145 Bride and Groom Questions For Mr & Mrs Game Or Wedding Trivia

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Ready to kick your bachelor party, bridal shower, or wedding reception up a notch and create some unforgettable moments? 

Have a blast with our list of bride and groom questions that will have the couple laughing, blushing, and reminiscing all night long!

These questions will also have the guests enjoying themselves while getting to know the bride and groom even better.

Will the couple effortlessly recall their most hilarious inside jokes or stumble upon surprises from their dating days? Will their visions for the future align perfectly or reveal delightful surprises? The anticipation builds as each question unveils a new layer of their love story.

We have delivered the questions as if they are being asked to the wedding couple so that they can be used for the Mr & Mrs Game, however, please feel free to edit if being asked to guests.

See below for more instructions on ways to use our list!

Now, let’s gather the groom and bride (or groom and groom / bride and bride) and add a dose of joy and entertainment to the festivities with these wedding game questions.

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Bride and Groom Questions About the Dating Years

Take a trip down memory lane as you test the couple’s knowledge about their dating journey. 

From their first date to their favorite shared activities, this round of our bride and groom question game will unravel the story of their love.

1. Where did you meet?

2. Who made first eye contact?

3. Who asked who out on the first date?

4. Where was your first date?

5. Who paid for the first date?

6. What did you wear on your first date?

7. What was the first thing you noticed about the other?

8. Who was the most nervous?

9. Did you think about what you were going to say on the first date, or just let things unfold naturally?

10. Did you meet at the place of the date, or did one of you pick the other up?

11. Did you know after your first date that you wanted to see each other again?

12. What is your favorite thing to do on a date?

13. Have you been on double dates?

14. What has been your most memorable date from when you first started dating?

15. Did you go out to events with friends as a couple shortly after you started dating?

16. When did you feel like you were falling for each other?

17. Who said I love you first?

18. Did you say I love you right away or plan a special moment to say it?

19. Did you tell everyone about your relationship or keep it on the down low for a while?

20. Whose parents did you meet first?

21. What year was your first vacation together?

22. Where did you first go on vacation together?

23. Who gave the first gift in the relationship?

24. Who buys the most thoughtful gifts?

25. What has been your favorite restaurant to eat at as a couple?

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Bride and Groom Questions About the Proposal and Wedding

Get ready to dive into the details of their magical moments. 

From the proposal story to the wedding day highlights, these questions will let the couple relive the joyous milestones that brought them together.

26. Was the proposal a surprise?

27. Was the proposal planned ahead of time, or was it spontaneous?

28. Did you get down on one knee when proposing?

29. Did you ask your partner’s parents for permission before popping the question?

30. Who was the first one to bring up the topic of marriage?

31. Did you consider eloping?

32. Did you consider a destination wedding?

33. Did planning the wedding fall more on one person than the other?

34. What was the biggest obstacle with wedding planning?

35. Did anyone have any meltdowns while planning the wedding?

36. What date is/was the wedding?

37. What didn’t work out for your wedding but you wish it had?

38. Did the bride pick out her ring?

39. How many cakes did you taste before deciding?

40. How many dresses did the bride try on before finding “the one”?

41. Did you get the band you wanted to play at your wedding?

42. Are you going to take trash the dress photos?

43. What is a corny wedding tradition that you had to include in your wedding?

44. What is a corny wedding tradition that you would absolutely not have at your wedding?

45. What is something or someone that is really important that you have on your big day?

46. Did both of you pick the honeymoon destination?

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Bride and Groom Questions About the Future

Peek into their dreams and aspirations as you explore what lies ahead for the newlyweds. 

These bride and groom game questions will spark discussions about their future goals, plans, and shared vision, highlighting their excitement for the journey ahead.

47. Aside from your honeymoon, where do you plan to have your first vacation as a married couple?

48. Have you talked about having children?

49. What is something you would like to do before having a child?

50. What type of activities do you plan on putting your future children in?

51. Do you plan on buying (a/another) home?

52. Have you found the house you want to grow old in together?

53. Will you host a games night for your friends and family?

54. How often do you want to have people over for dinner in a month?

55. Who will be in charge of keeping your house in order?

56. What pets will you get together as a married couple?

57. Do you plan on moving to another city?

58. Do you plan on buying an RV?

59. Do you think your partner will change careers in the future?

60. What is a skill you would like to learn together?

61. Do you think one of you will start your own business?

62. Are you going to make a will together now that you are married?

63. Who will be in charge of finances?

64. Do you have retirement plans?

65. Are there any things you plan on doing to keep the spark alive in your marriage?

66. Are you going to keep date nights going?

67. What is something you hope to achieve as a couple in five years?

68. What are you looking forward to doing as a married couple in the future?

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Easy Bride and Groom Questions

Warm up with some easy questions to ask the bride and groom about each other regarding fun and lighthearted facts.

