdoor arena, each team has its own flag, represented by a visible and easily grabbable object.

Additionally, there’s a home base for each team.

The objective is simple yet electrifying—retrieve the opposing team’s flag without being tagged and return it safely to your own home base to earn a point.

However, if a player is tagged while carrying the flag, the opposing team can seize the flag and attempt to return it to its original location.

The game continues as players strategically maneuver to protect their own flag while attempting to capture the opponent’s.

Capture the Flag is designed for children and teens who can handle high-intensity outdoor activities.

It fosters teamwork, sharpens strategic thinking, and provides an outlet for physical activity—all while embracing the thrill of the chase.

Flashlight Tag

When the sun sets and the moon rises, it’s time for a thrilling game that thrives in the dark- Flashlight Tag.

This night-time twist on tag adds an extra layer of suspense to your fall gathering.

One participant takes on the role of “it” and wields a powerful flashlight as their only tool in the quest to find and tag the other participants.

As darkness envelopes the playing area, the “it” searches under the cover of night, using the flashlight to locate fellow players.

If the beam of light falls upon another participant, that person is immediately out of the game.

The tension mounts as players try to evade the searching light while navigating through the darkness.

This game continues until only one person remains, emerging victorious in that round.

In the subsequent round, the individual who gets caught first assumes the role of the new “it” and kicks off the pursuit.

Flashlight Tag is designed for children and young teens who revel in the excitement of chasing and the suspense of the night.

It’s a thrilling game that adds an extra layer of intrigue to your fall gathering, making it an unforgettable experience under the cover of darkness.

Apple-Bob Relay

If you’re searching for outrageous and hilarious fall party game ideas, combine the chaos of bobbing for apples with the thrill of a race with an Apple-Bob Relay.

The race kicks off with the same apple-grabbing challenge as traditional bobbing for apples.

Each participant attempts to snatch an apple with their teeth from a large bucket filled with water.

Once they’ve successfully secured an apple in their teeth, the race is on!

They must dash towards the finish line while balancing the apple in their teeth, attempting to keep it from slipping out of their grasp.

If they drop the apple along the way, they’re in for a wet and hilarious setback as they must return to the bucket and try again.

The laughter intensifies as the race continues, with each team member taking their turn in the bobbing for apples and racing relay.

The team that successfully gets all its members across the finish line emerges as the victor.

Apple-Bob Relay is designed for children and teens who crave an extreme physical challenge, aren’t afraid to get messy and relish the opportunity for big laughs.

It’s a fall activity that promises unforgettable moments of hilarity and camaraderie.

Pumpkin Relay Race

Looking for some action-packed pumpkin-themed games?

The Pumpkin Relay Race combines strength, coordination, and speed for an exhilarating test of athleticism.

Form relay teams, each beginning with one person holding a medium-sized pumpkin.

Just like in a classic relay race, the pumpkin must be passed from one team member to the next.

The next runner can’t start until they have securely received the pumpkin from the previous runner.

As the pumpkin passes through each team member’s hands, the race unfolds with a mix of determination and coordination.

The Pumpkin Relay Race is suitable for participants of all ages who are open to a high-intensity race requiring a blend of strength and coordination.

Group Activities

Looking to foster camaraderie and team spirit at your fall party? Our group activities are here to the rescue! 

The following games below are all about cooperation, coordination, and making memories together. 

Haunted (or Fairytale) Hayride

For a magical and slightly spooky adventure that’s perfect for young children, look no further than the Haunted Hayride.

This enchanting fall activity offers a storytelling journey that’s guided by parents or older siblings, creating cherished memories and tales of wonder.

A wagon or stroller is creatively decorated to resemble a classic hayride, setting the stage for the whimsical journey ahead.

The yard is transformed into an enchanting world, adorned with captivating decorations such as scarecrows, miniature monsters, and beloved fairytale characters.

As the hayride progresses, the children are led through a captivating storyline by either their parents or older children, spontaneously improvised by those guiding the wagons or thoughtfully pre-written by the group.

The Haunted Hayride is tailor-made for young children who are sure to be entranced by the magical journey and storytelling adventure.

Teens or adults play a crucial role in guiding the hayride and weaving the tales, making this an enjoyable fall activity that brings generations together in the spirit of storytelling.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Prepare for a spirited showdown of artistic creativity (or lack thereof) with the pumpkin decorating contest- an amusing activity that pits contestants against each other in a battle of pumpkin-based designs.

Each participant is entrusted with their very own pumpkin canvas, armed with an assortment of carving and decorating tools.

As the night unfolds, everyone at the party becomes both an artist and a critic.

Each pumpkin undergoes a creative transformation, reflecting the unique vision and artistic flair of its creator.

When the pumpkins are complete, it’s time for the judging.

Everyone at the gathering takes on the role of art critic, scoring each pumpkin based on its creativity and artistic quality.

A pumpkin decorating contest is a perfect autumn-themed game for those with artistic inclinations who are eager to unleash their creativity on a seasonal canvas.

Carved pumpkins for Halloween.

Apple Cider Making

Making apple cider as a group can be a great activity for any age, and makes for a sweet-smelling process that everyone can enjoy.

Apple cider is most often made in a slow cooker, with primary ingredients being apples, brown sugar, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

To make this more of a group activity and save some time, some members of the group will take on the role of apple peelers, while others work together to mix the remaining ingredients.

With a sweet-smelling aroma around the house and a prize of delicious homemade cider at the end of the day, apple cider making is a great fall party idea.

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Costume Party

Around Halloween, a costume party is always a great way to showcase everyone’s creativity and work as a group to award the most creative outfits.

