30 Fun Games To Play On Zoom with Friends & Coworkers

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Staying in but still want to be social or planning a work event and need virtual Zoom games to impress?

Here are games you can play on Zoom and other conference call apps.

Zoom games come in a whole variety of types, can be played with one other player or huge groups and last anything between 10 minutes to a full day or night.

So let’s take a look at the best virtual games to play on Zoom and how to play them.

Note: We will keep adding to this post when we discover more light-hearted activities to play over the screen so bookmark this page and keep coming back. Have any online games to play on Zoom that you want to add to our guide? Contact us!

You will find tips on how to use Zoom at the bottom of this guide.

Fun Games to Play on Zoom with Friends & Colleagues

We have identified which games can be played with family, the best options for coworkers and the online games to play with friends.

The latter being a little cheekier!

While all of the below ideas are not specifically Zoom games for adults, we do have a dedicated guide for kids.

1. Name in the Bag/Guess Who?

You know that popular Christmas Day game where you put the celeb names on post-it notes and stick it on someone’s head?

Then your loved one has to guess who it is?

Well, Name in the Bag is not just for Christmas!

For the virtual version, you have to be a little more creative and turn the game around a bit by choosing a celebrity for the player. 

Don’t let the player see who they are until they’ve guessed correctly or run out of guesses!

There is the popular app version called Heads Up which you can download on Android and Apple, but it can be a little fast-paced for video call software.

Happy friends playing game guess who and having fun at home

2. A Day In Paris For Paris Fans – Travel Zoom Games For All 

This game has been hugely popular with families looking for an alternative group virtual tour, and companies searching for unusual online team building ideas.

The unique virtual tour is aimed at groups of people who are looking for a fun way to build their group skills.

The one-hour Zoom tour is led by an experienced guide who whisks the group off to the City of Lights and throws in challenges along the way.  

The famous restaurant, La Maison Rose in Paris. Pink building with green shutters and door at the corner of a Montmartre street.

Virtual guides, such as Herbert, play on the typical stereotypes but also tears them apart and throws in local tips for future itineraries.

You can ask your guide anything about France, no question is too out-there.

Sacre Coeur Paris

To book the tour, all you need to do is see this page and select the best time that suits your group.

The Zoom link will be provided by the company before the tour starts and your virtual guide will be waiting on you to kick off proceedings in Paris.

Companies have been using this team-building game for onboarding new members of staff when they can’t meet in person – a lighthearted icebreaker!

An alternative way to use it is for a Zoom conference virtual after party, organized by social events teams.

So whether you are planning a night in, virtually, with pals or a work event, it is relevant to both audiences.

If you want to learn more about Parisian culture, visit the city’s beautiful attractions, and have a laugh with your coworkers or friends and family, then this tour is for you.

Are you booking a tour? Tell us in the comments below.

3. The Trip, Played On Zoom With Host Or Self-Hosted

The Trip is a puzzle game created by 100 Point Challenge.

The game is about connecting, collaborating, and solving your way around the world – one puzzle at a time.

It begins with a master puzzle, then ten smaller mind-bending problems to solve – a fun mix of visual challenges, word games, and riddles.

Each of the problems gives you a clue towards reaching the final destination and completing the game.

Honestly, the final master puzzles are crafty!

This is the perfect group game for those who like puzzles, riddles, and other kinds of challenges that require a little bit of wit and some friendly competition.

It can be played on Zoom but also on other platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex and Skype.

There are two ways to play The Trip.

The facilitated game is hosted for you by experienced online game facilitators from the 100 Point Challenge.

This is ideal for virtual work events and meetings where you can bring in an external facilitator who will lead you and your team through how to play the game, and take care of all the event logistics for you.

The 100 Points team has facilitated games for 6 and 200 people at one time, using multiple facilitators.

However, most people play in teams of 4-5 with the added time-based competition, where large groups play together.

Suitcase. Packing. Vacation. Travel.

Although it costs slightly more than the self-facilitated version, they take care of all the event logistics which take the pressure off you and you can also play the game yourself.

Then there is also a DIY version which requires you or someone from your group to take charge.

