16 Zoom Games For Kids + Other Online Options

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Looking for Zoom games for kids to help them develop skills and keep in contact with loved ones?

This guide details the best games for kids to play online that entertain and inform, safely!

With so many options, and with some being free, being at home doesn’t have to take its toll on families.

Let’s take a look at these educational and fun games to add tons of excitement to daily routines.

If you are a teacher researching games for school students, the ideas below can also be used or adapted depending on the class age and stage.

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Fun Zoom Games for Kids to Play Online

1. Zoom Charades

First up on our list of games to play on Zoom with students and kids is a classic…

Nothing beats an adrenaline-pumping game of charades via video chat with friends and family, even during the holidays.

This is one of the most fun Zoom games for kids while hunkering down and will keep everyone on edge the entire time. 

The first step is to create a meeting on Zoom with a date and time and send that link to everyone you want to invite to play.

Zoom is one of the easiest apps to use.

As a moderator, you get the top job of picking the teams. 

An adult from each team can be assigned a list to print without peeking at what the other groups have.

Then all the squares can be cut out and stacked face down.

One of the best ways to play charades on Zoom is by having each member guess the answer during their teammate’s turn.

You can also use a timer or stopwatch and keep a score sheet for each card that is guessed correctly. 

The squares on a list of your video charades game night can be labeled with pizza, cat, book, bike, money, coat, hat, soccer, elbow, drum, bird, hot, boxing, etc.

These are simple terms for both kids and adults to describe during the game. 

The second list can have different terms, such as cards, laugh, swim, skip, slide, cow, jump, fishing, etc.

When everybody has their own list with the squares printed, cut, and placed facing down, each participant gets to pick one at random to “act out” the phrase without speaking.

Then everybody else on their team must quickly guess the correct answer. 

If they are successful in doing so before the timer runs out, the Zoom moderator can give them 1 point.

When all the phrases are done, and lists are complete, tally up the scores and announce the winning team at the end of the game. 

Charades is one of the best games to play at home with kids because it teaches them how to build team camaraderie using non-verbal communication skills.

They must use hand gestures and body language during the video call to enjoy light-hearted competitiveness while thinking outside the box to collaborate with others. 

Text Charades - Games to Play with Kids on Zoom. Image parent and child looking at screen

2. Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It is one of the most popular free games for kids to play, and it works exceptionally well with both small and large groups on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

You can also use this game for kids to play online during birthdays, Thanksgiving, family reunions, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, class parties, and so much more if they need a fun activity while staying safe at home this year. 

People of all ages can enjoy coming together for an evening of Minute to Win It.

That means grandparents and distant relatives can log in and share a laugh with the children while being on the same team. 

All participants should complete exciting challenges within 60 seconds throughout this free game to play on zoom.

The only thing you need is some inexpensive and accessible household items, such as ping pong balls, Oreo cookies, plastic spoons, boxes of Kleenex, cotton balls, and plastic drinking cups. 

These items can be bought from any dollar stores or supermarkets, and they can be used for other games as well on a rainy day. 

The main ways to score and play this fun game with kids are either Man vs. Clock, Team members vs. each other, or an overall team competition.

If you choose Man vs. Clock, every competing player must finish a challenge in under 60 seconds.

They can only level-up in the game if they successfully win against the clock. 

One player from each team needs to go head-to-head with a single competitor if you want teammates against each other.

The first person to finish the challenge will win and advance to the next round.

Finally, you can create a point system and divide a larger group of people into teams for more energetic battles. 

A person from each competing team can be nominated to step up for a challenge.

If they finish it first, they can earn 5 points for their team.

Those who come second and third place get 3 and 1 points.

In the end, count all the points and announce the winning team. 

An example of a child-friendly challenge is – stack as many Oreos as possible on your forehead in 60 seconds without them toppling. 

You can also fill three plastic cups of water and line them up with a ping pong ball in the first one.

Then the player needs to blow the ball from one water-filled cup to the next before the timer runs out or their competitor finishes before them. 

If you are looking for one of the best games to play with kids inside, Minute to Win It is the ideal boredom buster to uplift grouchy children to enjoy an afternoon socializing in the living room with your computer ready for some hilarious video chats. 

