173 Baby Jeopardy Questions: Fun Facts, Nursery Rhymes, Movies & More

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Get ready to laugh, giggle, and coo your way through our thrilling baby jeopardy questions!

Whether you’re eagerly awaiting the pitter-patter of tiny feet, a veteran mom or dad, a doting grandparent, or just a baby lover at heart, these prompts are for you.

Choose from our fun jeopardy categories that revolve around parenting questions, baby and pregnancy trivia, famous nursery rhymes, classic Disney movies, and famous celeb babies. 

Score points by nailing the correct answers!

Curious about the rules? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with easy-to-follow baby shower jeopardy instructions at the end.

Whether you’re hosting a baby shower or planning a get-together with family or friends, baby jeopardy is a perfect addition to the entertainment.

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Mommy or Daddy Baby Jeopardy Questions

Get ready to uncover who’s the real pro at parenting!

From who will change the diapers to the one who sets the rules, this round is all about the soon-to-be mom and dad.

1. Who will want to find out the assigned gender before the baby is born?

2. Who will give the baby several nicknames?

3. Who will buy the most diapers?

4. Who will change the most diapers?

5. Who will gag changing a soiled diaper?

6. Who will gag when the baby throws up on them?

7. Who will call their mom for help with a crying baby?

8. Who will be better at soothing the baby?

9. Who is more likely to run to the baby when it cries?

10. Who will teach the baby how to count?

11. Who will read more to the baby?

12. Who will bathe the baby the most often?

13. Who will stay awake to make sure the baby is still breathing?

14. Who will panic the first time the baby gets a cold?

15. Who will stay calm if the baby develops a fever?

16. Who will buy the most clothing for the baby?

17. Who will clean out and restock the baby’s dresser as it grows through different-sized clothing?

18. Who will buy the baby’s first pair of running shoes?

19. Who is most likely to dress baby up in funny costumes and take pictures?

20. Who will take the most pictures of the baby?

21. Who will take monthly progress photos as the baby grows?

22. Who will post more pictures on social media of the baby?

23. Who will take the baby out to meet their friends first?

24. Who will spoil the baby the most?

25. Who will set the rules?

26. Who will reinforce the rules? 

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Baby Trivia Questions  

It’s time to put your baby’s knowledge to the test! 

From baby milestones to adorable baby facts, this round will challenge your expertise on all things little ones.

We’ve put the answers in brackets so that you can use them during your new baby/parents event.

27. What is the average weight of a newborn in the USA? (7-7.5 pounds)

28. Are babies born with kneecaps? (Born with cartilage that turns into kneecaps)

29. Are babies born with eyebrows? (Yes)

30. What is a baby’s first poop called? (Meconium)

31. What is the white stuff some babies are born covered in? (Vernix Caseosa)

32. Do babies recognize their moms right after being born? (Yes)

33. Why do newborns have soft spots? (Skull hasn’t fused together)

34. How often should you feed a newborn baby? (8 to 12 times a day)

35. When does a baby start eating solids? (6 months)

36. What are some signs that a baby is ready to start solid food? (Sits upright independently, showing interest in food, can do the pincer grab)

37. When do infants start to focus their eyes? (3 months)

38. When do babies start to see color? (4 months)

39. What is the first color a baby can see? (red)

40. How often should you bathe your baby? (1 to 2 times a week)

41. At what age does a baby double its birth weight? (5 months)

42. When does a baby start to coo? (2 months)

43. What is the most common first word for babies? (Mama, Dada)

44. When do babies discover their hands? (2 months)

45. When do babies start to hold their heads up on their own? (2 months)

46. At what age do babies start to roll over? (3 to 4 months)

47. When do babies start to smile? (6 to 12 weeks)

48. When can you expect to start hearing a baby laugh? (4 months)

49. When do babies start to sit up unassisted? (6 months)

50. When do babies start to get teeth? (6 months)

51. What are some signs of teething? (Drooling, rash, fussiness)

52. When do babies start to crawl?  (7 to 10 months)

53. When do babies start to walk? (12 months)

Happy Asian baby boy crawling with his mother beside him.

Pregnancy Trivia Questions  

Before the little bundle of joy arrived, the parents had quite the adventure! 

Test their knowledge of pregnancy with these exciting and sometimes surprising trivia questions about those nine months of anticipation.

