22 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults: Indoors & Outdoors

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Ready to jump into one of the most epic quests for grown-ups?

It’s game time with our super cool scavenger hunt ideas for adults- get ready for a blast of fun and excitement that’ll make your inner detective dance!

We’ve got a bunch of cool categories lined up that’ll totally spark your curiosity. 

Whether you want to do it indoors or head into the great wide open- you’ve got you covered.

If you want to rediscover your living space in unexpected ways, there’s options for an indoor scavenger hunt for adults, that are great for rainy days.

For those who’d like to take a journey outdoors searching for hidden gems, we’re giving you fun scavenger hunt ideas for adults you can use during road trips, vacations, and other escapades.

And if you’re looking to add thrill to any festive occasion, our holiday-themed hunt is for you.

You’ll be snapping hilarious pics, unearthing forgotten treasures, and maybe even dancing a victory jig!

No matter if you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro, each set comes with suggestions you can use as scavenger hunt clues for adults and promises a wild ride of challenges, camaraderie, and some seriously awesome memories.

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Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults at Home

Turn your living space into a playground with the following ideas for at home scavenger hunt for adults! 

Get ready for creative challenges and hidden treasures right under your roof- it’s time for an indoor adventure that’ll have you searching high and low.

Places You Wouldn’t Expect

Sometimes you can get the most creative in your own house when it comes to setting up a scavenger hunt.

Take advantage of all the familiar items and hiding spots around the house and give it a clever twist to try to fool the participants.

Make sure you include clever riddles with each suggestion to ensure there is an extra element of challenge to the game.

Examples of indoor scavenger hunt clues for adults in this round can include:

  • Remote under the couch cushion.
  • Hairbrush under the pillow.
  • Batteries behind the window curtain.
  • Hand sanitizer on the radiator.
  • Phone charger hanging on a mirror.

Here are some fun ideas for clues:

  • ___ ___ on the wall, who is the fairest of the them all? (Mirror, mirror).
  • I’m a little _____, short and stout. Here’s my handle, here’s my spout? (Teapot).
  • What has numbers for a face? (Clock).
  • A household item that has feet but welcomes human bottoms. (Sofa).
  • Paper can’t cover me, but a rock can smash me. What am I? (Scissors)
  • If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweet and wipe the ____? (Toilet seat).
Colorful Old Colonial Houses on the Streets of French Quarter decorated for Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Colorful Quest Scavenger Hunt

Challenge participants to embark on a vibrant journey through your home, searching for items of different colors.

This hunt can be entertaining in its simple format but is easy to make significantly more challenging for an adult crowd by picking more obscure colors, such as replacing purple with magenta.

Examples of items to add to your scavenger hunt clues for adults around the house in this category:

  • Something red (e.g., a toy, a book cover).
  • Something blue (e.g., a piece of clothing, a decoration).
  • Something green (e.g., a plant leaf, a utensil).
  • Something yellow (e.g., a post-it note, a fruit).
  • Something purple (e.g., a pen, a cushion).
Earphones with colorful background blue and pink

Size-Based Scavenger Hunt

Get participants on the hunt for items of varying sizes around your home.

This hunt encourages creativity in what may be around the house and may open your perspective about the very place you live in.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • Something small (e.g., a paperclip, a coin).
  • Something tiny (e.g., a button, a marble).
  • Something medium-sized (e.g., a paperback book, a shoe).
  • Something large (e.g., a pillow, a vase).
  • Something huge (e.g., a blanket, a stuffed animal).

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Harry Potter glasses with book.

Shape Explorer Scavenger Hunt

Turn your house into a shape-hunting adventure.

Participants will seek out items that match various geometric shapes and can be easily made into a more complex game for adults by asking for obscure shapes like hexagons.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • Something round (e.g., a plate, a clock).
  • Something square (e.g., a book, a sticky note).
  • Something rectangular (e.g., a remote control, a photo frame).
  • Something oval (e.g., an egg, a mirror).
  • Something triangular (e.g., a slice of pizza, a decorative banner).
Image of a pizza on black background

Alphabet Adventure Scavenger Hunt

Engage in an educational and entertaining alphabet scavenger hunt.

Search for items that represent different letters of the alphabet, leading to a fast-paced game that will have adults scrambling around the house reciting the alphabet as they go.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • Something that starts with the letter “A” (e.g., an apple, an art supply).
  • Something that starts with the letter “B” (e.g., a book, a ball).
  • Something that starts with the letter “C” (e.g., a cup, a candle).
  • Something that starts with the letter “D” (e.g., a doll, a door).
  • Something that starts with the letter “E” (e.g., an eraser, an envelope).
Paper coffee cup phone. Work.

Texture Hunt Extravaganza

Ignite sensory exploration with a texture-themed scavenger hunt.

