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Games you can play with your partner, friends, family, and coworkers such as truth or dare and would you rather.

178 Rapid Fire One Word Questions For All

Purple hat emojis with white question marks inside and yellow lightning around- beside text in all caps: Rapid Fire One Word Questions.

Get ready for a whirlwind of excitement and laughter with our one word rapid fire questions game!  This fast-paced quiz is perfect if looking to have a blast and engage in lively conversations- at a gathering, party, or simply hanging out at home. With various rounds tailored to tickle your funny bone, challenge your wit, […]

Kiss, Marry, Kill Game Questions: Food Edition

Text says Kiss Marry Kill Food Edition with image of cutlery

If you’re feeling peckish you’re probably not going to want to play our “Kiss Marry Kill Food Edition” game! Get ready to choose between your favorite food items, types of culinary, and styles of dining! This is a fun way to gauge your preferences, as well as your most hated foods. Some are smelly, some […]

8 Best Virtual City Tours You Can Do From Home!

Virtual City Tours text and image of Zoom call with passport tower and tuk tuk

This article has links to products and services we love, which we may make commission from. Are you bored of binging international TV shows and seeing social media content posted by others who are on vacation? Maybe you are lusting after some real-life travel experience but can’t leave the home. The solution is through online, […]

40 Scotland Facts For Kids + Quizzes

Text Scotland facts of kids text and map of Scotland with bagpipes, Nessie and thistle.

Scotland is a country full of myths, legends and mountains. The home of Harry Potter, Nessie and those caterwauling bagpipes. It is full of history, tall mountains and inventors. What makes it such an interesting country for people all over the world? Let’s find out and look at some Scotland facts for kids. You may […]

FREE St Patrick’s Day Backgrounds For Zoom

St Paddy's Day Zoom Backgrounds text with image of hat

Planning an Irish-themed virtual get-together and looking for creative St Patrick’s Day backgrounds for Zoom? This guide has assembled a variety of designs to guarantee some craic. From Irish flags to lucky leprechaun, pots of gold to four-leaf clovers, just right-click your Zoom background of choice and save to your phone or computer. Hosting a […]

FREE Easter Zoom Backgrounds For All

Easter Zoom Backgrounds text with images of bunny

Planning an Easter-themed virtual get-together and looking for creative Easter backgrounds for Zoom? This guide has assembled a variety of designs for you to download for free. From Easter eggs to cute little bunnies, bunting to spring flowers, just right-click your Zoom background of choice and save to your phone or computer. Hosting a quiz […]

72 Truth or Dare Questions Over Text for Couples

Phone with heart and hands in purple color beside text ''Truth or Dare Questions over Text for Couples''.

Hey lovebirds! Looking for a way to bond with your special someone, even from miles away? Bring the joy back into your long-distance relationship with an old classic: ‘’Truth or Dare’’.  This game has been around for ages and with the rise of digital communication, couples who are separated by distance can enjoy them over […]

80 Truth or Dare Questions for Couples: Clean, Funny & Deep

Couples standing in front of a purple heart beside text ''Truth or Dare Questions for Couples'' in all caps.

Are you looking for a fun and exciting idea to spice up your date night, party, or hang out with your significant other?  Look no further than the classic game of ‘’Truth or Dare’’,  a unique combination of conversation starters and creative challenges- a nice way to breathe some life into your love life! To […]

216 Kiss, Marry, Kill Celebrities Game: Movie Stars, Artists & Athletes

Star trophy with kiss and ring illustrations beside text Kiss Marry Kill Celebrities.

If you’re a fan of the classic Hollywood stars, pop culture icons, and modern-day superstars, our ‘’Kiss Marry Kill Celebrities’’ game is sure to keep you entertained for hours.  In the following list, we’ve come up with female and male celebs, movie stars, musicians, and famous athletes. This is an enjoyable way to gauge your […]

161 This or That Questions for Girls

Illustration of 2 girls with purple hair and one with question mark above the head beside text ''This or That Questions for Girls'' in all caps.

Looking for a fun and exciting way to jazz up your next party, gathering with your girls or date with your partner? Why not try playing the classic ‘’This or That’’ game? This interactive quiz is designed to bring out laughs and some unexpected revelations about your girl besties, partner, or wife – all while […]