54. What time of day is best to take a pregnancy test? (Morning)

55. How many weeks is a full-term pregnancy? (40 weeks)

56. What does the word “gestation” mean? (Time from conception to birth)

57. What percentage of babies are born on their actual due date? (4%)

58. What does it mean when someone says the baby dropped in pregnancy? (Dropped into the pelvis)

59. When does a baby usually get into the head-down position? (32 to 36 weeks)

60. When do women typically start to “nest” during pregnancy? (Getting a home ready for the baby)

70. What are the signs of labor? (Consistent contractions, water breaking, and lower back pain)

80. What is another name for false labor pains? (Braxton Hicks)

81. How much does a woman’s blood volume increase during pregnancy? (Just under 50%)

82. What are the three signs of early pregnancy? (Breast changes, fatigue, nausea)

83. What week of pregnancy can you find out the assigned gender of your baby? (18 to 21 weeks)

84. What is a common food craving during pregnancy? (Fruit, vegetables, carbs)

85. What is a common food aversion during pregnancy? (Eggs, onions, fish)

86. What are some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy? (Shellfish, deli meats, honey)

87. What is a common nutritional deficiency that pregnant women experience? (Iron)

88. What activities should be avoided during pregnancy? (Contact sports, amusement park rides, changing cat litter)

89. Why do pregnant women have to pee more frequently? (Because of a pregnancy hormone called HCG)

90. At what week does a fetus start to develop a brain? (5 weeks)

91. When do babies’ fingerprints start to develop? (12 weeks)

92. Do babies yawn in the womb? (Yes)

93. Can babies taste food in the womb? (Yes) 

94. When do babies start to hear in the womb? (18 weeks)

95. When do you start to feel your baby kicking? (16 to 22 weeks)

96. When does a baby develop the sucking reflex? (32 weeks)

Close-up photo of baby learning to walk while the mother is holding his/her hands.

Nursery Rhymes Questions

Get your rhyming hats on and sing along with this nursery rhyme trivia!

From Humpty Dumpty to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, let’s see if the parents remember the classics.

97. Who is the main character in Little Bo-Peep? (Little Bo Peep)

98. What does Humpty Dumpty sit on? (Wall)

99. What nursery rhyme is the line “Four and twenty blackbirds” from? (Sing a song of sixpence)

100. In the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill, they fall down a hill; what did Jack break when he fell? (Crown)

101. What year was Old Mother Hubbard published? (1805)

102. What nursery rhyme does someone eat a Christmas Pie? (Little Jack Horner)

103. In Hey Diddle Diddle what does the cow jump over? (The moon)

104. What does Little Bo-Peep lose? (Sheep)

105. What does the old man in “There Was an Old Man with a Beard” have lived in his beard? (2 owls, a hen, 4 larks, and a wren)

106. Who are the three men in a tub in the nursery rhyme “Rub-a-dub-dub”? (Butcher, baker, candlestick maker)

107. When does the nursery rhyme ask the rain to come in “Rain Rain Go Away”?  (Another day)

108. Which nursery rhyme does a dish run away with a spoon? (Hey Diddle Diddle)

109. Where does the little boy live in the nursery rhyme “Baa Baa Black Sheep”? (Down the lane)

110. How is the boat being rowed down the stream in “Row Row Row Your Boat?” (Gently)

111. What other name is “London Bridge is Falling Down” known by? (My Fair Lady)

112. What does the farmer’s wife use to cut off the tails of the Three blind mice? (Butcher knife)

113. What does Wee Willie Winkie run through town in? (Nightgown)

114. What lane does the Muffin Man live on? (Drury Lane)

115. What does “Twinkle twinkle little star” compare the star to? (Diamond)

116. What nursery rhyme character lives in a shoe? (An old woman)

117. What scared Little Miss Muffet away? (Spider)

118. What does Peter Piper pick? (Peck of pickled peppers)

119. In the nursery rhyme “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” what does Mary grow? (Garden)

120. In the nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy”, what does the last little piggy cry all the way home? (Wee wee wee)

121. How old is the porridge in the nursery rhyme “Pease Porridge Hot?” (Nine days old)

122. In the American variation of “Pop Goes the Weasel” what does the monkey chase? (The people)

123. What does the spider climb up in the nursery rhyme “Itsy Bitsy Spider?” (Water spout)

124. What does the mouse run up in “Hickory dickory dock?” (Clock)

125. In ‘’Ring Around the Rosie’’ what are the pockets full of? (Posies)

126. Who does Simple Simon meet while going to the fair? (Pieman)

127. What did Old MacDonald have? (A farm)

128. What did the Piper’s son steal in the nursery rhyme “Tom Tom the Pipers son?” (Pig)

129. What did the mommy duck say to bring the Five Little Ducks back? (Quack quack quack.)

130. In “Goosey Goosey Gander” what is found in the lady’s chambers? (Old man)

131. What kind of soul did Old King Cole have? (Marry ol’soul)

132. What are the names of the bells in “Oranges and Lemons?” (St. Clements, St. Martins, Old Bailey, Shoreditch, Stepney)

133. How did the old man go home in the nursery rhyme “This Old Man?” (Rolling)

Young lesbian couple reading a book with two children.

Disney Movie Questions

It’s time to bring the magic of Disney into the mix! 

