130 Dares For Friends: Easy, Funny & Crazy

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Are you looking for a creative, fun way to spice up your next party or gathering with your pals? 

If so, why not try playing some dares for friends?

The entertaining challenges you can do are guaranteed to add just the right amount of laughter and excitement to your friend group.

To help you get started, we compiled a list of dares to tell your friends that go from easy to crazy.

Whether you want something that’ll make everyone laugh until they cry, or just a lighthearted challenge to get things going- we have plenty of entertaining options. 

So gather your friends and get ready to raise the stakes on your quality time together.

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Clean Dares for Friends

Let’s start things off with some clean dares to do with your friends.

The challenges are a wholesome way to push your friends out of their comfort zone while making everyone excited.

1. Eat an apple without using your hands.

2. Tell a story of you doing something kind for someone. 

3. Talk with an accent for the rest of the game.

4. Make yourself a peanut butter and jam sandwich with a ridiculous amount of peanut butter, and then eat it.

5. Say a tongue twister three times in a row.

6. Spin around for ten seconds and then try to walk straight.

7. Do your best robot dance.

8. Do as many burpees as you possibly can in a minute.

9. Do jumping jacks until your next turn.

10. Tell the corniest joke you know.

11. Recite the alphabet backwards.

12. Pour a cup of ice water over your head.

13. Find something nearby to wear as a cape and wear it for the rest of the game.

14. Pretend to be a tiger.

15. Put on a blindfold and braid the hair of the person to your right.

16. Put your lipstick on without a mirror and wear it that way until your next turn.

17. Bite a stick of butter. 

18. Roll on the floor twice.

19. End every sentence you say with a laugh until your next turn.

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Excited friends having fun and one giving a high five while sitting.

Easy Dares for Friends

In this list, you’ll find easy dare challenges for friends.

The best thing is they’re not super hard to do but are sure to bring out a lot of enjoyment.

20. Stand on one leg until your next turn.

21. Draw a picture without using your hands.

22. Give everyone playing a flying kiss.

23. Tell a funny story about yourself that no one knows.

24. Wear your socks on your hands until your next turn.

25. Sing a nursery rhythm in your best high-pitched nasal voice.

26. Clap the beat of a song and don’t stop until someone guesses what song it is.

27. Do your best beatbox.

28. Impersonate your favorite celebrity.

29. Anytime you talk to someone until your next turn, only speak in questions.

30. Give a speech as if you are a politician running for office and try to convince your friends to vote for you.

31. Share a funny picture of yourself that no one has seen.

32. Give all of your friends a funny nickname and only call them that for the rest of the game.

33. Do the hokey pokey until your next turn.

34. Make your best impression of a sports announcer.

35. Sing a lullaby as a country song.

36. Give the person to your left a compliment.

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Fun Dares for Friends

Get ready to stir up the fun with the following dares to give your friends.

Plus, these include questions and challenges that can be done virtually- perfect if you’re having your dares for friends online.

37. Prank call a random number and ask them how they got your number.

38. Message a random person on social media and ask if you can borrow money.

39. Put on a blindfold and eat whatever the person to your right wants to feed you.

40. Sing your favorite Disney song as loud as you can.

41. Act like a duck until your next turn.

42. Take a selfie with a toilet and post it on social media.

43. Recite your favorite poem without letting your lips touch.

44. Read out loud your last three text messages.

45. Hold two ice cubes in your mouth until they have melted.

46. Call a fast-food restaurant and ask if they offer cooking classes. 

47. Go live on your social media and do an awful makeup tutorial.

48. Tag a random person in a status update.

49. Recite your favorite quote in a whispered voice.

50. Take a photo of you wearing your shirt backward.

51. Sing a song you hate as loud as possible.

52. Chug pickle juice straight from the jar.

53. Smile as big as you can and hold it until your next turn.

54. Do not blink your eyes for 20 seconds.

55. Make a weird animal sound.

56. Take a drink seductively from your drink.

If you can’t meet physically and decide to hold a virtual game, you may try playing our dares over text.

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Funny Dares for Friends

It’s time to liven things up with some silly fun!

Here are some creative and wacky dares that will have your friends laughing out loud.

