179 Fun Camping Questions For Your Next Adventure

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Camping offers a refreshing escape, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, reconnect with nature, or simply unwind and recharge.

And when you’re with friends, partners, or family, this activity also creates the perfect atmosphere for great conversations.

With no distractions from gadgets or bustling city life, you can truly focus on each other and engage in lighthearted banter, deep discussions, and everything in between. 

But if you’re not sure what to talk about, don’t worry because we got you covered with our list of camping questions- perfect for getting the entertaining convos started.

Whether it’s about your most hilarious camping mishaps, discussing your dream camping destinations, or thoughts about life and what’s happening around you, these points are bound to get everyone talking. 

And if you want to have a little bit of excitement, we have a set of question games that will challenge your quick thinking skills and ability to make tough choices.

So, whether you’re huddled up in a cozy tent or sitting under a star-studded sky, get ready to laugh and bond with fellow adventurers with our list of camping topics.

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Questions About Camping

Let’s start by exploring questions about your personal camping experiences.

Get ready to share some of your unforgettable stories- from your favorite camping food to your memorable moments, and everything in between.

1. When was your first camping trip?

2. What is your worst camping experience?

3. What has been your best camping experience?

4. What is a must-have item for when you are camping?

5. Do you take things camping that you don’t need but are nice to have, what are they?

6. Have you had a raccoon steal your food?

7. Have you encountered any dangerous wildlife? (Bear, mountain lion, coyote, etc.)

8. Do you plan your meals before you go camping, or do you just bring a bunch of food and make whatever you feel like?

9. Is showering important while camping?

10. Where is the worst place you have had to go to the bathroom while camping?

11. Have you had to go number two in a bush?

12. Who is your favorite person to camp with?

13. Have you been camping during the winter?

14. What is your favorite activity to do while camping?

15. Who is someone you would never go camping with?

16. Do you bring your pet camping?

17. What is your favorite part of camping?

18. Are you good at building a fire?

19. How do you like to cook while camping?

20. Have you been rained out while camping?

21. Do you need to have a beach nearby while camping?

22. Do you mingle with other campers?

23. What home comfort item do you bring camping?

24. Do you take your bike camping?

25. Do you try to do any water based activities on your camping trips?

26. What is something you have brought camping but have learned is unnecessary?

27. What are some survival items you always take with you just in case you get stranded?

28. What is the longest camping trip you have been on?

29. Would you be able to camp for a month straight?

30. Do you learn about the local wildlife before going camping?

Birds at the beach in Amelia Island, Florida.

Dream Camping Experience Questions

More and more people have seen the benefits of camping and are starting to spend time outdoors.

If you envision your dream camping experience, what will it be?

Let your imagination run wild with the following questions about camping that will let you paint a vivid picture of your ultimate outdoor getaway.

31. If you could camp anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

32. If you could take a celebrity camping with you, who would it be and why?

33. What national park would you love to camp at?

34. What is a campfire meal you want to learn how to make?

35. Is there a wild animal you hope to cross paths with?

36. What is an activity that scares you but you hope to do while camping?

37. If you could buy any camping gear, no matter the cost, what would you purchase?

38. What is an item from your camping bucket list?

39. Do you want to camp in another country?

40. Do you want to walk the Appalachian trails?

41. Do you dream about climbing to the summit of a mountain?

42. What is a camping skill you wish to improve?

43. Who is someone in your day-to-day life that you hope to bring camping?

44. When you have kids, will you take them camping?

45. What would be a perfect camping experience for you?

46. Do you plan on buying an RV when you retire so you can camp all the time?

47. Have you been glamping?

48. What would your perfect day camping look like?

49. What is one luxury item you plan on buying before your next camping trip?

50. If you could camp every weekend, would you do it?

51. Do you fantasize about camping for a living?

52. What does your dream campsite look like?

4 camping tents of difference colors on a mountain.

Would You Rather Camping Questions

Prepare to make tough choices with our “would you rather” camping questions and answers.

Navigate through amusing scenarios, weighing the pros and cons of different camping situations, and find out what camping preferences truly resonate with you.

53. Would you rather roast Marshmallows or hotdogs over the fire?

54. Would you rather camp in a park or the middle of the woods?

55. Would you rather camp beside a river or a mountain?

56. Would you rather run into a bear or a wolf?

57. Would you rather sleep on the ground or on a blow-up mattress?

58. Would you rather prefer to have electricity while camping or no electricity?

59. Would you rather camp in a tent or an RV?

60. Would you rather camp solo or at a crowded campground?

61. Would you rather hike all day or kayak all day?

62. Would you rather watch the sunset or watch the sunrise?

63. Would you rather be close to a store while camping or make do with what you have?

64. Would you rather go on an adventure or relax at your campsite?

65. Would you rather wear a little makeup while camping or go without?

66. Would you rather bring extra toilet paper or extra food?

67. Would you rather go camping with your family or your friends?

68. Would you rather take your pet with you or leave them at home?

69. Would you rather be too hot at night or too cold?

70. Would you rather run into a wild animal while camping or people you work with?

71. Would you rather take a baby camping or a puppy?

72. Would you rather drink coffee or tea in the morning?

73. Would you rather have beer or fruity cocktails around the campfire?

74. Would you rather see a shooting star or a rainbow?

75. Would you rather listen to the birds singing in the morning or the wolves howling at night?

76. Would you rather eat fish cooked over the fire or hamburgers?

77. Would you rather go to bed early while camping or stay up late?

78. Would you rather get bit by a fly or stung by a bee?

79. Would you rather eat fresh fruit for breakfast or bacon and eggs?

80. Would you rather drive to your campsite or hike into it?

81. Would you rather bring firewood with you or gather firewood on your own?

82. Would you rather go on a big camping trip every year or go to a tropical resort?

Check out our list of would you rather questions for friends, best friends, couples, and girls.

