97 Would You Rather Christmas Edition To Add Fun to Your Festivities

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It’s time for laughs, surprises, and thought-provoking holiday dilemmas with our list of would you rather Christmas edition.

Whether you’re at home with family celebrating or gathered with friends by the fireplace; these questions are designed to spark lively conversations and inspire you to make whimsical choices that are all about this special season.

The questions are grouped into categories from clean and wholesome ones to funny and cheeky choices.

We’ve got Christmas this or that questions for the ladies and gentlemen too.

So get ready to flaunt your festive preferences while making enjoyable memories too.

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Clean Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Get ready to dive into some jolly holiday scenarios that are suitable for all ages. 

These squeaky-clean Christmas would you rather questions will spark fun and festive discussions without any hint of mischief.

  • Would you rather decorate every inch of the outside of your house with beautiful Christmas lights or have a stunning Christmas tree inside?
  • Would you rather have a Christmas tree with stunning lights or a gorgeous wreath on your front door?
  • Would you rather be able to beautifully wrap Christmas presents or sing Christmas carols in an angelic voice?
  • Would you rather bake someone Christmas cookies or have someone leave you cookies on your doorstep?
  • Would you rather go to a Christmas cookie decorating party or a Christmas potluck?
  • Would you rather receive one big present for Christmas or several smaller presents?
  • Would you rather open your stocking first Christmas morning or open your presents first?
  • Would you rather open one present on Christmas Eve or save them all for the morning?
  • Would you rather go ice skating on Christmas Eve or attend a Christmas party?
  • Would you rather spend Christmas Eve ice skating or cozied up in a blanket watching a festive movie?
  • Would you rather play in the snow every day between Christmas and New Year with your family or stay in for those days baking cookies and watching festive movies?
  • Would you rather spend Christmas Day at home or on a tropical vacation?
  • Would you rather go caroling with your friends or decorate gingerbread houses with your friends?
  • Would you rather see Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve or bring your snowman to life on Christmas Eve?
  • Would you rather have Santa visit your house or go to Santa’s workshop for a visit?

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Santa sitting on a chair beside a fireplace surrounded by Christmas decor.

Funny Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Brace yourself for some uproarious holiday humor! 

The following funny Christmas would you rather questions are bound to have you and your friends laughing out loud as you navigate the wackiest and most whimsical dilemmas of this season.

  • Would you rather drive around with reindeer antlers in your car for the month of December or wear jingle bells on your boots?
  • Would you rather join a biker gang that likes to go Christmas caroling or volunteer at a shelter that only serves burnt grilled cheese?
  • Would you rather eat fruitcake on Christmas or wear a light-up Rudolph nose?
  • Would you rather drink eggnog first thing in the morning or have a late-night snack of fruitcake?
  • Would you rather forget to buy a turkey for Christmas dinner or go to bed forgetting the next day is Christmas?
  • Would you rather spend your evening wrapping your Christmas presents with your feet or writing your Christmas card using only your feet?
  • Would you rather only be able to bake Christmas cookies that are a little on the salty side or wear a Christmas sweater that sings jingle bells loudly three times an hour?
  • Would you rather have a snowball fight with Santa Claus or a sled race with a Yeti?
  • Would you rather have your light decorations rearrange themselves every day into funny designs or your Christmas tree move itself around your house?
  • Would you rather have to dance to Jingle Bell Rock before getting into your car during December or loudly sing Silent Night while answering text messages?
  • Would you rather have a Rudolph nose that lights up every time you have to poop or a Santa beard that grows every time you laugh?
  • Would you rather wear ugly Christmas sweaters every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas or wear a full head of tinsel?
  • Would you rather wrap presents wearing oven mitts or Christmas dinner in an easy-bake oven?
  • Would you rather be under a mistletoe with a stranger or a coworker?

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Christmas gifts.

Wholesome Christmas Would You Rather Questions

It’s time to spread the warm and fuzzy holiday vibes with this wholesome  Christmas this or that questions.

Share smiles and spread joy with these charming choices.

  • Would you rather start a new Christmas tradition with your family or add to an existing tradition?
  • Would you rather create Christmas magic every day for your kids for the month of December or save it all for Christmas Day?
  • Would you rather volunteer Christmas Eve at a local animal shelter or Christmas Day cooking for the less fortunate?
  • Would you rather receive a heartfelt handwritten letter from someone you helped or a basket of fruit from a secret Santa?
  • Would you rather exchange gifts among your friend group or leave a present on a stranger’s front doorstep?
  • Would you rather be part of a caroling group that spreads joy to your neighborhood or help to create a light show that cheers up anyone who goes by it?
  • Would you rather have the ability to find the perfect gift for your loved ones or be able to bake the best Christmas cookies anyone has ever tasted?
  • Would you rather have the ability to heal anyone’s hurt feelings during the Christmas season or the ability to bring joy to everyone you meet?
  • Would you rather be able to talk to the snowmen you make or have the snow angels you create come to life?
  • Would you rather have a snow globe that shows you your loved ones when you’re feeling lonely or a photo album full of all your best memories?
  • Would you rather spend the day at Santa’s workshop or live in a Hallmark Christmas movie for the day?
  • Would you rather spend the day watching Christmas movies and crafting or skiing down a mountain?
  • Would you rather spend the day decorating your town for the Christmas season or decorating gingerbread houses at your local senior center?

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Christmas lights in Peacock Lane Portland, Oregon.