With this, you get access to an online game platform with a video walkthrough explaining how to deliver the game and all the instructions needed.

Find out more here.

We have played three of 100 Points Challenge online games – The Puzzle (review below), The Riddle, and now The Trip.

We managed to smash through the challenges that The Puzzle and The Riddle presented at around the 40 (ish) minutes mark but The Trip beat us!

Nonetheless, the night was a success and my friends enjoyed the travel-themed rounds.

Can you do it in under 40 minutes?

This is the ideal online party game for people who love to travel.

Weighing luggage. Vacation. Travel.

4. The Puzzle – Best Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers

The Puzzle is a challenge game created by 100 Points Challenge.

The game is predominantly a team-building challenge played among friends and colleagues in remote settings.

There are ten rounds of puzzles and a ‘master puzzle’ which teams have to work out to win.

The Puzzle can be time-sensitive (40 minutes) if you want to add some heat.

The Puzzle game for Zoom and other conference calls. Image shows an eye and lots of different colors.

There are two ways to play.

Firstly, self-facilitated (DIY) where one member of the team takes the lead, records the scores and keeps the time.

This is the cheapest option.

All you need is an email address where the instructions and documents are sent to.

The facilitator needs around 20 minutes before you play to read over the information and to get preapred to host.

Use the share screen function on the likes of Zoom to explain the game and then share a unique link to the puzzle game page with all the players.

This DIY option is popular for companies wanting to keep their event in-house or families and friends looking for a virtual gathering.

The Puzzle Self Facilitated Zoom Quiz

The second option is to pass the host responsibility over to the 100 Points Challenge team.

The cost depends on your group size.

To purchase you just need to reserve a date here.

The facilitator will talk all team members through how to play the game and ensure everyone gets involved.

This is most popular with companies, since there is a team building element making it one of the best games to play on Zoom with coworkers.

100 Points Competition The Puzzle Facilitated Game

We played The Puzzle with six friends so we decided to take the team element out of it and work through the puzzles together.

It took us around 45 minutes to complete and although a few puzzles were worked in within seconds, the team still struggled to figure out the mater puzzle for a long time.

We’re keen to play again with the team element and time constraint added.

100 Points Challenge know what they are doing having worked with giants such as Google, Spotify and Ikea.

Customer service is speedy too, we had to ask a question about the master puzzle an hour before we played and the team got back to us quickly.

This was a welcomed change to our normal pub quiz style Zoom chat and we think it would be one of the better online team games for work too.

Player+roles The Puzzle

5. Online Cook Club With Authentic Italian Chef

If you are looking for more than just virtual games to play on Zoom, set up your device in the kitchen and chat while making a dish.

Why not learn from an actual chef in Italy?

There’s a two-hour pasta making class online with Nonna Live.

Nona Live Pasta Making Classes Teacher

Just select a date for your live stream lesson with an authentic Italian cook.

Not only are you learning new skills and creating a meal to eat, but you are also supporting a local business that can’t do in-person lessons.

Nonna Nerina is an 84-year old grandmother offering virtual cooking classes. How cool is that?

Nona Live Pasta Making Classes. Nona with her granddaughter making pasta in the kitchen in Italy.

When Nonna is not available, her granddaughter, Chiara, takes the class so you are in good hands regardless.

Each session has a specific meal in focus, so if you don’t enjoy making lasagne why not try gnocchi?!

Here’s a review:

“I am a Chef from the USA and this is exactly what I wanted. I specialize in pasta and even I got to learn about how to make pasta by hand. This is geared towards people who have never made pasta from scratch but it’s a fantastic experience nonetheless.” ~ Zachery, USA.

That’s not all!

For every class, Nonna Live will provide a warm meal to a child in need.

They have partnered with local non-profits to provide underprivileged children access to nutritional food.

Millions of children face hunger every day, and Nonna Live is committed to ensuring children everywhere don’t go to sleep hungry.

You can book your online pasta-making class live from Italy here and know you are donating to charity too.

Looking for an international tour?

Check out these tours from home around Milan, Paris, and Scotland.

