239 Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt Items To Find At Any Party

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Looking for unique bridal shower game ideas?

Get ready to add a splash of excitement to the celebration with a twist that guarantees laughter and bonding- our fantastic bridal scavenger hunt! 

This is designed to make the most of this special occasion, delivering a dose of laughter and camaraderie as everyone- from the bride’s closest pals to her beloved aunts- gets in on the action. 

You don’t have to use every question- tailor the game to fit the personalities and preferences of the guests, making it a unique experience for the bride-to-be and her entourage.

Players usually document the collection of items by returning them to the host, or providing photos as evidence, in exchange for points!

For more information on how to play the game, simply scroll down to the bottom of this guide for instructions.

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Easy Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt Items

Get ready to hunt down wedding themed wonders that will have you channeling your inner detective! 

This round of our wedding shower scavenger hunt is all about finding party items and adding a playful twist to the bridal celebration.

1. Balloon.

2. Cake.

3. Champagne flute.

4. Cocktail glass.

5. Drawing of bride’s engagement ring.

6. Feather.

7. Hat.

8. Headband.

9. Heart.

10. Kiss.

11. Petal.

12. Photo of someone watching everyone else dance.

13. Picture with the mother of the bride.

14. Picture with the mother of the groom.

15. Ribbon.

16. Snap of someone dancing.

17. Something blue.

18. Something borrowed.

19. Something lacy.

20. Something made from silver.

21. Something new.

22. Something old.

23. Something shiny.

24. Veil.

25. Wine glass.

26. “Yes”.

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Girls pour wine on beach at bachelorette party

Bridal Shower Purse Scavenger Hunt

Dive into the depths of your purses, because this round is all about revealing the unexpected treasures you’ve been carrying around! 

From random delights to quirky essentials, your handbags hold the clues to an intriguing bridal shower treasure hunt.

27. A dried flower.

28. A little bottle of liquor.

29. An old bill.

20. Arcade tokens.

31. Bandage.

32. Battery.

33. Birth control.

34. Bobby pin.

35. Body spray.

36. Bracelet.

37. Breath mint.

38. Brush.

39. Bug spray.

40. Business card.

41. Butter knife.

42. Candy.

43. Cash.

44. Cell phone.

45. Cell phone charger.

46. Chapstick.

47. Claw clip.

48. Comb.

49. Contact lens case.

50. Cough drops.

51. Coupons.

52. Crayon.

53. Currency from another country.

54. Disinfectant wipes.

55. Disposable wipes.

56. Earrings.

57. Extra strap for the purse.

58. Eyelash curler.

59. Eyeliner.

60. Floss.

61. Fork.

62. Gift card.

63. Greeting card.

64. Gum.

65. Hair tie.

66. Hand lotion.

67. Hand sanitizer.

68. Handwritten note.

69. Headphones.

70. Juice box.

71. Keys.

72. Library card.

73. Lint brush.

74. Lipstick.

75. Mascara.

76. Measuring tape.

77. Mirror.

78. Mitts.

79. Nail clippers.

80. Nail file.

81. Nail polish.

82. Necklace.

83. Notepad.

84. Pad.

85. Passport.

86. Pen.

87. Pepper spray.

88. Perfume.

89. Pet treats.

90. Pictures.

91. Planner.

92. Poncho.

93. Reading glasses.

94. Receipts.

95. Restaurant menu.

96. Rewards/points card for a grocery store.

97. Rock.

98. Safety pin.

99. Scissors.

100. Self-defense item.

101. Sewing kit.

102. Slippers.

103. Snack wrappers.

104. Snacks.

105. Socks.

106. Something purple.

107. Spoon.

108. Stamp.

109. Store punch card.

110. Sunglasses.

111. Sunscreen.

112. Tampon.

113. Tissue.

114. Toothbrush.

115. Toothpaste.

116. Train ticket.

117. Tweezers.

118. Tylenol.

119. Used tissue.

110. Water bottle.

111. iPad.

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Bridal Shower Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to geek out with your gadgets in the following cell phone scavenger hunt for bridal shower.

Time to grab your phones and uncover the hilarious, heartwarming, and totally quirky stuff in this list hiding in your devices.

112. Alarms set as reminders throughout the day.

113. Bride as a child.

114. Brightly colored phone case.

115. Call received during the game.

116. Case that holds bank cards.

117. Cash tucked in between the phone and its case.

Countdown until a birthday.

118. Countdown until a vacation.

119. Countdown until the wedding.

120. Cracked screen.

121. Dentist appointment in the calendar.

122. Device barely holding it together.

123. Different ringtone for different people.

124. Doctor’s appointment in the calendar.

125. Four (or more) contact names that start with the letter “L”.

126. Google Maps history.

127. Incognito mode revealed.

128. Investment app.

129. Less than 10 photos.

130. Long-distance call.

131. Missed call.

132. More than 10 phone calls from the same person in the past month.

133. Most alarms to wake up.

134. Naughty text message.

135. No unread emails in the inbox.

136. Over 1000 photos.

137. Period tracking app.

138. Photos from a vacation.

139. Picture of a pet.

140. Pictures of the bride’s hometown.

141. Picture of siblings.

142. Pictures older than 10 years.

143. Ringtone that is a song.

144. Ringtone that is not on silent or vibrate.

145. Screensaver of a father.

146. Screensaver of a pet.

148. Song as a ringtone.

149. Spam call.

150. Spam text message.

151. Text from a boss.

152. Text from a mother.

153. Text from a stranger by mistake.

154. Text from over a year ago.

155. Text sent during the game.

156. Text with a picture in it.

157. The most amount of unread messages.

158. The oldest photo on a phone in the room.

159. Wallpaper that is a photo of themselves.

160. Wallpaper that is a pretty picture.

161. Weather app.

162. Wedding date in the calendar.

163. Your battery is over 90% charged.

Girls in pajamas and sleeping masks sitting and covering mouths with phone.

