22 Entertaining Friendsgiving Games for an Epic Gathering

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Looking for Friendsgiving games to spice up your gathering? 

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of games that cater to different preferences and personalities, ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time.

From engaging conversational activities that spark meaningful discussions to something sporty and active that gets your blood pumping, we’ve got you covered. 

Unleash your creative side with artistic activities or keep the party going when you move indoors with a selection of exciting games you can play inside.

Whether you’re a competitive spirit, a creative soul, or just looking for ways to connect with your pals, this collection is here to sprinkle some excitement and laughter into your celebration. 

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Fun Friendsgiving Games Ideas

Conversational Games

Kick off your Friendsgiving celebration with engaging conversational activities that will have everyone sharing stories, laughter, and memorable moments. 

These games are the perfect way to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories at your gathering.

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Compete in a round of conversational wit with the card game Taboo.

In this game, participants team up in pairs with the objective of getting the other to guess a specific word or phrase based on a series of clues.

The twist is that the person relaying the clues cannot use the word itself, as well as related words that would be helpful in communicating the message.

The complicated exchange makes for big laughs and tense battles as pairs go head to head.

Taboo is best played by those with a competitive spirit and the willingness to partner with a friend who has a strong unspoken conversation.

Woman talking with a friend at a cafe.

Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” is a classic drinking game that will test the comfort level of a crowd and how willing everyone is to disclose some honesty.

The basic premise of the game is that one person begins the game by saying something they have truly never done, such as playing the guitar or visiting an aquarium.

If anyone else in the group has done that thing, they need to drink from their beverage of choice.

Once someone has taken three sips, they are out of the game.

Those who are unafraid of getting open and honest with their friends would enjoy this hilarious game of truth.

While “Never Have I Ever” is commonly considered a drinking game, it is often played without drinking involved.

For ideas on what to ask, see our list of ‘’Never Have I Ever’’questions for girls, friends, best friends, and couples.

Three woman smiling and standing while having wine together.

Family Feud

Take part in a high-intensity group competition with Family Feud.

Family Feud originally became popular as a beloved TV game show, and has since been played in variations in all different kinds of settings.

Teams of three to four people separate into two different sides, with a host guiding them through a head-to-head guessing game.

There is a board of blank slots where correct answers will go, as well as a set category such as ‘things that you eat at Thanksgiving.’

The first team to buzz in gets to supply their first guess as to what could fit into the category.

If the answer is correct, that item is revealed on the board, that team gets points and the chance to guess again.

The team that has earned the most points once all correct answers have been revealed wins.

This game is one of the best Friendsgiving games, as it can incorporate the entire party and get everyone involved in a fun group activity.

Five multiethnic friends talking and smiling together


Put your drawing skills to the test with the classic game of Pictionary.

In this game, participants team up into groups, most commonly pairs of two but not necessarily.

One person in each group is responsible for drawing, with the goal of communicating a certain word or phrase that their team needs to guess.

Without the ability to speak or write words, there is an added difficulty in being able to communicate with your team, making for an entertaining back-and-forth as everyone tries to read minds and decipher pictures.

You don’t need to be artistically inclined to enjoy Pictionary; you just need some skills in communication and the comfort level to get creative with your team.

Easel with pencil drawing a line


In the same line of thinking as Pictionary, Charades also involve the objective of conveying a certain word or phrase to your team without some common communication tools.

The difference is, that instead of drawing out your answer, participants need to communicate with only body movements and actions.

The challenge is the same: participants need to find a way to get their point across without using any words at all.

Charades have a tendency to be a bit more eccentric and humorous than Pictionary since the guests will need to do movements or actions that can become quite exaggerated and zany.

Anyone will enjoy Charades, as long as you are comfortable enough with your friends to get a little weird.

Charades also feature in our list of tea party games for adults.

Lady playing charades to friends in front of camper trailer.

Newlywed Game For Friends

Newlywed Game is traditionally played by couples, with the name deriving from couples who had just recently gotten married but it can be adapted for friends.

The objective of the game is the same, whether the participants are newly married or just good friends who know each other well.

Two people are paired up, with questions prepared ahead of the contest.

One person is asked to write down their answers to each question on a piece of paper prior to the round, and the other person is then tasked with attempting to answer each question.

The questions are compared against the pre-written answer, and whoever answers the most questions correctly wins.

This game is best enjoyed by pairs of people who know each other well, either actual couples or good friends, and either way there will be plenty of laughs whether the answers are right or wrong.

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Happy gay couple cutting cake together at a wedding.


Test your knowledge of obscure facts with a round of Friendsgiving Trivia.

A host has prepared a series of questions, most commonly with short-form answers although multiple choice could occasionally be involved as well.

Players team up in small groups, with the objective of attempting to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

The team with the most correct answers wins, and the game can continue with different rounds and different general themes.

