161 Anniversary Questions For Couples: Dating, Wedding, Family & More!

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Celebrating your anniversary soon?

Whether you’re planning a big bash or just a cozy dinner at home, there’s always a way to make your party extra special! 

And if you’re looking to add a bit of entertainment, why not try out our list of anniversary questions for couples?

It’s a great way to keep things fresh and learn more about your partner at a deeper level.

The best way to play our fun questions for married couples (or simply those in a relationship) is to act as if there is a quizmaster taking you through the rounds, asking questions.

We created the anniversary quiz questions this way so they can be played with family and friends at an anniversary party.

The quizmaster can ask questions in turn or devote sections to one-half of the couple, whatever they see fit. 

If you prefer to play alone as a couple, you just have to change your to our when discussing the relationship-focused questions.

For example, the question ‘’what was your favorite date throughout your relationship?’’, would become ‘’what was your favorite date throughout our relationship?’’.

Alternatively, you can turn these game questions for married couples into a quiz to test members of the family, like a pub quiz-style evening. 

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Questions About Dating

As a couple, you know well that dates are one of the ways to spend special time together and grow closer with each other.

So let’s start this game to play at an anniversary party with some questions about dating.

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1. Were you friends before you started dating?

2. At what point while dating did you know you wanted to be together for the rest of your life?`

3. What was your favorite date throughout your relationship?`

4. Did you date for a long time before getting married?

5. Do you still have regular date nights?

6. Where was your last date, and what did you do?

7. Did you ever plan a date night that didn’t go as planned?

8. How often do you spend time together doing something you both enjoy?

9. Do you have an activity or a hobby you would like to do as a couple?

10. Is there a favorite restaurant you like to go to, and what does your partner usually order?

11. What was the longest length of time you went without going for a date night?

12. What do you do on a daily basis to keep the spark in your relationship?

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Questions About The Wedding

Looking for wedding anniversary games that aren’t too complicated?

In this list, let’s explore some wedding anniversary questions to help you reminisce about your wedding day and all that has happened since then!

13. (This is a rapid-fire question for the couple and both have to answer at the same time…) What date did you get married? 

14. Where did you get married? 

15. Was it your first choice?

16. What was the weather like on your wedding day?

17. What flavor was the wedding cake?

18. What was your first dance?

19. What color did the bridal party wear?

20. What was your favorite part of your wedding?

21. Did you have an open bar at your wedding?

22. How much did your wedding cost?

23. What was the weirdest wedding gift you received? 

24. Do you remember your biggest obstacle when it came to your wedding?

25. Is there anything you would like to do over at your wedding?

26. How did the wedding night go down?

27. Is there anyone you know now that you wish could have attended your wedding?

28. If given the chance to redo your wedding, would you make it more extravagant or low-key?

29. Do you plan to renew your vows at some point?

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Fun Anniversary Questions

It’s time to add some levity to the occasion with this list of funny questions to ask couples on anniversary.

These questions will reveal all the silly truths about you and your partner- which will help lighten the mood and get everyone laughing.

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30. Who replaces the toilet paper roll most often?

31. Which one of you never forgets a birthday, anniversary, etc?

32. Which one of you controls the tv remote the most?

33. Who talks on the phone most often?

34. Which one of you is the biggest thrill seeker?

35. Who is most likely to get locked out?

36. Who gets the most parking tickets?

37. Who wakes up in a better mood?

38. Who has vomited the most throughout the marriage? 

39. Who is most likely to burn food?

40. What is your most embarrassing moment during your marriage? 

41. Who has the stinkiest feet?

42. Who has the stinkiest farts?

43. Who is the most likely to bring home a new pet?

44. Rapid fire question to be completed together: quote a saying you both speak often.

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Romantic Questions for Couples

What’s an anniversary game without any romantic vibes to it?

That’s why the following list of sweet and cute questions for couples will explore things about your relationship and thoughts about romance.

You can also use this set of romantic questions for married couples celebrating their wedding anniversary.

