152 Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

Want to discover more things about your bestie?

Why not have a question game of ‘’would you rather’’ to help kick off some fun get-to-know-you conversations with them?

To help you get started, we compiled a good list of would you rather questions for best friends that go from clean and easy to serious and juicy.

These kinds of questions can provoke all sorts of responses and can even stir up some thoughtful and meaningful discussions.

There’s no right or wrong answer and you’re free to put your own twist on this would you rather with best friends.

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Clean Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

Let’s start off this would you rather for best friends with some wholesome and clean questions.

The following topics are light and simple but will definitely let you discover new things about your BFF.

1. Would you rather choose vanilla or chocolate?

2. Would you rather prefer spring or fall?

3. Would you rather enjoy winter or summer?

4. Would you rather swim or ski?

5. Would you rather play with a cat or a dog?

6. Would you rather walk or run?

7. Would you rather buy a house or buy a condo?

8. Would you rather shop or save money?

9. Would you rather use social media or talk to people?

10. Would you rather drive a car or ride a bike?

11. Would you rather buy a nice house or a nice car?

12. Would you rather give to a charity or help a friend?

13. Would you rather go to NYC or California?

14. Would you rather take a bath or a shower?

15. Would you rather go for a walk in a park or a forest?

16. Would you rather celebrate Halloween or Christmas?

17. Would you rather choose the color yellow or green?

18. Would you rather take a big vacation once a year or have long weekends all year?

19. Would you rather go to amusement parks or water parks?

20. Would you rather pay with cash or debit?

21. Would you rather eat ice cream or cookies?

22. Would you rather watch tv or listen to a podcast?

23. Would you rather listen to an audiobook while driving or listen to music?

24. Would you rather be cold or hot?

25. Would you rather ride the roller-coaster or the Ferris wheel?

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Santa Monica Pier at night with ferris wheel and other rides.

Easy Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

Are you looking for questions to ask your bestie that doesn’t require much thought?

Then check out the following list of easy would you rather questions for best friends.

26. Would you rather eat something sweet or savory?

27. Would you rather see birds or fish?

28. Would you rather wake up early or go to bed late?

29. Would you rather have a busy weekend planned or a relaxing weekend?

30. Would you rather talk to animals or plants?

31. Would you rather live in a cold country or a tropical country?

32. Live a long healthy life or win the lottery?

33. Would you rather go to the movies with your siblings or by yourself?

34. Would you rather watch a movie or read a book?

35. Would you rather go camping or stay in a hotel?

36. Would you rather shop in a store or online?

37. Would you rather buy at a big box store or shop locally?

38. Would you rather eat pizza or tacos?

39. Would you rather take a vacation on the beach or in the mountains?

40. Would you rather have a private swimming pool or a luxury car?

41. Would you rather lose your wallet or your phone?

42. Would you rather hire someone to clean your home or cook your meals?

43. Would you rather do laundry or dishes?

44. Would you rather visit outer space or deep dive into the ocean?

45. Would you rather be proposed to in a fancy restaurant or on a random Sunday morning in bed?

46. Would you rather travel the world or only travel within your country?

47. Would you rather be funny or rich?

48. Would you rather be good at saving money or finding deals?

49. Would you rather have a handbag collection or a shoe collection?

50. Would you rather drink vodka or rum?

51. Would you rather drink coffee or tea?

Woman drinking coffee in an office

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

Laughter is said to strengthen relationships and promote great bonds with other people-especially your best friends.

This is why we have compiled a list of hilarious would you rather questions for your BFFs that are sure to bring some giggles along the way.

52. Would you rather spend the evening watching a comedian that isn’t funny or eat at a restaurant with terrible food?

53. Would you rather wear a clown wig or clown shoes every day?

54. Would you rather have an extra ear or an extra finger?

55. Would you rather star in a horror movie or a romantic comedy?

56. Would you rather have a documentary made about your life or write your own autobiography?

57. Would you rather have x-ray vision or supersonic hearing?

58. Would you rather meet Santa Claus or the tooth fairy?

59. Would you rather accidentally join a parade or a flash mob?

60. Would you rather have dinner with Willy Wonka or Darth Vader?

61. Would you rather never use ketchup or mayonnaise again?

62. Would you rather be a child for the remainder of your life or the age you are right now?

63. Would you rather sing everything you say or only speak in rhyme?

64. Would you rather never be in a traffic jam again or never catch a cold again?

65. Would you rather be invisible for the day or be able to fly?

66. Would you rather be good at making people laugh or making people feel good about themselves?

67. Would you rather run really fast or jump really high?

68. Would you rather hang out with the characters from the last show you watched or live in the last book you read?

69. Would you rather move objects with your mind or hear other people’s thoughts?

70. Would you rather fart in public or at a private party?

71. Would you rather have a high-pitched nasally voice or not be able to speak louder than a whisper?

72. Would you rather clog the toilet at your crush’s house or at work?

73. Would you rather go to the beach dressed in layers or play in the snow wearing thin clothes?

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Myrtle Beach in South California.

Weird Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

Want to discover more about your bestie’s weird and quirky side?

Then check out the following would you rather questions that will reveal all the strange things your best friends would choose if given the chance.

74. Would you rather have booger come flying out of your nose every time you sneeze or pee your pants every time you cough?

75. Would you rather have bigger hands or bigger feet?

76. Would you rather have abnormally small ears or nose?

77. Would you rather talk to a cow or a chicken?

78. Would you rather be sweaty all the time or have to go to the bathroom all the time?

79. Would you rather run into a ghost or a goblin?

80. Would you rather be chased by a vampire or a witch?

81. Would you rather have smelly armpits or stinky feet?

82. Would you rather lose your ability to see or hear?

83. Would you rather always smell a foul odor or always have a bad taste in your mouth?

84. Would you rather be attacked by a swarm of mosquitos or flies?

85. Would you rather spend a year of your life in jail for a crime you didn’t commit or commit a serious crime and never be caught?