You can design the themes to be Thanksgiving-related, such as Thanksgiving movies or moments in history.

Whether you decide to make the game Thanksgiving-themed or not, trivia questions usually involve history or pop culture so that as many people as possible can potentially know the answer.

Trivia can be enjoyed by anyone, although you will need to be focused and prepared with general knowledge of the given topic.

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Excited friends having fun and one giving a high five while sitting.


If you are thinking of good Friendsgiving game ideas for adults, consider assembling a group around the table and playing a game of Headbands.

Headbands are a great game of detection and intuition, with participants attempting to guess their own cards based on their team members’ hints.

One participant places a card on their forehead with a word or phrase, such as a popular movie character or an animal.

That person then gets to ask questions to the group while a timer counts down; they have the ability to ask any question at all aside from directly asking what they are.

Once they feel they have gotten all of the questions answered, the participant will guess the thing that is on their forehead.

If the answer is correct, they take the card down and put another one up, with the objective of guessing as many correctly as they can during the given time period.

This game is a great conversational matchup, as long as you are up for some detective work and some quick-paced competition.

The app, Heads Up, can also be used instead of a physical game.

Heads Up also features in our guide to Zoom games.

Happy friends playing game guess who and having fun at home

Sports and Physical Activities

In the mood for some active and competitive fun?

Get ready to break a sweat and bond with your pals with these games for Friendsgiving that will give an energetic twist to your event.

Flag Football

Football and the Thanksgiving season go together like gravy and mashed potatoes.

Friendsgiving usually does not occur on Thanksgiving day, so to make up for the lack of NFL football, grab a ball and put a game together in your backyard.

To avoid injury while still keeping the game interesting, get flags or similar material you can attach to your hip or stuff partially in your pockets.

The standard rules of American football apply for this particular game, with one team playing offense by attempting to move the ball down the field toward the other team’s endzone, while the other team plays defense with the hope of stopping them from scoring.

While some people may not be interested in going out in the cold or doing excessive exercise immediately before or after a large meal, flag football is one of the perfect Friendsgiving activities for adults who are desperate for some down-and-dirty physical gameplay.

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Cornhole is played on two identical long boards of wood, angled up slightly so you can throw a ball or bean bag into a set of holes organized on the top of the board.

A pair is lined up on either side of the two boards, taking turns throwing the bean bags toward the other board.

If the bag lands on the board itself, that team gets one point, and if it lands in the hole it’s three points.

This is one of the Friendsgiving games for adults that can be played by almost anyone and the difficulty setting can be adjusted by simply moving the board closer to each other or further apart.

Cornhole Board on grass.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup has been a widely celebrated game as long as there have been colleges and red solo cups.

The game begins by setting up a long table with a series of cups placed precariously along the edge.

Two teams go head to head, facing each other across the table.

When the game begins, the first person consumes their drink, and then attempts to flip it over onto its top without it falling over or slipping off the table.

Whichever team successfully lands their flipped cups first wins.

This game is perfect for those with an intense sense of competition, and if you would like to make this game non-alcoholic you can have just as much fun playing with apple cider.

Cropped view of friends toasting plastic red cups

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs may be most commonly played by children, but it can be significantly funnier when its grown adults drunkenly diving towards that last available chair.

Organize a set of chairs in a circle, ensuring you have enough space for everyone to comfortably walk around them and potentially fall to the floor.

In each round, there is one less chair and there are people circling around them.

Once the music stops, everyone attempts to sit in one of the chairs, and whoever is left standing is out of that round.

Musical chairs are best enjoyed by those who don’t mind a bit of physical play and the potential of getting a little rough in the quest to find a seat.

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Earphones with colorful background blue and pink

Artistic Activities

It’s time to unleash your inner artist!

These fun games for Friendsgiving will have you and your friends exploring your imaginative sides and let your creativity shine.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Put your artistic creativity to the test with a game that is sure to make a mess.

The pumpkin carving contest begins with a pumpkin for each participant, along with a set of tools for driving and decorating.

Once the pumpkins have been completed, the voting process can begin.

Participants display the decorated pumpkins once completed, and the rest of the partygoers can cast their votes for their favorite work of art.

If you’ve got some artistic souls in your crew who don’t mind getting a tad messy, this is one of the Friendsgiving activities that’s absolutely up their alley!  

Bring the Band Back Together

Musician friends will appreciate a game of Bring the Band Back Together.

The objective of the game is to gather different musically-inclined friends together and have them try to play a song.

Everyone has five minutes to look up chords and everything else they need before beginning, and then they need to start the song and see what happens.

To make this fun Friendsgiving game competitive, whenever someone makes an obvious mistake they need to put down the instrument, and whoever is playing last wins.

This game is only properly played with a group of musicians who are skilled enough to learn a song in a quick period, although it may be even more fun played by people who have barely played the instrument before.

