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Learn more about the psychedelic seventies! Test your 70s trivia knowledge with our quizzes including movies, music, lyrics, TV, and cartoons!

70s Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

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Do you have the inside scoop on every nook and cranny of this memorable era? Test your knowledge in our 70s Trivia Quiz! It’s time to slip into your hot pants, grab your lava lamp, and embark on a psychedelic journey through one of the most far-out decades in history. The seventies was a colorful […]

70s Song Lyrics Quiz Questions & Answers

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Hard, blues, progressive, pop, folk, and disco! However you rocked out during this decade, you’ll enjoy our 70s Music Lyrics Quiz. Test your 70s lyrics trivia with our quiz which features a high energy disco tunes round, classic rock songs, a section dedicated to the women of the seventies, and a duo hits round. You’ll […]

Funky 70s Music Trivia Quiz and Answers

70s Music Quiz with images of two dancers and a star

How well do you know the seventies music scene? Test your knowledge with our 70s Music Quiz! The decade of disco! The 1970s saw disco fever sweep the world, followed closely by massive hits from other genres like funk, jazz and soul. Not forgetting the resurgence of punk rock, the 70s really was a decade […]