22 Halloween Games for Teens: Dare to Play?

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We’ve conjured up a collection of Halloween games for teens to spook even the strongest of party goers! Activities feature a dash of devilish competition, guessing games, and traditional games that all create some eerie excitement.

Judging Contests

Costume contest

If the Halloween party happens to be a costume party, then it makes perfect sense to introduce a costume contest.

A costume contest is your chance to showcase your creativity and sense of humor, incorporating pop culture and DIY skills into a costume that is both funny and impressive.

You can either assign several judges to put scores together, or ask everyone at the party to cast a vote on a scale.

If you’re someone who thrives on a bit of friendly competition and enjoys the art of costume creation, costume contests are tailor-made for you.

S’mores Contest

Who can create the most inventive and mouth-watering s’mores?

That’s the question at hand in the S’mores Contest, in which a table laden with various s’mores ingredients awaits participants.

A panel of judges has the envied task of sampling each creation and determining which one reigns supreme in terms of creativity and deliciousness.

This sweet competition is an entertaining Halloween party activity for teens, great for bakers or anyone with a sweet tooth, ready to engage in some friendly, lighthearted rivalry.

Guess How Much Candy Corn

Keep the anticipation alive throughout your party with the “Guess How Much Candy Corn” game.

Place a jar filled with candy corn on display, and allow each guest to make one guess regarding the quantity of candy corn inside.

As the party draws to a close, unveil the answer and declare the winner, who will receive a delightful prize.

It’s a low-key and easy Halloween game for teens that adds an element of surprise to your Halloween gathering while also existing in the background of the evening.

Physical Games

Bob for Apples

At Halloween gatherings, you can engage in the classic activity known as “Bobbing for Apples.”

This is a spirited group game that gets everyone involved in a high-intensity contest of speed.

Using a large bucket filled with water and apples, participants try to snag an apple using just their teeth.

It’s all about quick reflexes and a bit of daring, along with the willingness to get messy.

The brave soul who manages to pluck an apple from the bucket with only their teeth emerges victorious.

Bob for Apples is a fun Halloween game for teenage parties, fitting for a group that’s willing to embrace a little silliness and get a tad messy.

Candy Toss

If you’re up for some high-intensity, physical competition that demands coordination and a fondness for candy corn, the Candy Toss is just the thing.

Participants pair up, with one designated as the thrower and the other as the catcher.

The thrower’s mission is to toss pieces of candy corn to the catcher, aiming for their mouth.

Each successful catch earns a point, making this a fast-paced and candy-filled showdown.

Eyeball Pong

Looking for some light-hearted physical activity with a Halloween twist?

Take the party back to college with a game of Eyeball Pong, a simple twist on Beer Pong.

Gather your friends and set up a pong formation with red solo cups filled with apple cider.

Take turns tossing plastic eyeballs into the cups, competing against your opponents to fill all the cups on your side.

Eyeball Pong is a fun and friendly Halloween party idea for high schoolers that combines a bit of activity with a Halloween theme.

Midnight Tag

For those who crave high-intensity competition and aren’t afraid of a little cardio in the dark, Midnight Tag is an exhilarating choice.

Find an open area, preferably one where visibility is limited, and engage in a game of tag with the added challenge of navigating in the dark.

Midnight Tag is a heart-pounding Halloween activity for teenagers that combines physical activity with a dash of mystery and adventure.

Candy Cornhole

Take a break from the spooky activities and indulge in some lighthearted physical fun with Candy Cornhole.

Organize teams of two, with one teammate on each side of two wooden boards featuring a hole at the top, in identical format as the game Cornhole.

One at a time, participants take aim, attempting to toss a ball onto a Cornhole board decorated to look like candy corn, even better, through the hole.

Candy Cornhole is a perfect choice for those seeking some friendly, physical competition when the weather isn’t too cold.

Egg Roulette

Prepare for high-stakes, hilarity, and a big mess with Egg Roulette.

Each participant is armed with four eggs—three hard-boiled and one raw.

One by one, contestants smash an egg on their head, hoping to avoid the messy fate of cracking a raw egg and having yolk splatter on their face.

The last person standing without a yolk-covered head emerges as the victor.

This game is perfect for those who are up for some messy fun and are dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Guessing Games

Guess the Candy

Intrigued by the idea of being a candy aficionado?

This guessing game, “Guess the Candy,” puts your taste buds to the test.

Blindfolded participants are lined up in front of an array of different candies, with the challenge of guessing as many candies as possible correctly.

Guess the Candy is a delightful game of taste and memory that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, and is one of the more approachable things to do at a teenage Halloween party.

Pin the Broom on the Witch

Another engaging Halloween activity for teens is a twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”

It’s called “Pin the Broom on the Witch.”