6. Virtual Escape Rooms Challenge

Remote Adventures Escape Room challenges you and your coworkers or friends to get out in under 60 minutes via Zoom or your preferred conference call!

There are a number of virtual escape room challenges such as a prison escape, find the gold, or recover a stolen painting during a 60 minute adventure.

We played the heist escape game and a few things surprised us.

Firstly, this was our first experience at an escape game and we were actually pretty good at it.

The game involves getting through rooms and solving different kinds of puzzle, using forms of communication and numbers.

Secondly, it was way funner that we thought it was going to be.

Sure, it was a challenge but we were all full of energy and smashed it!

We only used one of our three lifeline tips and managed to find the art in under 48 minutes.

TEG Remote Adventures uses its years of experience building physical escape rooms across the USA and has moved the challenge online so players can participate from anywhere in the world!

Games can accommodates up to eight players per game. Minimum purchase is four players.

If you have a bigger group, they can host up to 500+ by splitting the large group into teams of eight.

To start the game, reserve a time slot and you’ll receive an email with the video call information.

Get the group on the video conference call at the agreed time and The Escape Game host will guide you through the virtual escape game challenge!

One of the guides will be the escape room with a live camera feed waiting on your instruction.

Online Virtual Escape Room Games-2

Work with your team to direct your guide through the adventure.

Pick up clues in your digital dashboard to solve puzzles and complete your mission in 60 minutes!

Sounds fun, right?

Read our new guide for more online team building games.

Other reviewers say that The Escape Room is ‘well-crafted’, ‘reworked to play remotely’, ‘an enjoyable 60 minutes’.

Online Virtual Escape Room Games

7. The New York Times Games

The web-based newspaper, The New York Times, has a handful of free games on its site which do not required a log in.

Pull up the games page using your phone, tablet, or desktop and share the screen with your friends who are up for trying to beat the Mini Crossword, Spelling Bee, and Wordle.

You can compete against friends by setting a timer and playing over a conference call.

The New York Times Games example of mini crossword

8. Jackbox – Perfect Online Game To Play With Friends on Zoom

Jackbox Games has a variety of individual games and packages for purchase.

Packages include bluffing games, drawing games, fill in the blank, sound effects and trivia.

Jackbox can be played over every device going from laptops to game consoles, phones to desktops.

We played Fibbage using Zoom.

Fibbage is really similar to the Psych! (see below) where the identified person secretly shares the truth to an answer and other players create believable lies.

Points are awarded for finding the truth, fooling others and bonus points for being funny.

Everyone answers their own secret question then the game commences.

Quiplash is another popular option.

The game throws up a statement and players reply with witty answers.

Players then vote on the best answer.

JackBox Game

9. Cards Against Humanity Online – Free Zoom Games

This is not a game to play with your grandparents; play our conversation starters for grandma and grandpa instead!

The infamous Cards Against Humanity can now be played online and set up via conference call for multi-person virtual play.

Cards Against Humanity is a dark card game where players match ridiculous statements which are often close to the bone!

Hours of fun and cringing.

It is one of the free games to play on Zoom, which is magic because times are tough for some.

This would make a fun round on a virtual bridal shower, find out more ideas here.

Cards Against Humanity Online

10. Psych! For Quick & Easy Zoom Games With Friends

Psych! is a game app created by The Ellen Show team ‘where you make up fake answers to real trivia’.

We see it like Cards Against Humanity with you and your friends being the stars of the show.

This is a 3+ person game that is best played with friends you know well.

It’s meant to be an in-person game but can be played over video call to keep pals connected; one of the funniest Zoom games for friends.

There are a couple of free games on the app including And The Truth Comes Out.

During it, the app throws up a statement about one member which you and your friendly privately create answers for.

The first one we were asked was ‘What is X’s most annoying habit’ – this game is not for sensitive people!

The system gathers all the answers and you vote on your fave but you can’t vote for your own.

Points are then added up.

Note: One of the online games to play with pals who are not offended easily.

11. Just Dance – To Get People Moving

Download Just Dance to your laptop and add the app to your phone – the phone then acts as the controls.

There’s a huge range of music to dance to from disco to Disney.

