27 Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games To Play Away & At Home

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Are you in charge of creating the most epic last fling before the ring and starting to stress just a little?

Chill girl, our guide to fun bachelorette party games has you covered.

In this post we detail exactly how to play each activity, provide useful examples, and suggest do-it-yourself resources, so that you can over deliver on your made of honor duties by giving your bride the best bach bash.

To ensure that no reveler is missed out, our bachelorette party activities are suitable for large groups, however, if you are having a more intimate gathering, there are also games for 2-3 people.

The following suggestions are suitable for home and away hoedowns, and there is even a clean list for more reserved shindigs because no bride is ever the same!

So, get out your notes, create your checklists, and get ready to delve into the wonderful world of bachelorette games.

You may also find our other bachelorette games useful such as dares, Jeopardy, and Mr & Mrs quiz.

Clean Bachelorette Party Games

First up, we have PG clean bachelorette party game ideas, just in case the bride requires some warming up or there are family members joining in the celebrations.

However, just because they are Aunt Agnes friendly, it doesn’t mean they won’t have the girl gang in fits of giggles!

You can, of course, adapt these games to make them a little spicier.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

This is a bridal twist on the classic scavenger hunt, where individuals or teams must find everything on a list of items, and the first team to cross everything off the list wins.

Don’t forget to get creative!

If you’re staying home, include items that someone might have in their phone, like a phone number from an ex or a work email.

If you’re going out, make some items on the list interactions with other people, such as an Uber driver or food truck vendor.

The more diverse the list, the greater the hunt will be for each party guest! 

Taking photos and video is a fun way to document the scavenger hunt happening, and it provides evidence for the list.

Here’s an example of items to add to your list but you can also buy ready made scavenger hunt packs.

A series of bachelorette scavenger hunt questions

Bachelorette Bingo

This is a DIY bachelorette party game, but templates are available online too.

Bachelorette Bingo is just like regular bingo where players have to mark off items in the boxes for a line (straight or diagonal) and house (all boxes).

There are two ways to play Bachelorette Bingo.

Firstly, instead of the traditional numbers in boxes, premake the cards and use words associated with the bride and couple.

Cards are handed out to players at the party and the host calls out questions that relate to the card items.

If players have the answer they score it off until they have a line or house when they call out BINGO!

For example, the bingo card may say “Hawaii” and the question is “where did the happy couple first go on vacation together?”

Cards can’t be the same, they must have a variety of answers on them, there will be duplicates over the pack of cards but just make sure they don’t all appear in the same box placement or everyone will get a line at the same time.

The second version requires players to be observant during a set period of time, marking off items as they see or hear it happening.

For example, the bingo card may say “bride tearing up”, “group photo”, “drunk hug”.

Cards are then returned at a specific time in the day and marked by the bach hosts.

In our opinion, the latter version is a little tricker to manage and prove!

Check out these premade bachelorette bingo cards* for ease.

Bridal shower bingo with wedding graphics

Bachelorette Dares

An easy way to fill some time is to come prepared with a list of bachelorette dares up your sleeve.

Clean dares can also be effort free like, “only speak in song”, “no pointing”, “avoid eye contact”, “don’t smile”, “dry your teeth to speak”, etc or a little more challenging such as “walk on your hands”, “perform a party trick”, “speak in another language”, etc.

It is best to state a realistic timeframe or value to go with the dare, for example, “until your next turn” or “five times”.

Dares can be kept in house so that they only involve members of the party, or can connect with the outside world through text, phone, social media, and if the bachelorette party is out in town, in person.

Just be wary that not everyone likes to be the target of an I do crew with the latter!

We’ve created this crazily long list of dares for bachelorettes for you to pick from.

Dares can be teamed up with truths too, giving players the options to tell a truth or do a dare.

Two fists with girl gang written on them

It’s a Mystery


If you loved Clue as a kid or The Traitors as an adult, a bachelorette party it’s a mystery is the game for you but, it does take some preparation to nail it.

