80 Truth or Dare Questions for Couples: Clean, Funny & Deep

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Are you looking for a fun and exciting idea to spice up your date night, party, or hang out with your significant other? 

Look no further than the classic game of ‘’Truth or Dare’’,  a unique combination of conversation starters and creative challenges- a nice way to breathe some life into your love life!

To help you get started we compiled a list of truth or dare questions for couples that are great if you want to know each other better, explore your boundaries, and have a good laugh.

We categorized the following sections into clean truth or dare questions for couples, funny truth or dare questions for couples, and deep truth or dare questions for couples.

And trust us when we say that our list of couple’s truth or dare questions are guaranteed to bring out oodles of giggles and enjoyment, not awkwardness. 

If you wish to know the truth or dare game rules, simply scroll down to the bottom of this guide to find instructions.

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Clean Truth Questions for Couples

Let’s start this truth and dare game for couples with some light and wholesome questions.

Get ready to discover a few interesting facts you may not have known about your partner before.

1. What is the most childish thing you have done recently?

2. At what age did you have your first kiss, and who was it with?

3. What are the three things you adore about me?

4. Do you have a hidden talent that you haven’t shared with me yet?

5. If you could have any superhuman power, what would you pick and why?

6. If money wasn’t a problem, what type of car would you buy brand new?

7. Have I changed since we got together?

8. How often do you think we should change the bed sheets?

9. Would you like for us to do more activities together?

10. Who is your favorite when it comes to my family?

11. What has been your best memory from our relationship?

12. Would you prefer to go to the movies or spend the night at a club?

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Clean Dares for Couples

Next up, we have some light-hearted dare questions for couples. 

The challenges in this set of truth or dare games for couples are sure to bring out the excitement without too much challenge.

13. Pop an imaginary balloon without using your hands.

14. Recite the alphabet backwards.

15. Let me get on your back, like a piggyback, and then do three squats.

16. Call the last person you texted and sing them ‘’Happy Birthday’’.

17. Tell me the best dad joke you know.

18. Stand on one leg and sing a nursery rhythm.

19. Do a cartwheel.

20. Take a picture of your feet and use it as a profile picture on social media.

21. Empty out your purse, backpack, or pockets to see what you carry around.

22. Put on your favorite outfit, and then give me a runway show with it on.

23. Eat a spoonful of anything I choose from the fridge.

24. Act out a dramatic scene from a show we both watch and don’t stop until I guess what it is.

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Funny Truths Questions for Couples

It’s time to get some good laughs in this list of funny truth questions for couples.

From recalling hilarious encounters to revealing quirky truths, these things to ask your partner will leave you both in a fit of giggles. 

25. What is the worst gift I have ever given you?

26. Name a celebrity that you think would play me in a movie.

27. Have you ever fallen out of bed while getting it on?

28. If you were to become a rapper, what name would you pick for yourself?

29. Do you like eating the end pieces of bread?

30. Are you able to touch your tongue to your nose?

31. What is the funniest gift someone has ever given you?

32. Which is tickler, your feet or your armpits? Let me try…

33. What is something you find funny that most people don’t?

34. Have you ever smelt my clothing when I wasn’t home?

35. What animal reminds you of me?

36. What is the craziest thing you want to do before you die?

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Funny Dares for Couples

Play and having fun is essential to keep any relationship exciting and enjoyable.

So prepare yourself for some laughter and entertainment with the following collection of funny challenges you can use for your dare games for couples.

37. Post a video on social media of you acting like a spoilt child.

38. Find items that spell out my name, for example Jen – an item beginning with J, then E, then N.

39. Do a winged eye on my right eyelid.

40. Recite a poem but don’t use the letter “L” while doing it.

41. Eat a clove of garlic.

42. Serenade a pillow with your favorite love song for 30 seconds.

43. Streak through the whole house while singing “Mary had a little lamb”.

44. Do your best twerking for 30 seconds to a song of my choice.

45. Give your best TED-style talk for 30 seconds on how to find good cheese.

46. Eat something I choose from the fridge without using your hands.

47. Shout out the window that you are in love.

48. Show me the funniest photo you can find on your phone.

49. Do sit-ups while reciting your favorite quote.

50. Call your friend’s number and ask why he/she called you.

51. Sing out the last text you received from me.

52. Talk like an old grandpa for 1 minute.

53. Call a restaurant and ask them if you can place an order that’s not on their menu.

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Deep Truth Questions for Couples

Want good truth or dare questions for couples that cover meaningful topics?

Here are some deep truth questions to ask your partner that are sure to spark a thought-provoking conversation.

49. What is something that always gets you excited about life?

50. What is something that has profoundly impacted how you live your life?

51. Have you had to sacrifice anything for our relationship?

52. What is the most significant area of growth you have had in the past year?

53. Have you found your purpose in life, and if so, what is it?

54. What does your perfect day together as a couple look like?

55. Are you living the way you dreamed you would as a child?

56. If you were able to talk with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

57. If you had a week alone, how would you spend your time?

58. What is your favorite thing we do as a couple?

59. What do you think is my most attractive trait?

60. What does a romantic getaway look like for you?

61. What is the number one thing I did that you cannot forget when we first met?

62. What will make our relationship stronger?

63. What secret about me have you spilled to your friends?

64. What is the number one thing you want to achieve in your life?

65. What is your motivation to go to work when you don’t feel like going?

66. What habit of mine annoys you the most?

67. How do you want me to support you when you are going through a tough time?

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Deep Dares for Couples

Take your truth or dare for couples game to the next level with some deep and meaningful challenges to give your partner.

Not only are they fun, but taking on brave new tasks with that special someone can help deepen the bond between you two. 

68. Reenact what my love language is.

69. Tell me your biggest fear when it comes to our relationship.

70. What movie would you compare our life together with?

71. Attempt to do a couples yoga pose with me.

72. Send me a text to express your love but only use emojis.

73. Put on your favorite ballad and slow dance with me.

74. Write me a poem that describes my best and worst features.

75. Take a cozy couple photo with me and use it as your profile picture.

76. Make a status on social media declaring your love for me, and what made you fall in love in the first place.

77. Tell me what has changed about your life since we met.

78. Show me where you want me to kiss you.

79. Tell me a secret that you have never told anyone before.

80. Give me some life advice you think I should know.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for playing and trying out our list of the best truth or dare questions for couples.

Don’t forget to share how you and your partner did in the comments below.

How to Play Truth or Dare

To play truth or dare, there must be at least 2 players.

You can pick who goes first randomly or by spinning a bottle- whatever the group agrees on.

That person then chooses if he/she/they wants to answer a truth question or do a dare. 

If they select truth, they must answer a question truthfully, and if they go for the dare, they must complete the task given to them. 

Use the questions and challenges on the list above by category, so the difficulty level slowly builds up.

If they cannot complete the task or refuse to answer the question, they must face a consequence agreed upon by the group beforehand- like having them take a shot of a drink of your choice, or stand on one leg for one minute.

Feel free to add your own spin to this game and continue playing until all players have had a turn, or until everyone decides to stop.

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