110 Would You Rather Questions for Friends

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If you’re looking for a fun way to get to know your friends better, or just want to stir up some interesting conversation during your time together, why not try asking each other ‘’what would you rather questions’’? 

These kinds of questions can provoke all sorts of responses, from funny to thoughtful to downright strange. 

To help you get started, you can play this game of would you rather for friends using the list of questions we compiled in this guide.

Topics range from clean and fun would you rather questions to juicy and personal would you rather questions.

And there’s no right or wrong answer – these questions are simply a way to get people talking and thinking about what they would prefer in different situations.

Feel free to put your own twist on this would you rather with friends or pair it up with this or that and yes or no questions.

Clean Would You Rather Questions for Friends

Here are some great would you rather questions to start things off with something light and wholesome.

These focus on entertaining topics that everyone can enjoy talking about.

1. Would you rather explore outer space or the bottom of the ocean?

2. Would you rather have a four-day workweek or work for a month straight and then have a month off?

3. Would you rather go to the beach for a party or a backyard BBQ?

4. Would you rather have a dog or a cat?

5. Would you rather take your pet with you to work or your child?

6. Would you rather be a police officer or a firefighter?

7. Would you rather work out everyday or go on a diet?

8. Would you rather get free education or free healthcare?

9. Would you rather go for a stroll on the beach to watch the sunset or grab a coffee in the morning?

10. Would you rather have all girls or all boys when you have children?

11. Would you rather have superhuman strength or turn into any animal you want?

12. Would you rather have abnormally long teeth or no teeth at all?

13. Would you rather have freakishly long toes or freakishly long fingers?

14. Would you rather spend the day in a sunflower field or spend the day on the beach?

15. Would you rather live beside a train station or a busy highway?

16. Would you rather be extraordinarily talented and never receive recognition or be talentless and famous for no reason?

17. Would you rather be able to craft perfect responses to rude people or give fantastic advice?

18. Would you rather wink at everyone you talk to or get rosy cheeks while talking to others?

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Easy Would You Rather Questions for Friends

Let’s now move on to the easy questions to ask for would you rather.

No pressure, just plain fun!

19. Would you rather eat something spicy or eat something sweet?

20. Would you rather be kissed in Paris or NYC?

21. Would you rather be proposed to in a restaurant or privately at home?

22. Would you rather go on a lavish date once a month or lower cost dates more frequently?

23. Would you rather travel the globe with your partner or settle into a lovely homestead?

24. Would you rather jump tall heights or change the weather at will?

25. Would you rather lift weights or go for a run?

26. Would you rather visit the ocean or the mountains?

27. Would you rather work for a really great company or start your own business?

28. Would you rather have a few roommates or live by yourself?

29. Would you rather eat a peach or eat a mango?

30. Would you rather have a voice like Mickey Mouse or a voice like Goofy?

31. Would you rather be in a Disney movie or a Pixar movie?

32. Would you rather spend the night watching horror movies or comedy movies?

33. Would you rather have Christmas twice a year or your birthday twice a year?

34. Would you rather have Halloween every month or easter?

35. Would you rather smile during every conversation you have or fart at the end of every conversation?

36. Would you rather be stuck in a traffic jam for 4 hours or sit next to someone on a plane who doesn’t stop talking?

37. Would you rather be featured on a podcast or a guest on a daytime talk show?

38. Would you rather spend your day watching soap operas or spend the day watching game shows?

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Funny Would You Rather Questions for Friends

There’s nothing like laughing with friends until your sides hurt- plus, it’s a great way to relieve stress and just enjoy life. 

So in this list, get ready to get some laughter with our list of hilarious would you rather questions.

39. Would you rather have the ability to be invisible or own a magic carpet?

40. Would you rather eat hotdogs for the rest of your life or bologna sandwiches?

41. Would you rather have an extra toe or an extra finger?

42. Would you rather have your phone for the day or not have food for the day?

43. Would you rather arrive at an event overdressed or underdressed?

44. Would you rather take care of your friend’s child or their pet?

45. Would you rather fight off a bear or a large swarm of hornets?

46. Would you rather wear a top hat or a beret as your staple hat?

47. Would you rather have knees or no elbows?

48. Would you rather have stinky feet or greasy hair?

49. Would you rather be wealthy and ugly or poor and good-looking?

50. Would you rather never shower again or never brush your teeth again?

51. Would you rather live in a dumpster or fall into a muddy river?

52. Would you rather have x-ray vision or to be able to fly?

53. Would you rather eat pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast for the next ten years?

54. Would you rather have a persistent cough or a constantly running nose?

55. Would you rather announce to your family that you have a yeast infection or worms?

56. Would you rather laugh hysterically at something that wasn’t very funny or cry hysterically at something that wasn’t that sad?