From beloved characters to heartwarming stories, this baby jeopardy questions Disney movies round will bring out the inner child in everyone.

134. In the movie Frozen, how many brothers does Prince Hans of the Southern Isles have? (12)

135. What year did Disney release the movie Hercules? (1997)

136. What is the little boy’s name in the movie Toy Story? (Andy)

137. Which Full House star is the voice of Aladdin? (Scott Weinger)

138. What is the name of Wendy’s dog in Peter Pan? (Nana)

139. What are the names of Cinderella’s Stepsisters? (Anastasia and Drizella)

140. What Disney Princess sings “Once Upon a Dream?” (Sleeping Beauty)

141. What are the names of Hade’s minions in the movie Hercules? (Pain and Panic)

142. What is the name of the daughter Ariel and Prince Eric have? (Melody)

143. Name the 7 dwarfs from Snow White (Doc, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy)

144. What does “Hakuna Matata” mean? (No worries.)

145. How many fingers does Mickey and Minnie Mouse have? (4)

146. What are 3 things the genie from Aladdin is not able to do? (Remove anyone, make anyone fall in love, or revive the dead.)

147. What inspired the story of The Lion King? (William Sheakespeare’s Hamlet)

148. What Disney villain did Angelina Jolie bring to life? (Maleficent)

149. What is Belle’s father’s name in Beauty and the Beast? (Maurice)

150. Who is Pinocchio’s conscience? (Jiminy Cricket)

151. What is the name of Goofy’s son? (Max)

152. What animal is Prince Kuzco turned into in the Disney Movie “The Emperor’s New Groove?” (Llama)

153. How many puppies did Pongo and Perdita have at the beginning of “101 Dalmatians?” (15)

154. Why does Mulan pretend to be a man and enlist herself in the army? (In lieu of her father.)

155. What animals raised Mowgli in The Jungle Book? (Wolves)

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Celeb Baby Questions

Roll out the red carpet for this star-studded round of celeb baby trivia! 

From famous parents to adorable names, see if the new parents can match the celeb babies to their famous mom or dad. 

156. What color was Khloe Kardashian’s first baby shower? (Pink)

157. What did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle name their children? (Archie and Lili)

158. What did Gwyneth Paltrow name her daughter? (Apple)

159. What is Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s son’s name? (Aire Webster)

160. When were Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins born? (April 30, 2011)

161. How many kids does Jessica Simpson have? (3)

162. What kind of children do Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka have? (Twins – girl/boy)

163. How many kids do Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn have? (2)

164. What are the names of Kendrick Lamar and Whitney Alford’s children? (They keep them private)

165. When did Drew Scott and Linda Phan welcome their first child? (2022)

166. What did Rihanna name her son? (RZA)

167. How many children does Elon Musk have? (10)

168. Which Selling Sunset star has a baby with Nick Cannon? (Bre Tiesi)

169. When was Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney’s baby born? (February 2022)

170. How many children do Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani have together? (2)

171. What are the names of Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington- Whiteley’s son and daughter? (Jack Oster and Isabella James)

172. How many kids do Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have? (4)

173. What are the names of Sabrina Bryan and Jordan Lundberg name their children? (Camillia Monroe and Ledger Grey Lundberg)

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Final Thoughts

We hope you had a blast with our list of baby jeopardy questions! 

Feel free to leave your comments and let us know your thoughts.

How to Use Our Jeopardy Questions

Jeopardy is a popular US TV show where the quizmaster asks clues and contestants reply with the answers disguised as a question.

Before playing, the host will organize teams and a board with categories and questions. 

Each category will have different point values assigned to its questions, ranging from easier questions with lower point values to more challenging ones with higher point values.

Points are usually amounts of money such as $200, $400, $600, $800, and $1000.

Players choose a category and the host delivers the question (clue).

In the true game of Jeopardy, contestants are asked clues and they reply in the form of a question, usually using the words, “What is (answer)?

For example:

The meaning of the Hakuna Matata.


What is no worries?

For ease, we have created lists of questions, not clues, but you can reword them if you so wish.

Most jeopardy game hosts ditch the answer format, choosing to play with question and answers as to not confuse teams.

If a contestant guesses correctly, they earn the point value of the clue/question, and then choose the next clue.

If they are wrong, the point value is deducted from their score, and other players have the opportunity to buzz in and respond.

At the end, the player/team with the highest total wins the game!

There are two additions to keep the game exciting.

Firstly, Daily Doubles, which is placed on a clue/question.

Confident players that land on Daily Doubles can wager any amount of points from their score before they see the clue.

If they guess right, they keep the points/money.

If they are wrong, they lose the points/money.

Secondly, Final Jeopardy.

Final Jeopardy is the last round and this is similar to Daily Doubles where players wager an amount from their score.

If they are correct, they get the points/money.

If they are incorrect, they lose the points/money.

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