85 Halloween Would You Rather Questions To Lift Your Spirits

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Get ready to dive into a world of spooky dilemmas and eerie choices with our Halloween Would You Rather Question game! 

Dust off those cauldrons and grab your broomsticks, because you’re about to make hair-raising decisions that’ll test your wits and tickle your funny bone. 

Whether you’re selecting between a soaring broomstick ride or a haunting mansion adventure, or pondering the choice of becoming a vampire or a witch, this is a mind-bending experience of sinister decisions between Halloween this or that questions.

And always keep in mind, that there are no incorrect answers in these intriguing scenarios—only delightful insights into each player’s imagination and personal preferences.

So, welcome the whimsy, embrace the absurdity, and let the thrilling journey commence!

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Spooky Halloween Would You Rather

It’s time to make some spooktacular decisions!

The following would you rather Halloween questions will have you pondering between spine-tingling choices that might leave you looking over your shoulder.

1. Would you rather be chased by a classic horror movie monster (werewolf, vampire) or a modern-day horror movie monster (doll, demon on steroids)?

2. Would you rather try to escape from a witch’s house or be chased by a creepy clown?

3. Would you rather fight off a zombie or perform an exorcism?

4. Would you rather spend the night alone in a haunted house or alone in a dark and eerie forest?

5. Would you rather spend the night with a group of friends in an old, abandoned hospital or a haunted hotel?

6. Would you rather spend the night in a room full of bats or a room full of spiders?

7. Would you rather explore a cemetery at night or an abandoned factory after dark?

8. Would you rather explore a creepy, foggy swamp or wander through a ghost town that feels like someone is always watching you?

9. Would you rather be trapped in a dark and damp basement or lost in a corn maze after dark with no flashlight?

10. Would you rather attend a party where everyone’s costume came to life or a party where the Halloween decorations came to life?

11. Would you rather have to solve riddles to escape a room controlled by an evil spirit or ride the Ferris Wheel controlled by a malevolent force?

12. Would you rather be able to see dark spirits all the time or not be able to tell if someone is real or a ghost?

13. Would you rather be a vampire and never see daylight again or be a zombie and wander around always looking to eat brains?

14. Would you rather be a gremlin during a full moon or an ogre?

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Carved pumpkins for Halloween.

Scary Would You Rather

Embrace the fright factor in this hair-raising round of our would you rather Halloween edition, where you’ll be navigating through some seriously creepy scenarios.

It’s all about daring choices that’ll give you the shivers!

15. Would you rather be stranded alone in a remote cabin during a zombie invasion or wandering around a forest you can’t find your way out of during a blizzard?

16. Would you rather spend the night in a burnt-down psychiatric hospital ward or in a haunted barn?

17. Would you rather hold a seance or stay overnight in an underground cave? 

18. Would you rather go out the front door or into the cellar during an epic scary movie scene? 

19. Would you rather be chased by a Yeti during a snowstorm or cross a frozen river without knowing if the ice is thick enough to hold you?

20. Would you rather have the ability to control minds or the environment?

21. Would you rather have an evil spirit leave you a message in the frost on your windowpane or wake up to a spooky beast with red eyes in your front yard?

22. Would you rather communicate with spirits but never know their intentions, or never encounter any supernatural entities but always feel their presence?

23. Would you rather encounter a creepy song in the middle of the night or have your future foretold that is possessed by a demon?

24. Would you rather wave spirits that give you chilling visions of the future every time you look out your window or have a toy that shows scary alternate worlds?

25. Would you rather be able to hear your friends but not speak to them or see them but they can’t see you?

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Castle at night in Edinburgh.

Funny Halloween Would You Rather

Buckle up for belly laughs and side-splitting moments as we tackle this hilarious round full of absurdly amusing Halloween-themed would you rather questions.

26. Would you rather have a pet bat that you dress in tiny Halloween costumes or a pet spider that spins Halloween-themed webs?

27. Would you rather have a magic mirror that gives you life-changing advice or a black cat that brings you good luck?

28. Would you rather have a ghost as a roommate who always moves the cutlery around or a goblin who hides your underwear?

29. Would you rather have a magical broomstick that sweeps your home or a pumpkin that makes your dinner?

30. Would you rather have a Halloween treat bag that never runs out or a never ending mug of pumpkin spice latte?

31. Would you rather carve an amazing pumpkin or only get full-sized candy bars when trick or treating?

32. Would you rather drink apple cider that gives you the power to read people’s minds or candy that makes you invisible?

33. Would you rather live beside a skeleton that talks too much or a ghost who wails all night?

34. Would you rather buy a house known for a crime for cheap or live with your parents forever?

35. Would you rather only be able to speak in Halloween puns for October or be followed by a group of singing and dancing zombies for the month?

36. Would you rather be followed by a gang of ghosts that are up to no good or a swarm of bats always flying around you?

37. Would you rather see your reflection in 100 years every time you look in the mirror or no reflection at all?

38. Would you rather enter a Halloween dance-off with a zombie as your partner or a werewolf?

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Green Halloween zombie in yellow background.

Gross Halloween Would You Rather

Get ready to squirm and cringe in the following Halloween would you rather questions where the gross-out factor takes center stage.