57. Would you rather have a sty on your eye or coldsore on your lip?

58. Would you rather get stuck in the mud or stuck in the bathtub?

59. Would you rather get a full-body massage or go out for dinner at your favorite restaurant?

60. Would you rather have the psychic ability to see into the future or the ability to read people’s minds?

61. Would you rather be able to speak with animals or talk to plants?

62. Would you rather mail an embarrassing selfie to your entire company or send it in a private message to everyone on your social media?

63. Would you rather read through your mom’s cell phone or your dad’s cell phone?

64. Would you rather eat from an unused diaper or drink water from a public restroom?

65. Would you rather always speak in riddles or dance instead of walk?

66. Would you rather be known as the crazy cat person or the crazy plant person?

67. Would you rather spend the evening caring for a baby that won’t stop crying or a toddler that won’t stop pooping?

If you’re feeling extra, pair these fun questions for friends with some dares for an added thrill.

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Weird Would You Rather Questions for Friends

The following list of weird and crazy would you rather questions will have you and your friends in stitches. 

From the odd to the downright strange, these questions will uncover all the bizarre things your friends would do if given the choice.

68. Would you rather have a runny egg with a fork or steak with a spoon?

69. Would you rather cross paths with a crocodile or a tiger?

70. Would you rather never have to go to the bathroom again or never to be tired?

71. Would you rather clog a friend’s toilet or poop in a ditch?

72. Would you rather have cankles or thunder thighs?

73. Would you rather eat the same meal for dinner that you absolutely loved for the rest of your life or eat a variety of food that wasn’t very tasty for the rest of your life?

74. Would you rather wear an underwire bra every day for the rest of your life or stilettos?

75. Would you rather feel like you’re always about to sneeze but never do or feel like you always have a tickle in your throat?

76. Would you rather publish your diary or have your most embarrassing moments broadcasted on the news?

77. Would you rather be in an elevator with an old lady wearing very strong perfume or an old man who farts constantly?

78. Would you rather have your head stuck in a pail or your foot stuck in a bucket?

79. Would you rather only be able to whisper when you talk or only be able to yell?

80. Would you rather get revenge on someone or move on?

81. Would you rather give someone bad advice or take bad advice?

82. Would you rather spend the day with someone who is overly opinionated or someone who can’t form their own opinion?

83. Would you rather ever be able to laugh for the rest of your life or never be able to use the word “I” again?

84. Would you rather wear the same shirt for a year or not have your hair cut for the next five years?

85. Would you rather have a week of snowstorms or a week of heat waves?

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Serious Would You Rather Questions for Friends

Want some really good would you rather questions that will surely spark thought-provoking talks with your friends?

Then try our list of deep and serious would you rather questions to ask your friends.

These topics about life, work, and friendship can be helpful to get to know your best buds at a deeper level.

86. Would you rather have an awful boss but a great job or an awful job but a great boss?

87. Would you rather take a course online or a class in person?

88. Would you rather know how you will die or when you will die?

89. Would you rather be remembered after you die for doing something heroic or to be completely forgotten?

90. Would you rather live an amazing life by yourself or live an average life with someone you love?

91. Would you rather be loved or be respected?

92. Would you rather be petty or a people pleaser?

93. Would you rather live a peaceful life or an exciting life full of adventures?

94. Would you rather know exactly what your life will be like in ten years, or take life as it comes and wait to find out?

95. Would you rather earn a lot of money but have no time to yourself or make average money but have a lot of free time?

96. Would you rather get married in your twenties or thirties?

97. Would you rather spend an entire weekend without your phone or without your laptop?

98. Would you rather have a lot of acquaintances or a couple of close friends?

99. Would you rather find a date online or be set up on a blind date?

100. Would you rather spend a month without social media or a month without a cable subscription?

101. Would you rather have after your dreams or have a stable, decent-paying job?

102. Would you rather have privacy or security?

103. Would you rather have no guests show up to your wedding or no one show up to your funeral?

104. Would you rather be stronger than most people or smarter than most people?

105. Would you rather be respected by people for having a good heart or for being powerful?

106. Would you rather live out your life in the wilderness or spend it in jail?

107. Would you rather never be rejected for anything ever again or never fail at anything ever again?

108. Would you rather have a teleportation device or a time-traveling machine?

109. Would you rather do your past over with the knowledge you have now or start over and live your life the same way you did?

110. Would you rather be amazingly talented at one thing or be good at several things?

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Final Thoughts

Love playing this game of would you rather friends edition? Let us know in the comments.

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