45. What is your partner’s best quality? 

46. What is your partner’s best feature? 

47. What attracted you the most to your spouse at the beginning of your relationship?

48. Which one of you initiated your first kiss?

49. What is your nickname for your partner?

50. What is your favorite memory of this past year?

51. What celebration over the years has stood out the most to you?

52. What was a time in your marriage that has had the most significant impact on you as individuals and as a couple?

53. How have you both grown in the past year?

54. What is your greatest strength as a couple?

55. What is your biggest weakness as a couple?

56. Do you still wish each other a good morning?

57. Do you still kiss each other good night?

58. Do you still hold hands in public after all these years of being together?

59. Do you text each other throughout the day to see how the other’s day is going?

60. Does your spouse make you feel loved on a regular basis?

61. What one small thing makes you feel appreciated? 

62. Has your spouse stopped doing something over the years that you wish they would begin again?

63. What is something surprising that you have discovered over the years about your spouse?

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Questions About Vacations and Social Time

While taking vacations as a couple is one of the ways to have uninterrupted quality time together, socializing with people other than your partner is also helpful- especially at times when you need a network of support.

So in this set of questions, let’s hear some of your thoughts about vacations and social time for couples.

64. What is your favorite vacation that you have taken as a couple?

65. What is the worst vacation that you have ever taken as a couple?

66. What is your dream vacation, and do you think you will ever go on it?

67. Is taking regular vacations important to you as a couple?

68. Have you ever visited a nude beach and partake in it?

69. What’s your preference, all-inclusive vacay or city getaway?

70. What does a perfect night out look like for you and your spouse?

71. How many nights do you spend socializing with each other in a month?

72. Do you socialize as much as you would like to?

73. Do you limit your social calendar?

74. Who spends the most time on their phone?

75. Do you enjoy having people over to your house?

76. Do you have a group of friends as a couple and as individuals?

78. Do you belong to any clubs as a couple? 

79. What is a class you want to take together, like cooking, dancing, etc?

80. What do you like about your relationship in social settings?

81. What one thing would you change about your relationship that would impact social activities or vacation time?

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Funny Anniversary Questions For Parents

For a couple, welcoming a new part of the family is a joy and most of the time positively impacts the relationship.

So whether you have children or a furry friend you consider your baby- you’re sure to have fun answering our list of anniversary questions for parents.

If you don’t have kids (humans, or furbabies), you can skip this section.

82. (This is a rapid-fire question for the couple and both have to answer at the same time)… Where was the first child conceived?

83. What cravings came with pregnancy?

84. Which child was labor the worst with?

85. If you have more than one kid, what order were they born in starting with the youngest? 

86. Who changed the first nappy?

87. What were the names of your kids’ stuffed toys/comforters?

88. Who buys the best Christmas/ birthday presents?

89. Name one of your kids’ childhood heroes that you hated and why.

90. What are your children’s nicknames?

91. Describe a time your kid embarrassed one of you.

92. Describe a time you embarrassed one of your kids. 

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Questions About Family

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than by learning more about the family that made each person who they are today? 

This section will explore all the fun questions for couples regarding their family. 

From questions about their childhood family to their own household family- this is a nice way to find out more exciting facts about the pair.

93. Are you close to your siblings?

94. Did you start a family right away, or did you wait a few years?

95. How many family pets has your family had?

96. Where was your family’s first vacation 

97. What is your fondest memory as a family?

98. What is your least favorite moment from your life as a family?

99. Is there something you would like to change about your family?

100. What is the proudest moment in your family?

101. Describe a time a family member gave your fright.

102. Describe a time a family member brought joy.

103. Describe an event with your family that always makes you laugh.

104. Do you wish to spend more time with your family?

105. Do you wish for more children/wish you had more children?

106. Where is your favorite destination to go to as a family?

107. What do you love the most about your family?

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Questions About The Future

While anniversaries are often seen as opportunities to celebrate and reflect on all the years couples have been together, the occassion can also be a time to look into the future!

So in this section, our list will touch on some “what if” questions for couples that will help you ponder about your next step or long-term plans with the person you’re in a relationship with.

If you want to add more thrill to the celebration, pair it up with some truth or drink questions.