Participants will feel their way through the house, making for some hilarious interpretations as everyone is running around the house feeling everything in the room.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • Something smooth (e.g., a glass surface, a smartphone screen).
  • Something rough (e.g., a piece of sandpaper, a stone).
  • Something soft (e.g., a plush toy, a blanket).
  • Something bumpy (e.g., a textured wall, a plastic lid).
  • Something hard (e.g., a metal spoon, a wooden block).
Phone with white arrows.

Treasure Hunt Adventure

Embark on an epic treasure hunt that sparks the imagination and ignites the spirit of adventure. 

Search for clues and hidden items that lead to the ultimate reward.

Funny treasure hunt ideas for adults can include:

  • A map or riddle that guides you to the next location.
  • A mysterious key.
  • A token with a unique symbol.
  • A piece of a puzzle that will reveal the treasure’s location.
  • A message in a bottle with instructions.
Five multiethnic friends talking and smiling together

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Embrace the digital age with a virtual scavenger hunt for adults that spans the online world.

Participants will explore websites and social media platforms to find hidden gems.

Or play from the comfort of their homes via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Examples of items to add to your virtual scavenger hunt list for adults:

  • A funny cat meme.
  • A screenshot of a favorite recipe.
  • A GIF that represents your current mood.
  • A video clip of someone doing a dance challenge.
  • A tweet or post with over 1,000 likes.
  • Items that represent a clue (see above examples).
  • Answers can also be delivered by the drawing tool on Zoom.

See section one for some ideas for clues that can also be used over virtual calls.

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Pink background with laptop and paper clouds. work.

Indoor Scavenger Hunts

If you want to get cozy indoors but still want a bit of adventure, here are some scavenger hunt ideas for you.

Whether you’re exploring the enchanting aisles of a library or navigating the bustling corners of a mall, get ready to find hidden treasures without stepping foot outside.

Library Adventure Scavenger Hunt

Unleash your inner bookworm with a library-themed scavenger hunt.

Explore the aisles and shelves in search of literary treasures and intriguing finds.

Library scavenger hunt ideas can include:

  • A bookmark with a quirky design.
  • A biography of a famous historical figure.
  • A book with a blue cover.
  • A book featuring an animal protagonist.
  • A classic novel published before 1900.
  • A book beginning with…
  • A book by an author with alliteration for name.
Stacks of books on shelves in library at The-Providence-Athenaeum-books-Rhode-Island

Mall Excursion Scavenger Hunt

Turn a routine mall visit into a lively adventure with a mall-themed scavenger hunt.

Discover items that capture the essence of shopping and entertainment.

Mall scavenger hunt ideas can include:

  • A shopping bag from a clothing store.
  • A receipt from a food court purchase.
  • A business card from a kiosk vendor.
  • A photo with a mall security guard.
  • A discarded shopping list.
Shopping trolley at a grocery store.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Lace-up those sneakers and grab your detective hats- we’re heading outside for a wild adventure!

Whether it’s your backyard or a local park, get ready to explore outside while unraveling thrilling riddles and hunting down clues in the following outdoor scavenger hunt list for adults.

Autumn Nature Scavenger Hunt

Celebrate the beauty of fall with a fall scavenger hunt for adults.

Participants will explore the changing landscape and find items that showcase the rich colors of the season.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • A multicolored leaf.
  • A pinecone with sticky resin.
  • A small acorn.
  • A twig with orange or red berries.
  • A piece of tree bark displaying unique patterns.
  • A picture of an animal.

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Hiking Adventure Scavenger Hunt

Gear up for a thrilling hiking scavenger hunt for adults.

As you trek through the wilderness, seek out items that connect you with nature and make the journey memorable.

Examples of outdoor scavenger hunt clues for adults you can find when hiking:

  • A heart-shaped rock.
  • A feather from a wild bird.
  • A snapshot of a breathtaking view.
  • A piece of litter (that is subsequently thrown away).
  • A small wildflower bouquet.

Park Expedition Scavenger Hunt

For a fun-filled day outdoors, try a park-themed scavenger hunt.

Explore the gazebos, benches, and rolling fields to uncover playful items in this outdoor scavenger hunt for adults.

Outdoor scavenger hunt ideas can include:

  • A pebble from the sandbox.
  • A child’s lost toy.
  • A piece of playground equipment with a primary color.
  • A leaf from a tree in the playground.
  • A photo of someone going down the slide.
Midtown Atlanta Georgia Skyline from the park.

Vacation Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Get ready to turn your escapades into epic quests!

Whether you’re wandering near or far, these vacation-themed scavenger hunt games for adults promise to make your getaway even more memorable.

Beach Paradise Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the sun, sand, and waves with a beach scavenger hunt for adults.