Bridal Shower Photo Scavenger Hunt

Say cheese and strike a pose- it’s time to capture the magic! 

Grab your cameras and go on a photo scavenger hunt as part of your that’ll have you creating funny, touching, and oh-so-memorable snapshots for your bridal party activities.

164. Action shot.

165. Bride and groom to be.

166. Bride and her mother.

167. Bride with the maid of honor.

168. Bride’s siblings.

169. Couple in love.

170. Elephant.

171. Family photo.

172. Groom’s siblings.

173. Group pic with the most people in the picture.

174. Lunch.

175. Netflix and chill.

176. Photo displaying the bride’s personality perfectly.

178. Photo of something wonderful.

179. Picture with the most brides in it.

180. Pictures of freshly done nails.

181. Selfie with the bride’s childhood friend.

182. Selfie with the staff.

183. Someone sleeping.

184. Something daring.

185. Sports shirt.

186. Strangers in the background.

187. The best wedding filter.

188. Vacation-style photo.

Bridal Shower Food and Drink Scavenger Hunt

Get those taste buds tingling and prepare for a flavor-packed adventure that might just involve a bit of internet sleuthing or calling a friend!

From hunting foodie gems to whipping up quirky culinary concoctions, this bridal shower treasure hunt is a mouthwatering quest for the perfect edible goodies.

189. Bread knife.

190. Bride’s favorite cocktail.

191. Cake topper.

192. Cocktail with sprinkles.

193. Cookie recipe the groom’s grandma used to make.

194. Cute serviette.

195. Dip.

196. Drink that tastes better cold.

197. Drink that the bride dislikes.

198. Edible flower.

199. First thing the couple ate together on a date.

200. Food that makes the groom gag.

201. Groom’s favorite condiment.

202. Jar of the bride’s favorite pickles.

203. Meal the bride’s mom used to make for her as a kid.

204. Mini bite.

205. Mocktail.

206. Old family recipe of the bride’s.

207. Popular drink served at weddings.

208. Popular food served at weddings.

209. Room temperature water.

210. Something baked.

211. Something blue.

212. Something fresh.

213. Something fried.

214. Something over-the-top spicy.

215. Something the groom has cooked for the bride.

216. Something white.

217. Spiciest snack in the room.

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Photo of mashed potato and kale with garlic and seasoning on the side

Bridal Shower Music Scavenger Hunt

Crank up those speakers and get ready to groove-  it’s time to let the music lead the way! 

Whether you’re flipping through streaming services or unearthing classic CDs, team up with your bridal party to hunt down the tunes that’ll set the scene for a musical scavenger hunt that’s unlike any other. 

218. Bride’s favorite boy band growing up.

219. Bride’s favorite love song.

220. Bride’s karaoke song.

221. Father/daughter song.

222. First dance song.

223. Groom’s favorite band growing up.

224. Number 1 from the 90s.

225. Number 1 from the 2000s.

226. Number 1 from the 2020s.

227. Party tune to get everyone on their feet.

228. Song beginning with B and ending with G.

229. Song by artists of the first concert the couple went to together.

230. Song by artists of the last concert the couple went to together.

231. Song from the bride’s first concert.

232. Song that reminds you of the bride.

233. Song that reminds you of the groom.

234. Song that you think represents the couple well.

235. Song the bride can play on an instrument.

236. Song the bride used to sing often as a child.

237. Song the groom used to sing often as a child.

238. Traditional song played at weddings.

239. Walking down the aisle song.

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White flowers in a wedding with couple being married in the background.

Final Thoughts

Depending on where the occasion takes place, you may want to get more suggestions with our collection of scavenger hunt games for adults.

We hope our list of bridal shower scavenger hunt ideas added a joyful twist to your celebration! 

Share your fun-filled moments in the comments below. 

What fun and unique bridal shower games do you want us to do next?

How to Play Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

Begin by preparing a list of items that the participants need to find, using this article as a handy guide. 

Decide whether the participants will be playing individually or in teams. 

Next, distribute the scavenger hunt list or the first clue to each team or individual. 

Let them find as many items as possible within the set time limit.

Remember, you don’t have to include every question or category- tailor the game to match the bride’s style and your party’s vibe.

Start the timer, and let the searching begin! As the participants find items, they should mark them off on their provided list.

Whoever returns back with the most items in the fastest amount of time or within the time limit wins.

You can add points to each item, varying the amount given depending on how hard they are to find.

Feel free to add your own creativity and personal touch to make the game even more exciting

More information about this game can also be found in our guide to virtual games for bridal shower.

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