86. Would you rather snort loudly every time you laugh or snore loudly while sleeping?

87. Would you rather get drunk and kiss your ex or hook up with a complete stranger?

88. Would you rather be eaten by a whale or a crocodile?

89. Would you rather have a dragon for a pet or a unicorn?

90. Would you rather drink mustard from the bottle or eat a spoonful of relish?

91. Would you rather eat tacos without salsa or pizza without cheese?

92. Would you rather have impossibly curly hair or pin-straight hair?

93. Would you rather always have itchy feet or sticky hands?

94. Would you rather chew gum you found on the underside of a table or drink from a bottle you saw in the garbage?

95. Would you rather never eat cake again or never eat ice cream again?

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Green-Tea-and-Pink-Flower-Ice-Cream on Rishiri-Island

Embarrassing Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

The following list explores embarrassing would you rather questions to ask your best friends.

Check out the cringe-worthy and unflattering situations your friends would avoid or take on if they had the choice.

96. Would you rather have someone walk in on you peeing or picking your nose?

97. Would you rather have the worst-smelling farts or a loud, obnoxious laugh?

98. Would you rather hug a stranger from behind thinking they are a friend or accidentally call your boss babe?

99. Would you rather get caught talking to yourself in the mirror or practicing how to twerk?

100. Would you rather sit next to someone who smells like poop or someone who smells like cat pee?

101. Would you rather walk in on your sibling hooking up with someone or walk in on your parents doing it?

102. Would you rather talk to your grandma about your sex life or your boss hitting on you?

103. Would you rather poop your pants in public and vomit on someone while riding public transit?

104. Would you rather accidentally send a naked selfie to your dad or your boss?

105. Would you rather fart loudly while being intimate with your partner or say your ex’s name?

106. Would you rather go in for a kiss on a date when they are going in for a hug or walk in on your date in the bathroom?

107. Would you rather wave at a person who is waving to someone behind you or run up excitedly to say hi to someone from your past who doesn’t remember you?

109. Would you rather have me see your browser history or your partner?

110. Would you rather have your co-worker hear you talking badly about them or overhear your co-worker talking badly about you?

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Two women gossiping with the curly haired female whispering something to the girl with straight hair who is covering her mouth in shock.

Serious Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

Want some really good would you rather questions that will surely spark meaningful discussions with your best friend?

Then try the following list of serious would you rather questions that will help you get to know your best pals at a deeper level.

111. Would you rather lose your bank cards or be blocked from online bank accounts/apps?

112. Would you rather eat the same breakfast for 10 years or give up social media for a year?

113. Would you rather be sent free clothes for life or earn a lot of money effortlessly?

114. Would you rather know exactly when you will die or how you will die?

115. Would you rather lose your tastebuds or your ability to see colors?

116. Would you rather be a judge who decides who gets the death penalty or the warden or who carries out the penalty?

117. Would you rather have slow internet or always hit red lights when driving?

118. Would you rather be able to hear someone’s thoughts or be able to control people’s minds?

119. Would you rather always feel like you have to pee or not know when you have to pee?

120. Would you rather be the person that finds a cure for heart disease or the person who cures diabetes?

121. Would you rather witness a violent crime or find a dead body?

122. Would you rather only check your phone once a day or only wash your hair once a month?

123. Would you rather save someone you love or save a bus full of people?

124. Would you rather have your cheeks turn bright red every time someone you find attractive speaks to you or get angry every time someone you find unattractive speaks to you?

125. Would you rather lose all of your teeth or have all of your hair?

126. Would you rather have a handful of friends or one best friend?

127. Would you rather be reborn 500 years in the future or the past?

128. Would you rather die before your partner or after?

129. Would you rather not brush your hair for a year or your teeth?

130. Would you rather be a vegan or only eat meat?

131. Would you rather master a musical instrument or be an elite athlete?

132. Would you rather always have a fully charged phone or always have a full tank of gas?

133. Would you rather show up to a party overdressed or underdressed?

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Group of friends sitting on a bench and spending time together in front of the buildings

Sex Would You Rather Questions for Best Friends

Spice up your would you rather game with friends with the following list of naughty questions to talk about.

Get ready to discuss topics that are sure to bring out your best friend’s daring side.

Note: These are considered ​​hard would you rather questions for friends and must be played by over 18s.

134. Would you rather give up sex or your favorite food?

135. Would you rather have morning sex or before bed?

136. Would you rather get it on in a public bathroom or the back of a car?

137. Would you rather have edible underwear or massage oil?

138. Would you rather be on the top or the bottom?

139. Would you rather have your parents barged in on you or your sibling?

140. Would you rather take a shower with your friends or have a stranger watch you pee?

141. Would you rather be dominated or dominant?

142. Would you rather prefer lights on or off?

143. Would you rather have sex on the first date or wait?

144. Would you rather know when your parents are having sex or them know when you are having sex?

145. Would you rather do it in a bed or against a wall?

146. Would you rather go to a strip club or perform a striptease?

147. Would you rather be handcuffed or blindfolded?

148. Would you rather gossip with a stranger about your sex life or have your grandparents ask about it?

149. Would you rather make out with your best friend or a stranger?

150. Would you rather have a one-night stand or a committed relationship?

151. Would you rather reveal your body count or keep it to yourself?

152. Would you rather be kinky or romantic?

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed asking and answering questions for this would you rather best friend edition.

Feel free to let us know in the comments how you and your best friend fared playing this game.

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