The easiest way to deliver it’s a mystery is to purchase a premade game like this one* or another topic that best suits your bach party vibe.

Read the instructions that come with the game and plan the resources required; some deliver clues by video so a laptop or tablet is needed.

Decide which party member suits each role and let them know what their character is and an idea for a costume with time to plan before the party.

Everyone turns up to the party dressed as their role and ready to suss each other out as they follow the cards and read out their story.

The path taken is dictated by the makers of the it’s a mystery game.

This is one of the best bachelorette party games for girls who love to dress up and party organizers who like to have something as the main focus of the night.

Person in boiler suit inspecting item

Bachelorette Mad Libs

Mad Libs is the ideal bachelorette party game for girls who love literature.

The aim of the game is to fill in the blanks to a story, which provides some prompts.

Before the party, write a story about the bride, couple or wedding day and miss out information throughout the story, using blanks instead.

Party goers then have to complete the story individually by either providing their own input or using information you have set out for them.

Or, divide the group into teams and have each team come up with a word bank before they see the story, which they pass to the opposing team and vice versa.

Finally, the host will read the full story and award points.

Bridal Mad Libs example

Bachelorette Jeopardy

If you’re unfamiliar with Jeopardy, it is a popular TV quiz where the quizmaster asks clues instead of questions and contestants answer in the form of a question, traditionally by saying “What is (answer)”.

For example clue: the bride grew up here.

Answer: What is Fort Lauderdale?

There are usually categories with clues represented by a money value, but for the party game you could just use points.

In Bachelorette Jeopardy, the categories are all about the bride’s life, relationships, and memories.

Example of Bridal Shower Jeopardy Board list five categories and 100 to 500 in boxes

You can make Bachelorette Jeopardy the old-fashioned way, with sheets of paper and tape on the wall or by using online Jeopardy generators.

Have the bride be the ultimate final Jeopardy gatekeeper, with an answer only she knows.

The real game will come down to everyone’s wagers! 

If the bach party isn’t quite getting the answer format, you can drop it for an easier version!

Bachelorette Jenga

Bachelorette Jenga is another game that can be as sweet or as spicy as you like.

You can play it like normal Jenga, and the loser is the person who topples the tower, but there are so many fun ways to customize!

Add fun dares, drinking challenges, or questions about the bride to make each pull more interesting.

Write the challenges out on paper and stick them to random bricks, if a player pulls out a brick with a note, they have to do it!

Examples of brick challenges could be – “chicken dance”, “shot tequila”, “10 star jumps”.

Stack of jenga blocks cartoon image

Minute to Win It Bachelorette Game

Minute to Win It bachelorette games are so silly and fun!

Break the party guests up into small groups.

During each round, the teams send a representative to play a mini-game.

Feel free to use classic Minute to Win It games, such as cup stacking and getting a cookie from the forehead to mouth without using hands.

Some specialized Minute to Win It bachelorette games include trying to finish Ring Pop using licks only, putting together the best possible wedding dress out of toilet paper, and doing a teammate’s makeup while blindfolded.

Set the timer for a minute and see what the teams can do in 60 seconds!

Lick pop cartoon drawing

Bachelorette Charades

Have a list of classic wedding phrases, rom com movie titles, and names of love songs written out on folder up paper.

Examples may include “walking down the aisle”, “throwing the bouquet”, and “first dance”.

Players choose a charade to act out from a bag, not looking at the item as they pull it out.

During the performance, players are not allowed to speak, they can only use their hands.

For smaller parties, play a few rounds and let each person take a turn at trying to act out the phrase.

For bigger parties, split into teams and get competitive with it!

Silhouettes of women

Pictionary With a Few Twists

You can’t have charades without Pictionary, right?

Provide topics on separate tabs of paper that players choose from at random.

Players then take turns to draw their chosen secret item on a large piece of paper and team mates try to guess what it is before the minute timer is up.