108. Is there anything off your bucket lists you plan on doing before your next anniversary?

109. Where do you see yourself living in the future? 

110. What is something you wish to achieve as a couple and as individuals within the next 5 years?

111. Picture that you are living the life of your dreams in 5 years; what does that look like?

112. Do you have lofty goals as a couple for the future or smaller ones?

113. Is there anything that you are excited about for the future of your relationship?

114. Are there any big changes you see happening in the near future?

115. Do you feel you are on track as a couple to achieve all your goals together and individually?

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Questions to Help Other Couples Survive Marriage

Whether you’re looking for some good games for anniversary at home or at a party,  or just a few nice marriage questions for couples, our next set of questions are sure to spark some meaningful discussions.

The following list of wedding anniversary questions couples might want to address is all about how they were able to survive their marriage and sustain their relationship- which other couples can learn from.

116. What has worked really well in your marriage that you didn’t think of as a young couple?

117. Are there any situations you look back on and wish you had handled differently, and what would you do instead?

118. Was there a time that you didn’t work well as a couple, and how did you overcome it?

119. Are there any secrets to staying in love with your partner after years of being together?

120. Did you ever go to bed angry, and what did you do to resolve the problem?

121. Has there been a point in time when you thought the relationship was over, and what did you do to save it?

122. Do you still make time for romance? Why?

123. How has your love evolved over the years?

124. Has your relationship ever felt stale, and what did you do?

125. Is spending time apart important? Why?

126. Is having separate hobbies healthy? Why?

127. What has given you the most joy over the years of being a couple? 

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Would You Rather Questions for Anniversary Couples

Let’s now move on to the more lighthearted and quirky anniversary quiz questions for couples.

Our set of ‘’would you rather’’ questions is another fun way to discover new things about your partner or confirm what you already know.

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128. Would you rather wake up early or sleep in?

129. Would you rather wear your spouse’s dirty socks or brush your teeth with their toothbrush?

130. Would you rather go on vacation yearly or upgrade your home yearly?

131. Would you rather eat your favorite dessert every day for a year or have your favorite drink daily?

132. Would you rather give your partner a gift or receive a gift from your partner?

133. Would you rather have a romantic dinner date or a thrilling adventure?

134. Would you rather have your partner lose all their hair or become extremely hairy?

135. Would you rather your partner become rich but stressfully busy, or poor with lots of free time?

136. Would you rather have a date in a spa or a haunted house?

137. Would you rather be the party couple or the couple people come to for advice?

138. Would you rather spend the night watching a movie or heading out within a group for a night on the town?

139. Would you rather watch a comedy or a horror movie?

140. Would you rather have a big celebration for your anniversary or a small and intimate gathering?

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How Well Do You Know Your Spouse Game Questions

Think you know everything about your spouse? Well, think again.

Our list of ”how well you know your spouse” questions is the perfect way to find out how much you really know about your significant other.

If you’re tasked to ask the questions, you can prepare this section before the game starts by asking the couple to complete the questions separately so you have the correct answer.

141. What is your spouse’s favorite snack?

142. What was your spouse’s first pet?

143. What are your spouse’s least favorite meals you make?

144. How often does your spouse stop for coffee in a week?

145. How does your spouse handle stress?

146. Can you name your spouse’s best friend?

147. Do you know what your spouse’s life goals are?

148. What traits get on your spouse’s nerves?

149. How does your spouse like their steak?

150. What does your spouse do to relax?

151. Can you name your spouses grandparents?

152. Do you know places that your spouse would like to travel to?

153. Do you know what your spouse wanted to be as a child?

154. What is your spouse most proud of?

155. What is a superpower that your spouse wishes they had?

156. How often does your spouse shower?

157. Is your spouse afraid of anything, and what?

158. What is your spouse’s go-to look?

159. What is your spouse’s favorite breakfast food?

160. What is your spouse’s favorite cocktail?

161. Do you know your spouse’s love language?

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Final Thoughts

We hope our list of interactive and fun anniversary questions for couples can help make your anniversary extra special.

And don’t forget to share your experience answering the questions in the comments below.

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