How Well Do You Know The Bride: 171 Interesting Questions About Her

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As you gear up for an unforgettable bachelorette bash or a heartwarming bridal shower, we’ve got just the thing to ignite laughter, camaraderie, and maybe a few secrets spilled.

It’s time to play a question game of ‘’how well do you know the bride’’.

Whether you’re sipping mocktails or toasting with the real deal, celebrate the star of the show in the most engaging and entertaining way possible.

These bride-to-be questions are designed to spark hilarious stories, surprising revelations, and maybe a touch of friendly competition. 

We’ve got rounds that will keep everyone on their toes, from her quirky childhood tales that might make you wonder, “Did she really do that?” to the dreams she has that only her closest pals would know.

And who could forget about her love story and upcoming wedding that’s sure to bring out the “awws” and “ohs’’.

You can designate a question master who will fire off these queries to the selected participants.

To keep things exciting, set a time limit for each question and award points to those who were able to jot down their best guesses.

So, whether you’re her bestie, a long-time childhood friend, or a relative, be prepared to flex your memory muscles and honor the bride in an uproarious style.

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How Well Do You Know the Bride Questions About Her

Let’s kick off with some fun curiosity about the bride herself.

From her favorites down to her secret talents, these bride trivia questions are sure to challenge all the interesting facts you know about her.

1. What color are the bride’s eyes?

2. Has the bride ever dyed her hair a bright color?

3. Does the bride have any tattoos?

4. How many pets does the bride have?

5. What is the bride’s favorite color?

6. What is the bride’s favorite way to celebrate her birthday?

7. What is the bride’s favorite dessert?

8. What is the bride’s favorite cocktail?

9. What is the bride’s favorite animal?

10. What is the bride’s favorite movie?

11. What is the bride’s favorite TV show?

12. What types of movies/shows does the bride enjoy the most?

13. What is the bride’s favorite season?

14. What is the bride’s favorite holiday?

15. Does the bride like to celebrate the holidays?

16. What is a hobby that the bride has?

17. What does the bride do on her days off?

18. Where does the bride like to go on vacation?

19. What kind of car does the bride drive?

20. What is something extreme, like skydiving, that the bride has done?

21. What is a talent that the bride has?

22. What does the bride do for a living?

23. Does the bride like what she does for a living?

24. How does the bride spend her day when she is sick?

25. Is the bride a very social person?

26. Does the bride run any groups on social media?

27. Has the bride been on TV?

28. Who is the bride’s best friend?

29. Who did the bride ask to be the bridesmaids?

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Questions about the Bride’s Childhood

Buckle up for a journey through memory lane as we explore the bride’s childhood stories- from school adventures to unforgettable family vacations. 

Get ready to giggle and gasp as we uncover the secrets of her adorable past!

30. Where did the bride grow up?

31. What hobby did the bride have as a child?

32. What was the bride’s favorite meal as a kid?

33. What was the bride’s favorite toy as a child?

34. What was the bride’s favorite sweet treat as a kid?

35. What was the bride’s favorite way to spend her weekends as a child?

36. Does the bride still live in her hometown?

37. Where did the bride go to school?

38. What was the bride’s favorite subject in school?

39. What after-school activities did the bride take part in?

40. Did the bride hang out at the mall?

41. What was the bride’s first family vacation?

42. What was the bride’s last family vacation?

43. Did the bride and her family go on vacation to Disney World?

44. What was the bride’s favorite Disney movie when she was a kid?

45. What was the bride’s favorite TV show to watch as a kid?

46. What was the bride’s favorite boy band to listen to?

47. What was the bride’s favorite girl band to listen to?

48. Did the bride start any bands with her friends?

49. What was the bride’s favorite song as a 16 year old?

50. What was the bride’s first concert?

51. What posters did the bride have hanging on her bedroom walls?

52. Who were the bride’s celebrity crush as a child?

53. Who was the bride’s best friend as a kid?

54. Who was the bride’s nemesis as a kid?

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Questions about the Bride’s Young Adult Years

Prepare for laughter, drama, and maybe even a little bit of blushing in this round of our bridal questions game.

From college capers to work wonders, uncover the tales that shaped the bride’s journey into adulthood. 

