126 Fun Bridal Jeopardy Questions About The Bride, Groom, Wedding & More

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Get ready to rock and roll as we plan the most epic bridal shower or bach party itinerary.

We all know they won’t be complete without a fun game that’ll have everyone buzzing with excitement and joy, right?

So let’s dive into an exciting quiz that celebrates the couple-to-be and all the heartwarming moments leading up to their magical wedding day with our list of bridal jeopardy questions.

Inspired by the format of the famous television show “Jeopardy’’, it involves players answering a set of questions but with a bridal twist. 

This features fun jeopardy categories for players to pick from and opportunities to rack up points by giving the right answers.

For more information on how to play, we have detailed instructions at the end.

Our jeopardy categories list centers around the bride-to-be, the groom, the wedding, and their relationship, as well as fun love songs and rom-com trivia- feel free to take ideas from here if you want to create your own.

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Bride-To-Be Bridal Jeopardy Questions

It’s time to celebrate and discover more about the blushing bride-to-be!

In this round of our bridal shower jeopardy questions, get the chance to test your knowledge of the life and quirks of our lovely leading lady.

1. Where did the bride grow up?

2. What was the bride’s first pet?

3. What sport did she play in high school?

4. Where did the bride attend college/university?

5. Who was her best friend growing up?

6. Is that friend at the wedding party?

7. Who was the bride’s celeb crush growing up?

8. What is the bride’s go-to restaurant?

9. What is her favorite color?

10. What does the bride do for work?

11. What is a hobby that the bride has?

12. What is a hobby the bride has had that she no longer does in the past?

13. What is a trashy show that the bride loves to watch?

14. What is the bride’s favorite meal to cook?

15. What is the bride’s favorite dessert?

16. What is her favorite movie to watch when she’s home sick for the day?

17. Where would the bride take a trip to if money wasn’t an issue?

18. How often does she go on vacation in one year?

19. What has been the biggest trip the bride has taken?

20. What has been the worst trip the bride has taken?

21. What is a fear that the bride has?

22. What is an irrational fear that the bride has?

23. What is something that will send her running and screaming from a room?

24. What is a big goal that the bride has?

25. What is the bride’s biggest accomplishment?

26. What is the bride’s dream job?

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Groom Questions  

Let’s see how well you know the dashing groom in the following set of our bachelorette jeopardy questions! 

From his favorite hobbies to his most embarrassing childhood stories, these queries will reveal the interesting side of the man who stole the bride’s heart.

27. When was the groom born?

28. Where did the groom grow up?

29. What is the groom’s second name?

30. How many siblings does the groom have?

31. What is the groom’s mom’s name?

32. Where did the groom go to college?

33. What is the groom’s nickname?

34. Who is the groom’s best friend?

35. What car does the groom drive?

36. What is the groom’s main hobby?

37. How many times has the groom been engaged?

38. Does the groom do his own laundry?

39. What is the groom’s favorite food?

40. What is a food that the groom cannot stand?

41. Does the groom die his hair?

41. What is the groom’s party trick?

42. What is the groom’s song?

43. What is the groom’s drink?

43. What team does the groom support?

44. What sports does the groom play in his free time?

45. What sports does the groom like to watch on TV?

Bride and groom in bright shoes sitting on a bench.

Wedding Couple Questions 

It’s time to relive the epic love story of the wedding couples!

These trivia questions for bridal showers will let you journey through their dating history, relationship milestones, heartwarming moments, and more.

46. Where did the couple meet?

47. What year did the couple meet?

48. How long has the couple been dating?

49. Who asked who out on the first date?

50. Did the groom bring the bride flowers on their first date?

51. Where was their first date?

52. Did the first date end with a kiss?

53. How long after the first date did the second date happen?

54. Where is a regular date night spot for the bride and groom?

55. How did the groom propose to the bride?

56. Where did the proposal take place?

57. Did the groom ask the bride’s father permission to marry her?

58. Who helped pick out the ring?

59. What is the couple’s pet name?

60. Where do the couple live?

61. What is the couple’s favorite movie?

62. What is the couple’s favorite TV show?

63. What is the couple’s favorite song?

64. What hobby do they do together?

65. What couple do they always hang out with?

66. Where was the couple’s first vacation?

67. Where was the couple’s last vacation?

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Wedding Questions  

Prepare for a trip down the aisle in the following couples jeopardy questions.

This category will take you through the magical moments of the ceremony, the joyful celebrations at the reception party, and the dreamy destination of their honeymoon.

68. Where was the bachelorette party?

69. Where was the bachelor party?

70. How many wedding venues did the couple look at before making their final decision?

71. What is the color scheme of the wedding?

72. Did the couple handmake some of the decorations?

73. What kind of flowers will be at the wedding?

74. What length is the wedding dress?

75. What color dresses are the bride’s party wearing?

76. What style of dresses is the bride’s party wearing?

77. Will the bride change out of her wedding dress for the reception?

78. Did the groom buy or rent his tux?

79. Will the couple do a trash-the-dress photo shoot?

80. Who is the flower girl?

81. Who is the ring bearer?

82. How many people are in the wedding party?

83. Is the reception a buffet or a sit-down dinner?

84. Will there be an open bar?

85. Is there a band or a DJ at the reception?

86. Did they get the band they originally wanted to play at the reception?

87. What song is first dance to?

88. What are the wedding favors?

89. Where is the honeymoon?

90. How long is the honeymoon?

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Love Song Questions 

Time to put on your dancing shoes and grab a tissue!

