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Feeling nostalgic? Test your 80s trivia knowledge with our quizzes including movies, music, lyrics, TV, and cartoons!

80s Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Graphics of TV, sunglasses, and radio in 80s-style color beside text 80s Trivia Quiz in all caps.

How well do you know everything about this decade? Test your knowledge in our 80s Trivia Quiz! The eighties is commonly known for being the era of big hair, bold fashion statements, and iconic music.  It was also a time of significant cultural shifts, technological advancements, and political upheavals that continue to influence society today. […]

80s TV Trivia Quiz (Questions & Answers)

Televisions graphics with stars and checkered in purple and yellow color beside text 80s TV Trivia Quiz.

How well do you know the programs aired during the era of big hair and shoulder pads? Test your knowledge with our 80s TV Trivia Quiz! From entertaining sitcoms like “Cheers” and “The Golden Girls”, to the pulse-pounding action of “Knight Rider” and “The A-Team”- the 80s were an epic time for television, with some […]

80s Movie Trivia Quiz Questions & Answers

Popcorn and CD illustration beside text 80s Movie Trivia Quiz in all caps.

How well do you know your 80s movies? Test your knowledge with our 80s Movie Trivia Quiz! From a group of misfits banding together to go on a wild ride to save the day to a creature from another world befriending a young boy and becoming an unlikely hero- many of these 80s hits captured […]

Fun 80s Music Trivia Quiz and Answers

Purple illustration of 1980s singer in yellow and purple circle background with radio beside text 80s music trivia quiz in all caps.

How well do you know the eighties music scene? Test your knowledge with our 80s Music Trivia Quiz! The 80s was a time of bold fashion choices, synth-pop beats, and hair that defied gravity. This era was marked by the rise of iconic artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, and more. You’ll find 80s […]