154 Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

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Want to discover more things about your bestie while having fun?

Why not try playing a question game of ‘’yes or no’’ that’ll surely entertain you for hours? 

To help you get started, we compiled a great list of yes or no questions to ask your best friend that you can use at your parties, sleepovers, road trips, hangouts, and more. 

Simply ask each other the questions and answer with a simple ‘’yes’’ or ‘’no’’.

From finding out all about each other’s interests to sharing some hilarious embarrassing stories, these questions are sure to get you talking.

Feel free to add your own spin or ask follow-up questions if you want more details.

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Clean Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

Let’s start things PG with some clean yes or no questions to ask your best friend.

The following questions cover light and easy topics like sports, hobbies, collections, and more.

1. Do you know your star sign?

2. Do you read your horoscope regularly?

3. Have you ever taken an IQ test?

4. Have you ever taken a personality test?

5. Do you collect anything?

6. Have you ever spent the night in a hospital?

7. Have you broken a bone before?

8. Do you have a talent you are proud of?

9. Do you have a secret talent?

10. Have you been arrested before?

11. Were you a good kid?

12. Have you pranked someone before?

13. Have you seen a psychic before?

14. Have you had a tarot reading before?

15. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?

16. Have you had surgery before?

17. Are you afraid of being alone?

18. Does the dark scare you?

19. Do you like to sing Christmas songs?

20. Have you been on tv before?

21. Have you won a contest before?

22. Do you like bugs?

23. Do snakes scare you?

24. Have you sung karaoke before?

25. Do you still dress up for Halloween?

26. Do you tend to remember your dreams?

27. Can you touch your toes?

28. Do you consider yourself a healthy person?

29. Can you swim?

30. Did you play sports as a child?

31. Did you have pets as a child?

32. Do you think you are a good cook?

33. Have you found your style?

34. Do you like black coffee?

35. Do you like pumpkin spice?

36. Do you plan on buying a house?

37. Do you get excited when you see a rainbow?

38. Have you spent a night star gazing?

39. Do you like to throw parties at your house?

40. Do you wish on shooting stars?

41. Do you like spending the day at the beach?

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Funny Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

Get everyone giggling with the following list of funny yes or no questions and answers for your BFFs.

These goofy topics are a perfect way to learn more about your best friend’s hilarious side.

42. Have you ever had an itch in an awkward spot while in public?

43. Have you entered a food-eating contest?

44. Have you been so tired that you started hallucinating?

45. Have you thrown up on someone before?

46. Do you talk in your sleep?

47. Have you laughed so hard you peed your pants?

48. Have you ever caught someone doing something really strange?

49. Do you often use your phone while going to the bathroom?

50. Have you let one rip during an exercise class?

51. Have you made out with someone and not know their name?

52. Have you ever gotten lost in your own town?

53. Do you know swear words in another language?

54. Have you lied about your birthday in a restaurant to get a free dessert?

55. Do you have a pickup line that you like to use?

56. If you meet someone who looks like you, would you realize it?

57. Would you date someone with the same name as your sibling?

58. Do you hide snacks from your kids/partner/roommates?

59. Do you have a food you can’t stand that other people generally love?

60. If you could have a pet dragon, would you?

61. Can you wiggle your eyebrows?

62. Can you raise one eyebrow and not the other?

63. Do you sleepwalk?

64. Do you yell at the tv while watching sporting events?

65. Do you get emotionally invested in tv shows?

66. Have you tried to be funny and failed terribly at it?

67. Would you star in a movie if given the chance?

68. Would you sing in front of a large crowd?

69. Do you like going on roller coasters?

70. Have you ever thrown up while riding a roller coaster?

71. Do you wash your hands when you’re done going to the bathroom?

72. Have you stolen a glass from a restaurant?

73. Have you ever lost a large amount of money?

74. Have you ever watched soap operas?

75. Have you ever blamed a fart on someone else?

76. Have you cheated at a card game before?

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Personal Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

Here are some yes or no questions that will help you discover more things about your best friends at a personal level.

And because we still want to keep it fun, the questions won’t dig too much- but feel free to skip some if you’re not comfortable answering.

