25 Fabulous Tea Party Games for Adults

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While tea parties may conjure images of dainty cups and delicate conversations, who says grownups can’t have a blast while sipping their favorite brews? 

In this article, we’re going to spill plenty of fun tea party games for adults that are guaranteed to make your gathering extra enjoyable.

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated soiree or a casual get-together, we’ve got you covered with a range of categories, from conversational games that spark lively discussions to creative activities that bring out your inner artist. 

We’ll also explore competitive games that add a touch of friendly rivalry, mysterious puzzles that keep everyone guessing, and light-hearted entertainment that will have your guests chuckling into their teacups.

So, gather your crew, set the table, steep your favorite tea, and let the excitement begin.

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Ideas for Tea Party Games and Activities for Adults

Conversational Games

Get ready to brew some laughter and engaging conversations with these tea party activities for adults.

From hilarious icebreakers to thought-provoking questions, these games will have your guests chatting and sipping their way to a fantastic time.

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading is a traditional tea party activity where participants interpret the patterns formed by tea leaves settled at the bottom of their teacups.

To play, guests first enjoy a cup of loose-leaf tea, leaving a small amount of liquid and tea leaves at the bottom.

Then, they take turns examining the patterns and symbols in the leaves, sharing their interpretations of potential fortunes or messages hidden within.

If you’re looking for tea party ideas for adults, this engaging and mystical game is a great addition, especially for those seeking a touch of mystique and intrigue at their tea-themed gathering.

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Word Association

A lively word association game starts with a phrase and involves players taking turns saying related words or phrases.

The objective of the game is to keep the flow of the conversation moving without any hesitation or repetition.

Word Association fosters creativity and wordplay, appealing to anyone who loves engaging in witty conversation over a cuppa.

Diverse group of friends taking a selfie at a cafe.

Tea Party Storytelling

Tea Party Storytelling is a collaborative narrative game where each guest adds a sentence or two to continue a story.

This game encourages imagination and storytelling, making it an engaging choice for those who appreciate shared storytelling experiences.

Young friends by tent in forest

Tea Time Mad Libs

Create Mad Libs with fill-in-the-blank sentences that result in hilarious and unexpected stories.

Mad Libs can be created by crafting simple fill-in-the-blank format stories or finding simple pre-written documents online.

Guests should be encouraged to be silly, and of course, this game should only be chosen based on the atmosphere of the party, the assembled group, and the theme.

If your party is ready to get zany and have a few laughs, Mad Libs can be a great game to open everyone up.

Scrambled Words

A really easy tea party game involves a series of scrambled up words associated with the event.

All players have to do is unscramble the terms and write down the correct answers while they sip.

For example, instead of stir the quiz sheet would show “itsr” or “jengelidar” for darjeeling.

This tea party game pack has one created for you.

Cup of coffee on table in coffee shop.

Tea Shop

Tea Shop is another simple game that requires team work between partners or small groups.

Players are given a menu description of different tea and have to match it up with a type of tea.

For example, the description could say “similar to breath mints” and the answer would be “peppermint” or “like fall in the south according to social media” and the answer might “iced pumpkin spice chai latte”.

The description can be serious or funny depending on the party vibe.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cup Jaho Salem Massachusetts

Would You Rather

Pose entertaining “Would You Rather” questions related to tea, such as dilemmas like “Would you rather give up coffee or tea for life?”

This game is a great option for a conversational bunch who enjoy fun hypothetical scenarios that can spark bigger conversations.

Would You Rather can also be a great icebreaker game to start the party off with, especially if your group seems hesitant to have group conversations and might be looking for something to have a shared conversation about.

Looking for questions you can use for would you rather game? Try our list for friends, best friends, girls, and couples.

Or you can try our seasonal prompts for Halloween and winter.

Afternoon tea cakes, scones and savories on trays with tea

Tea Tasting

Tea tasting involves sampling various types of teas, discussing their flavors, and sharing preferences.

By including rare teas with unique stories, the tasting can become a kind of shared discovery, where everyone learns a little about global teas, as well as their own palette.

This interactive and flavorful activity is a great fit for tea aficionados looking to explore new tea varieties, or less proficient tea drinkers interested in learning more about it.

Wooden tray with modern teapot, tea cup and milk jug

Tea Riddle Challenge

In the Tea Riddle Challenge, participants take on the role of riddle-makers, crafting intricate tea-themed riddles that engage the intellect and creativity of their fellow guests.

Players must conjure clever wordplay and subtle hints, challenging their friends to decipher these brain teasers while enjoying their tea.

This game offers a delightful blend of mental agility, wit, and camaraderie, making it an ideal choice for puzzle enthusiasts and those who relish the art of crafting and solving riddles.

Scottish National Gallery Food Scone Tea Edinburgh Museum Princes Street

Artistic and Creative Games

Unleash your inner artist and add a splash of creativity to your tea time! 