To add these funny memories to your photo albums, you can use the print screen function to capture your loved ones in action throughout the game.

Text Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities. Image of clocks and child on tablet screen

3. Just A Minute – No Planning Virtual Games For Kids

You don’t need any resources for this game just the ability to speak for 60 seconds about a specific topic.

The organizer can choose topics or members can contribute ideas which are selected a random using a free randomizer online or by pulling out ideas from a bag.

Once the topic has been chosen, player one starts to talk about the topic for one minute and is timed against the clock.

If other players feel there are too many ums, ahs and pauses, they can raise their hand and the organizer can make a decision.

Also, if a fact is not true, other players can signal and the organizer can step in.

The player who manages to speak for a minute, with the least amount of pausing and with the most truth wins!

Topics can be really easy things such as countries or if the child is revising a school topic it can focus on that.

Here’s our guide to facts about Scotland for kids.

Text Just-a-Minute.-Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities. Image of kid on phone and loudspeaker

4. Virtual Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to practicing reading and writing at home, this is one of the greatest online games to play with kids.

Both parents and teachers love playing the alphabet scavenger hunt because it also motivates everyone to move around the house and add some physical activity to stretch those muscles. 

You can start with either the advanced version for children who can think and write more creatively or the beginner version for them to simply find things. 

If you have a smartphone or tablet, it will be much easier to play this free game on zoom.

The main idea is to have the kids go around the house and find items that start with a different alphabet letter. 

You can create and print out a vertical list of all the alphabets in bold, followed by blank lines for your children to name each item they find beginning with that letter.

For example, if the current alphabet is B, then they can write “all” in front of it on the blank space if the item they discover during the scavenger hunt is a Ball. 

For the beginner version, you can write the names of items you have around the house for each alphabet and let the children find them while talking into the smartphone like a regular scavenger hunt.

As they find each of the listed items, you can cross them off with a checkmark. 

When it comes to games for kids to play online, this is one of the most challenging because it requires a lot of movement.

Even though the virtual alphabet scavenger hunt is fun for both children and adults, some grownups may struggle to pace back and forth or climb the stairs hurriedly to keep up with the kids.

Be careful not to push your physical limitations and keep the house free from clutter to prevent accidents. 

Our car games for adults guide also features a scavenger hunt to pass the time during long trips.

Text Scavenger-Hunt.-Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities. Image of girl on computer.

5. Name That Tune – Music Online Zoom Games For Kids

Kids love music so why not incorporate it into a Zoom game?

All you need is a music sharing account and a speaker.

Select songs that children with recognize and play the intro of each song.

The players have to guess the song title or artists for a point.

Text Name-that-tune.-Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities. Images of kids dancing.

6. Heads Up

Heads Up is a free app from Ellen Degeneres which has been a hit with kids of all ages for years.

To play, simply download the free app and choose a theme like celebs.

Hold the cellphone or tablet up to your forehead so the player can see the name or item.

Other players will then start to shout out clues and you have to guess who or what you are

A timer will go off, if you’re right tilt the device down to start again.

It’s a quick game so you have to be ready to guess and move on!

Heads Up also features in our Zoom games for all guide.

Text Heads-up.-Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities with image of Heads Up game and parent and child playing on tablet

7. Bingo

A fun game to help improve math is the traditional game of bingo.

You can purchase bingo cards online or download them from here.

One team player will be the caller and the others score off the numbers on their card when they are called.

The aim of the game is to get a line or full house.

You can make your own bingo cards with words too.

Ask players to create a playing card with three boxes up and three along so they have nine in total.

Create a document with more than nine words on the chosen topic and ask players to place on word in each box.

You then provide the description of the text and let the players guess the word then they score it off their card if they have it!

Text Bingo.-Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities. Image of bingo balls and parent and kid looking at phone.

8. Vocab Circle

Vocab circle is super easy starter game which can go on for hours!

Player one says a word, player two choose a word which starts with the last letter then so on.

If you want the game to have a focus choose a topic such as food, a season or an activity.

Text Vocab-Circle.-Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities. Image with hand holding letters and kid talking to family on screen

9. Emoji Quiz

Kids love this easy to create game!