Tropical beach on Barbuda Island.

Yes or No Camping Questions

Get ready for a quick-fire session of “yes or no” camping questions- where quick thinking and gut instincts are key. 

Test your camping knowledge, preferences, and opinions as you answer a series of fun and thought-provoking questions with a simple yes or no.

83. Are you afraid of the dark while camping?

84. Do you like to tell scary stories around the campfire?

85. Do you like to sing around the campfire?

86. Can you go camping if you have to go to the bathroom in the woods?

87. Do you know how to set up a tent?

88. Have you had bad weather when camping?

89. Would you camp during a thunderstorm?

90. Do you like to camp by yourself?

91. Do you need a day after getting home from camping to rest before getting back to your regular routine?

92. Have you run out of clean clothes while camping before?

93. Do you only cook at the campfire?

94. Have you had to camp with no flashlights before?

95. Have you been camping with your siblings?

96. Do you camp several times throughout the year?

97. Are you sad when your camping trip is over?

98. Would you camp every weekend if possible?

99. Do you plan on upgrading your camping gear soon?

100. Have you heard strange noises at night while camping?

101. Have you had a weird experience while camping that you can’t explain?

102. Do you spend a lot of money on camping?

103. Have you been on a camping trip that you couldn’t wait to pack up and go home from?

104. Do you like being close to others when camping?

105. Did you bring any new camping gear on this trip?

106. Have you gotten sick while camping?

107. Have you had a bathroom accident while camping?

108. Have you been stung by a bee?

109. Have you had to pick ticks off yourself?

110. Have you had to pick leeches off yourself?

111. Do you have friends that don’t like camping?

112. Are you quiet for the most part while camping?

113. Have you been kicked out of a campground?

114. Do you plan time just to sit around and relax when camping?

115. Do you have favorite campgrounds?

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Southford Falls State Park during fall in Connecticut.

Who is Most Likely Camping Edition

Discover the quirks and characteristics of your fellow campers in our who is most likely to camping edition.

Predict who among your friends, family, partner, or colleague is most likely to get lost in the woods, cook the food, bring the most gadgets on a camping trip, and more!

116. Who is most likely to get scared at night while camping?

117. Who is most likely to cook all the food?

118. Who is most likely to get up their tent quickly?

119. Who is most likely to need help setting up their tent?

120. Who is most likely to sleep under the stars?

121. Who is most likely to claim they have seen a UFO?

122. Who is most likely to jump in the nearest body of water?

123. Who is most likely to bail early on a camping trip?

124. Who is most likely to wear perfume while camping?

125. Who is most likely to bring the best snacks?

126. Who is most likely to spend most of their time on their phone?

127. Who is most likely to bring their guitar?

128. Who is most likely to not be prepared for mosquitos?

129. Who is most likely to bring a book camping?

130. Who is most likely to get really drunk?

131. Who is most likely to chase a raccoon that stole food from them?

132. Who is most likely to plan a fun activity during the day?

133. Who is most likely to bring smores?

134. Who is most likely to stay in an RV instead of a tent?

135. Who is most likely to keep the fire going?

136. Who is most likely to buy fancy camping gear?

137. Who is most likely to make friends with campers around us?

138. Who is most likely to get in trouble with the park patrol?

139. Who is most likely to bring birdseed to feed the birds?

140. Who is most likely to go to bed first?

141. Who is most likely to go to bed last?

142. Who is most likely to stay up all night watching the stars?

143. Who is most likely to bring a telescope camping?

144. Who is most likely to wear a hoodie at night, even if it’s hot?

145. Who is most likely to bring their bike with them?

146. Who is most likely to fall asleep sitting around the campfire?

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Two people having coffee in front of the campfire.

Camping Hotseat 

Looking for a fun camping quiz?

Step into the hot seat and unleash your storytelling prowess as you tackle a range of captivating camping topics, from unforgettable encounters with wildlife to the joys and challenges of staying in the great outdoors.

Do this all while racing against the clock to share your insights and ideas in just one minute. 

For more campfire games, check out this guide for adults.

147. How to tie a knot?

148. What to do if you run into a bear?

149. How to build a fire?

150. What is the best wood for a fire?

151. What is the best place to camp?

152. Why is it important to clean up after yourself while camping?

153. What is the best way to deal with poisonous snakes in the area?

154. What to do if you are bitten by a snake?

155. What are some local birds?

156. What is the best camping food?

157. How can you roast the perfect marshmallow?

158. What should you do if you cut yourself while camping?

159. What are some tips for camping in the winter?

160. Is Bigfoot real?

161. How can you purify water?

162. How can you survive a tornado while camping?

163. What is the best way to stay dry if it rains while camping?

164. Who is the worst type of person to go camping with?

165. What is an important camping skill to have?

166.  Can you tell me about the constellations?

167. Are aliens real?

168. What is the worst camping-related injury someone could get?

169. What are ten camping must-haves?

170. Where is the best place to buy durable camping gear?

171. Should you forage for food while camping?

172. Can you eat local mushrooms?

173. What is the best food to bring camping?

174. How to make the perfect s’mores?

175. Is staying in an RV really camping?

176. What are the ways to save money on camping?

177. How to set up a tent?

178. What are the basics of Hiking 101?

179. When is the best time of the year to go camping?

Man and woman cooking barbecue outdoors.

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, campers! We hope these camping questions have ignited your sense of adventure and added entertainment to your time with others outdoors.

And don’t forget to share your most cherished camping moments, hilarious stories, or unforgettable experiences in the comments below. 

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