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Learn more about the holidays celebrated around the world! Test your trivia knowledge with our quizzes including Christmas and St Paddy’s Day!

25 Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Post title Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz beside illustration of movie film with snowflakes.

‘Tis the season to test your knowledge of holiday cinema with our Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz!  Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated fan of festive films, this quiz is for you. Get ready for questions that cover a wide range of popular Christmas classics, heartwarming romances, and laughter-filled comedies.  This movie quiz has […]

185 Who Is Most Likely To Christmas Edition

Post title Who is Most Likely to Christmas Edition beside Christmas decor and hand holding a card with question marks.

Welcome to our collection of who is most likely to Christmas edition questions! It’s time to make choices and reveal some delightful holiday truths about your friends, colleagues, or family. This list will take you through a series of lighthearted, wholesome, as well as mischievous rounds that revolve around the festive season.  We have categories […]

25 Easy Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers

Christmas trees with yellow light bulb below and post title Easy Christmas Quiz.

Get set to quiz yourself on all things festive with our Easy Christmas Quiz! While Christmas is celebrated in various ways worldwide, its widespread popularity can be attributed to a combination of cultural, historical, and social factors.  We’ll explore the elements that make Christmas a widely embraced occasion, touching upon its origins, basic facts, traditions, […]

25 Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Purple turkey with question marks and exclamation point beside post title Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz.

Welcome to our Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz. As you dig into that succulent turkey, savor the creamy mashed potatoes, and indulge in the sweetest of pies, why not exercise your cranial muscles, too?  From the origins of the holiday to quirky traditions, delectable dishes, and record-breaking feats, our Thanksgiving quiz has it all. This quiz has […]

25 Spooky Halloween Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Cute pumpkin illustration with purple witch hat beside text Halloween Trivia Quiz in all caps.

Get ready for a spine-tingling journey with our Halloween Trivia Quiz!  Whether you’re a pumpkin carving pro, a costume maestro, or just someone who wants to test your knowledge of this spooky holiday, the quiz is for you.  From basic facts and history to entertainment and the secrets behind those classic candy treats, we’ve brewed […]

25 Eurovision Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Purple microphone with heart and surrounded by yellow music notes beside text in all caps: Eurovision Trivia Quiz

Get your glitter, feather boas, and vocal cords ready, because it’s time to take on the ultimate Eurovision Trivia Quiz!  The Eurovision Song Contest, also known as ESC, is an international singing competition that brings together contestants from various European countries, as well as some from outside of Europe.  Known for its diverse music genres, […]

Spring Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

It’s time to shed off those winter blues and embrace the new season with our Spring Trivia Quiz. This is the time of the year when the weather begins to warm up, bringing mild temperatures and longer days.  Trees and flowers begin to bloom, animals start to come out from hibernation and the air feels […]

Easter Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Easter eggs in a basket beside text Easter Trivia Quiz.

Think you’ve got this holiday all figured out? Let’s put your knowledge to the test with our Easter Trivia Quiz. Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox- this means that the date of this holiday can vary from year to year, but it always falls somewhere […]

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Quiz (Questions and Answers)

St. Patrick's day hat and clovers beside text St Patrick's Day Trivia Quiz.

How much do you really know about this holiday? Test your knowledge with our St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Quiz!  Celebrated on the 17th of March, usually by people from Ireland and North America, it’s the time of year when everyone slips into something green, dons a pair of rosy cheeks and goes wild in their […]

Festive Christmas Trivia Quiz (Questions & Answers)

Text Christmas Quiz with image of stocking and lights

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas all year round when you try our Christmas Quiz! Take this pop quiz to test your Christmas knowledge and sleigh the competition. This Christmas Quiz will test if you know your Saint Nics from your Grinchs and your frankincense from your myrrh.  Test your Christmas trivia knowledge and share the […]