Bachelorette Pictionary items may include roles like “mother of the groom”, traditions such as “mehndi”, or weddings songs like “Get Me To The Church On Time”.

Points are awarded for correct guesses and the team with the most points wins.

You can make Bachelorette Pictionary* harder by tearing up the paper canvas and introducing other mediums like modeling clay, sticks, things lying about the room, etc.

Pictionary also features in our virtual bridal showers guide as it is easy to use the draw function on the likes of Zoom.

Line drawing of camera

Name that Corny Love Song

Compile a list of the corniest love songs you can think of.

Have party guests square off against each other in squads of 2 or 3.

Then, a gamemaster will play the first 3 seconds of the song and the player has to guess it.

If no one gets it, they’ll play another 10 seconds.

Whoever gets the song the earliest, wins the round and advances until there is a winner.

If your gal loves music, we have a huge catalog of music quizzes such as 90s and 00s, all of which are ready to plug and play.

Music tape with words Love Song cartoon drawing

Lip Sync Battle

Have the bride make a playlist of her favorite songs. 

At random, have two party guests face off in a lip sync battle, with the winner determined by group applause!

Two women singing

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games

Let’s turn up the heat with cheeky challenges and bad taste teasers with the following games to play at bachelorette parties.

Weenie in the Bottle

Oh hi there Xtin!

We think you’d approve of this hilarious bachelorette game adopted from your naughties classic name.

For the hot dog bachelorette game, teams need a roll of twine or string, a hot dog for each party member, and a bottle.

The general gist of the game is for teams to get the string tied around the waist of the contestant. 

Then, on the other end, try to get the hot dog tied up and secured so that it hangs between the party contestant’s legs. 

Once it’s good and swinging, contestants try to slip the hot dog into the hole of a soda bottle or spice container.

There are two variations of this game: timed and relay race.

In the timed version of this game, everyone gets a chance to go. 

In the relay race, sets of two will compete in heats until there is one winner at the end!

The fastest one to slip the weenie in the bottle wins!

Another version is to have contestants thrust their pelvis so that the penis swings high enough that they can try and catch the sausage in their mouth.

You’ll never look at a hot dog the same way again!

Hot dog with speech bubble that says its a banger

Banana Ring Toss

Banana Ring Toss does what it says on the tin!

Buy the game*, and have players toss rings at the banana.

The team that gets the most rings over the banana wins.


Banana and rings

Pin the Junk on the Hunk

This bachelorette party activity is a silly take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Print out a shirtless picture of a celebrity.

Make sure the picture is full body- the less clothes, the better! 

Tape the picture on a wall at arm’s height.

Separately, print out a few copies of something to stand in for the celeb’s male organ.

The rest follows Pin the Tail on the Donkey exactly, with blindfolding and spinning- except you’re pinning the junk on the hunk!

Aubergine with eyes

Dirty Pic Frenzy

This free bachelorette party game is a doozy!

The goal in this game is to rack up as many filthy pics as you can.

Split the bachelorette party into two teams.

Each team will be tasked with finding as many dirty objects to take pictures of.

For example, “dog poop on shoes”, “stains on laundry”, “half filled coffee cups”.

At the end of the night, whichever team has accumulated the most pics, wins!

Girl diving into coffee cup drawing

Bachelorette Panty Game

The panty game really gets the group engaged and all eyes on the bride-to-be.

Each of the bachelorette party guests buys a pair of panties and on the day of the party, puts them in a designated laundry basket.

The bride then pulls each pair out and has to guess who the panties belong to.

There are two versions of this game.

The party goer designs the pants with things that remind them of the bride – special moments they’ve had together, in jokes, etc.

For example, favorite drinks, movies, sayings, etc.

Or, the party goer designs the pants with things about them that only the bride would get.

Some brides put as many pairs of panties on as they can for a candid photo opportunity!

The person that bought the bride’s favorite pair is the winner.


