161 This or That Questions for Girls

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Looking for a fun and exciting way to jazz up your next party, gathering with your girls or date with your partner?

Why not try playing the classic ‘’This or That’’ game?

This interactive quiz is designed to bring out laughs and some unexpected revelations about your girl besties, partner, or wife – all while having a great time together. 

To help you get started, we compiled a list of some of the best this or that questions for girls ranging from wholesome and fun scenarios to peculiar and deep topics.

Wondering how to play this or that quizzes? Please scroll down at the bottom of this guide for instructions. 

Use this list as prompts for your parties, sleepovers, or hangouts. 

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Clean This or That Questions for Girls

Kick off your this or that game with some clean and wholesome questions.

The choices include random scenarios, food, destinations, gadgets, and more.

1. Long nails or short nails?

2. Ketchup or mustard?

3. Ranch or Italian?

4. Take your phone to the bathroom or no phone in the bathroom?

5. Wet socks or wet underwear?

6. Crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?

7. Jelly or jam?

8. Salsa or guacamole?

9. Matching underwear and bra or whatever you have?

10. Paper planner or digital planner?

11. Set New Year resolutions or New Year goals?

12. Dressing on the salad or on the side?

13. Nosey neighbors or loud neighbors?

14. Free items in a store or calorie-free dishes at a restaurant?

15. Vacation or stay home?

16. Host Christmas dinner or go to someone else’s house for Christmas dinner?

17. Night or morning?

18. Work at night or work in the morning?

19. Train or boat?

20. Tea or coffee?

21. Hot coffee or iced coffee?

22. Camping in a tent or renting a cottage?

23. Macaroni salad or potato salad?

24. Fall or spring?

25. Winter or summer?

26. Stand-up comedy show or live theater?

27. Losing sleep or losing a meal?

28. Hot or cold?

29. Sneakers or boots?

30. Heels or flats?

31. Fiction or nonfiction?

32. Laptop or tablet?

33. Documentaries or reality TV shows?

34. Salad or baked potato?

35. Credit or cash?

36. Museum or amusement park?

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Roger Conant Statue in front of Salem Witch Museum.

Funny This or That Questions for Girls

Laughter is said to benefit one’s mental health- and it also infuses joy into relationships and strengthens bonds.

So buckle up for a wild ride of hilarity and stress-relieving fun with the following this or that questions.

37. Be the person who brings a lousy potato salad to a BBQ or nothing at all?

38. Bad haircut or bad highlights?

39. Vampires or zombies?

40. Give up using makeup or dying your hair?

41. Eat dinner beside a toilet or a dumpster?

42. Take care of a baby that won’t stop crying or a puppy that won’t stop peeing on the floor?

43. Hairy ears or hairy belly button?

44. Wear an uncomfortable bra or uncomfortable shoes?

45. Find a spider in your bed or a mouse in your bed?

46. Walk in on someone in a changing room or a bathroom stall?

47. Pass gas in front of your crush or have your crush fart in front of you?

48. Fairies or unicorns?

49. Bad breath or smelly armpits?

50. Holding in a fart or holding in a burp?

51. Coughing or sneezing?

52. Candy corn or Peeps?

53. Cute babies or cute kittens?

54. Winning the lottery or falling in love?

55. Social media or TV subscriptions?

56. Crash a wedding or a party?

57. Eat a spoonful of mayonnaise or hot sauce?

58. Greasy hair or smelly feet on a date?

59. Attacked by a big cat or a shark?

60. Riding a lawn mower or robot vacuum?

61. Unruly eyebrows or over plucked eyebrows?

62. Skirt tucked into underwear or toilet paper stuck to shoes at a wedding?

63. Skiing or beach?

64. Do your taxes or visit the dentist?

65. Puke at a party or funny stomach at an interview?

66. Never shave again or never clip your nails again?

67. Running into a ghost or a grizzly bear?

68. Running into a clown in a dark alley or finding a creepy doll on your bed?

69. Singing badly in karaoke or acting badly in a play?

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Woman singing karaoke with friends.

Weird This or That Questions for Girls

Want to see what your girls would choose in the most unusual of situations?

From the quirky and offbeat to the totally bizarre scenarios, the following list of this or that game questions is sure to uncover some of their weirdest sides.