Create a series of emojis that spell out a word and let players guess what it means.

For example, cartoon characters.

Spider and man emoji = Spiderman.

An interesting game for students if you assign it to a topic they are studying, a fun way to consolidate learning!

Text Emoji-Quiz.-Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities. Image of emoji cakes

10. What Came First?

Players answer a number of challenges to work out what came first?

This could be TV shows, decades, historical events, ingredients and inventions.

This game can also be played for items which can be placed in heigh order like tall buildings around the world.

Anything that has some form a of hierarchy would make a good topic.

Text Zoom-games-to-play-with-kids-and-Zoom-activities. Image of dinosaurs and kid on ipad

11. Find the Fib

A great game for trickster, Find the Fib can be set up in seconds.

All you need is for each player to create two truths and one lie.

There are two ways to set this up.

Firstly, leaving the topic open to something personal for ‘getting to know you’ games or secondly, making the challenge about a set topic which is the better option for educational games with a bit of control.

In charge of team building challenges for adults too?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s our new guide.

Other Games to Play Online

12. Peppa Pig Games for Kids to Play Online

Now let’s take a look at fun online games for kids that you find via websites.

Peppa Pig games for kids to play online on Nick Jr is a bundle of entertainment to keep preschoolers busy for a long time while teaching them social-emotional skills, such as cooperation, sharing, and friendship. 

These are free games for kids to play with interactive videos to guide them through each step to complete a series of quizzes and challenges.

They can complete a colors quiz, solve mysteries, sing to a music quiz, learn about the importance of family and friends, and even take part in a virtual Easter egg hunt. 

Nick Jr also has exciting Christmas games to play with kids, especially a video quiz called “How Many,” featuring Peppa Pig and Santa Claus going on an adventure together.

During this interactive storytelling game, random photo stills are taken, and your child will have to select how many reindeer or presents there are in those pictures.

You can help them access the website explore several other games, such as Robot Builder to collect different parts and put together an unforgettable character, Stunt Puzzles, and Math Moves to advance their creative thinking abilities and numerical skills. 

There is also a Nick Jr. Lemonade Stand that can teach them how to run a small business, and a Cupcake Creator to let their imagination run wild with lots of colorful recipes to create a virtual delicious treat. 

These are fun games for little kids to play online, but parents can also sit with them to listen and work through each of the stories and quizzes.  

If you’re not in the house, the player can use the share screen mode on Zoom or Facebook Messenger which allows you to observe what is being played.

An adult will need to set up an account for either platform. This is the same advice for the following online games for kids.

Text Peppa-Pig-games-to-play-online. Image of girl on laptop.

13. Spiderman Games to Play Online Free for Kids

Like Nick Jr, Marvel HQ has also introduced exciting Spiderman games to play online free for kids.

These are not only for preschoolers, and slightly older children can try them out too, especially if they love Marvel and the Spiderman movies. 

Using a tablet or smartphone, you can start with the first game, “Spiderman: Mysterio Rush,” where Mysterio has unleashed a poisonous gas over New York, and Spiderman needs to swing and travel across the streets to capture this villain. 

At the starting level, the game provides instructions on how to swing from one location to another, and your children will be rewarded points for beating each other’s top scores.

This is one of the most addictive free games for kids to play, so parents may need to monitor screen-time because there are several levels to complete with different missions and stories. 

Text Spriderman-games-to-play-online. Image of girl on laptop.

14. Play Sonic Game for Kids

Sonic the Hedgehog was the most iconic character for those born between 1970 and the early 1990s, but as a parent and nostalgic video game enthusiast, you can share this superstar of fun and speed with your children using Apple Arcade Play. 

Team Sonic Racing on Apple Arcade is one of the most thrilling games to play at home with kids to give Super Mario a run for his money.

It feels like Mario Kart but is much faster with 15 tracks split across 5 zones and plenty more rewards and prizes for finishing each race. 

You can also compete with rival teams by playing in multiplayer mode with anybody around the world.

Every character has a special ability that makes racing around the laps way more fun. 

This is the perfect game for all ages, but parents should always be careful when letting kids use the multiplayer mode to connect with others online.

