70 Fun Kiss, Marry, Kill Game Questions

Kiss, marry, kill, fuck, marry, kill, bang, marry, kill, screw, marry, kill, snog, marry, avoid – what do you call the following forced-choice questions? Tell us in the comments!

Whatever the official name is, this is a fun friendship and couples quiz that can be played during on a date, at a social event, or during a road trip.

Our kiss, marry, kill game kicks off with the traditional celeb threesome and then moves on to a serving of tasty food and drink options for you to deliberate over.

Next up, are the rounds on lifestyle, travel, TV and movies, and then music questions.

Finally, we wrap up with the intimate ‘fuck, marry, kill’ trios – which goes, only you know!

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Kiss, Marry, Kill Quiz 

Let’s get this party started with the richest, most famous, stunningly striking celebrities from the silver screen, stage, and social media.

Celebs Fuck, Marry or Kill

Chris Hemsworth, Michael B Jordan, Jason Momoa

Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot, Halle Berry

Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Philippe 

Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B

Beyoncé, Adele, Rihanna 

Harry Styles, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran

Khloe, Kourtney, Kim Kardashian

Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Mike Majla

David Beckham, Lebron James, Lewis Hamilton 

Jessica Rabbit, April O’Neil, Turanga Leela  

Walk of Fame at sunset on Hollywood Boulevard

Food and Drink Fuck, Marry, Trash

Breakfast, lunch, dinner 

Chocolate, chips, cheese 

Salad, fruit, vegetables 

Sandwich, bagels, wrap 

Ketchup, gravy, hot sauce 

Chicken wings, roast, leg 

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate 

Water, soda, alcohol 

Tequila, vodka, wine

Beer, cider, water

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Flight of beer on table

Lifestyle Fuck, Marry or Kill

Summer, spring, winter 

Denim, sweatpants, chinos 

Socks, tights, stockings

TikTok, YouTube, Facebook

Karaoke, theater, stand up

Weed, booze, sugar 

Zoom, Teams, Asana 

Walk, jog, run 

CrossFit, yoga, spin 

Music, sport, reality TV 

Weights and gym equipment

Travel Fuck, Marry or Kill

California, Florida, Texas 

NYC, New Orleans, Las Vegas

Road trip, flying, cruising 

Camp, hostel, hotel 

Kayak, hike, dive 

Themepark, water park, virtual reality park

Shopping, museums, bar hopping 

Backpack, fanny pack, crossbody bag 

Ocean, desert, mountain 

Hat, shades, raincoat 

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Bixby Creek Bridge at susnet

TV & Movies Fuck, Marry or Turn Off

Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ 

Bling Empire, Selling Sunset, RHOBH 

Mad Men, This Is Us, The Sopranos 

Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Golden Girls 

Ellen Degeneres, James Corden, Trevor Noah 

Comedians Chris Rock, Jimmy O. Yang, Hasan Minhaj 

Comedians Ali Wong, Amy Schumer, Tiffany Haddish 

Thriller, comedy, superhero movies 

Danny Zuko (Grease), Johnny Castle (Dirty Dancing), Ren McCormack (Footloose) 

Love Actually, Home Alone, Single All The Way 

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Red seats and screen at The Scotsman Picturehouse Edinbrugh

Music Fuck, Marry or Switch Off

EDM, country, pop 

Spotify, MTV, radio 

Cher, Mariah, Lady Gaga 

Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Elish, Dua Lipa 

Arcade Fire, LCD Sound System, The Black Keys 

The Beatles, ABBA, David Bowie 

Hamilton, Six, La La Land soundtrack 

Baby Shark, Cha Cha Slide, Gangnam Style 

Big Little Lies, Friends, Dawson’s Creek theme tune

70s, 80s, 90s

Earphones with colorful background blue and pink

Intimate Fuck, Marry or No Means No

Beard, glasses, dimples 

Cuddle, kiss, hold hands  

Chest, bum, thighs    

Massage, dirty talk, nipple play 

Bullet, bunny, wand 

Handy, oral, anal 

Penis, clit, ass 

Bed sex, car sex, shower sex 

Strippers, Only Fans, sex 

Solo, threesome, group 

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Graphics of aubergines and peaches

Final Words

Obviously, we do not literally mean for anyone to screw, marry or kill a food item, this is not American Pie 1999.

If you like 90s movies though, head over to our 90s Movie Trivia Quiz next!

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