70. Talking to babies or talking to pets?

71. Reading minds or x-ray vision?

72. Be abducted by aliens or kidnapped by a mermaid?

73. Swimming in cloudy water or being in a hot tub with white gunk?

74. Cat filter stuck on work video call or food on your face at work in person?

75. Angry restaurant server or disgruntled barista?

76. Answering your phone or letting it go to voicemail?

77. Randomly calling someone or texting them first?

78. A warm public toilet seat or a wet bus seat?

79. Sticky hands or snotty face for a day?

80. Toilet paper: under or over?

81. Stroke the back of a stranger by accident or call someone you should know the wrong name?

82. Shave your eyebrows or shave your head?

83. Give up social media for six months or give up personal hygiene for six months?

84. Pip in tooth or booger on nose during a recorded presentation?

85. Never eat spicy food again or never eat sweet food again?

86. Drink a glass of lime juice or a glass of pickle juice?

87. Stand on neighbor’s dog’s tail or their baby cry with funny face?

88. Run after a movie star or be snubbed by a social media influencer?

89. Eat a mouthful of butter or take a shot of olive oil?

90. Call your boss ‘mom’ or your doctor ‘daddy’?

91. Pricked by a rose or get a paper cut?

92. One week of period cramps or explosive diarrhea?

93. Know how you’re going to die or when you will die?

94. Forgotten after you die or become famous after you die?

95. Show up to a party overdressed or underdressed?

96. Free coffee or free tacos?

97. Vacation in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?

98. Losing electricity for a week or water?

99. Live in an old castle or a mansion?

100. Live in a beautiful house in a bad neighborhood or a dingy house in a great neighborhood?

101. Constantly itchy feet or hands?

102. Chased by clowns or zombies?

103. Live in an RV or a van?

104. Hairy legs or hairy armpits?

105. Caught peeing in a bush or someone walking in on you pooping in a public bathroom?

106. Spend an evening playing video games or board games?

107. Be the smelly person at a party or have unkempt hair at a party? 

108. Extravagant gift or thoughtful handmade gift?

109. Stay home and watch movies or go to the movie theater?

110. Only eat hotdogs for the rest of your life or only hamburgers?

Burger. Hand. Messy.

Deep This or That Questions for Girls

Looking for an enjoyable way to spark meaningful and engaging conversations with your wife, girl besties, or partner? 

The following list of this or that questions covering deep and serious topics is designed to help you uncover their thoughts about life, work, love, and more.

Feel free to ask additional questions to get more deets about their answers.

111. Change something from your past or look into your future?

112. Glass half full or glass half empty?

113. Love or wealth?

114. Die suddenly or know you are going to die beforehand?

115. Live in poverty or live in fear?

116. Finding happiness or being wildly successful?

119. Inner peace or a lot of comfortable items?

120. Spend an entire month with family or a whole month alone?

121. Lose online friends or real-life friends?

122. Learn a new language or a new skill?

123. Spend one year without spending or a year without eating junk food?

124. Have lots of acquaintances or one close friend?

125. Win a hundred thousand dollars or your sibling wins a million dollars?

126. Surround yourself with smart people or loving people?

128. The ability to heal quickly or run really fast?

129. End your day writing or reading?

130. Fame or power?

139. Start a business or buy into a franchise?

140. Magic wand or crystal ball?

141. Growth or stability?

142. Overly pessimistic or overly optimistic?

143. Rekindle a romance or rekindle a friendship?

144. Free travel for a year or free groceries for a year?

145. Tell a white lie or be honest?

146. Forgive after a partner cheats or break up with them?

147. Rewind time or fast forward time?

148. Intense pain for a couple of hours or dull pain for a week?

149. Apathy or empathy?

150. Small wedding or big wedding?

151. Be early to an appointment or late?

152. Split the bill on a date or expect your partner to pay?

153. Living somewhere with four seasons or somewhere tropical?

154. The career of your dreams or home of your dreams?

155. Daily journaling or daily affirmations?

156. Setting goals or creating systems?

157. Learning a new skill or improving upon an existing skill?

158. Receiving a handwritten card or a heartfelt email?

159. Spending an evening around a campfire or cuddled up with a book?

160. Painting or sculpting?

161. Being in love or having a true friend?

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Two woman lying on the bed and laughing.

Final Thoughts

Whether you and your girls are bonding over your similarities or laughing at your differences, we hoped our list of this or that quiz questions gave you lots of fun and entertainment.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share your experiences with us!

How to Play This or That

Wondering how to play this or that? The game is pretty simple.

One person will start by asking a this or that question from the list. The player/s must choose between the two options and give their answer.

You can also put your own spin on the game.

For example, if you want to add more pressure to the following this or that questions, use a quickfire timer to reduce thinking time and add a forfeit such as ten-star jumps or a shot of a drink of your choice if the player/s goes over.

If you want them to share more information, just tag on the question ”why” to their answers.

This game can also be played online or over the phone.

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