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Games and conversation starters for bach parties, bridal showers, wedding days so you can celebrate while having fun!

239 Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt Items To Find At Any Party

Wedding gown with magnifying glass beside text Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt in all caps.

Looking for unique bridal shower game ideas? Get ready to add a splash of excitement to the celebration with a twist that guarantees laughter and bonding- our fantastic bridal scavenger hunt!  This is designed to make the most of this special occasion, delivering a dose of laughter and camaraderie as everyone- from the bride’s closest […]

How Well Do You Know The Bride: 171 Interesting Questions About Her

Illustration of a bride holding flowers with a yellow heart background beside text ''how well do you know the bride?" in all caps.

As you gear up for an unforgettable bachelorette bash or a heartwarming bridal shower, we’ve got just the thing to ignite laughter, camaraderie, and maybe a few secrets spilled. It’s time to play a question game of ‘’how well do you know the bride’’. Whether you’re sipping mocktails or toasting with the real deal, celebrate […]

27 Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games To Play Away & At Home

Text Bachelorette Party Games Image of three girls in Team Bride glasses and cowboy boots in air

Are you in charge of creating the most epic last fling before the ring and starting to stress just a little? Chill girl, our guide to fun bachelorette party games has you covered. In this post we detail exactly how to play each activity, provide useful examples, and suggest do-it-yourself resources, so that you can […]

Wedding Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Text Wedding Trivia Quiz with image of a wedding with bride and groom, flowers, cake, rings, and wine glasses.

Welcome to our fun Wedding Trivia Quiz! Getting married is a time of joy, romance, and cherished memories, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than with an entertaining trivia game? Whether you’re gathered at a lively reception, a delightful bachelorette party, or a heartwarming bridal shower, get ready to put your knowledge of […]

126 Fun Bridal Jeopardy Questions About The Bride, Groom, Wedding & More

Bride with confetti beside text: Bridal Jeopardy Questions in all caps.

Get ready to rock and roll as we plan the most epic bridal shower or bach party itinerary. We all know they won’t be complete without a fun game that’ll have everyone buzzing with excitement and joy, right? So let’s dive into an exciting quiz that celebrates the couple-to-be and all the heartwarming moments leading […]

113 Funny Wedding Questions to Ask Guests

Illustration of people-like graphics in wedding decor background beside text funny wedding questions to ask guests.

Get ready to inject entertainment into wedding receptions with our delightful list of funny wedding questions to ask guests!  Wedding receptions are all about celebration and they should not only be filled with love but with joy and laughter as well. Asking guests questions encourages them to participate actively in the occasion and allows them […]

145 Bride and Groom Questions For Mr & Mrs Game Or Wedding Trivia

Illustration of wedding rings intertwined- one with ribbon, the other with diamond beside text Bride and Groom Questions in all caps.

Ready to kick your bachelor party, bridal shower, or wedding reception up a notch and create some unforgettable moments?  Have a blast with our list of bride and groom questions that will have the couple laughing, blushing, and reminiscing all night long! These questions will also have the guests enjoying themselves while getting to know […]

10 Wedding Duet Love Songs: Magical, Modern & Movies

Text Wedding Duet Love Songs Image wedding rings with play buttons

Express your love for each other on your big day through the power of song using our wedding duet love songs list to guide you. Choosing a song which has a special meaning is the obvious choice when it comes to picking a tune to perform, but narrowing that down can be a challenge, and […]

126 Bachelorette Dares List for Bride-to-be and Friends

Text Dares For Bachelorettes image ring and shoe

Bachelorette parties are a time for brides-to-be to let loose, have a blast, and take a break from all the incoming wedding dramas.  If you’re assigned the bachelorette tasks, you probably have some fun planned for the party or are looking forward to a getaway at a charming destination. Whatever it may be, a great […]

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun

Text Virtual Bridal Shower Games and image of bride looking at computer screen

Have you been given the honour of hosting an online bridal shower to commemorate your best girl’s move from Miss to Mrs? Traditionally, the mother of the bride organizes this milestone party but more recently the job has been passed to friends. Regardless of who is planning the digital soiree, this guide shares the best […]