144 This or That Questions for Friends

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Feel like you’re running out of fun conversation topics every time you and your friends are together?

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not try a question game like ‘’this or that’’?

It’s a fun way to get the ball rolling and turn your boring talks into something exciting.

To help you get started, we compiled a list of this or that questions for friends that you can use on your hangouts or parties, which include topics that range from clean and funny to challenging and personal.

Feel free to put your own twist on this game or ask follow-up questions if you want more details.

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Clean This or That Questions for Friends

Start it PG with the following list of clean this or that questions to ask friends.

Wholesome and easy topics are covered like food and destinations.

1. Pineapple on your pizza or corn?

2. Talking to someone’s pet or talking to someone’s baby?

3. Cats or dogs?

4. Glass half full or glass half empty?

5. Ketchup or mustard?

6. Zombies or vampires?

7. Bad breath or stinky feet?

8. Unicorns or mermaids?

9. Bad haircut or bad wax job?

10. Take a risk or be safe?

11. Matching underwear or wearing whatever is clean?

12. Sore throat or harsh cough?

13. Put your own salad dressing on or have it already on your salad?

14. Yoga or pilates?

15. Salsa or guacamole?

16. Feeling dizzy or feeling nausea?

17. A parking ticket or speeding ticket?

18. Going to a big party or staying in for the night?

19. Bar or club?

20. Short skirt or short shorts?

21. Tea or coffee?

22. Vanilla or chocolate?

23. Theater or Broadway?

24. Movie theater or drive-in?

25. New York or Paris?

26. Tent camping or stay in a cottage?

27. Vacation on a lake or on a mountain?

28. Skiing or snowboarding?

29. Hiking or running?

30. Canoeing or kayaking?

31. Hosting a party or attending a party?

32. Skip a meal or lose an hour of sleep?

33. Flats or heels?

34. Owe someone money or owe someone a favor?

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Funny This or That Questions for Friends

Good laughs coming through- in this set of funny this or that icebreaker questions that are sure to get everyone giggling. 

For more funny questions to ask your friends, check this guide.

35. Take your phone to the bathroom or leave it when you go?

36. Belching in public or farting while making out?

37. Use a public washroom or squat in a bush?

38. Run around the block topless or with no pants on?

39. Hot coffee during a heatwave or iced coffee on a frosty morning?

40. Roll around in the snow or walk on hot sand?

41. Dressing up as a witch for Halloween or dressing up as a mummy?

42. Online dating or picking someone up at the grocery store?

43. Plants or pets?

44. Being in a relationship with someone who is really attractive or someone who is really funny?

45. Free Wi-Fi or free coffee?

46. Have a friend who is always late or one who is always canceling plans?

47. Flipping someone off or cussing them out?

48. Socks with sandals or Crocs?

49. Shaving your head or cutting your own bangs?

50. A pet tarantula or a pet snake?

51. Go back to the ’90s or the early 2000s?

52. Date someone who smells good or dresses well?

53. Abnormally small hands or very big feet?

54. Lose your wedding ring or lose your wallet?

55. Big nose or big ears?

56. Long hair that tangles easily or short hair that is always frizzy?

57. Go through your boss’s search history or your dad’s?

58. Get your nipple pierced or your tongue pierced?

59. Chapped lips or dandruff?

60. Popular and ugly or unpopular and attractive?

61. Netflix and chill or drive in and snuggle?

62. Go to Mars or go to the bottom of the ocean?

63. Spend the day with a know-it-all or spend the day with someone too shy to talk?

64. Compete on a reality show or a marathon?

65. Winning a large lottery jackpot or finding the love of your life?

66. Pets dressed in baby clothes or babies dressed as pets?

67. Take a friend with you on your family vacation or join a friend’s family on their vacation?

68. Free travel covered for one year or rent/mortgage free for six months?

69. Live with your parents until you are forty or live with several roommates until you are forty?

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Weird This or That Questions for Friends

Looking for some unique this or that questions to ask your friends?

Why not try the strange and weird topics in the following list? 

Whether you want to have some fun or just see what your friends are thinking, these questions will do the trick.