Play over Zoom to enter ‘party rooms’ and dance together.

Now obviously there has to be an element of competition; points are gathered and the winner takes home the glory.

So, whose handbag is going on the ground during this perfect zoom party game?!

12. Caribu For Kids and Families Chatting Virtually

Looking for a fun way to connect with the kids in the family?

Caribu is an app that was awarded the ‘best invention of 2019’ by Time Magazine.

This app allows absent parents and grandparents to read to, and interact, with children for a monthly fee.

Games include drawing and reading so they are educational as well as fun.

Looking for more games to play on Zoom with kids?

13. Karaoke, Kinda!

We’re not joking when we say, where are hundreds of karaoke songs on YouTube.

Grab a Bluetooth mic or a hairbrush and let the battle commence. 

Check out our song lists for ideas of songs like duets!

14. Dine Together, Virtually

Agree on ingredients or choose a recipe that suits both of your store items.

Stress out together while you cook and then chill over the meal, discussing your day over screens.

A fun virtual date night too. 

Diverse gay couple cooking in the kitchen.

15. Film/Book Club/Netflix Party 

Saturday nights in don’t have to be boozy. 

Grab a gang, pick a book and discuss the main themes over a call. 

Many books have talking points at the back of the book so little preparation is required.

If you love reading, check out this Scotland Book Club, where each month members read a new Scottish novel and discuss it in a private group.

What about a Netflix Party?

With this add-on you can watch a movie or show with friends and have the option to write comments to each other.

TV fans should check out our quizzes including Succession, The Sopranos, and Gilmore Girls once they’ve watched the shows.

Harry Potter glasses with book.

16. Pub Zoom Quiz Ideas

Quizmasters ready? Contestants ready? 

It’s time for the weekly virtual pub quiz. 

This is one of the most popular Zoom games; it is easy to create and gets everyone involved.

Rounds may include:

  • General knowledge
  • Guess what the emojis spells (films, terms etc)
  • Picture round: closeups of photos, chronological order, odd one out
  • Music intros
  • Zoom has a whiteboard functionality for a Pictionary-style round

Or check out our free guide to pub quiz round ideas to keep things lively, there are over 50 options to choose from!

Alternatively, let us create the quiz for you.

We have ready-made quizzes with rounds on topics such as Decades, Music, TV, Movies, Geography, and Sports.

If you are the host and marker, have the answers written or printed out before the quiz goes live.

This will help speed up the marking process and cause less overwhelm!

Trivia quizzes are the perfect option for Zoom games for large groups as they can last all night.

Text trivia quizzes image quiz sheet

17. Try a Trivia Game

You don’t have to manually create virtual games to play over Zoom. 

Let software do most of the work with Trivia Maker.

  • Launch the game 
  • Start the call
  • Share a screen
  • Get your game face on

Games can be work-related, child-friendly, themed, or general knowledge.

You can try it for free but it’s a premium game. 

18. Emoji Quizzes

For a challenging quiz, put together a round of emojis characters where participants have to guess what the emojis are saying using only the small images.

Emoji quizzes can be based on themes such as celebrities, movies, brand names, etc.

For a final twist, ask players to create their own emoji quiz for other teams to guess.

19. *Insert Word* Bingo

This is like the traditional bingo game but uses words instead of numbers.

Guess what words might be said during the TV show, movie, or political speech, and cross off the words as they are mentioned.

You can use this free card generator to create the cards.

How to win

  • Complete a line – cross off an answer in each box in a line across you card
  • Full House – cross off all boxes on you card

20. Quick Do It Yourself Online Bingo 

This is a tried and tested teacher trick!

Create a box with three up and three along. 

Provide more terms than boxes, so in this case more than nine terms.

Individuals choose terms and add to boxes.

You call out the definition (not the term) and the contestants then score off when they’ve guessed the correct term. 

It is likely the overall bingo game will have a theme.

21. Seasonal Craft Making

In charge of coming up with the Christmas Zoom party and not sure where to start?

Wondering what on earth the family can do to celebrate Easter together?

Struggling for ‘over screen’ spring break ideas?

