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Games and conversation starters for friends so you can get to know your pals better while having fun!

110 Would You Rather Questions for Friends

Illustration of three woman sitting together and text would your rather for friends

If you’re looking for a fun way to get to know your friends better, or just want to stir up some interesting conversation during your time together, why not try asking each other ‘’what would you rather questions’’?  These kinds of questions can provoke all sorts of responses, from funny to thoughtful to downright strange.  […]

204 Never Have I Ever Questions for Friends

Text Never Have I Ever Questions for Friends with illustration of people raising their hands up

Are you having a party, on a vacation, or simply hanging out with your friends and running out of ideas on what to do for a bit of entertainment? Then why not try playing the classic ‘’Never Have I Ever’’ game? To help you get started, we compiled some of the best never have I […]

120 Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Friends

2 question mark with text yes or no question to ask your friends

There’s nothing like catching up with your friends and spending some quality time together.  But sometimes it can be hard to think of interesting things to talk about.  If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, you’ll love our list of yes or no questions to ask your friends. It’s a creative and entertaining way to get […]

120 Fun Dares For Friends: Perfect for Parties or Hang Outs

Text Dares For Friends with hands making pinky promise

When you’re out of ideas for fun things to do with your friends, the classic ‘’dare game’’ is always a blast.  Whether you’re having a party or simply hanging out, this is the perfect chance to see your pals’ hilarious, embarrassed, and craziest side! But what are the best dares for friends to get everyone […]

70 Fun Kiss, Marry, Kill Game Questions

Text Kiss Marry Kill Game with a kiss, rings and gravestone

Kiss, marry, kill, f k, marry, kill, bang, marry, kill, screw, marry, kill, snog, marry, avoid – what do you call the following forced-choice questions? Tell us in the comments! Whatever the official name is, this is a fun friendship and couples quiz that can be played during on a date, at a social event, […]

138 Clean Would You Rather Questions For All

Text Clean Would You Rather Questions with speech bubble image

Keep it PG with our clean would you rather questions! This guide features this or that questions on food, lifestyle, music, vacation, school and work which you can use as quick fire questions to get to know your kids, friends or partner better or as part of a bigger game. These lists can also be […]

152 This or That Questions For Adults

Text This or That Questions with speech bubble image and question marks

Looking for this or that questions for adults that you can use as question prompts at parties or to jazz up conversations with your partner or friends? We’ve created sections that include clean this or that questions, this or that questions for friends, funny this or that questions, cute this or that questions, controversial this […]