57. Give the person in front of you a hand massage while humming.

58. Twerk to a pop song that you love.

59. Act out a funny scene from a movie.

60. Do a stand-up comedy bit.

61. Pretend to be an old lady until your next turn.

62. Sing your favorite commercial jingle.

63. Make funny faces at everyone playing until you have made everyone laugh.

64. Only speak in rhymes until your next turn.

65. Call a restaurant and ask them if they can make a reservation for you and your cat.

66. Pretend to be a baby until your next turn.

67. Call a party store and ask if they have party supplies to ask if they’ve seen the cat burglar.

68. Say something rude to the person on your right side.

69. Take your socks off using only your teeth.

70. Do 10 jumping jacks while making a kissing face.

71. Show the group the last picture you took.

72. Call your sibling and frantically ask them what year it is and what country you are in. 

73. Video call someone and pick your nose for the whole conversation.

74. Call a random number and ask them to help you hide the money.

75. Let the group make a concoction of condiments and eat it.

76. Sing your favorite song as loud as you can.

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Mixed race friends having fun with a man holding a microphone and tablet.

Embarrassing Dares for Friends

Put an interesting spin on your dare game for friends using some challenges that make them cringe.

See who’s brave enough to take these extreme dares to do with friends.

77. Post a photo of yourself on social media with a sign that says ‘’I’m a sad girl/guy and deserve a hug’’.

78. Send a stranger a message on social media telling them to give you a high-five.

79. Act like you are trying to mow your lawn with your invisible lawn mower, but it won’t start.

80. Fall like a princess.

81. Try to lick your elbow.

82. Go live on social media crying and say ‘’I saw a cockroach.’’.

83. Do your best to dance like Britney Spears.

84. Post a photo of a pair of socks online and ask if anyone else’s socks have a funny smell.

85. Sing a popular song while eating mustard from the bottle.

86. Let your friends pose your arms and legs and stay that way for two turns.

87. Act like you are taking a poop.

88. Do an exercise routine while singing Mary Had a Little Lamb.

89. Do a dance and only stop when others can guess what dance it is.

90. Walk like a supermodel with a book on your head.

91. Call a random number and ask if you can borrow their phone charger.

92. Text someone at least four year’s older than you for life advice.

93. Video call a friend on your social media, and when they answer, burp really loud.

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Crazy Dares for Friends

They say everything is more fun if you have at least one crazy friend around.

So it’s time to find out who is crazy enough to do the next set of dares to ask your friends.

These outrageous and goofy challenges are sure to leave everyone in stitches.

94. Eat a spoonful of garlic.

95. Put an ice cube down your pants until it melts.

96. Draw your eyebrows on with a sharpie and wear it for the rest of the game.

97. Let the other players wrap your body in saran wrap and try to do a cute dance.

98. Shave your arms.

99. Message a random person on social media and tell them it’s time to break up.

100. Call a doctor’s office and ask for a prescription for their most potent medication for an itch.

101. Wear your underwear overtop your clothes until your next turn.

102. Send out 100 friend requests on social media.

103. Set up a dating profile online and message the first ten people that the site recommends for you.

104. Close your eyes and open your mouth and eat whatever is put into your mouth by other players.

105. Change your relationship status on social media for the rest of the game.

106. Do a voice recording of you sounding like a chicken and send it to all the S’s in your contacts.

107. Use the phrase “well, ain’t that something” in all of your conversations until your next turn.

108. Call your parents and ask them how to clean the toilet.

109. Call a convenience store and ask if you can sell some of your beloved items to them.

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Quick Dares for Friends

Here are some quick ​​dare questions for friends that can be done in a short amount of time.

These dare ideas for friends include entertaining challenges that are guaranteed to add the right amount of laughter into your game.

110. Make another player a sandwich.

111. Recite the alphabet in a southern US accent.

112. Spin around while counting from 1 to 10 as quickly as you can.

113. Make a terrible cup of coffee.

114. Make your best cup of coffee.

115. Tie your shoelaces without looking.

116. Hold a squat for as long as possible.

117. Put on a dark shade of lipstick.

118. Cover your eyes and ears until your next turn.

119. Snap your fingers and tap your toes at the same time.

120. Stand on one leg and bend over and touch the floor.

121. Give a 30-second foot massage to the person on your right.

122. Show an embarrassing photo on your phone.

123. Yell out a word you associate with the word ‘’flute’’.

124. Empty your purse/ backpack/ wallet and show everyone what you carry around.

125. Put your whole fist on your mouth.

126. Twerk for thirty seconds.

127. Say the silliest word you know.

128. Curse like a trucker for thirty seconds.

129. Drink a glass of water while slurping loudly.

130. Quack like a duck.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you had fun playing our compilation of some of the best dares for friends.

Which one was the funniest to do? Feel free to share in the comments.

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