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Games and conversation starters for friends so you can get to know your pals better while having fun!

178 Rapid Fire One Word Questions For All

Purple hat emojis with white question marks inside and yellow lightning around- beside text in all caps: Rapid Fire One Word Questions.

Get ready for a whirlwind of excitement and laughter with our one word rapid fire questions game!  This fast-paced quiz is perfect if looking to have a blast and engage in lively conversations- at a gathering, party, or simply hanging out at home. With various rounds tailored to tickle your funny bone, challenge your wit, […]

8 Best Virtual City Tours You Can Do From Home!

Virtual City Tours text and image of Zoom call with passport tower and tuk tuk

Are you bored of binging international TV shows and seeing social media content posted by others who are on vacation? Maybe you are lusting after some real-life travel experience but can’t leave the home. The solution is through online, digital virtual city tours tours! The best virtual tours are not the ones that take you […]

80 Quotes About Sunshine For Motivation, Instagram + Pinterest

Quotes about sunshine text with image of purple sun

Looking for quotes about sunshine to brighten up your day, keep you motivated or to use as a greeting message? This guide includes a variety of messages such as quotes about morning sunshine, sunshine quotes for him and her, and even funny ones! If you are active on social media, the following can also be […]

157 Fun Rapid Fire Questions for Friends

Question mark in a chat box with lightning illustration beside text in all caps: Rapid Fire Questions for Friends.

Get ready to say goodbye to those yawn-inducing convos. We’ve got something that’s gonna spice things up and keep the party going- our ultimate list of rapid fire questions for friends! These quick thinking questions are specially designed to keep the chat flowing and the fun never-ending. With these questions up your sleeve, you and […]

122 Truth Questions for Friends: Clean, Funny & Deep

Illustration of friends beside text Truth Questions for Friends in all caps.

Are you ready for a great conversation starter that will make you laugh, squirm, and spill some juicy secrets?  Then get your friends together, grab some snacks and drinks, and let’s play “Truth Questions for Friends”! Whether you’re having a cozy hangout or embarking on a wild road trip, we compiled a good list of […]

161 This or That Questions for Girls

Illustration of 2 girls with purple hair and one with question mark above the head beside text ''This or That Questions for Girls'' in all caps.

Looking for a fun and exciting way to jazz up your next party, gathering with your girls or date with your partner? Why not try playing the classic ‘’This or That’’ game? This interactive quiz is designed to bring out laughs and some unexpected revelations about your girl besties, partner, or wife – all while […]

231 Never Have I Ever – Girl Edition Questions

Illustration of three girls raising their hands beside text ''Never Have I Ever Girl Edition''.

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to bond with your girl besties, partner, or wife?  Look no further than the classic game “Never Have I Ever.”  It’s a great way to break the ice and bring out some interesting and entertaining stories and confessions from your closest ones. If you’re planning to […]

115 Would You Rather Questions for Girls

Illustration of two girls with question mark beside text ''Woul Your Rather Questions for Girls''

Hanging out with your girl besties, partner, or wife and looking for something that will bring flavor and liven up the usual talks about current events or whether that new movie is worth watching? Why not try having a question game of ‘’would you rather’’ to help kick off some fun conversations with them? To […]

172 Yes or No Questions to Ask a Girl

Illustration of a woman beside text yes or no questions to ask a girl.

Are you looking for some fun and interesting questions to ask a girl?  Whether you’re with your friends, on a date night, or just hanging out together, it’s important to make sure the conversation stays exciting and full of life!  But don’t worry, there’s no need to start things off with lengthy chats- in fact, […]