154 Questions to Ask Your Dad: Life Experiences, Funny Moments & More

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Ever wondered what your dad’s secret superhero power might be, beyond his ability to fix everything? 

Well, get ready to uncover the mysteries, dive into heart-to-heart conversations, and strengthen the unique bond you share with him like never before with our ultimate list of questions to ask your dad.

Fathers are often seen as the tough, no-nonsense parent who always has everything under control. 

But beneath that exterior, there’s a whole world of experiences, memories, and emotions waiting to be explored.

On this list, we’ve put together six rounds of questions that will take you on a journey of discovery with your dad- from his childhood stories to his knowledge of various things, and even some lighthearted and funny topics to bring out his sense of humor.

So pull up a chair, grab a drink, and let the conversation flow with these fun and heartwarming questions that are sure to bring you closer together.

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Questions to Ask Your Dad About Their Childhood

In the first round of our questions for dads, you’ll discover intriguing details about his childhood.

Uncover his favorite games, mischievous adventures, and memorable moments that molded him into the incredible father he is today.

1. Where were you born?

2. Did you have a favorite pet growing up?

3. What type of activities did you do as a kid?

4. What type of shows did you like as a kid?

5. What was a piece of advice you got as a kid or a teen that you still think about?

6. Did you ever get into fights?

7. What subject did you excel in?

8. How old were you when you started driving?

9. Did you have a lot of girlfriends as a teenager?

10. Did you have a lot of friends?

11. What was your favorite meal that your parents made?

12. What was your least liked meal that your parents made?

13. Did you visit your grandparents a lot?

14. Did you eat your fruits and vegetables?

15. What did you do with your free time?

16. Did you live in a city or in the country?

17. Did you get sick a lot as a kid?

18. Were you a rebellious teenager?

19. Did you go on a lot of dates?

20. What was the worst thing you and your friends did?

21. What type of things did you and your friends do when you hung out?

22. Where did you buy your clothes as a kid?

23. Were you a jock or more of a bookworm?

24. Who is someone from your teen years that changed the way you looked at life?

25. What was the furthest you traveled for a vacation?

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Questions to Ask Your Dad About You

It’s time to ask your dad about his experiences raising you!

From hilarious mishaps to heartwarming memories, the following set of questions for your dad will provide an opportunity to hear his perspective on your shared experiences and gain a deeper understanding of the impact you’ve had on his life.

Let’s dive into questions to ask your dad about yourself, are you ready?

26. What did you think when you first saw me?

27. Were you in the delivery room?

28. Who held me first?

29. Did you cut my umbilical cord?

30. Did you cry when you found out you were going to be a dad?

31. Have you kept any artwork or other memorabilia from when I was a kid?

32. What about being a dad scared you the most?

33. Did you pick out my name?

34. Did you do a lot of diaper changes?

35. What was your favorite activity to do with me as a child?

36. Did I ever get on your nerves as a kid?

37. What was something I did as a child that scared you?

38. When was the first time I said ”Dad”?

39. Did you go to my first day of school with me?

40. Did you plan on becoming a dad when you did, or was it a surprise?

42. What about being a dad made you the most excited?

42. Do you like the way I dress?

43. Why are you most proud of me?

44. Do you think about me a lot during your day?

45. If you could give me one thing, what would it be?

46. Have you genuinely liked any of my partners?

47. Do you think I am frivolous with money?

48. What is something you hope we can do together in the future?

49. What was your least favorite thing about being a dad?

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Funny Questions to Ask Your Dad

Get ready for some laughter with this round of funny questions to ask your dad to get to know him and bring out his sense of humor. 

Be prepared for witty comebacks, amusing anecdotes, and a light-hearted bonding experience that will make both of you giggle.

50. What is the lamest dad joke you know?

51. What is the funniest name you’ve been called?

52. Can you say your name backward, three times, and fast?

53. Can you sing me a love song but to a reggae beat?

54. Have you tried on mom’s clothes?

55. Have you tried on my clothes?

56. What is something that looks silly no matter who does it?

57. Have I ever kicked you in the junk by accident?

58. What is your funniest impression?

59. Can you make an impression of me?

60. Do you put on your pants first or your socks first?

61. Have you yelled at neighborhood kids?

62. Have you pranked mom?

63. Have you hidden something so good you cannot find it now?

64. If given the choice between a really fast car or a house that cleans itself, which would you choose?

65. What is the worst invention ever, in your opinion?

66. What do you think people spend a lot of money on, but you think is worthless?

67. Have you picked food out of the garbage and eaten it?

68. What is something you had to punish me for, but you secretly thought was hilarious?

69. How long should the two second rule be?

70. Have you ever blocked a public bathroom?

71. Do you blame your farts on mom?

72. Is there a song I listen to that you think is annoying?

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Questions to Ask Your Dad About Life Advice

Dads play an important role in shaping what kind of person their child will become.