77. Do you think you are a good driver?

78. Are you a good secret keeper?

79. Have you cried in the shower?

80. Would you consider yourself a picky eater?

81. Are you a compassionate person?

82. Do you have a secret hobby?

83. Have you considered living a minimalist lifestyle?

84. Do you know how to budget?

85. Would you go on vacation with your siblings?

86. Have you ever outsourced your work?

87. Do you believe you are a good friend?

88. Have you cheated on someone before?

89. Have you been cheated on?

90. Do you feel that your parents did a really good job as parents?

91. Do you want to have children?

92. Do you think you are a brave person?

93. Has life been kind to you?

94. Do you want to live to an old age?

95. Have you done anything that makes you cringe?

96. Have you been a mentor to someone?

97. Do you try to be a good role model?

98. Do you like to garden?

99. Do you like to socialize?

100. Do you set goals for yourself?

101. Have you ever made a vision board?

102. Do you practice affirmations?

103. Would you ever go on a wellness retreat?

104. Would you tell someone a lie to spare their feelings?

105. Do you enjoy cooking for others?

106. Are you intimidated by any of your friends’ accomplishments?

107. Have you met your hero?

108. Do you feel that it is essential to have a good skincare routine?

109. Do you want to travel more?

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Embarrassing Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

The following list of embarrassing yes or no questions is sure to relive the awkward experiences your best friend had in the past.

Feel free to ask more questions for more details.

Plus, this is a good way to learn about how each one of you dealt with something you may never want to do or go through ever again.

110. Have you gone more than three days without showering?

111. Have you gone more than a day without brushing your teeth?

112. Have you asked someone out before and been turned down?

113. Have you been caught in a lie before?

114. Do you gossip?

115. Have you ever been on the dark web?

116. Do you put people down behind their backs?

117. Do you get jealous of friends that are doing better than you?

118. Have you ever fallen in front of a group of people before?

119. Have you ghosted someone before?

120. Have you been catfished?

121. Have you ever shared a rumor you heard?

122. Have you had to pee outside?

123. Have you said something embarrassing to someone important?

124. Do you have anything embarrassing in your search history?

125. Have you farted loudly in public?

126. Have you ever practiced kissing with your pillow?

127. Have you had a wardrobe malfunction in public or at work before?

128. Do you still sleep with stuffed animals?

129. Have I ever embarrassed you before?

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Deep Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

It is said that one benefit of having a best friend is that an honest conversation with them can improve your well-being.

So here are some best yes or no questions that will surely spark a candid and meaningful discussion with your bestie.

130. Have you ever been in love?

131. Do you try to make every day special?

132. Do you believe in a higher power?

133. Do you think there is more to life after death?

134. Do you believe we choose our fate before being born?

135. Could we do more to save the planet?

136. Are aliens real?

137. Do you tell your loved ones you love them often?

138. Do you think you are special?

139. Are people generally good?

140. Have you experienced a paranormal event?

141. Is there something you have done that you wish you could take back?

142. Do you think having a lot of money means you have a lot of power?

143. Are you happy with your life overall?

144. Have you found your purpose?

145. Do you think that love at first sight exists for some people?

146. Do you think everyone has something special to offer the world?

147. Have you ever suffered from imposter syndrome?

148. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

149. Have you had your heart broken?

150. Do you tend to forgive easily?

151. If you had the chance to go to Mars, would you go?

152. Do you consider yourself to be a kind person?

153. Have you ever seen a crime being committed?

154. Do you think cis men and women can be friends?

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Final Thoughts

We hoped you like our best friends question game of ‘’yes or no’’.

If you have any games you want us to write about next, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

How to Play Never Have I Ever Game:

The game is usually played by holding your hand up and putting one finger down if you’ve done a thing in one of the statements or questions indicated in the list- if not, you can say “Never have I ever”.

Or you can have a third party read them for you and answer “I have” if you’ve done that thing, or “Never have I ever” if you haven’t.

It can also be a part of a drinking game, with those who answer “I have” take a shot.

You may get creative or feel free to put your own spin- whichever you see fit for your situation.

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