170 This or That Questions For Adults

Looking for this or that questions for adults that you can use as question prompts at parties or to jazz up conversations with your partner or friends?

We’ve created sections that include clean this or that questions, this or that questions for friends, funny this or that questions, flirty this or that questions, dirty this or that questions, controversial this or that questions, and finally, this or that questions to ask your other half.

The clean and some of the funny section can also be used as this or that icebreaker questions for businesses!

This or that questions are often referred to as ‘would you rather’ questions, you can easily turn the list below into this style of game too.

Want to get to know players better? Just tag on the question why to their answers.

If you want to add more pressure to the following ‘either or’ questions for adults, use a quickfire timer to reduce thinking time and add a forfeit such as ten star jumps or two fingers of a drink if the player goes over.

Alternatively, to make the game really boozy, instruct players to drink while they think!

Or if you are playing over the phone, dish out one of these dares.

Note: There are a lot of questions! Feel free to split up the sections and discuss them over several different sessions.

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Clean This Or That Questions For Adults

This is the first of our this or that topics so we thought we’d keep it PG to get you warmed up!

Some questions include easy option A or B answers and others are random scenario questions.

1. Curly hair or straight hair?

2. Early mornings or late nights?

3. Snow or rain?

4. Zombies or vampires?

5. Writing a resume or writing a cover letter?

6. Boxers or briefs?

7. Cake or chips?

8. Man bun or messy hairstyle?

9. To be chosen or to choose?

10. Milkshake or smoothie?

11. Coffee or tea?

12. Movies or TV shows?

13. Mayonnaise or whipped dressing?

14. Tablet or laptop?

15. Moonlight or sunshine?

16. Body oil or moisturizing lotion?

17. 9-5 or freelancer?

18. Rats or snakes?

19. Spring or fall?

20. Christmas or Halloween?

21. Ocean or a lake?

22. Hiking or biking?

23. Cats or dogs?

24. Day at the beach or day at the amusement park?

25. Roses or daisies?

26. Debit or cash?

27. Desert or jungle?

28. Eggs or pancakes?

29. Drive or be driven?

30. Desktop or phone?

31. Plants or flowers?

Here’s more clean this or that questions.

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This or That Questions for Friends

‘We’re all pals here’ as Logan from Succession says.

How well do you know your friends?

Another version of this game involves flipping it around and guessing your friend’s answer.

32. Party with your friends or vacation with your family?

33. Message on social media or a text message?

34. Share your food or don’t share your food?

35. Instagram or TikTok?

36. Pizza or burgers?

37. Water slides or roller coasters?

38. Video games or board games?

39. Join a friend on vacation or take a friend on your family vacation?

40. Piercings or tattoos?

41. One-on-one hangout or group hangout?

42. Bitchy but fun friend or consistent but vanilla friend?

43. Shopping in a store or shopping online?

44. Homemade or bought in a store?

45. Generic or brand name?

46. People or animals?

47. iPhone or Android?

48. Playing sports or watching sports?

49. Holidays or the weekend?

50. Concert or a play?

51. Tesla or Toyota?

52. Thrift store or brand new?

53. Laying on a beach for vacation or going on an adventure while on vacation?

54.Country music or heavy metal?

55. Making plans or being spontaneous?

56. Leave work early or start work late every day?

57. Work from home or work in an office?

58. Clean sink before bed or leave dishes until the morning?

59. Save a loved one or save a hundred strangers?

60. Change the past or look into your future?

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Funny This or That Questions for Adults

Silly this or that questions for one-to-one chats or parties!

Which did you laugh the most at? Tell us in the comments.

61. Your partner looks through all of your texts or your employer looks through all of your texts?

62. Kiss your favorite celebrity or punch your most hated celebrity?

63. Have an extra toe or a third nipple?

64. Have a chilled pet anaconda or a randy dog?

65. Fart in front of someone you have a crush on or fart in front of your co-workers?

66. Be a beautiful moron or ugly and intelligent?

67. Live without your phone for a week or not be able to take a shower for a month?

68. Have all the photos on your phone posted to your social media or all your conversations posted to your social media?

69. Ride a bike for 6 hours or be stuck in a traffic jam for 8 hours?

70. Shave your head or shave your eyebrows?

71. Living next door to your partner’s ex or your partner having their ex’s portrait tattooed on their arm (and it is a big one)?

72. Check your mom’s internet history or your dad’s internet history?

73. Gain a new finger on both hands or lose a finger on only one hand?

74. Get a really lousy gift for your birthday or have terrible sex?

75. Have really bad BO during an important job interview or bad breath on a first date with someone you really like?

76. Have sticky hands for the rest of your life or itchy feet for the rest of your life?

77. Get into a fistfight with Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?

78. Your grandparents walking in on you having sex or you walking in on your grandparents having sex?

79. Sit beside someone on a plane who is loud and obnoxious or someone who lets really smelly farts rip the whole trip?

80. Your sex tape leaked or leak a sex tape but get caught?

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Controversial This or That Questions

Games Trivia Quizzes is not responsible for the reactions to the following!

If playing this in a couple, please ensure the prenup is finalized.