Consider a calming yet festive or spring wreath-making party by contacting a local maker and asking about their online options; games for online use can be traditional activities with a virtual twist!

Thrifty Homemade Gift Ideas

It is likely the maker will provide a list of items required before the live virtual session.

Alternatively, ask attendees to purchase a wreath making kit such as this one or similar, and take charge of the craft; a calming seasonal or Christmas virtual event!

Want to jazz up your Zoom backdrop before the session?

We have hundreds of free wallpapers in our Zoom backgrounds guide.

Wreath making craft table

22. A Christmas Puzzle

The makers of the hugely popular online challenge, The Puzzle (see above), have created a new Christmas game for Zoom!

A Christmas Puzzle is a team problem-solving challenge that aims to bring groups of people together, whether that be coworkers, friends, or family at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year celebrations.

There is no need to download anything for A Christmas Puzzle as the challenge is set online.

All you need to do is choose a time, invite the gang, set an additional Christmas jumper challenge, and engage your brain while your facilitator leads you through the fun!

Your group will be divided up into teams that compete against each other in breakout rooms before coming back into the main room to find out who has won!

There are a series of 10 puzzles to tackle before cracking the overall ‘master’ puzzle.

Tasks include visual questions, riddles and problem-solving questions. It’s really fun!

The facilitator-led A Christmas Puzzle Zoom game starts at $199.00 and all you need to do next is book a time slot here.

This is the most popular option with companies.

If you’d prefer to be in control of the game, there is a self-facilitated version of A Christmas Puzzle priced at $49 which is purchased here.

This version is most popular with families but do consider that one member will be the host, so they will miss out of the action.

Or, if you’ve got FOMO, like us, you can do what we did and not look at the answers, so you can join in too.

The game itself is a 40-minute time-based competition but the facilitated version schedules a 1 hour – 1 hour and 15 minutes call in total for the game session.

This includes time for a quick warm-up, rule explanation, and time to go through the answers at the end.

The majority of teams are able to solve The Christmas Puzzle (or get close) in approx. 35-40 minutes.

We rallied up the troops and played A Christmas Puzzle to try it out for this guide.

Like with original The Puzzle above, we decided to play as one team.

We didn’t look at the answers which meant we could play along too.

It is doable but if you are playing with work you will definitely want to add the competitive team element!

This game is a really nice way to celebrate Christmas together without leaving the home and it is ideal for companies who are planning a virtual Christmas party.

A Christmas Puzzle 100 Puzzles

23. Host a Kid’s Zoom Party

How do I keep a group of toddlers entertained through a screen? How do I stop them all speaking at the one time?

Are you having a panic attack thinking about how to host a kid’s party on Zoom?

You are not alone!

We’ve even had a professional kids entertainer get in contact asking for ideas.

Here are the top tips for hosting a Zoom party for kids:

  • Make use of the waiting room before allowing everyone into the main Zoom chat party
  • Speak to every kid individually to create a quick connection before the entertainment kicks off
  • The mute button is your best friend, ask another adult to help you out
  • Keep the games short
  • Use the “spotlight” function on Zoom to highlight kids

24. Fun Games to Play at a Kids Zoom Party

  • Musical statues
  • The Hokey P/Cokey
  • Teach a simple dance
  • Karaoke
  • Scavenger hunt with clues
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt where kids find items beginning with letter A and so on
  • Find out what animal they are, using this fun game

For more ideas, check out our post, games to play on Zoom with kids.

25. Hat’s All Folks 

One last suggestion, make a call fabulous with a hat.

Prize for the player who wears it best!

Board Games To Play Online

You may be familiar with the following free virtual games online.

26. Monopoly

Do you have what it takes to build an empire?

This classic fast-paced board game can be dusted off and played online with family and friends via the App Store or Steam.

Review are mixed, some saying that the game works well, others finding it too glitchy.

27. Clue

Looking for fun family games online?

The classic ‘whodunnit’? board game, Cluedo, can be found online.

Was it Miss Scarlet with the candlestick in the study or Mr Green with the rope in the ballroom?

Test your powers of deduction to find out.