Cheeky Christmas Would You Rather Questions

For those who enjoy a dash of cheeky holiday humor, the following holiday would you rather questions deliver just the right amount of spirited mischief. 

Prepare for some playful and mischievous scenarios that will keep your Christmas gatherings lively and spirited.

  • Would you rather have to wear a Santa hat that’s a size too big to work every day during December or wear earrings that play jingle bells every time you say someone’s name?
  • Would you rather wrap all your Christmas presents using tongs or thread enough popcorn on a string to decorate around the whole outside of your house?
  • Would you rather eat an eggnog-flavored candy cane or always have a mistletoe above your head?
  • Would you rather do all your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve or watch “Home Alone” every day from Halloween until Christmas?
  • Would you rather go on a date with someone who only talks about visiting Santa in his workshop or be hit on by someone who only speaks in Christmas puns?
  • Would you rather replace your partner’s laughter with “ho ho ho” or have your partner’s Christmas list given to you three days before Christmas?
  • Would you rather have to do the macarena before opening any presents or recite a Christmas poem every time you greet someone new?
  • Would you rather change the ringtone of your phone to “Little Drummer Boy” or your car horn changed to “Frosty the Snowman“?
  • Would you rather have to look at all your gifts under the tree for an entire month or wear a blinking Rudolph nose to your work Christmas party?
  • Would you rather receive an endless supply of fruitcake or a year’s supply of eggnog?
  • Would you rather be given a puppy that pees on the floor or a kitten that rips apart the toilet paper?
  • Would you rather perform a stand-up comedy routine at your work Christmas party or sing “12 Days of Christmas” for your family on Christmas morning?
  • Would you rather wear a Christmas sweater that stinks like dirty feet or a Christmas hat that insults people randomly?

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Ugly Christmas sweatshirts colored in read with Christmas tree print.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Him

It’s time for our would you rather Christmas version tailored for the gents!

Whether it’s a brother, father, or friend, these questions will cater to their unique holiday preferences and humor.

  • Would you rather have a snowball fight with your friends or learn how to snowboard?
  • Would you rather spend Christmas day hiking through a breathtaking snowy forest or cuddle up in a ski chalet by the fire?
  • Would you rather eat dinner cooked by the Grinch or a massage from Santa Claus?
  • Would you rather spend Christmas day watching your favorite movies or cooking dinner for your loved ones?
  • Would you rather be the one to carve the turkey or build the ultimate snow fort with the kids in your family?
  • Would you rather have a huge Christmas party with everyone you know or a quiet afternoon BBQ for Christmas dinner or order takeout?
  • Would you rather spend a small fortune on gifts for your loved ones or on the best Christmas dinner anybody has had?
  • Would you rather enter into a gingerbread house building and decorating competition or an ice sculpture competition?
  • Would you rather dress up as Santa for a breakfast with Santa event or organize a toy drive for local underprivileged kids?
  • Would you rather go on a first date to a Santa Claus parade or a festival of lights?
  • Would you rather be a pro at decorating the Christmas tree or hanging lights around the house?
  • Would you rather decorate your Christmas tree with superhero ornaments or something super trendy?
  • Would you rather surprise your loved ones with your baking abilities or your gift-wrapping talent?
  • Would you rather receive the newest iPhone as a Christmas present or tickets to see your favorite comedian?
  • Would you rather receive a gift that indulges your guilty pleasure or one that teaches you a new skill?
Hands holding gift with red ribbon in white background with a bit of black dots.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Her

Ladies, it’s time to unwrap a bundle of holiday joy with our would you rather questions Christmas edition designed for you!

Whether it’s about gifts, decorations, or holiday activities, these questions are going to add excitement to your festivities.

  • Would you rather decorate your house perfectly for the holiday season or bake the best gingerbread cookies in town?
  • Would you rather decorate your Christmas tree with beautiful sparkling ornaments or fun and whimsical ornaments?
  • Would you rather decorate your home in trendy Christmas décor or in traditional décor?
  • Would you rather be known for wrapping the perfect presents or throwing the best Christmas parties?
  • Would you rather receive a gift that involves one of your hobbies or an experience gift?
  • Would you rather receive cooking lessons for Christmas or a gift card?
  • Would you rather receive a stunning piece of jewelry from your partner or a heartfelt handwritten letter?
  • Would you rather donate your old clothes to a local shelter or start a toy drive for your local school?
  • Would you rather spend an afternoon doing a festive photoshoot or making Christmas crafts with loved ones?
  • Would you rather spend the day learning how to do stunning Christmas makeup looks or learning how to decorate gingerbread men like a pro?
  • Would you rather spend Boxing Day shopping for great sales or relaxing in a luxury spa?
  • Would you rather spend Christmas Eve lost in a book or ice skating and sipping hot cocoa?
  • Would you rather help decorate a huge Christmas tree in your town square or volunteer to be an elf for a mall Santa?
  • Would you rather have a Christmas romance or spend the day making memories with your friends?
  • Would you rather browse a Christmas craft show or play board games on a snowy afternoon?
  • Would you rather go on a Christmas shopping spree or spend an entire weekend at a cozy spa being pampered?
  • Would you rather have a photographer capture candid moments with you and your loved ones or get your hair and makeup down for perfect Christmas shots?

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Family and friends dining at home celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving with traditional food and decoration, showing proud turkey.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy this list of Christmas would you rather questions? 

Feel free to share your favorite scenarios and choices in the comments below.

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