81. Big butt or big boobs?

82. Chronically ill or badly wounded?

83. Being told a painful truth or a comforting lie?

84. Marriage or career?

85. Lose your sight or sense of taste?

86. TikTok famous or YouTube famous?

87. Live forever or live a short life with everything you could possibly want?

88. Alien invasion or zombie apocalypse?

89. Toilet paper goes over or under?

90. Blondes or brunettes?

91. Stephen King or JK Rowling?

92. Caught picking nose or picking your butt?

93. Day old pants (knickers) or day old socks?

94. Corn or pineapple on pizza?

95. Option to trim only your nose hair or private region hair, for life?

96. Vomit in public then walk away or pee in a bucket in private but sit with it for a day?

Cards Against Humanity

Flirty This or That Questions

Let’s turn the light down a little lower with our flirty either or questions for adults…

97. Cuddle up to a campfire or cuddle up next to a fireplace?

98. Romantic getaway in Italy or in Paris?

99. First kiss in the rain or under the moonlight?

100. Snowed into a cabin with your love or lay on a beach with them?

101. Find true love or be rich?

102. Watch a sunset or a sunrise?

103. Dress up for a night out or stay home in your comfy clothes?

104. A partner that is shy or a partner that is outspoken?

105. Go jogging together or take a hike together?

106. Have a date in a fancy restaurant or a picnic on the beach?

107. Have your arms wrapped around your partner’s waist or hold their hand?

108. Short hair or long hair?

109. Good morning texts or good night texts?

110. Know every secret your spouse has or leave a few uncovered?

111. Have breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner?

112. Watch fireworks or go to a drive-in movie?

113. Grab drinks for a date or grab a coffee?

114. Sleeping with the bedroom door closed or open?

115. Which is more important, looks or personality?

116. Kiss on the forehead or kiss on the neck?

Yellow flowers.

Dirty This or That Questions

Warning! The following this or that game questions are about to get steamy!

Avert your eyes if you have a habit of getting embarrassed.

117. Dirty texts or phone sex?

118. Voice notes or suggestive emojis?

119. Sex in a restaurant bathroom or in a car in a busy parking lot?

120. Edible underwear or edible body paint?

121. Sex on the first date or the twentieth date?

122. Naughty books or dirty movies?

123. Playing out your naughtiest fantasies with one person or having great sex with several partners?

124. Lace or leather?

125. Mind-blowing sex once a year or mediocre sex every day?

126. Playing with lubricant or toys?

127. An older, experienced partner or a younger, energized partner?

128. Blindfolded or handcuffed?

129. Dominated or submissive?

130. While on vacation, hang out at a nude beach or have group sex?

131. A sexy striptease or a hot and steamy lap dance?

132. Being with someone who has had a lot of partners or none at all?

133. Role play as a teacher or role play as a doctor?

134. Self play vibrator or vibrator during sex?

Burger. Hand. Messy.

This or That Questions to Ask a Guy

A mix of funny and future-pacing questions to ask a guy.

135. Take a vow of celibacy for the rest of your life or never speak again?

136. Get stuck in an elevator with your partner’s ex or with your ex?

137. Kiss anyone you like if it means never kissing your long-term partner, or only kiss your partner?

138. Guitar or drums?

139. Be funny or handsome?

140. Have mind control over other people or read other people’s minds?

141. Listen to the same song on repeat or watch the same movie on repeat?

142. Lose all of your teeth or an inch off your penis?

143. Dad to quadruplets with every pregnancy or no kids?

144. A live-in chef or a live-in housekeeper?

145. Be 3 inches taller or $10,000 richer?

146. Chicken legs or Dad moobs?

147. Live in the Marvel Universe or the DC universe?

148. BBQ with no rub or wings with no hot sauce?

Young gay couple having meal.

This or That Questions to Ask a Girl

A balance of fun and characteristic questions to ask a lady.

149. A lot of money or being popular?

150. Candlelit dinner or breakfast in bed?

151. Receive flowers every day for a year or jewelry once a month for a year?

152. Watch a romantic movie with your partner or read a naughty novel alone?

153. Become pregnant with triplets every time you got pregnant or have no kids?

154. Earn more money than your partner or your partner earn more money than you?

155. Cat lady or plant lady?

156. Never have children or never fall in love?

157. Gray hair or wrinkles?

158. Have one wild child or four well-behaved children?

159. Stop ageing at 19 or 59?

160. Bingo wings or turkey neck?

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Deep This or That Questions

Now it’s time to dig a little deeper with theses intimate this or that questions for adults.

161. Married with no sex or single with casual sex?

162. Play it safe and have a comfortable life or take big risks and hope for the best?

163. Age gracefully or die young?

164. Cheat or be cheated on?

165. Experience one big life-changing miracle or experience small everyday miracles for the rest of your life?

166. Become emotionally bankrupt or financially bankrupt?

167. Become deeply religious for life or have a short lived spiritual awakening?

168. Die before your partner or be a widow/er?

169. Change the world or make a lot of money?

170. Have everything you have ever wanted in your life and lose it or never have it at all?

Did you enjoy our list of this or that questions for adults? If you have any themed games or question requests please contact us or leave us a comment below!

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