13 Scary Campfire Stories To Spook Fellow Campers

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Lean in closer as the flames light up the storyteller’s face for a spooky yet entertaining session of scary campfire stories.

From scarecrows to stranger danger, dark forests to haunted cemeteries our campfire ghost stories will keep your audience up all night!

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Spooky Campfire Stories For Kids and Adults

The Scarecrow

In the first of our scary camping stories, a farmer is so fond of his crops he makes a scarecrow to keep the birds and other pests away. 

Little did he know that when a scarecrow is made from old clothes, hay, and a pumpkin head, it comes to life when the moon is full. 

One night, the farmer hears strange noises coming from his fields. 

When he goes to investigate, he sees the scarecrow walking around the field as if it was human. 

It has long scary hands, no eyes, and a creepy smile. 

The farmer tries to run away but the scarecrow sees him and immediately starts the chase. 

Out of breath, the farmer manages to get inside to inform his family, just as the scarecrow bursts into the house trapping them in.

They try to escape but the scarecrow is too strong for the family of five to fight against.

Just when they think all is lost, the sun comes up, and the scarecrow disappears into a pile of dust. 

The farmer and his family are relieved that the scarecrow is gone, but worry that it will come back every full moon.

Scarecrow with full moon and crops

An Unfortunate Accident

A couple who sought out dark adventures had caught wind of the story of the teenager who had lost his fingers in an ice skating accident.

It is said that the kid and his friend were skating on a lake in Canada when he fell over, placing his hands out to prevent a bad fall.

Unfortunately, his friend glided right over eight of his fingers causing blood to spurt everywhere.

They skated to the edge of the lake and ran through the woods but couldn’t find their way.

Stupidly, the pair separated and the injured skater got lost, dripping blood along the ground and smearing marks on barks of trees.

Fast-forward to today, and the couple are walking through the woods in search of the good ghost story.

They come across a frozen lake, then some trees with dried up blood streaks on them!

Then they find the remains of a scarf but no teenager with only two thumbs in sight.

Ice skates in blood and tree

Unhealed Soul in the Elevator 

The next of our creepy camping stories sees a privileged, quirky, young boy named Timmy who always travels with his parents when they move around for work.

Timmy loves to explore the hotels they stay in while the daily bustle goes on around him.

Many of them were built hundreds of years ago so there is so much history to get to know!

One day, his parents have an emergency corporate meeting in the middle of the night, so Timmy is left alone in the hotel room. 

As soon as the door slams to signal his parents have left for the night, his adventurous spirit takes over!

He decides to go down – floor-by-floor – to see what other hallways look like, eager to meet a new friend. 

Little does Timmy know that the fifth floor elevator sometimes malfunctions; he finds himself trapped in the dark, with no way out. 

Timmy hears strange noises coming from the other side of the elevator door. 

He tries to stay calm but as a young kid, he can’t resist the feeling of fear – especially when he realizes that he isn’t alone in the elevator.

Timmy looks up and he sees a woman in a white dress, on the ceiling like a spider. 

Her eyes are white and she’s looking at Timmy like he is her dinner. 

Frantically, Timmy pushes all of the elevator buttons, and the emergency alarm. 

Everything turns to black and he feels the hands of the woman on his chin. 

Timmy starts to cry. 

Then, the lights go on, the door wedges open, and his father’s hands grab him.

His father is adamant that he never saw a woman in a white dress dangling from the elevator roof and worries about his son’s imagination.

Did it happen?

Timmy’s experience in the elevator is a lesson to never go exploring alone, especially in a building with a dark past.

Ghost next to elevator doors

The Dormitory

Once upon a time, in a secluded part of town, there was an old and abandoned dormitory. 

Previously, it was a fun and quirky place for students to live and study, but it fell victim to a fire, leaving it to rot and decay.

Because of its neglected state, rumors began to circulate that the dormitory was haunted by the students who died in the terrible fire. 

One night, a group of curious middle school kids explore the abandoned dormitory – despite the warnings of their parents and the authority. 

They sneak into the old building and begin to explore the dark and creepy hallways until they hear strange noises and cold drafts of air. 

Suddenly, a loud scream fills the space and a ghostly figure wearing a beret and black coat appears before them. 

The kids run for their lives, but the ghostly figure swoops after them, as the structure begins to collapse around them.

Fortunately, local police enforcement are on the scene within minutes after a call is put into 911 about the collapsing building of the old student halls.

The kids manage to escape but are left with trauma, terrors, and nightmares.

They vow to listen to their parents from now on and don’t dare go near the dorms again.

Burning building

The Hook

A couple parked up at Lover’s Lane, switched on the radio and began cuddling and kissing.

Suddenly, an emergency broadcast interrupted the music warning locals that a patient who was deemed dangerous had escaped!