These questions are all about the heart-melting, soul-stirring love songs that have serenaded countless romances. 

91. What band sings “I’ll Make Love To You”? (Boys to Men)

92. What year did Adele release Hello? (2015)

93. Finish the song title by Lewis Capaldi “Wish You the ___” (Best)

94. What is the name of the song Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith collaborated on? (Who We Love)

95. According to Spotify, what is the most listened-to love song in 2023? (Calm Down by Selena Games)

96. What year did Whitney Houston record the song “I Will Always Love You”? (1992)

97. Who originally sang (and wrote) the song “I Will Always Love You”? (Dolly Parton)

98. Who did Stevie Nicks collaborate on “Leather and Lace” with? (Don Henley)

99. Which Frank Sinatra love song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1936? (The Way You Look Tonight)

100. What movie made Wet Wet Wet’s “Love Is All Around You” popular? (Four Weddings And A Funeral)

101. What is a popular wedding song by Frankie Vallia and The Four Seasons? (Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)

102. What song are the lyrics “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long” from? (Wouldn’t it Be Nice)

103. Who does Beyonce sing Crazy In Love With? (Jay Z)

104. What song are the lyrics “Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections” from? (All Of Me by John Legend)

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African-American bride to be pouring champagne in a glass with friends at a bachelorette party.

Rom Com Movie Questions  

Get ready for some rom-com magic in the lash round of our bridal shower and bachelorette party jeopardy questions.

These will test your knowledge of the most hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedies that have made us laugh, cry, and believe in love.

105. What is the plot of “Our Family Wedding”? (A young couple who are getting married and their families causing problems for each other.)

106. Who stars in the movie “Serendipity”? (John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale)

107. What year did the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” released? (2009)

108. Who is the male co-star of Jennifer Aniston in “The Bounty Hunter”? (Gerard Butler)

109. How does Robbie meet Julia in “The Wedding Singer?” (At a wedding)

110. What romantic comedy was released in 1989 that starred Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal? (When Harry met Sally)

111. What was Vivian Ward’s profession in “Pretty Woman?” (Street worker)

112. What is the name of Jennifer Lopez’s character in “The Wedding Planner?” (Mary Fiore)

113. Who is the male star in “She’s All That?” (Freddie Prinze Jr.)

114. What is the plot of “Never Been Kissed?” (A 25-year-old professional who has never been kissed goes undercover in her old high school)

115. What year did “10 Things I Hate About You” come out? (1999)

116. Who stars in “Music and Lyrics?” (Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore)

117. Who wrote the book series “Confessions of a Shopaholic” that were turned into a romantic comedy? (Sophie Kinsella)

118. What Christmas rom-com do Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers star in? (Single All The Way)

119. Who stars in “No Strings Attached?” (Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher)

120. Why does Margaret Tate blackmail Andrew Paxton to marry her in “The Proposal?” (So she doesn’t get deported)

121. What is the name of the character Carrie Bradshaw marries in the “SATC” movie? (Mr. Big)

122. Who stars in “Sweet Home Alabama?” (Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas)

123. What does Benjamin Barry win if he wins the bet in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?” (To lead the diamond campaign)

124. How did Gary Grobowski and Brooke Meyers meet in “The Breakup?” (During a baseball game)

125. Who plays Margot in “About Fate?” Emma Roberts

126. Who stars in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall?” (Jason Segel and Kirsten Bell)

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Big screen with audience.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list has given you ideas for jeopardy categories to be used for the bridal shower or bach party.

Let us know what before-the-wedding game you want us to create next in the comments below.

How to Use Our Jeopardy Questions

Jeopardy is a popular US TV show where the quizmaster asks clues and contestants reply with the answers disguised as a question.

Before playing, the host will organize teams and a board with categories and questions. 

Each category will have different point values assigned to its questions, ranging from easier questions with lower point values to more challenging ones with higher point values.

Points are usually amounts of money such as $200, $400, $600, $800, and $1000.

Players choose a category and the host delivers the question (clue).

In the true game of Jeopardy, contestants are asked clues and they reply in the form of a question, usually using the words, “What is (answer)?

For example:

The meaning of the Hakuna Matata.


What is no worries?

For ease, we have created lists of questions, not clues, but you can reword them if you so wish.

Most jeopardy game hosts ditch the answer format, choosing to play with question and answers as to not confuse teams.

If a contestant guesses correctly, they earn the point value of the clue/question, and then choose the next clue.

If they are wrong, the point value is deducted from their score, and other players have the opportunity to buzz in and respond.

At the end, the player/team with the highest total wins the game!

There are two additions to keep the game exciting.

Firstly, Daily Doubles, which is placed on a clue/question.

Confident players that land on Daily Doubles can wager any amount of points from their score before they see the clue.

If they guess right, they keep the points/money.

If they are wrong, they lose the points/money.

Secondly, Final Jeopardy.

Final Jeopardy is the last round and this is similar to Daily Doubles where players wager an amount from their score.

If they are correct, they get the points/money.

If they are incorrect, they lose the points/money.

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