These imaginative games will have your guests painting, crafting, and expressing themselves in ways that will make your gathering a memorable masterpiece.

Tea Bag Folding

Tea Bag Folding is a captivating craft where participants can use the wrappers of their tea bags to experiment with a unique form of origami to create intricate and visually stunning designs.

This hands-on and creative game invites guests to explore the delicate world of miniature folding, allowing them to transform humble tea bag wrappers into works of art.

To spark the most creativity and inspiration, provide instructions on specific folding designs such as the Kite Fold or the Arrow Fold.

Ideal for individuals with an appreciation for artistic expression and a love for crafting, Tea Bag Folding is an engaging and visually rewarding addition to any tea party.

Lovecrumbs Edinburgh cafe cakes tea packs

Tea Leaf Art

Tea Leaf Art invites guests to unleash their creativity by utilizing dried tea leaves to craft intricate and captivating artwork on paper or infuse them as decorative elements into cards and crafts. 

This artistic game allows participants to explore the unique and organic medium of tea leaves, transforming them into visually stunning expressions of their imagination.

Ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of unconventional art forms, Tea Leaf Art offers a delightful and hands-on artistic experience, adding an element of natural elegance to your tea party.

More leaf activities are on our list of Fall Party Games.

Teacup Painting

Teacup painting allows guests to express their creativity by decorating their own teacups or saucers.

It may be best to obtain simple white teacups and saucers prior to the party, although guests can also bring their own cups to paint if they would like.

The paint should be specifically for ceramic, glass or tile, which will ensure that the paint adheres properly to the surface and the colors come through as intended.

Provide the supplies and a clean space that is protected from any paint splatter, and from there the participants can get as creative as they want with their designs.

This artistic and hands-on activity is perfect for individuals who enjoy crafting and customizing their tea party experience.

Two women painting own ceramic tableware in DIY workshop

Competitive Games

Tea and competition, anyone? 

Spice up your gathering with these spirited games that will have your guests vying for victory. 


Bingo is a classic party game that can easily be accompanied by a tea-themed twist.

Players use bingo cards featuring tea-related words or symbols, and the caller announces tea-related terms for participants to mark on their cards.

Bingo is a great option as a background game that extends through much of the party, not demanding everyone’s full attention while other activities go on.

Participants are encouraged to keep their boards handy throughout the night while different words or phrases are read periodically.

It can also be a great option as a more intensive, fast-paced game, but often the format is more passive and extended over time.

Buy a ready made tea party bingo card here.


Tea-themed trivia is a fantastic way to challenge your guests’ knowledge of tea-related facts.

Prepare a set of questions about tea history, varieties, and customs, and see who can answer the most correctly.

Requiring varied levels of expertise, teamwork, and a healthy dose of competition, trivia is perfect for tea enthusiasts looking to test their knowledge and compete with the other guests.

If you are looking for tea party birthday ideas, simply choose trivia questions about the birthday celebrant and have everyone but them submit answers.

You may want to get inspiration from our collection of music, movies, TV, sports, geography, decades, and holidays trivia quizzes.

Woman talking with a friend at a cafe.


Pictionary is an artistic and entertaining game where players draw phrases or items on paper or a whiteboard, while others attempt to guess what is being depicted.

This engaging activity infuses a creative flair into any gathering, making it equally enjoyable for both those with artistic skills and those who love guessing and decoding drawings.

Pictionary is a classic and beloved game that sparks laughter and excitement among participants of all ages.

Tea Party Charades

If you love some interactive tea party activities for adults, why not try playing charades?

Participants can act out words or phrases related to tea without using spoken words, while others attempt to guess the depicted term.

This engaging activity revolves around non-verbal communication and encourages humorous guesswork, making it an enjoyable addition to any gathering.

Charades is a timeless and interactive game that can bring a welcome level of energy and activity to a tea party.

Group of friends playing charades

Emoji Tea Trivia

Using an emoji website or notes in the phone, create a tea-themed emoji challenge.

Examples may include an arrow up and teapot for high tea, an ice cube and teapot for iced tea, a teapot and leaves for tea leaf, and a table and spoon for tablespoon, etc.

If you are short on time, you can buy ready-to-play emoji tea party games here.

Tea Related Emoji Challenge With Associated Images

Tea-Themed Crossword Puzzle

The Tea-Themed Crossword Puzzle adds an intellectual twist to your tea party by offering guests crossword puzzles filled with tantalizing clues centered around the world of tea.

As participants immerse themselves in this cerebral challenge, they’ll need to tap into their word skills and draw upon their knowledge of all things tea to conquer the puzzle.

Perfect for crossword aficionados and tea enthusiasts alike, this engaging game promises a delightful blend of wordplay and tea-related trivia and may reveal some pieces of tea-related information that participants were not previously aware of.

