175 Fall This Or That Questions For Autumn Admirers

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Welcome to our list of fall this or that questions!

Get ready to have a blast as we navigate the delightful dilemmas of the season, all while sipping on apple cider and crunching leaves beneath our boots.

Whether you’re a fall fanatic or just someone who enjoys the cozy comforts of this time of year, we’ve crafted a collection of fun, lighthearted, wholesome choices for you. 

From deciding between flannel shirts and chunky sweaters to making the tough call between pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate, this is bound to sprinkle autumn magic into your day.

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Easy Fall This or That Questions

Dive into our easy fall this or that questions with the following selection of basic facts choices that’ll have you falling head over heels for autumn in a snap.

  • Apple pie or pumpkin pie?
  • Hot chocolate or apple cider?
  • Pumpkin spice latte or chai tea latte?
  • Having guests over for a potluck or going to someone else’s house for dinner?
  • Handing out candy for Halloween or trick or treating?
  • Halloween treats or a Thanksgiving feast?
  • Costume party or trick or treating?
  • Warm socks or a warm scarf?
  • Warm sweater or cozy blanket?
  • Flannel shirt or knit sweater?
  • Fuzzy slippers or wooly socks?
  • Thanksgiving decorations or Halloween decorations?
  • Wandering around a corn maze or enjoying a hayride?
  • Painting a pumpkin for carving a pumpkin?
  • Turkey dinner or roast beef dinner?
  • Scary movie marathon or a romantic comedy marathon?
  • Sitting by a cozy fireplace or a bonfire?
  • Jumping in leaves or apple picking?
  • Apple picking or pumpkin picking?
  • Fall festivals or craft shows?
  • Planting a fall garden or buying planters full of fall flowers?
  • Watching a football game or playing football?
  • Hiking to admire the fall foliage or camping on the chilly fall nights?
  • Fall wreaths or spooky decorations?
  • Carving a jack-o-lantern or making a scarecrow?
  • Telling ghost stories or funny fall stories?
  • Pumpkin-scented candles or apple-scented candles?
  • Spend the day cozy under a blanket reading a book or going on an adventure in the woods?
  • Take a hike through a mountain to enjoy the changing leaves or go to a pumpkin picking patch?
Fall colors in Moosehead Lake, Maine.

Fall Food This or That Questions

Prepare your taste buds for a mouthwatering adventure! 

In this round of our this or that fall edition, you’ll make delicious decisions between fall-inspired treats and dishes that’ll leave you craving the flavors of the season.

  • Pecan pie or pumpkin pie?
  • Apple pie or apple crisp?
  • Roasted butternut squash or roasted sweet potatoes?
  • Candy corn or caramel apples?
  • Pumpkin muffins or banana bread?
  • Turkey or ham?
  • Chai tea latte or pumpkin spice latte?
  • Roasted chestnuts or roasted pecans?
  • Cranberry jelly or cranberry sauce?
  • Butternut squash soup or turkey soup?
  • Apple cider or hot chocolate?
  • Apple tart or pumpkin cheesecake?
  • Mashed potatoes or stuffing?
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts or sweet potato casserole?
  • Green bean casserole or collard greens?
  • Dinner rolls or cornbread?
  • Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds?
  • Pumpkin loaf or cinnamon buns?
  • Hearty chili or pumpkin soup?
  • Warm apple pie with ice cream or warm brownie with whipped cream?
  • Maple-glazed carrots or mashed sweet potatoes?
  • Cranberry sauce or gravy on mashed potatoes?
  • Cranberry sauce or gravy on turkey?
  • Stuffing cooked inside a turkey or separately?
  • Maple syrup or whipped cream on pancakes?
  • Apple cider donuts or pumpkin spiced muffins?
  • Maple fudge or pecan pralines?
  • Mulled wine or hot toddy?
  • Waldorf salad or cranberry salad?
  • Zucchini bread or celery bread?
  • Freshly baked pie or freshly baked bread?
  • Your house smelling like freshly baked cookies or pumpkin spice?
  • Mulled wine or apple cider?