Make sure to download it on your device and monitor how long they get to play each day. 

Apple Arcade has over 100-Ad free games that you can access for a small monthly fee and download on an iPhone or iPad. See Peppa Pig section to find out how to watch via video call. It can also be played on Apple TV

They also offer a generous free 30-day free trial for you to try all the games first to feel confident that it will be a safe and fun experience for your little ones. 

15. Train Games for Kids to Play

If you love train games for kids to play online, GamesGames.com has an excellent selection of these for free!

However, only a small number of them work on smartphones and tablets.

Children may need to play them on a laptop or desktop computer instead after finishing their homework. 

These are very harmful fun games for little kids to play online as they keep them engaged for hours with the continuous level up opportunities to become expert train operators.

For example, in the first game called “Train Snake,” your child will get to tap the screen to drive the train and collect as many passengers as possible while avoiding hurdles to prevent an accident. 

This becomes more challenging as they level-up and collect points, making this game so enjoyable.

Alternatively, they can also take a break from a regular locomotive and switch to a Sushi Train as well. 

There are also plenty of other mini games to try, such as Subway Surf, Grimm’s Fairy Tale, Railroad Shunting, Mini Train, Midnight Train, Off the Rails, Puzzle Express, Card Match, and Build the Bridge.

Train games with obstacles to overcome are perfect for teaching kids how to be resilient throughout a challenge to get to the finish line. 

16. Spy Games for Kids to Play at Home

CBC Kids has a range of free spy games for kids to play at home to combat social distancing woes and canceled holidays.

Most of them work best on laptops and desktop computers, but they have a small selection for mobile devices. 

The latest game is SPYnet, where The Tyrannis Corporation is being the ultimate villain, and elite SPYnet operatives Donovan and Darkfire need to stop the evil leader.

After covering 24 levels of sneaky action using spy gadgets and elite hacking skills to unlock epic features, your children can help Donovan and Darkfire find Headhunter to uncover SPYnet’s secret plans.

This is the perfect online adventure for kids over 9 years old.

You can also challenge your kids to a game of “Fly Ghost,” where you need to tap and fly a ghost through all the obstacles.

Or create a monster tower on a field to defend your base against ball invaders by collecting energy points. The more energy you collect by beating the invaders, the stronger your monsters grow. 

The CBC Kids has a Halloween Special called “He Likes the Darkness,” where you need to move your chosen character either left or right and jump around to collect all the items.

As you collect more coins, you will get to unlock more characters and portals into seven different worlds with many levels for you to beat. 

Alternatively, you can also try Barbie’s Spy Squad Academy on the official Barbie website.

This is also a fantastic free online game for kids to join Barbie and her Spy Squad Renee and Teresa to earn their spy license. 

On this exhilarating journey, your kids will need to complete several missions and collect gems to help crack several codes while evading enemy robots, oil slicks, and laser traps. 

Final Words

Playing online does not solely have to be about learning the usual subjects since children can also engage with friends, grandparents, cousins, and all other loved ones to gain social and logical skills.

After all, who does not love a stimulating game night with tons of laughter? 

With games for kids to play online, you can add fun social gatherings to your child’s daily schedule to boost positivity.

Young children develop several skills through the power of play, especially when it comes to uplifting creativity, emotional, language, and social skills. 

Parent-approved zoom games for kids can also help you choose appropriate leisure-time, and educators can also use them to supplement classroom teachings.

These games help with brain development and allow creative self-expression, structure, and a deeper understanding of the rules to highlight personal interests outside coursework. 

After a long day of counting numbers and spelling words, children can use these games to make friends and avoid feeling isolated.

Zoom games for kids are a common ground to hang out with loved ones.

They also become a regular focus of conversations to share the joys of healthy competition. 

The above mentioned games to play at home with kids are inclusive for people of all ages, which means that parents are encouraged to join in for some wholesome family fun.

This way, you get to watch your little ones take the lead and feel proud of how fast they are learning with the biggest smile on their faces. 

The only problem you might struggle with is convincing your kids to step away from their digital devices when it is finally time for dinner. 

For other kid-friendly games, try our road trip activities for kids and family beach games.

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