Brace yourself for disgustingly daring decisions that’ll test your stomach’s mettle!

39. Would you rather eat a handful of worms or drink a cup full of urine?

40. Would you rather eat chocolate-covered centipedes or chocolate-covered grasshoppers?

41. Would you rather bite into a sandwich and find a wiggly worm or half a cockroach?

42. Would you rather reach your hand into a bowl full of slimy eyeballs or a bowl full of intestines?

43. Would you rather bob for apples in a bucket full of slime or a bucket full of fake blood?

44. Would you rather help clean an oozing wound or pull off a toenail that is already half off?

45. Would you rather spend an hour covered in spiders or maggots?

46. Would you rather listen to someone vomiting or listen to someone have their tooth pulled?

47. Would you rather have fake blood dripping on you as you walk into someone’s house or step into a pile of human poop?

48. Would you rather walk through a swampy marsh or wade through a murky pond?

49. Would you rather carve into a pumpkin and find the inside stinky and slimy or crawling with bugs?

50. Would you rather be sprayed by a skunk on Halloween night or fall into a dumpster?

51. Would you rather wear a costume made from used dental floss or raw meat?

52. Would you rather have a Halloween party and your guests had stinky feet or spend the night farting?

Haunted house with ghost and full moon in the background.

Halloween Would You Rather for Adults

Time to step up your Halloween would you rathers, grown-up style! 

Navigate through this round tailored for adults, featuring choices that might have you blushing, scared, or bursting into laughter.

53. Would you rather be a seductive vampire or an enchanting witch?

54. Would you rather attend a party with everyone wearing adult-style costumes or a party with everyone dressed up in terrifying outfits?

55. Would you rather go to a masquerade ball with a mysterious and tall stranger or spend an evening exploring a haunted hotel with friends?

56. Would you rather dress up as a fantasy novel character or a realistic horror film monster?

57. Would you rather have dinner by moonlight with a vampire or have a deep conversation with a ghost in a romantically lit graveyard?

58. Would you rather go on a blind date with the Reaper or Pennywise?

59. Would you rather spend a romantic weekend with your partner at a haunted bed and breakfast or camping in a forest where a wicked witch lives?

60. Would you rather receive a bouquet of flowers from a vampire or a love letter from a werewolf?

61. Would you rather have a passionate encounter with a shapeshifter or a romantic dinner with Dracula?

62. Would you rather slow dance with a ghost or have a passionate kiss with a demon?

63. Would you rather cast a spell for a special someone to fall in love with you or a spell so that you can eat all the chocolate with no health consequences?

64. Would you rather have forbidden knowledge or forbidden pleasure?

65. Would you rather read a novel set in a haunted castle or a forbidden forest?

66. Would you rather go on a road trip with a mythical creature or spend the weekend camping with a paranormal entity?

67. Would you rather participate in a reality TV show with a coven of witches or a clan of mischievous ghosts?

68. Would you rather have a cocktail at a haunted hotel bar or on a haunted cruise ship?

69. Would you rather be granted every Halloween the power to see into people’s futures or know when someone is going to die?

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Halloween Would You Rather for Kids

In many parts of the world, Halloween is a time when kids dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating.

But how about adding a bit of challenge to that with this round packed with whimsical choices that’ll test every kiddo’s creativity and ability to get through delightful dilemmas?

70. Would you rather fly on a broomstick like a witch or turn into a bat to escape any situation like a vampire?

71. Would you rather have a black cat that tells you the funniest jokes or a talking pumpkin who knows all the answers to your homework?

72. Would you rather have a costume that can morph into any character you want it to or a candy bag that never runs out?

73. Would you rather have a spell book that lets you cast fun spells or a potion kit that lets you brew delicious drinks?

74. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or cast spells on Halloween night?

75. Would you rather have a pet bat or a pet spider?

76. Would you rather have a playdate with a friendly ghost or a funny werewolf?

77. Would you rather learn how to dance from a friendly skeleton or learn how to play baseball from a nice vampire?

78. Would you rather have a vampire as your teacher or a skeleton as your parent for the day?

79. Would you rather go on a treasure hunt for candy, like an Easter egg hunt, or have a magic mirror that shows you which houses hand out full-size chocolate bars?

80. Would you rather go on a treasure hunt for candy after dark at your school or at your favorite park?

81. Would you rather visit a pumpkin patch that has enchanted pumpkins that always have chocolate for you or find a witch’s cauldron full of gummy candies?

82. Would you rather walk through a corn maze or a funny mirror maze?

83. Would you rather go trick-or-treating with your favorite character or with your friends?

84. Would you rather go on a magical trick-or-treating adventure in a ghost town or a haunted forest?

85. Would you rather have two Halloweens and no Easter or leave the holidays as they are? 

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Kids with pumpkin on Halloween. Little girl in witch costume and hat playing in autumn park. Child at Halloween trick or treat. Kid trick or treating. Toddler with lantern. Children with candy bucket.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy making spine-tingling choices and exploring your ghoulish preferences in this set of would you rather questions for Halloween? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts- share your wickedly fun experiences and favorite scenarios in the comments below!

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