Tina Turner Duets: Songs, Videos & Music Trivia

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Even the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll needs a little help from her friends, so here we have the best Tina Turner duet songs and collaborations with some of the biggest music legends in history.

Keep scrolling to hear songs from David Bowie, Paul McCartney, and Mick Jagger, as well as live performances with Beyoncé, Bryan Adams, and Rod Stewart.

There’s even an appearance from the Goddess of Pop!

We’ve included the names of the artists, the songs, and music trivia.

If we’ve missed your favorite Tina Turner song, let us know in the comments.

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Tuna Turner Duets List

1. “River Deep – Mountain High” Tina Turner and Ike Turner Duet.

This Tina Turner duet stars Ike Turner.

It was released in 1966 and was the title track to their 1966 studio album.

 The single reached number three in Europe and the top spot in Spain.

2. “It’s Only Love” – Tina Turner and Bryan Adams Duet

Next up is It’s Only Love with the 80s heartthrob Bryan Adams.

This duet was released in 1985 and featured on Bryan Adams’ album “Reckless.”

3. “Tonight” – Tina Turner and David Bowie Duet


The energy and chemistry between Turner and David Bowie is fire during their live performance of Tonight at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on 23 March 1985.

The duet features on Bowie’s album “Tonight” released in 1984.

4. “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” – Tina Turner and Bryan Adams Duet

Live Aid saw Mick Jagger and Turner collaborate, singing It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll in 1985.

On hearing the news of Tina Turner passing, Jagger says:

I’m so saddened by the passing of my wonderful friend Tina Turner. She was truly an enormously talented performer and singer.

She was inspiring, warm, funny and generous.

She helped me so much when I was young and I will never forget her.

5. “Proud Mary” – Tina Turner and Beyoncé Duet

In 2008, Tina Turner teamed up with Beyoncé for a live performance of Proud Mary at the 50th Grammy Awards.

Two giants on the same stage, singing an epic song.

Imagine getting to sing one of the most famous Tina Turner songs with the queen herself!

About that, Beyoncé said:

I have loved you for a lifetime. You have paved the way and made it possible for another country girl to go after her dreams. I’m so grateful for you.

Beyoncé also features in our wedding duets list.

6. “Simply the Best” – Tina Turner and Jimmy Barnes Duet

Tina Turner recorded a duet version of her hit song Simply the Best with Australian rock singer Jimmy Barnes in 1992.

7. “Hot Legs” – Tina Turner and Rod Stewart Duet

Rod Stewart and Tina Turner joined forces for a rendition of his hit song “Hot Legs” during Stewart’s 1981 Saturday Night Live performance.

8. “It Takes Two” – Tina Turner and Rod Stewart Duet

Stewart and Turner also covered the hit song It Takes Two in 1990.

It was used in a television commercial for Pepsi where both artists sing it together on stage with neon Pepsi signs in the background.

The audience dances around strategically placed Pepsi cans and drink from glass Pepsi bottles.

9. “Teach Me Again” – Tina Turner and Elisa Duet

Slowing things down for the next Tina Turner duet with Italian pop singer Elisa.

They sang Teach Me Again in 2006 for the movie All the Invisible Children soundtrack.

10. “Get Back” – Tina Turner and Paul McCartney Duet

Tina Turner and several artists, including Paul McCartney, sang the Beatles’ classic Get Back during the 1986 The Princes Trust concert.

Who else can you spot on stage?

11. “Shame Shame Shame” – Tina Turner and Cher Duet

This duet is everything!

The Goddess of Pop and Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll on the same stage!

Cher and Tina in strands of dresses singing Shame Shame Shame for The Cher Show in 1975.

This song also features in our duet for girls list, obviously!

12. A Melody – Tina Turner and Tom Jones Duet

In 1978, Turner and Tom Jones sang their way through a mix of songs, including Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes), Nutbush City Limits, and You & I.

The performance took place at the Warner Theatre in Washington.

Final Words

Whether it’s timeless classics like River Deep – Mountain High or contemporary hits like Simply the Best, Tina Turner’s duets show talent, friendship, and now a piece of magical musical history.

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