179 Wedding Shoe Game Questions: Easy, Funny & Deep

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Congratulations! Your big day is fast approaching, and for sure, you’re looking for a fun and interactive activity to entertain your guests at the wedding reception. 

Look no further than our wedding shoe game questions- a surefire way to bring laughter, joy, and a touch of friendly competition to your celebration.

This delightful bride and groom question game, or groom and groom or bride and bride, is played in rounds, where the newlyweds sit back-to-back, each holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes.

The game host asks a series of questions about the couple, and the newlyweds raise the shoe corresponding to who it most relates to.

It’s a lighthearted and entertaining way for everyone to get to know the couple better, and it’s sure to keep the guests engaged throughout the reception.

From easy and funny questions to deep and reflective ones, the game offers a variety of rounds to suit your preferences. 

So, gather your shoes, grab a seat, and let the shoe game for weddings begin!

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Easy Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Let’s start off our shoe game for wedding with some simple questions.

These are perfect for warming up the game, where you’ll test the couple’s knowledge of each other’s quirks, preferences, and random facts- and will have them nodding in agreement and laughing at the delightful predictability of their relationship. 

1. Who gets rid of the spiders at home?

2. Who does the dishes the most?

3. Who is more organized?

4. Who cleans the most?

5. Whose car is cleaner?

6. Who gets up the earliest in the morning?

7. Who gets injured the most often?

8. Who gets sick the most often?

9. Who eats more fast food?

10. Who eats the most candy?

11. Who takes the longest in the shower?

12. Who cooks the most?

13. Who cooks the best?

14. Who gets sunburned the most?

15. Who scrolls social media the most?

16. Who reads every day?

17. Who shops the most?

18. Who impulse buys the most?

19. Who is afraid of the dark?

20. Who is more likely to start a garden?

21. Who exercises the most often?

22. Who is more likely to take a fitness class?

23. Who is more stubborn?

24. Who is always up to date on current news events?

25. Who likes to be pampered more?

26. Who is the nerdy one?

26. Who talks the most?

28. Who is the first to fall asleep?

29. Who still watches cartoons?

30. Who is more likely to take a stray dog in?

31. Who is more likely to go to a sports game?

32. Who goes out with friends more?

33. Who is more likely to plan a beach day?

34. Who plans vacations?

35. Who is more adventurous?

36. Who is more spontaneous?

37. Who remembers everyone’s birthday?

38. Who buys the most thoughtful gifts?

39. Who likes to receive gifts?

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Funny Shoe Game Questions

In this round, laughter is the name of the game! 

Brace yourselves for a round of hilarious shoe game questions that will have everyone in stitches. 

Discover the silly, embarrassing, and laugh-out-loud moments from the couple’s journey together. 

40. Who takes the longest to poop?

41. Who is more likely to fart in a public place?

42. Who snores the loudest?

43. Who skips bathing the most often?

44. Who does not replace the toilet paper roll?

45. Who has the smelliest feet?

46. Who is cranky in the morning?

48. Who has the worst breath in the morning?

49. Who takes their phone with them to the bathroom?

50. Who will most likely throw their dirty clothes on the floor right beside the laundry basket?

51. Who steals all the blankets during the night?

52. Who is the most gullible?

53. Who talks to themselves?

54. Who is the silliest?

55. Who tells the lamest jokes?

56. Who is grumpy when they are hungry?

57. Who falls asleep the most often while watching a movie?

58. Who screams and covers their eyes during scary movies?

59. Who is more likely to change their plans because of what a psychic said to them?

60. Who would laugh at someone else when they fell?

61. Who takes the longest to get to the point of a story?

62. Who would tell someone about their surprise party by accident?

63. Who would survive on a deserted island?

64. Who is a big baby when they are sick?

65. Who always loses keys/wallet/phone?

66. Who has been arrested?

67. Who will be the first to get drunk at the wedding?

Interracial lesbian couple standing and holding wine glasses while smiling at a wedding.

Deep Shoe Game Questions

This round explores meaningful questions to ask the bride and groom that will allow them to reflect on their love, values, and dreams. 

From their shared aspirations to the challenges they’ve overcome, get ready for some soul-stirring discussions that will touch hearts and leave everyone feeling inspired.