He had a hook for a right hand, the result of an accident, and should not be approached.

The girl demanded to go home but the boy reassured her they were safe and locked the doors.

The girl persisted, so the boy revved the engine and sped off.

Outside of the girl’s house the boy went to open the car door for the girl to get out but froze and stared down at the door.

The girl was confused then remembered the door was locked so it opened it for him.

Her boyfriend didn’t flinch.

Curious, she rolled down her window to see a bloody hook dangling from the door handle!

The Hook is a popular legend from the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark series.

Hide and Seek

While looking for the perfect hiding spot, a group of kids playing Hide and Seek in an old building hear a loud creaking noise

It makes them stop in their tracks, paralyzed with fear. 

Suddenly, a door slams shut, and they are all trapped inside. 

They try to push the door open, but it won’t budge. 

As they look around, a small stream of daylight pours into the room and they notice strange markings on the walls. 

It looks like code that is written in an unusual way. 

Then strange whispers start to form from the shadows. 

“Whoooosh……” “Hmmm……” “Ready or not……” “Here I come…….”

The whispers get louder and louder. 

Suddenly, one of the kids screams as something grabs her from behind. 

They all turn around to see a shadowy figure standing in front of them. 

It’s a ghost, with glowing red eyes and long hair,wearing a white robe.

The kids are terrified and don’t know what to do. 

They huddled together, hoping that the ghost would go away. 

But it didn’t. 

It starts to move towards them, and they can hear its raspy breath getting closer. 

Just as they think they were done for, the door creaks open and the ghost disappears. 

The owner of the house, confused, angry, and irritated by the scream of the children, saves them.

Ghost with red eyes

Boy Lost in the Forest

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Jack who loved to explore the outdoors. 

He had a wild spirit and was always eager to discover new places. 

“It’s okay to explore, but you always have to be careful and choose where to go, Jack” reminded his mother.

One day, Jack ventured off the beaten path and found himself deep in the forest. 

As he walked around, the boy realized he had lost his sense of direction. 

He tried retracing his steps but there was no luck – especially while the sun was beginning to set. 

Jack’s adventure quickly turned into a scary situation. 

The forest was dark and eerily quiet. 

He began to feel the weight of fear and uncertainty as the night sky grew darker and the sounds of the forest grew louder. 

“Hisssss…” “Kahhhh…” “Tushhhh….” 

As the leaves of the trees dance with the wind.

Hours passed and Jack’s spirits started to fade. 

He was getting weak and tired from hours of walking around with no food or water. 

“If only I had listened to the advice of my mother – now I may not see her again!” Jack said as a tear fell on his cheek. 

Suddenly, he heard a crackling sound from the plants. 

Jack’s heart skipped a beat, and he stood frozen in fear as he saw a pack of wolves approaching. 

The boy knew he had to act fast, so he climbed up a nearby tree, eager that the wolves wouldn’t be able to reach him. 

He stayed in the tree all night, shivering with terror, wondering if the wolves would ever leave him alone. 

The next morning, with the sun shining brightly, Jack managed to find his way back because he saw the exit of the forest while being at the top of the tree. 

He emerged from the forest – while making sure that no wolves were around. 

Now, Jack is safe and sound but with a newfound respect for the power of nature.

Is this your favorite of all the ghost stories to tell around the campfire? Tell us in the comments.

Wolves and a tree

The Cemetery Turned School

In a small town in New England, there was a cemetery that had been abandoned for many years. 

The trees surrounding it had grown tall, and the only sounds that could be heard were the rustling of leaves and the occasional caw of a crow. 

For years, the locals avoided it, and parents warned their children not to play near it.

The government regretted the waste land, and so they decided to turn it into a school for the children, knowing that the town was in need of this kind of structure for the community.

At first, the parents were hesitant to let their children enrol at the cemetery-turned-school, but because they had little to no choice, they did.

One of the students, a girl named Nika, is bullied by the others as her mom was deemed as “strange”.

Children would call her mother a witch because their home was in the forest far from the local town. 

One day, tired of the bullies, Nika says that the school is haunted by her ancestors who will haunt everyone that says negative things about her mom.

Turns out, the school really is haunted – but not by Nika’s ancestors, by the spirits who were not properly transferred into another cemetery before the school was built. 

The ghosts began to bother the students and teachers.

From black shadows suddenly appearing and strange writings on blackboards, the ghosts are considered a threat. 

Nika’s mom offers to help as she is not afraid of them, she blesses the school and the spirits are transferred to their proper place. 

Finally, the school settles in peace and Nika makes new friends.


The Dog Who Can’t Stop Barking

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Sunday. 

Sunday was a lovable dog, but he had one problem. 

He couldn’t stop barking. 

His owners were frustrated with him, and the neighbors were complaining about the constant noise. 