28. Codenames

Competing spies try to select the cards which represent their agents through codes without revealing agents from the other side or choosing the assassin card.

To play Codenames, select a room and choose the number of words that you want.

Share the link of the game with friends.

This appears to be quite a tricky game; so maybe not the best virtual family game depending on kids age and stage.

29. Backgammon

An oldy but a goody, the goal of Backgammon is to be the first player to remove all of your checkers from the board.

This is a free online game which can be access here.

Just hit start game and send the code to the other player.

There’s a nifty schedule tool if you want to play in future.

30. Catan Universe

This free online board game can be played via smartphone or PC and with multi-players.

There are handy tutorials for those unfamiliar with the original game.

Languages available include German, English, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese.

Get started at the official website.

Video Call Software

There are lots of video call software options and some you may already have on your phone.

How to Use Zoom

  • Download the app
  • Open and choose ‘join a meeting’ – you don’t have to sign up to enter
  • You can also sign in or sign up at this stage on mobile
  • Type in the meeting ID which the person who has set it up will have. Add your screen name
  • The arrow on the desktop version shows the people you’ve spoken to before
  • Type in the meeting password
  • Say yes to audio if you want to go in speaker on
  • Say yes to the video if you want to go in with video on
  • Use earphones if you can to help with sound quality
  • If you are having issues with connectivity try getting closer your router, switch off all other WiFi connections, use the LAN cable to directly plug into the laptop if the model allows it

Zoom Tips

  • It’s polite to switch your audio off unless you are speaking
  • This stops others having to listen to you take a drink, sniff and other natural bodily noises!
  • To do this hit the mute button/picture of the microphone at the bottom of your screen
  • You can also hover over your image on desktop and select mute
  • If you need to leave the meeting temporarily you can block your screen off by hitting the stop video button next to the audio
  • If you select ‘chat’ a column appears where you can type to people in private or to everyone in the group
  • On mobile, this is probably accessed by hitting the three dots (Apple)
  • How does Jim have a jazzy background?!
  • Choose the arrow next to ‘stop video’ and select ‘choose virtual’ background
  • Upload your image of choice, this function could be used in a quiz – we have over 100 backgrounds!
  • You can also share your screen so it shows what you are looking at, just hit ‘share screen’
  • Zoom has a whiteboard so you can draw/play Pictionary
  • If you require more than the free 40 mins, you can pay for a one-month subscription

How to Start a Zoom Call

  • Sign up and confirm email activation in your inbox
  • Complete personal details and create a password
  • Here you will be given a personal meeting URL
  • You can also invite others at this stage and an email will hit their inbox with details
  • Starting a meeting later? No problem
  • Sign in, select ‘schedule a meeting’
  • Complete the details and take note of the meeting ID

Zoom Games FAQs

What are Zoom games?

Zoom games are traditional or online games that you can play over a video conference calling software such as Zoom.

The software needs to have some form of screen sharing capability to allow the host to share the game with other players.

Some games are hosted by a professional, others are played among friends and family.

Zoom doesn’t have games built into its software, hence why we put this guide together.

What are the requirements to play games over Zoom?

Everyone can sign up for Zoom for free, however, your time on a conference call is limited to 40 minutes.

If you want to spend more time playing games on Zoom, one member of the group will need to sign up.

If your friends work from home, it is likely someone will have access to a premium account already so ask around.

If you do need to sign up, you can pay and cancel monthly.

Over the festive period, Zoom dropped the capped time to allow everyone unlimited access.

Everyone participating will need access to WiFi or 4/5G. The stronger the connection, the better the quality of the line.

You will also need one of the games above to play!

Final Words 

Basically any game can be transformed into a virtual version with a little bit of imagination.

Knit club, fight club, dance club whatever your vibe just please remember to include everyone.

Many of these Zoom games for adults can be adapted to for kids too! Tell me below if you’re using them.

Note: We can’t guarantee the safety of apps discussed in this guide.

Disclaimer: We were personally invited to try partners games to provide a first-hand experience for you. This includes Paris For a Day, The Puzzle, The Riddle, The Trip, and The Escape Game.

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