Rock concert stage. Guitarist playing on electric guitar.


Mixology puts participants into the role of bartender, and the voting team into a panelist of beverage connoisseurs.

Each person is supplied with ingredients for mixed drinks, which could or could not include alcohol depending on the group’s preference.

The items could be themed after the occasion, such as apple drinks and winter spices.

After each participant has created their beverage concoction, the voting team gets to taste each drink with a blind voting process and choose their favorite.

Mixology could be played by culinary experts or complete novices; either way, everyone gets to enjoy some creative drinks that will either generate smiles of satisfaction or belly laughs of disgust.

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Glass of champagne on mirror table with silver teapot and china cup

Karaoke Contest

Dust off the old karaoke machine and play a round of karaoke contests.

The rules are simple: each player gets to perform one song in front of the rest of the group, turning the living room into a stage.

To make this more into a game, voters will choose who put on the best performance, including vocal quality, costume design, and stage presence.

The rounds can go on in an American Idol-style flow, with a select few contestants chosen by the voters each round until there is a final matchup to see who puts on the best performance.

A karaoke contest will almost assuredly involve plenty of laughs, with hilarious performances by the most unlikely of people.

You don’t need to be musically inclined to compete, though it may help your chances; in fact, those who can’t sing usually make for the funniest results.

If you’re having this game in pairs, you may also want to explore our list of karaoke duet songs, female duet songs, Tina Turner duet songs, and country duet songs.

Woman singing karaoke with friends.


If you are still brainstorming Friendsgiving game ideas, put your baking skills to the test in a competitive game of Bake-Off.

The rules of Bake-Off reflect that of the popular British baking competition: a group of bakers are tasked with baking a certain dish, and a panel of judges decide who made the most delicious and visually appealing baked goods.

The dishes can all be Friendsgiving themed, such as different kinds of pie or cookies.

There is a possibility of the results being hilarious or fiercely competitive, but in the end, everyone will have the chance to sample some delicious treats.

Indoor Games

Get ready to huddle up with your pals!

If you prefer to have your Friendsgiving games in the cozy comforts of indoors, then the following collection of games has got you covered.


Test your reflexes with the block-balancing game Jenga.

The objective of Jenga is to slowly remove pieces of wood from a tower, placing each pulled piece back on top.

With every piece you pull from the tower, the foundational structure will begin to deteriorate until it swings and sways with the slightest twitch of the finger.

Jenga can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, causing just enough stress for it to be a fun competitive affair.

You can also add this to your lineup of games for your beach party, BBQ party, or bachelorette party.

Men playing Jenga game around table with snacks.


Bingo is a great low-key option that people can compete in either in a focused session or slowly scattered throughout the evening.

Friendsgiving bingo cards can be put together by the host, a willing guest, or even purchased pre-made online.

The items can revolve around themes such as Thanksgiving foods, football players, and the characters in Charlie Brown.

A host will announce each item one at a time, either in a room surrounded by focused individuals or as an announcement at various times throughout the night.

Bingo can make for a great low-intensity game that anyone can participate in, although you will need to pay special attention whenever an item is called.

Animation of Bingo Cards

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt and have everyone break out into teams and search for all of the hidden items.

The items can be hidden around the house, such as paper turkeys in the kitchen cabinet or a football in the basement.

Each team crosses the item off their list once they find it, and whoever has the most items crossed off at the end of the night wins.

The game can be played with high intensity as teams scramble around the house, or the scavenger hunt cards can be handed out at the start of the party and groups can search at their leisure as the party goes on.

You can have this game in many different ways- for recommendations check our list of scavenger hunts for adults.

Smash Bros Tournament

Old-school video game enthusiasts will get a kick out of a Super Smash Bros gaming tournament.

Super Smash Bros is a video game that has become a favorite for large crowds dating back to the 1990’s.

Put the game on in the living room and set up a tournament bracket including everyone that is interested in playing.

Participants go head-to-head or play in groups of four, with the winners of each game moving on to the next round until there is a final match to crown the winner.

If you want to find games to play at Friendsgiving that are really exciting, with lots of action and noise, then this is for you as only people who like intense video games will probably want to join in.

Mario Kart Tournament

In the same vein of Super Smash Bros., there is another Nintendo game that is also a  big hit among larger groups: Mario Kart.

Mario Kart is a racing game that involves many of the same Nintendo characters as Super Smash Bros and is generally considered one of the most approachable and instantly enjoyable of all popular racing video games.

The tournament can be very similar to Super Smash, with a bracket involving groups of roughly four people competing against each other in each game.

Those who enjoy video games and are up for a bit of competition will enjoy playing in this Friendsgiving party game.

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Mario from Nintendo Tunnel and Star

Final Thoughts

Did you have fun navigating our list of Friendsgiving games and activities?

Let us know in the comments which one you enjoyed the most, or share your own awesome recommendations!

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