68. Who is closer to their parents?

69. Who is closer to their siblings?

70. Who is still friends with the most people from their childhood?

71. Who looks to their parents for inspiration for a happy, healthy relationship?

72. Who is more religious?

73. Who is more spiritual?

74. Who practices self-improvement?

75. Who tries to bring out the best in everyone they meet?

76. Who has learned the other’s love language?

77. Who uses the other’s love language to show affection?

78. Who has a role model?

79. Who would go on a vacation to a spiritual retreat?

80. Who has kept memorabilia throughout your relationship?

81. Who has had a near-death experience?

82. Who has seen a ghost?

83. Who has had a silent retreat?

84. Who takes being healthy more seriously?

85. Who likes to take a more holistic approach to their health?

86. Who is an introvert?

87. Who is an extrovert?

88. Who feels their emotions more deeply?

89. Who is more likely to go to therapy?

90. Who is more likely to think about what they have to say before speaking?

91. Who is working their dream job?

92. Who is living their dream life?

93. Who sets goals?

94. Who is more likely to reach all the goals they set?

95. Who has plans for the future that are so big they are a bit frightening?

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Shoe Game Questions About the Dating Years

Let’s take a trip down memory lane in the next set of our questions for the shoe game at weddings.

This round focuses on the couple’s dating years, filled with sweet moments, romantic gestures, and the butterflies of new love

96. Who asked the other out?

97. Who made the first move?

98. Who planned the first date?

99. Who paid on the first date?

100. Who planned the second date?

101. Who generally plans date nights?

102. Who plans the best dates?

103. Who has planned the lamest date?

104. Who said “I love you” first?

105. Who initiated the conversation that led to a relationship?

106. Who plans the weekends?

107. Who is better at being romantic?

108. Who is the better kisser?

109. Who gives the most gifts to the other?

110. Who has a cute pet name for the other?

111. Who introduced the other to their family first?

112. Who introduced the other to their friends first?

113. Who texts the other first thing in the morning?

114. Who is better at expressing their emotions?

115. Who is the more emotional one?

116. Who says “I love you” the most?

117. Who is more likely to start a fight because they are tired?

118. Who slams doors when they are angry?

119. Who cries the most?

120. Who is the first to apologize?

121. Who is in charge of decorating your home?

122. Who maintains the home the most?

123. Who is more likely to break something in your home by accident?

124. Who is likely to make a large purchase without discussing it with the other?

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Happy gay couple cutting cake together at a wedding.

Shoe Game Questions About the Proposal and Wedding

It’s time to celebrate love in all its glory and this round of our couple shoe game questions is about the big milestones! 

Get ready to ask about the unforgettable proposal story, the wedding planning, and the heartwarming moments that made their special day truly magical.

125. Who proposed to whom?

126. Who cried during the proposal?

127. Who first talked about the idea of getting married?

128. Who did most of the wedding planning?

129. Who got the most overwhelmed with wedding planning?

130. Who was the most organized with the wedding plans?

131. Who worried the most about the day going perfectly?

132. Who got their nails done for the day?

133. Who spent more on their shoes for the big day?

134. Who picked the wedding venue?

135. Who delegated their wedding tasks to other people?

136. Who chose the music?

137. Who did the seating arrangements?

138. Who selected the photographer?

139. Who decided on the flowers?

140. Who made the centerpieces for the tables?

141. Who was in charge of selecting the wine for table service?

142. Who opted to play this game?

143. Who made the choice of the song for your first dance?

144. Who determined the color scheme for the wedding?

145. Who said no the most?

146. Who was the most likely to be late for the wedding ceremony?

147. Who invited more people to the wedding?

148. Who had more people standing up for them?

149. Who dealt with family and friends’ special requests for the day?

150. Who had family come from the furthest away to attend the wedding?

151. Who planned the honeymoon?

Bride with flowers and wedding ring holding champagne glass along with the groom.

Shoe Game Questions About the Future

The final round of our shoe game questions for wedding takes us forward into the future! 

Get ready to explore the couple’s hopes, dreams, and plans for the years to come

This round will spark conversations about the exciting adventures that await them as they step into the next chapter of their lives together. 

152. Who will probably be the most hungover on the honeymoon?

153. Who will want to plan a second honeymoon?

154. Who will save the most money?

155. Who will max out a credit card?

156. Who is the most eager to buy a house?

157. Who is likely to splurge on a new car?

158. Who wants to buy an electric car?

159. Who is more likely to jump on the AI bandwagon?

160. Who is more likely to start a new hobby once a year?

161. Who is more likely to plan dinner parties with friends and family?

162. Who is more likely to bring a coworker home for dinner?

163. Who will want to plan a vow renewal?

164. Who wants to have kids right away?

165. Who will spend the most time taking care of your future children?

166. Who is more likely to give up their career to stay home raising children?

167. Who will get a tattoo with their children’s names?

168. Who already has names picked out for your future children?

169. Who will want to get a dog?

170. Who wants to travel more in the next few years?

171. Who plans future events, like anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays?

172. Who has a bad habit they plan on getting rid of?

173. Who has big career goals in the future?

175. Who is more likely to change their career in 10 years?

176. Who is more likely to prepare for a future disaster?

177. Who is excited about the future?

178. Who is a little scared for the future?

179. Who has a 10-year plan for your life together?

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Final Thoughts

We hope our list of wedding shoe game questions added an extra touch of joy and laughter to your special day!If you played them, don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below.

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