This free crossword puzzle maker will have you creating a tea-related challenge in no time.

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Mystery Games

Dive into a world of intrigue and suspense as you sip your favorite blends.

These mystery games will have your guests solving puzzles, uncovering secrets, and enjoying their tea with a thrilling twist that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

Tea Cup and Saucer Matching Game

The Tea Cup and Saucer Matching Game introduce an element of surprise and memory challenge to your tea party entertainment.

As guests gather around, cups and saucers are arranged on the table, and participants take turns matching them blindfolded, relying solely on their tactile senses and memory.

This engaging game appeals to those who relish the thrill of memory games and the sensory experience of touch, making it a delightful addition to your tea party.

White china teacup with blue design on top of porch surrounded by nature

Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for games to play at a tea party for adults, a scavenger hunt may be the perfect option for you.

A scavenger hunt is an exciting and adventurous game in which participants are challenged to explore their surroundings in search of hidden items.

Clues are provided to guide guests in their quest to uncover these concealed treasures, which may be cleverly hidden under tables, behind decorations, or even nestled behind teacups, adding an element of mystery and thrill to your gathering.

This game can be a delightful addition to any event or party, and can comfortably fit throughout the party as a background activity mixed into the rest of the occasion.

If you are throwing a Mad Hatter tea party game for adults, themed around Alice in Wonderland, consider using this White Rabbit Scavenger Hunt that will align perfectly with your chosen theme.

For more ideas, see our list of scavenger hunt games for adults.

Woman with teapot street art Southside

Guess the Tea Flavor

In the captivating game of Guess the Tea Flavor, participants embark on a sensory journey as they taste an array of distinct teas while blindfolded.

The challenge lies in identifying each tea’s nuanced flavor or type solely through taste and aroma.

This intriguing game is tailor-made for tea connoisseurs seeking to put their palates to the test and for those eager to refine their tea-tasting skills, making it a flavorful and educational addition to your tea party festivities.

Green liquid in glass cup at Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh

Tea Infuser Search

The Tea Infuser Search transforms your tea party into an interactive treasure hunt where participants embark on a quest to uncover hidden tea infusers and steepers scattered throughout the room.

As guests eagerly search for these elusive treasures, the game fosters an atmosphere of exploration and discovery, inviting attendees to engage their curiosity and sharpen their observational skills.

This delightful game is perfectly suited for inquisitive tea party-goers, igniting their spirit of adventure while adding an element of intrigue to your gathering.

Nessie Tea Strainer and Loose tea

Light-Hearted Entertainment

Keep the atmosphere light and breezy with these entertaining games that are perfect for adding a touch of laughter and amusement to your tea-themed party.

Tea Bag Toss

Tea Bag Toss is one of the lighthearted and fun tea party games for adults that’s also great in adding a dash of competition to your festivities.

Participants gather around as a small target is set up, and the challenge begins as they take turns attempting to skillfully toss tea bags into the target from various distances.

This entertaining game combines elements of dexterity and precision, inviting guests with a competitive spirit to showcase their aiming skills and making it a delightful addition to your tea party’s entertainment lineup.

If you are concerned about the potential mess of using tea bags in this way, any kind of small, easily-tossed object would work in a very similar way.

Tea Party Karaoke

Sing your favorite songs while sipping tea, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Depending on the atmosphere and theme of your tea party, a karaoke session might be a great lighthearted addition to your list of activities.

Choose songs that you know everyone is familiar with, or throw in surprises that will make for some hilarious impromptu performances.

Karaoke is a fitting game for a crowd looking to get a little silly and enjoy some of their favorite songs in the process.

For ideas, check out our karaoke duet songs for friends and couples, female duet songs, Celine Dion duets, and country duet songs.

If you enjoy music, you may enjoy our music trivia quizzes.

Asian man singing a duet.

Tea-Infused Cocktails Contest

Challenge your guests to create their own tea-infused cocktails, and then judge them based on taste and presentation.

The best option for most is to provide information on popular tea-infused cocktails such as an Earl Grey Martini or a Hot Toddy with green tea, and organize recipes on the table for guests to attempt.

For some groups, it would be best to provide the basic ingredients, including the alcohol and the various tea leaves, and encourage exploration and discovery.

If your group is composed of skilled mixologists, then provide the ingredients and let them explore their creative side.

For an even bigger challenge, the tea cocktails could be based on a theme such as a season, moods, Disney characters, Barbie, sports people, etc, and players are given a theme to prepare before the big day – this is a really popular game among social media fans.

Don’t forget to film the big entrance and presentation of each themed tea cocktail.

This game can be a great fit for people of all skill levels and is sure to result in some delicious new discoveries, or at least a hilarious taste-testing experience.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for DIY tea party ideas or games to make your get-together more entertaining, we hope this list has given you tons of inspiration.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and share your own suggestions in the comments below.

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