But no matter what his owners did, Sunday just couldn’t stop barking – even the vet didn’t know what to do. 

They tried everything from training classes to anti-bark collars, but nothing seemed to work. 

One day, when Sunday was out on a walk with his owners, they heard a noise coming from a nearby alleyway.

Sunday’s barking suddenly stopped, and he started to growl. 

His owners were confused, but they followed Sunday into the alleyway. 

As they got closer, they saw a woman covered in blood. 

Luckily, the woman survived- Thanks to Sunday being so vocal.

Dog barking at blood

The Stalker and His Sidekick

There was a little girl named Alliah who loved the park. 

During one trip to the park, she noticed that a strange man covered in neon and other colorful clothes was staring at her. 

Then, the colorful man decided to talk to Alliah. 

Intrigued by his strange but colorful appearance, she decided to talk back.

“Hi, Alliah, I have a dog in my van – he’s a very friendly dog who wants to meet you,” the man said.

Alliah started to feel uneasy and decided to leave the park – especially knowing that the man knew her name without even telling him. 

The next day, when Alliah returned to the park, she saw the man again. 

This time, he was closer to her than before. 

He was carrying a stuffed animal which he held out to her and said, 

“This is my sidekick. Do you want to play with him?” 

Alliah didn’t know what to say. 

The man seemed nice enough, but she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off about him. 

Alliah politely declined the offer and as she started to walk away, the man followed her. 

She quickened her pace, but the neon man kept up with her. 

Alliah started to panic so she ran as fast as she could, the man was still following her. 

Suddenly, she heard a loud bark and felt something brush past her. 

It was a big dog, and it was barking at the man. 

The man was evidently scared by the big, hound dog, causing him to run away.

Alliah was safe but scared; she thanked the dog and its owner, then they phoned 911.

The man was never caught, but Alliah learned an important lesson that day. 

She learned that if something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A van and dog

The Headless Priest

It’s 1883, and a priest named Erich is enjoying life in his small village surrounded by dense forests. 

Erich is known for his kindness and caring nature among the community, so locals are confused when they find his headless body in the village.

“I can’t believe something this disgusting and inhumane can be done by a person!” the mayor of the town proclaims. 

Months pass and there is still no idea about who dealth with the priest or how they did it.

Some witness a headless figure wandering Erich’s beloved forest.

The rumor is that it’s priest Erich – trying to get justice. 

A brave young girl named JC decides to investigate. 

She goes into the woods with a lantern, a blessed sword, and two days’ worth of food. 

On her last night of investigating, she sees the headless figure but she doesn’t run away. 

She talks to the ghost and as it turns out, it’s not the priest but the spirit that dealt with him! 

Without thinking, she raises her sword and attacks the ghost. 

In a flash of light, the ghost disappears, and the sword falls to the ground. 

It is now kept in a hidden place where no one can go near it. 


A sword

Flying Coffin 

In this creepy campfire story, there was a small town nestled in the heart of the country. 

The town was full of friendly people, with rows of cozy houses, and a thriving local economy. 

But there was one peculiar legend that always hung over the town, a story that was whispered about in hushed tones. 

It was the story of the Flying Coffin. 

According to the legend, anyone who saw the Flying Coffin would meet a terrible fate. 

They would be cursed, and their life would be forever changed. 

The Flying Coffin was said to appear at night, soaring through the sky with its tattered wings and eerie glow.

One night, a family with a prosperous farm decided to investigate whether the legend is true. 

They walk to the edge of the town and climb up the mountain where the Flying Coffin was rumored to appear. 

As expected, the coffin appeared with its wings flapping wildly, circling above their heads. 

The children are terrified, but they can’t look away. 

Then, the adults gather everyone and attempt to run away and promise never to challenge a legend again. 

The next day, the family’s farm saw its end. 

All farm animals were nowhere to be found and their crops turned to ashes. 

Coffin with banner

Bloody Fingers

Would you stay in a hotel room on the 13th floor if it was haunted?

What if it was the only room available?

Well, one night a man told the manager that he wasn’t scared of ghosts, so he’d take the last room.

He didn’t last long when a white ghost emerged from the wardrobe with dripping bloody fingers whispering “bloody fingers”.

The next time, an older woman said fine to the 13th floor room, claiming she’s seen it all.

She also rapidly left after an encounter with the bloody fingers demon who whispered “bloody fingers”.

The next week, a young man paid for the room, and got out his guitar.

The ghost told him he had bloody fingers but he ignored it.

Bloody fingers repeated it.

The young man said “shut up and get a band aid then”, as he continued to strum his guitar.

Bloody Fingers is another one of the popular campfire spooky stories from the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark series.

Final Words

Did you get a fright during our scary campfire short stories?

We hope so!

Do share your own creepy stories and camping experiences with us in the comments.

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