Showcase your creative side with some humorous characters or frightful creatures, with the goal of surprising the other guests and standing out.

To make this a group activity with a tinge of competition, have everyone cast votes for the best costumes throughout the night.

If the party is near Halloween and the party feels appropriate for dressing up, everyone will get a big kick out of a costume contest.

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Kids with pumpkin on Halloween. Little girl in witch costume and hat playing in autumn park. Child at Halloween trick or treat. Kid trick or treating. Toddler with lantern. Children with candy bucket.

Wreath Decoration

Embrace the beauty of fall and come together as a group for an entertaining session of wreath decorating.

This creative activity invites participants to craft their own autumn wreaths, perfect for adorning your doors throughout the fall season.

In preparation for the gathering, basic wreaths and all the necessary supplies are thoughtfully selected and purchased.

Each participant is presented with a blank canvas in the form of a wreath, along with a variety of art supplies.

With a wide array of materials at their disposal, from colorful leaves to ribbons and more, individuals are free to let their imaginations run wild.

A stunning array of uniquely decorated wreaths that capture the essence of autumn.

To add a competitive edge to the activity, the rest of the party gets to join in the fun by voting for their favorite wreaths before the evening concludes.

Wreath decorating is an ideal choice for artistic children and teens who relish the opportunity for a quiet and peaceful indoor activity.

Hands-Free Donut Challenge

For an irresistible fall-eating challenge that combines speed, dexterity, and pure indulgence, look no further than the Hands-Free Donut Challenge.

It’s the most mouthwatering of fall minute-to-win-it games, one that will put your donut-devouring skills to the test in a race against time.

Participants line up in front of plates piled high with donuts, ideally, apple cider donuts that perfectly complement the fall theme.

But here’s the twist- no hands allowed!

Each participant must dip their head down and take bites straight from the plate, devouring the donuts with nothing but their mouth.

As the clock counts down, the sweet frenzy begins.

See who can devour the most donuts before time runs out.

The Hands-Free Donut Challenge is tailor-made for eating enthusiasts who don’t mind getting a bit messy and indulging in a generous helping of sugar.

Puzzle Race

If you’re seeking a low-intensity yet thrilling contest of artistic quick-thinking, the Puzzle Race is your go-to fall activity.

It’s a thrilling challenge that pits participants against the clock in a race to complete their puzzles and claim victory.

Each participant is handed a puzzle with an identical piece count and similar levels of difficulty.

The clock starts ticking, and the competition begins as everyone eagerly dives into their puzzles, pieces flying in a frenzy of creativity.

The objective is clear—complete the puzzle before time runs out to secure victory.

If no one manages to finish their puzzle before the clock expires, the winner is determined by the person who has completed the most pieces.

The puzzle race is tailor-made for artistic-minded individuals looking for a low-key yet competitive match.

Depending on the piece count, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by children and teens alike, providing an interactive way to test their puzzle-solving skills in a nice fall setting.

Autumn-Themed Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a great fall-themed party game to get everyone involved in a relatively low-intensity activity that only requires paying close attention to your surroundings.

All guests can receive a list of fall-themed items at the start of the party, including pumpkins, painted acorns, and scarecrows.

The point of the hunt is that everyone competes to try and find each item, and once someone has found it they can mark it off of the list and store their finding.

Scavenger hunts can be a great activity that involves everyone at the party, no matter their interest in physicality or long-term commitment to the game.

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Fall Party Games for Adults

It’s time for grown-ups to savor the season!

Check out these entertaining fall party games for adults- from quirky trivia challenges that’ll test your autumn knowledge to conversation starters guaranteed to keep the good times rolling. 

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Hard Cider Pong

For adults seeking a bit of a buzz while enjoying a classic college game with an autumnal twist, Hard Cider Pong is an excellent choice.

It’s the perfect fall party game for adults, a great way to infuse your fall gathering with some friendly competition and a touch of adult fun.

Much like the traditional beer pong game, the rules of Hard Cider Pong are straightforward.

Organize your set of red cups, but this time, fill them with hard cider or other delightful fall beverages.

Typically played in teams of two, each player takes turns trying to toss ping pong balls into the opposing team’s cups.

When a ball successfully lands in a cup, the opposing team must take a drink.

The objective is for the other team to consume all the cups on their side.

Hard Cider Pong is perfect for those who seek a low-intensity activity that demands a bit of coordination and promises a blast.

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Closeup shot of ball flying in plastic cup in beer pong game and young couple standing behind

Would You Rather 

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and your pal’s decision-making skills, add the classic ‘’Would You Rather’’ question game to your fall activities.

Whether you’re at a lively autumn party, a chill gathering, or just sharing a latte with a buddy, having this game is one of the perfect ways to kick-start some laughs and get everyone talking. 

To play, you can present a fall-themed scenario of two equally challenging or interesting choices and then the other participants must choose one of the two options.

Feel free to add your own twists such as a time limit or a consequence.

For example, if someone can’t decide within a certain time frame or refuses to choose, they might have to perform a small, fun task or answer a personal question.

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Young friends by tent in forest

Fall Trivia Challenge

Looking for a way to test your knowledge while soaking in the spirit of autumn?

Then why not let your brainpower shine with an entertaining trivia quiz that revolves around the season?

The set of questions needs to be prepared beforehand by the game master.

For ideas, check out our Fall Trivia Quiz and Halloween Trivia Quiz.

Participants need to give accurate answers to accumulate points.

This can be played in teams or individually and you can give rewards to the winners to make it extra fulfilling.

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Group of friends playing a game around a table and laughing

Final Thoughts

We hope these fall party games add a burst of autumn joy to your gatherings! 

Feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments below or share your favorites from our list.

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