Which one of your friends knows the wildest things?

In this game, you’ll find out!

Compile a list of the craziest acts, objects, and phrases, along with their definitions. 

One person will test the rest of the guests by reading the definitions. 

The person with the broadest vocabulary wins!

A to Z Dictionary

Balloon Bang

For this at-home bachelorette party game, you’ll need blown-up balloons and a list of positions.

Split the party guests into teams of two.

For each round, pull a random position from the list.

Each team will have to assume that position, with the balloon connecting them.

The teams that cannot keep the balloon in position for longer than 3 seconds get eliminated, until there is only one team standing.

Balloon dog

Paper Plastic Surgery

You’ll need a large pair of underwear and an oversized bra for each team of two and a large roll of bubble wrap or toilet paper.

Party guests will split into teams of two and get their own set of undergarments to put on over their clothes.

Each group will have to stuff their bra and panties to get the most symmetrical, realistic-fake bodies within the two minute time period.

Two balloons

Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

Let’s break out the booze puns and sayings as we dive into the drinking games for bachelorette parties.

Hit me baby one more wine, vino before the vows, the bride’s drinking team, taking shots at the ring, pop the top, she’s tying the knot, yada yada.

OK, now that we’ve downed that, it’s drink while you think time.

Champagne Pong

This is a classier version of beer pong. 

Instead of filling up red plastic cups with beer, grab some cheap plastic champagne glasses, the cheapest champagne you can find, and pong balls.

Be sure to purchase the wide mouth champagne glasses*, not the champagne flutes for an easier game!

Party red cups with ball and fizz bottle

Shot Twister

Everyone is sure to be rolling on the floor with this bachelorette drinking party game!

Buy or DIY a Twister* board and spinner, along with 24 mini bottles of alcohol.

On each spot, place a mini bottle.

As each person makes their next move, they’ll have to drink the mini bottle before claiming their spot.

The most flexible drinker is the winner!

For more drinking games, try our list of cocktail party games.

Twister board with three shot glasses

Drink Roulette

This is an easy bachelorette DIY game! 

Go online and insert everyone’s name into a roulette spin generator

In another window, go to the same site and add different units of alcohol- 1 shot, 2 shot, etc.

When it’s time to play the game, spin the first roulette wheel to determine who’s drinking, then the second to see how much!

Spin the wheel

Secret Shot

Have a gamemaster create a round of shots available for each party guest, where one of the shots is non-alcoholic. 

After everyone takes the shot, they must try to vote out the imposter.

If they vote out the imposter, the imposter must drink.

If they fail to vote out the imposter, they’ll be subjected to another round of shots with the imposter receiving another non-alcoholic shot.

Repeat until the imposter is found.

Shot glass with question mark in it

Phone Truth or Drink

This phone twist on truth or drink will get everyone a little tipsy!

Each person takes turns with a prompt where the answer must be found in everyone’s phone.

For example, one person may ask the group to share the last call they ignored… We hope it wasn’t the bride, last person searched on social media, last interaction, blocked list, etc.

If someone is not willing to share their answer, they drink! 

Phone screen with texts

Would The Bride Rather?

This free bachelorette party game is so simple!

Come up with a list of wild “would you rather” situations for the bride.

Ask each guest to pick which option they think the bride would rather do.

Once the bride shares her choice, anyone who picks the opposite choice drinks.

We have a massive collection of would you rather questions already made up for you including lists aimed at best friends, girls, and couples.

Woman confused with question marks on head

The Newlywed Game

This game puts the bride on the spot!

Have her fiancé answer a list of questions before the bachelorette party.

He can deliver them via text, audio, or for maximum kudos, video.

Then, at the party, ask the bride to answer the questions the way that she thinks her fiancé answered.

For every wrong answer, everyone drinks.

This game is also known as the Mr & Mrs Quiz, you can check out our full list of questions here, so you only have to ask the groom to answer!

Quiz sheet drawing with wedding wings

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