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Games and conversation starters for best friends so you can get to know your bestie better while having fun!

Kiss, Marry, Kill Game Questions: Food Edition

Text says Kiss Marry Kill Food Edition with image of cutlery

If you’re feeling peckish you’re probably not going to want to play our “Kiss Marry Kill Food Edition” game! Get ready to choose between your favorite food items, types of culinary, and styles of dining! This is a fun way to gauge your preferences, as well as your most hated foods. Some are smelly, some […]

157 Fun Rapid Fire Questions for Friends

Question mark in a chat box with lightning illustration beside text in all caps: Rapid Fire Questions for Friends.

Get ready to say goodbye to those yawn-inducing convos. We’ve got something that’s gonna spice things up and keep the party going- our ultimate list of rapid fire questions for friends! These quick thinking questions are specially designed to keep the chat flowing and the fun never-ending. With these questions up your sleeve, you and […]

231 Never Have I Ever – Girl Edition Questions

Illustration of three girls raising their hands beside text ''Never Have I Ever Girl Edition''.

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to bond with your girl besties, partner, or wife?  Look no further than the classic game “Never Have I Ever.”  It’s a great way to break the ice and bring out some interesting and entertaining stories and confessions from your closest ones. If you’re planning to […]

212 Who is Most Likely to Questions for Best Friends

Purple clouds with white question marks inside beside the text who is most likely to questions for best friends.

Want some entertaining things to do with your best friends at your next party, vacation, or hangout? Why not try playing a question game of ‘’who is most likely to’’? It’s a great way to strike up a lively conversation, have fun and learn some interesting facts about your BFFs. To get things started, we […]

220 Never Have I Ever Questions for Best Friends

Purple question mark inside a purple chat icon behind test Never have I ever questions for best friends.

There’s nothing better than a sleepover or a party with your best friends. But sometimes, the conversations can become stale and you might run out of ideas on what to do to keep things entertaining. Then why not try playing the classic ‘’Never Have I Ever’’ game? These will not only spark interesting discussions but […]

133 Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

Chat box illustration with question marks near text Would You Rather Questions for Friends.

Want to discover more things about your bestie? Why not have a question game of ‘’would you rather’’ to help kick off some fun get-to-know-you conversations with them? To help you get started, we compiled a good list of would you rather questions for best friends that go from clean and easy to serious and […]

154 Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

Check and cross marks graphics in purple color beside the text yes or no questions to ask your best friend.

Want to discover more things about your bestie while having fun? Why not try playing a question game of ‘’yes or no’’ that’ll surely entertain you for hours?  To help you get started, we compiled a great list of yes or no questions to ask your best friend that you can use at your parties, […]

149 Best Friend Quiz Questions: Friendship, Funny & Deep

Illustration of two people doing high five colored in purple beside test Best Friend Quiz Questions

Your best friends are the ones you can rely on– they know all your secrets and help keep you sane, especially during rough times.  But how well do you know each other?  If you think you know your BFFs so well, why not put that to test by answering some best friend quiz questions? This […]

70 Fun Kiss, Marry, Kill Game Questions

Text Kiss Marry Kill Game with a kiss, rings and gravestone

Kiss, marry, kill, f k, marry, kill, bang, marry, kill, screw, marry, kill, snog, marry, avoid – what do you call the following forced-choice questions? Tell us in the comments! Whatever the official name is, this is a fun friendship and couples quiz that can be played during on a date, at a social event, […]

138 Clean Would You Rather Questions For All

Text Clean Would You Rather Questions with speech bubble image

Keep it PG with our clean would you rather questions! This guide features this or that questions on food, lifestyle, music, vacation, school and work which you can use as quick fire questions to get to know your kids, friends or partner better or as part of a bigger game. These lists can also be […]