Search for treasures that the tides have brought ashore, creating lasting memories.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • A seashell with a hole in it.
  • A piece of sea glass.
  • A feather from a seagull.
  • A crab shell.
  • A perfectly round stone from the water’s edge.

This is also a perfect addition to your family beach games or boat party games.

Beach with view of Piton mountains in Saint Lucia, Carribean.

Road Trip Discovery Scavenger Hunt

Elevate your road trip experience with a scavenger hunt that spans the journey.

Collect items that reflect the places you visit and the adventures you have on the open road, from small souvenirs to free items you pick up on the way.

Road trip scavenger hunt ideas can include:

  • A tourist brochure from a roadside attraction.
  • A souvenir from a rest stop.
  • A photo of a welcome sign.
  • A pressed coin from a gas station.
  • A fast-food restaurant napkin.
  • A coffee cup.

You can even tailor this suggestion to make it a fun road trip activity with kids– adults can get ideas from it too.

Women on a road trip.

Photo Scavenger Hunt Around a New City

Make a scavenger hunt out of a new city you’ve never been to before, with the goal of gathering photos of landmarks and other unique elements of city life.

Make sure you incorporate the famous landmarks of the city, as well as more inconsequential things that participants will need to find as they traverse the city.

Examples of items to find in this city scavenger hunt for adults include:

  • Well-known statues.
  • Entrances to popular museums.
  • Flags of the city’s notable sports team.
  • Government buildings.
  • Selfies with street art.
  • Local food items.
  • Posing in front of a pothole.
  • Scaffolding.
Skyline of Austin Texas.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt for Adults

‘Tis the season for joy and games! 

Dive into a festive twist on our scavenger hunt for adults, where holiday-themed surprises await your keen eyes and curious minds.

Valentine’s Day Love Quest

Make this romantic holiday even more special by embarking on a Valentine scavenger hunt for adults that evoke love and affection.

The clues and it send might just lead to an even bigger surprise!

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • A heart-shaped leaf.
  • A red rose petal.
  • A love letter sealed with a kiss.
  • A photo of the couple.
  • A poster to a movie or TV show liked by both.
  • A record, CD or online search to song.
  • A romantic quote found in a public place.
  • A shiny ring in a box…

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Flat lay of red roses and heart lollies.

Easter Adventure

Celebrate Easter with an egg-citing Easter scavenger hunt for adults.

Instead of eggs, participants will search for various Easter-related items that symbolize renewal and new beginnings.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • A feather from a spring bird.
  • A blooming flower.
  • A pastel-colored ribbon.
  • A small decorative egg.
  • A chocolate bunny wrapper.

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Bunting background Easter Zoom background

Spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Embrace the eerie atmosphere of the season with a Halloween scavenger hunt for adults.

Roam the neighborhood or a haunted location, and discover items that embody the spirit of the holiday.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • A plastic spider or bat.
  • A cobweb decoration.
  • A black cat figurine.
  • A witch’s hat or broom prop.
  • A spooky spell book.
  • A magical mirror.
  • A ghostly white pebble.
  • A haunted location.
  • A trick or treat snack.

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Carved pumpkins for Halloween.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Experience the magic of the holiday season with a Christmas scavenger hunt of adults.

Seek out items that capture the essence of Christmas and spread festive cheer.

Examples of things to scavenge for:

  • A red and white candy cane.
  • A pinecone ornament.
  • A photo with a person wearing a Santa hat.
  • A selfie with a string of twinkling lights.
  • A handwritten letter to Santa Claus.
  • An unwanted gift.
  • A cheesy Christmas jumper.
  • A fresh cup of cocoa.
  • A video of a carol singer.
  • A festive message on a phone.
  • A funny Christmas meme.

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Acorn and Christmas lights

Chanukah Scavenger Hunt

Chanukah or Hanukkah is commemorated just before Christmas.

Celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights with a festive scavenger hunt based on iconic items of the celebration.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • Dreidels.
  • Candles.
  • Challah.
  • Latkes.
  • Gelt.
Hanukah decor at Straub Park St Pete Florida

Birthday Bash Scavenger Hunt

Add excitement to your birthday celebration with a birthday scavenger hunt for adults.

Discover items that symbolize joy, celebration and the passage of time.

Examples of items to scavenge for:

  • A party hat or festive headband.
  • A balloon in your favorite color.
  • A birthday candle, lit or unlit.
  • A photo of someone blowing out candles.
  • A handwritten message or card from a friend.
  • A bottle of the birthday star’s favorite tipple.
  • A selfie with the birthday guy/girl.
  • A video of the birthday star dancing.
Zoom background of Happy Birthday written in colorful cards.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on our exciting scavenger hunt game for adults.

Did you love every twist and turn, or perhaps you’ve got some awesome ideas of your own? Feel free to drop your comments below.

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