70. Belly button: outie or innie?

71. Have an extra toe or an extra finger?

72. Baby screaming loudly next to you or a dog barking constantly?

73. Have no knees or no elbows?

74. Take a shot of olive oil or eat a spoonful of butter?

75. Change something from your past or peak into your future?

76. See a ghost or see an alien?

77. Meet the Sasquatch or Loch Ness Monster?

78. Have a picnic with Minnie Mouse or Cinderella?

79. Have a masculine voice or masculine face?

80. Shoot yourself in the leg or the foot?

81. Paper cut or spider bite?

82. Bitten by a vampire or by a werewolf?

83. Dance with a fairy or ride a unicorn?

84. Live for six months with an endless supply of money or live for ten years with just enough money to get by?

85. Know how you are going to die or when you will die?

86. Painfully shy or extremely self-centered?

87. Spend the day with a celebrity or a character from a book?

88. Dancing in a crowded place or singing in a crowded place?

89. Smooth peanut butter or crunchy peanut butter?

90. Ranch or Caesar?

91. Live in a cottage on the lake or in the middle of a city?

92. Have a pet chicken or a pet lizard?

93. Eat without the fear of gaining weight or wake up every morning feeling refreshed?

94. Going to see a stand-up comedy show or a concert?

95. Standing or sitting?

96. Wearing silly socks every day or hats?

97. Have nosey neighbors or loud and obnoxious neighbors?

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Deep This or That Questions for Friends

Our deep this or that questions for friends include some of the more serious and thought-provoking topics.

Get ready to discover your pal’s thoughts on life, career, and other everyday situations.

98. Spend the day with young children or the elderly?

99. History museum or art museum?

100. Live in the city or the country?

101. Breaking up with your spouse or breaking up with a good friend?

102. Have a large group of friends or a small group of friends?

103. Save the lives of twenty strangers or a loved one?

104. Have a time machine or three wishes from a genie?

105.  Forgotten or remembered for all the wrong reasons?

106. Live a rich life by yourself or live an average life with someone you love?

108. Finding happiness or finding peace?

109. Meditation or prayer?

110. Finding a career you are passionate about or retiring early?

111. Give money to the poor or cure the sick?

112. Becoming famous for your good deeds or for being attractive?

113. Friendship or relationship?

114. A broken heart or broken dreams?

115. Working for a promotion or for recognition?

116. Regrets or failures?

117. Lose all your money or lose all your friends?

118. End world hunger or have peace on earth?

119. Go to church or go for a nature walk?

120. Have children and no money or no children and a lot of money?

121. Never look older than 18 or never look older than 35?

122. Drown in the ocean or fall from a mountain to your death?

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Challenging This or That Questions for Friends

Take your this or that game for friends to the next level with some challenging questions that will get everyone thinking.

These are exciting questions to ask especially if you want to know your friends better.

123. Save the butterflies or save the bees?

124. Having a bad injury or a chronic illness?

125. Fame or fortune?

126. Lose your eyebrows or your eyelids?

127. To be ten years younger or ten years older?

128. Wealth or happiness?

129. Working alone or working with others?

130. Over or under for toilet paper?

131. Spend or save?

132. Free time or money?

133. Handmade or store-bought?

134. Being predictable or spontaneous?

135. Growth or stability?

136. Overly pessimistic or overly optimistic?

137. Rekindle a friendship or a romance?

138. Doubting yourself constantly or intensely regretting a decision you made?

139. Telling someone a painful truth or a comfortable lie?

140. A second chance at your career or a second chance at love?

141. Delicious appetizers or mouth-watering desserts?

142. The house of your dreams in a bad neighborhood or a rundown ugly home in an upper-class neighborhood?

143. Throw up on one of your in-laws or throw up on your favorite celebrity?

144. Constantly have sticky hands or itchy feet?

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Final Thoughts

We hope you and your friends had a blast with our list of this or that game questions.

And don’t forget to share your experience in the comments. 

Feel free to let us know what games you want us to write about next.

How to Play This or That

Wondering how to play this or that? The game is pretty simple.

One person will start by asking a this or that question from the list. The player/s must choose between the two options and give their answer.

You can also put your own spin on the game.

For example, if you want to add more pressure to the following this or that questions, use a quickfire timer to reduce thinking time and add a forfeit such as ten-star jumps or a shot of a drink of your choice if the player/s goes over.

If you want them to share more information, just tag on the question ”why” to their answers.

This game can also be played online or over the phone.

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