From their favorite meals to their go-to hobbies, these questions are a breeze.

69. What is their shoe size?

70. What item of clothing do you wear the most?

71. What is their favorite fast-food restaurant?

72. What is their favorite type of pie?

73. What is their favorite flavor of ice cream?

74. What is their favorite type of movie?

75. What is something that scares them?

76. What is your spouse’s guilty pleasure?

77. What is a show that they love to watch?

78. Who is a celebrity that they have a crush on?

79. Name all of their aunts and uncles.

80. What is a bad habit they do?

81. Who takes longer to get ready for the day?

82. Where do they go to recharge at the end of a long day?

83. What is something you do that annoys them?

84. Who is grumpier when they haven’t had enough sleep?

85. What is a small lie you told the other?

86. Who has to have the last word in an argument?

87. Who has been in more car incidents/accidents?

88. Who has hit more inanimate objects while driving?

89. Who is better at surprises?

90. What is the best gift they have given you?

91. What is something you both want to do before you die?

92. Where is their dream vacation?

93. If your partner could take one thing to a deserted island, what would it be?

94. Who would play your partner in a movie about their life?

95. What are three words that your partner would use to describe you?

96. What have been your most memorable moments as a couple?

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Funny Bride and Groom Questions

Get ready to laugh out loud as you discover the couple’s playful side. 

These funny bride and groom trivia questions will delve into their hilarious habits, memorable inside jokes, and silly mishaps, creating a laughter-filled atmosphere.

97. Who tells the lamest jokes?

98. What is a funny nickname they have given you?

99. What is the funniest thing the other has said during a fight?

100. Who is more likely to moon a crowd of people when drinking?

101. Who lied on their dating profile? What about?

102. Who wins the fart game?

103. Who is more likely to trap the other under a blanket after they have farted?

104. Who is most likely to block the toilet in public and then tell the staff?

105. Who uses the most toilet paper?

106. Who fell over in public last? Where?

107. Who is more likely to run away screaming from a snake?

108. Who has the tightest undergarments?

109. Who has the worst run?

110. Who is scared of spiders?

111. Who broke something last?

112. Who backed into a parked car?

113. Who has gotten a terrible haircut but thought it looked good?

114. What is their strangest habit?

115. What is the dumbest thing they have bought?

116. What is a weird thing they collect that most people don’t know about?

117. What is a weird food combination that they eat that makes you gag?

118. Who eats the most cheese?

119. Have they made funny faces at kids while waiting in line?

120. Have you seen them pick something out of the trash?

121. Have you laughed at them for tripping and falling?

122. What do they think they are pretty good at but are actually not very good at?

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Deep Bride and Groom Questions

Dive into the depths of their love and connection with these thought-provoking questions to ask the bride and groom.

Explore their hopes, dreams, and deepest emotions, allowing the couple to share their heartfelt thoughts and strengthen their bond.

123. Is it ever ok to lie to your partner?

124. Do you think it’s ok to lie to your parents?

125. If you had a big decision to make, would you talk to your partner first or your mom/dad?

126. Do you know their love language?

127. Do you know their attachment style?

129. What is the best way to cheer them up when they are feeling down?

130. What is something that makes them feel supported and loved?

131. What do you love most about them?

132. Do you feel safe in your relationship?

133. What is something that you both need to work on in your relationship?

134. What is the hardest thing they have had to endure?

135. What is a sacrifice they have made for your relationship?

136. What is a sacrifice you have made for your relationship?

137. What is their greatest fear?

138. Do you think the tough times in your relationship have brought you closer?

139. Have they made any grand gestures for you after a big fight?

140. What is the sweetest thing they have done for you?

141. What was the best time of their lives?

142. If they could start a new career, what would it be?

143. What does their perfect Sunday look like?

144. What is something that you are both looking forward to as a married couple?

145. Would you consider renewing your vows in 20 years?

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How To Use Our Wedding Couple Questions

The most traditional way to use our bride and groom questions is through the Mr & Mrs Game, which is often played at bridal showers or bachelorette parties.

Before the event, a bridesmaid asks the groom a series of chosen questions.

The groom can reply by text, audio, or video.

At the bridal shower, the bride is asked the same questions, and once she answers the party hears the groom’s answer to see if they match!

Alternatively, the best man asks the bride, and the game is played during the bachelor party, but that is less common.

You may also find our virtual bridal shower games guide useful, all games can be adapted to suit the party style.

Another way to use the questions is to directly ask the wedding couple during the reception or a gathering held on the day after the wedding.

Or, if you want to test the guests, all you need to do is give the questions a quick tweak, print them, and place them at the reception tables.

Finally, just a quick note to say you don’t need to use every question!

How will you use them?

Final Thoughts

And that’s it for our list of questions about the bride and groom!

We hope you enjoyed them and if there are any particular questions you wanted to add or experience asking these questions that you wanted to share, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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