Fall Wardrobe This or That Questions

Get ready to rock those autumn vibes in style!

From comfy scarves to fuzzy sweaters, join us in a fashion face-off that’ll help you curate the perfect look for the season.

  • Knit sweater or hoody?
  • Zip-up sweater or cardigan?
  • V-neck sweater or turtleneck?
  • Crew neck or turtleneck?
  • Hoodie or pullover sweater?
  • Oversized sweater or fitted sweater?
  • Long-sleeved dress or sweater dress?
  • Flannel dress or knit dress?
  • Dress worn with leggings or with tights?
  • Flannel shirt or oversized hoodie?
  • Fall-themed graphic long-sleeve shirt or Halloween-themed graphic long-sleeve shirt?
  • Plaid dress or flannel shirt?
  • Fleece pullover or knit pullover?
  • Scarf or hat?
  • A blanket scarf or an infinity scarf?
  • Fringe shawl or shawl your grandma made?
  • Pashmina or scarf?
  • Warm mittens or wooly scarf?
  • Beret or knit hat?
  • Slouchy hat or knit beanie?
  • Fingerless gloves or mittens?
  • Faux leather gloves or knit gloves?
  • Store-bought and trendy hat and mitten set or homemade hat and mitten set?
  • A denim jacket or faux leather jacket?
  • Shacket or fitted coat?
  • Pea coat or trench coat?
  • Shawl or poncho?
  • Trench coat with no belt or with a belt?
  • Raincoat or knee-length coat?
  • Wool coat or parka?
  • Down vest or faux fur vest?
  • A bomber jacket or puffer jacket?
  • Boots or sneakers?
  • Ankle boots or knee-high boots?
  • Warm-lined boots or fluffy slippers?
  • Wide-legged jeans or skinny jeans?
  • Leggings or tights?
  • Jeans or leggings?
  • Jogging pants or khakis?
  • Tights or thigh-high socks?
  • Fleece-lined leggings or long underwear?
  • Velvet pants or corduroy pants?
  • Chinos or corduroy pants?
  • Layering your top over an undershirt or over a thermal shirt?
  • Name brand fall wardrobe or thrifted fall wardrobe?
  • Fall-colored wardrobe or black and white wardrobe?
pretty woman doing the kiss face on yellow background

Fall Culture This or That Questions

Explore the cultural wonders of the season in the following set of this or that questions.

Choose between the activities and traditions that make autumn so enchanting.

  • Thanksgiving or Halloween?
  • Días de los Muertos or Oktoberfest ?
  • Harvest festival or haunted house?
  • Pumpkin picking or apple picking?
  • Fall craft fair or fall-themed art show?
  • A fall ballet performance or a football game?
  • A fall-themed play at your kid’s school or a wine tasting?
  • Fall camping trip or a fall hike?
  • Oktoberfest parade or Thanksgiving parade?
  • Outdoor fall concert or fall fair?
  • Halloween party or masquerade ball?
  • Samhain ritual or fall equinox celebration?
  • Scary movie marathon or scary book marathon?
  • Mooncake festivals or Chuseok?
  • Fall photography exhibits or fall-themed book clubs?
  • Pumpkin carving traditions or apple-picking activities?
  • Seasonal arts and crafts show or fall music festivals?
  • Trick-or-treating or handing out candy?
  • Joining heritage-based activities or visiting cultural centers?
  • Taking a cooking class with fall-themed dishes from various cultures or learning to make traditional fall crafts?
  • Browsing a craft show from a different culture than your own or attending a fall fashion show?
  • Fall film festivals or fall book sales?
  • Volunteering for a local charity or participating in traditional harvest dances?
  • Attending a charity potluck or taking part in building Day of the Dead altars?
  • Exploring heritage sites or a historical village to see what life was like in the fall?
  • Fall gardening or going to a storytelling event?
  • Canning your own food from your garden or baking pies at your local community center?
  • Hosting a friend’s Thanksgiving or organizing a hot Thanksgiving meal for homeless folks?
  • Apple cider tastings or cheese and wine pairing tasting?
  • Sampling fall dishes at an international fall festival or having a fine dining experience?
  • Classical orchestra performance or fall music festival?
  • Corn mazes or haunted houses?
  • Throwing a tailgate party at a football game or staying in with a book?