So in the next set of questions to ask your father, we’ll dive into meaningful conversations with them for an opportunity to learn more about his advice and wisdom on life’s important lessons.

73. What is a hard lesson to learn, that everyone must learn?

74. What is more important, honesty or loyalty?

75. Do you think it’s important to get a good night’s sleep? How many hours?

76. Are there red flags in friendships?

77. Where do you go to do your best thinking?

78. What is something you do to stay feeling young?

79. When did you feel like you were a real adult?

80. Should you stay at a job you truly dislike?

81. What is the best way to show up for someone you love?

82. Is staying playful an important part of your life?

83. How important is it to learn how to express your emotions in a healthy way?

84. What is a habit that is not beneficial once you become a parent?

85. How do you deal with anxiety?

86. Should you save a little bit of money every time you get paid?

87. Do you think it’s important to celebrate small victories as well as the big ones?

88. What is something in your younger years that taught you a tough lesson?

89. What are three things that you think everyone should do as an adult?

90. Is having a will important?

91. What advice would you give yourself as a young father?

92. What is a good measure of success?

93. Is it important to have goals and a plan on how to achieve them?

94. What healthy living tips have you discovered to be rubbish over the years?

95. What healthy living tips have you discovered to be gold over the years?

96. Do you help people when you can, even if they can’t help you when you need it?

97. Do you think buying real estate is a smart move?

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Hard Questions to Ask Your Dad

Looking for some challenging and thought-provoking interview questions for dad? 

Our list includes hard-hitting queries about embarrassing moments, failures, and other life experiences that will make him think carefully before answering.

99. Do you have any major regrets from your life?

100. How many times have you been in love?

101. Did you ever second-guess being a dad?

102. Do you compare yourself to others?

103. What has been the hardest day of your life?

104. What is a skill you wish you had learned?

105. What is something you want to do, but are afraid others will judge you?

106. What do you think the difference between existing and living is?

107. Do you have a lot of negative self-talk?

108. Do you tend to follow your gut instincts?

109. Is there something you are holding onto that you need to let go of?

110. What is something that makes you feel like life is worth living?

111. What have been the loneliest moments of your life?

112. Have you ever felt like you were failing as a dad?

113. Is there anyone you wish you could have a better relationship with?

114. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

115. What is a thought that makes you cry?

116. Have you and mom ever been close to breaking up?

117. What is something about yourself that you love?

118. What is a big challenge you faced in your life, and how did you overcome it?

119. What is something really embarrassing that has happened to you?

120. What is a song that you listened to as a teen that you still like to listen to?

121. What is a quality that you wish you had?

122. Do you self-sabotage?

123. Have you had any serious health problems?

124. How do you cope with a distressing day?

125. What is a thought that makes you smile?

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Random Questions to Ask Your Dad

Let curiosity lead the way in our last set of good questions to ask your dad, exploring random topics.

From his hidden talents to his wildest dreams, get ready for a fascinating conversation that reveals even more about your dad’s unique personality. 

126. What was a song that played at your wedding?

127. If you could swap lives with anyone for a week, who would it be?

128. What would you do if you had an entire day to yourself?

129. What is something that makes you nervous?

130. What strange food combinations do you enjoy?

131. What movie best describes your life?

132. Have you lied to impress someone?

133. Would you help a friend move?

134. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

135. Do you start your day with coffee?

136. Do you work out regularly?

137. When was the last time you went to the movies?

138. How often do you eat hamburgers?

139. Where is your happy place?

140. What is a big purchase you plan to make in the next couple of years?

141. If given the chance, would you travel fifty years into the future?

142. What is something about today’s youth that you just cannot understand?

143. What is a smell that most people don’t like but you love?

144. What season do you like the most?

145. Have you ever flipped me off behind my back?

146. What makes a person good?

147. Do you try to be kind to people?

148. Do you give homeless people money?

149. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

150. If you could change your name, what would you pick?

151. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

152. Have you ever owned a boat?

153. Do you prefer a car or a truck?

154. Do you think you have an overall positive outlook on life?

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it- we hoped you enjoyed asking your dad these questions!

Don’t forget to drop a comment below, sharing the priceless moments you shared with your father talking about these topics.

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