55. Where did the bride go to university/college?

56. What did the bride major in?

57. Did the bride party a lot during those years?

58. What was the bride’s first job as a young adult?

59. Did she like her first job?

60. What was her position at this job?

61. Did the job relate to what she studied in school?

62. Does the bride still work in the same place?

63. How long did the bride work at her first job?

64. What was the pay like?

65. Who was her work besty?

66. Are they still friends?

67. What age did the bride pass her driving test?

68. When did the bride buy her first car?

69. What kind of car did she buy?

70. How long did she drive her first car?

71. Why did she get rid of it?

72. What color was her first car?

73. Where was the bride’s first apartment?

74. When did the bride move out of her parent’s home?

75. Did the bride have roommates or rent an apartment by herself?

76. The bride’s apartment was a party pad. True or false.

77. Who did the bride have her first kiss with?

78. Where was the bride’s first kiss?

79. Was her first kiss romantic?

80. Who did the bride first get intimate with?

90. Did she regret this experience?

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Questions about the Bride’s Dreams and Future

The crystal ball is out, and we’re diving into the bride’s dreams and aspirations! 

Get ready to share what you know about the things she wishes to achieve, the future she envisions, and more things that lie ahead of her.

91. What is the bride’s biggest dream?

92. What does she want to achieve in her family life?

93. Where does the bride see herself in 10 years?

94. Is the bride the type of person to set 5-year plans for herself?

95. What will she achieve at work in 5 years time?

96. Does the bride plan on staying at her current job?

97. What job does she hope to do in the future?

98. Does the bride plan on starting her own business?

99. What type of business would it be?

100. Where does the bride plan on living?

101. What kind of house does the bride plan on buying?

102. What is the bride’s dream trip with her partner?

103. What is the bride’s dream trip with her friends?

104. Would the bride prefer safari or cruise?

105. Would the bride prefer camping or cabin?

106. Would the bride prefer city or rural?

107. Would the bride prefer beach or mountains?

108. What couple goal has she set for herself and the groom?

109. Does the bride plan on having children?

110. How many children does the bride plan on having?

111. What is one of her kid’s names?

112. What pet does the bride want?

113. What is her dream pet’s name?

114. What pet wouldn’t she want?

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Questions about the Couple

Love is in the air, and this round of our questions about the bride game is all about the couple’s journey together. 

From the moment they met to their sweetest shared moments, get ready to celebrate their heart-fluttering story.

115. Where did the couple first meet?

116. What did the bride first think of the groom when they met?

117. Who asked the other out on a date?

118. Where was the first date?

119. Did the couple know each other before they started dating?

120. Did the groom bring flowers on their first date?

121. What is the most romantic date the couple has been on?

122. What is the weirdest date the couple has been on?

123. Have they ever been on a double date?

124. What is the first movie the couple saw together?

125. What was the first meal they shared?

126. Who said “I love you” first?

127. When did they officially become a couple?

128. How long has the couple been together?

129. What is the couple’s favorite restaurant?

130. What is the couple’s favorite thing to do together?

131. Does the couple have a song that they think represents their love for one another?

132. Do they have any pets together?

133. What is a sport the couple enjoys watching together?

134. Who is the best joint friend?

135. What do they do better as a couple than as individuals?

136. What is the bride’s favorite feature of the groom?

137. Does the bride fart in front of the groom?

138. What is a habit the groom has that the bride finds really annoying?

139. Who proposed to who?

140. Where was the proposal?

141. What did the bride say?

142. How long has the couple been engaged?

143. Do they live together?

144. How long have they lived together?

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Questions about the Wedding

Hold onto your bouquets- we’re turning the spotlight on the wedding plans and excitement, all through the eyes of the radiant bride! 

From dress details to the song that makes her heart skip a beat, the following get-to-know questions for bridal shower will uncover the magic of her big day.

145. What date is the wedding?

146. What time does the ceremony start?

147. Where is the ceremony?

148. Who is the maid of honor?

149. How many bridesmaids are there?

150. Who is the best man?

151. How many groomsmen are there?

152. Who is the flower girl?

153. Who is the ring bearer?

154. Who are the ushers?

155. Who is officiating the wedding?

156. Will the couple include their pet in the ceremony?

157. Who is walking the bride down the aisle?

158. What style is the wedding ring?

159. Is the ring gold or platinum?

160. Where did they buy their rings from?

161. How many guests are invited to the wedding? The closest answer to the number wins.

162. Is there a father/daughter dance?

163. What song will the newlyweds first dance to?

164. What is being served for dinner at the reception?

165. What style is the cake?

166. Will the couple smoosh cake onto each other’s faces?

167. What is the wedding’s hashtag?

168. Where is the couple going for their honeymoon?

169. How long is the honeymoon?

170. When do they leave for their honeymoon?

171. Who picked the destination for the honeymoon?

172. What kind of activities do they have planned to do on their honeymoon?

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Final Thoughts

Did you ace these get-to-know-the-bride questions or did some surprises catch you off guard?

Feel free to share your rib-tickling answers and memorable moments in the comments below.

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