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Funny Fall This or That Questions

Let’s add a touch of laughter to your autumn days! 

This hilarious round of our this or that for fall questions will have you giggling as you decide between quirky scenarios and silly choices about the season.

  • Wearing a clown wig to go apple picking or wearing a werewolf mask to pumpkin pick?
  • Going to work in a sumo wrestling costume or out for spiced lattes with friends wearing a tiara and tutu?
  • Go on a hayride with a talking pumpkin that has great one-liners or a scarecrow that gives terrible financial advice?
  • Carving a pumpkin while wearing oven mitts or bobbing for apples while blindfolded?
  • Jumping in leaf piles in a wedding dress or in a suit and tie?
  • Wearing oversized clown shoes for the fall season or wearing a clown nose every weekend until the new year?
  • Hosting Thanksgiving dinner while only referring to yourself in the third person or while not talking at all?
  • Having your Halloween party crashed by toddlers dressed as gnomes or teenagers dressed as businessmen/women?
  • Wearing a turkey costume while grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner or wearing an IT costume while shopping for Halloween candy?
  • Have your Thanksgiving turkey come to life and run off or have your bag of Halloween treats become tricks?
  • Have sticky hands for the fall season or have feet that smell like maple syrup?
  • Get mistaken for a scarecrow by your friends or get mistaken for a ghost by someone at the grocery store?
  • Spend the night in a haunted house with ghost hunters or get lost in a corn maze with someone who keeps telling you how much they love Halloween?
  • Pumpkin spice toothpaste or apple cider mouthwash?

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Wholesome Fall This or That Questions

Looking for moments that warm your soul?

Our wholesome fall this or that questions offer choices that will remind you of the simple joys of the season.

  • Go for a scenic walk in the crisp fall air or cozy up next to a fireplace and admire the fall foliage?
  • Spend the evening stargazing with your partner or host a family game night?
  • Bake an apple pie for your neighbor or pumpkin muffins for your coworkers?
  • Organize a coat drive for the less fortunate or volunteer to walk the dogs at your local shelter?
  • Organize a community potluck or a community clean-up?
  • Go on a retreat by yourself or with a few friends?
  • Spend the weekend at fall festivals or go for a hike?
  • Knitting your partner warm socks or buying them a trendy hat?
  • Spend the day crafting or hanging out in a blanket fort you made?
  • Carve pumpkins for an afternoon or make a fall-themed wreath?
  • Plant a fall garden or plant bulbs that will come up in the spring?
  • Host a talent show for the neighborhood kids or a spirited game of charades with your friends?
  • Go on a fall picnic or end the day sitting around a bonfire?
  • Rake your parent’s leaves or surprise them with fall treats?
  • Create a fall scrapbook or make a gratitude journal?
  • Enter a pumpkin carving contest or help decorate for the local fall festival?
  • Organize a bake sale for your local senior center or volunteer at a farm for the day?
  • Write your loved one’s heartfelt letters about what you appreciate about them or organize a Thanksgiving meal for people who would otherwise spend the day alone?
  • Create a video on social media for a DIY fall craft or spend the day with your grandparents?

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Happy senior couple talking in a family dinner while holding wine.

Final Thoughts

Did you have fun making choices in our fall this or that game?

We’re eager to hear which choices made you grin from ear to ear and which ones had you deep in thought or bursting with laughter- let us know in the comments!

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