Similar to the traditional game, participants are blindfolded and tasked with pinning a paper broom onto a picture of a witch.

This lighthearted competition is one of the best Halloween party ideas for teens, fitting for those who may not be as intensely competitive but still love some good-natured fun.

Name the Monster (Heads Up)

“Name the Monster” is a thrilling guessing game that requires quick thinking and deduction.

Similar to the game Heads Up, one participant has the name of the monster on their forehead and does not know what it is.

It’s their partner’s job to get them to guess the correct monster without using the actual name.

The pair that successfully guesses the most monsters within a given time frame wins.

Name the Monster is an engaging Halloween game idea for teens that will keep you on your toes.

It’s A Mystery

For a deep dive into mystery and intrigue, a It’s A Mystery game is one of the best Halloween games for teens.

Imagine the party suddenly pausing as you announce someone has passed, and everyone is a suspect.

Each participant is handed a card with details about their character, and one of them has been chosen as the secret perpetrator.

The challenge is to work together to unravel clues and piece together the puzzle to identify the culprit.

This immersive game is best enjoyed by a group of participants ready to fully immerse themselves in a mystery that may span the majority of the evening.

Lighthearted Activities

Cider Making

For a more collaborative Halloween experience, consider cider making.

Gather your group, armed with apples and a pot, and embark on a cider-making adventure.

Some will take on the role of apple peelers, while others work together to mix the remaining ingredients.

The best part is that you start this process at the beginning of the party, allowing the cider to cook throughout the night, so a wonderful scent of apples wafts around the house and guests can savor the delightful results later on.

This activity is ideal for bakers or anyone who enjoys working together in the kitchen to whip up something sweet.

Pumpkin Carving

Combine creativity and competition with the artistic activity of pumpkin carving.

Each participant is provided with a pumpkin and artistic supplies and carving tools.

The goal is to create the most captivating and imaginative pumpkin design, and if you are looking for something especially competitive you can assign judges or have everyone at the party cast their vote for the best pumpkin carving.

Whether you’re an artistic wizard or just eager to try your hand, it’s an enjoyable activity that is a perfect Halloween game for tweens that can result in some truly unique and entertaining creations.

Fear Factor

Step up to the plate for a thrilling test of will in the Fear Factor game.

Contestants are challenged to eat some particularly gross or spicy foods to advance in the competition.

From marshmallows on pizza to bowls of cottage cheese or fiery peppers, it’s a daring culinary adventure that will leave all participants choking with laughter and the gross foods.

The contestant with the strongest stomach and a sense of adventure emerges as the ultimate Fear Factor champion.

Scavenger Hunt

For a more extended and engaging activity, consider hosting a Scavenger Hunt with a Halloween theme.

At the start of the party, each participant receives a card listing Halloween-themed items hidden around the house and yard.

The goal is to collect as many of these items as possible by the end of the night.

It’s a challenge for those with sharp detective skills, ready to embark on a longer-lasting game.

Group Crossword

Elevate the traditionally isolated experience to a lighthearted group activity that everyone can get involved in.

Organize teams, each equipped with an identical crossword puzzle centered around Halloween.

The objective is to be the first team to complete the crossword correctly.

However, be cautious—incorrect answers can disqualify you, so precision and speed are key.

It’s a game for wordplay enthusiasts seeking a thrilling competition, and if your party is looking for something especially lighthearted, it can just be a fun activity without competition attached.

Conversational Games

Scary Stories

Gather around a campfire or a cozy spot and unleash your inner storyteller in a Scary Stories competition.

Each participant must craft a spine-tingling and imaginative story, vying for the title of the best scary storyteller.

It’s a perfect choice for those who have a knack for weaving eerie tales and don’t mind diving into some chilling details.

Would You Rather (Scary Movie Edition)

“Would You Rather (Scary Movie Edition)” is a conversational game that incorporates horror movies into the classic comparison game.

Participants take turns asking each other “Would you rather” questions, all with a spooky movie theme.

For instance, would you rather spend a night at Camp Crystal Lake from “Friday the 13th” or on Elm Street from “Nightmare on Elm Street”?

The fun part comes with the follow-up “why” explanations, where you can share your reasoning behind your choices.

This game is perfect for those well-versed in the world of scary films, ready to pit two terrifying scenarios against each other.


Pictionary takes a Halloween twist, offering a guessing game that combines quick thinking with effective communication.

In this version, one participant must convey a Halloween-themed phrase to their partner using only drawings.

The phrases can range from scary movies to common costumes, making it an entertaining and competitive conversational game.


Put your Halloween knowledge to the test with a spirited game of Trivia.

Prepare a set of questions related to Halloween, including topics like scary movies and other Halloween activities.

Participants divide into teams and compete to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

It’s a competition that will engage the Halloween enthusiasts among you.

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