172 Yes or No Questions to Ask a Girl

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Are you looking for some fun and interesting questions to ask a girl? 

Whether you’re with your friends, on a date night, or just hanging out together, it’s important to make sure the conversation stays exciting and full of life! 

But don’t worry, there’s no need to start things off with lengthy chats- in fact, a simple question game will do.

To help get those imaginative conversations started, you can try our extensive list of yes or no questions to ask a girl.

The types of yes or no questions are categorized into easy and random yes or no questions, fun yes or no questions, weird yes or no questions, and yes or no questions exercises that talk about deep and juicy topics.

So whether you want to discover interesting things about the ladies or surprise your girl with thought-provoking questions for a dose of excitement, this guide will be packed with fresh ideas and lively discussions.

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Easy Yes or No Questions for Girls

Warm things up with the following easy list of yes-no questions to ask a girl.

Questions cover simple topics like food, clothes, hobbies, and more.

1. Do you have a sweet tooth?

2. Do you know how to play poker?

3. Have you ever been to a vegan restaurant?

4. Do you use a daily planner?

5. Have you ever been on a tropical vacation?

6. Do you start your day with coffee?

7. Are you interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle?

8. Do you read regularly?

9. Is spending the night drinking your idea of a night well spent?

10. Do you enjoy being active?

11. Have you binge-watched a series of TV shows on a weekend?

13. Do you enjoy being social?

14. Do you enjoy solitude?

15. Did you play sports while growing up?

16. Do you know how to swim?

17. Do you like reading dramatic romance novels?

18. Have you ever seen a gorilla in real life?

19. Do you eat breakfast every day?

20. Do you think you are a good cook?

21. Do you celebrate your birthday every year?

22. Are you a good dancer?

23. Do you have any pets?

24. Would you consider buying your clothes from a thrift store?

25. Do you plan to travel within the next year?

26. Do you enjoy gazing at the stars?

27. Are you afraid of spiders?

28. Do you want to be famous?

29. Have you had anything go viral?

30. Can you speak a second language?

31. Do you know all the continents?

32. Have you won a contest before?

33. Do you get up early every day on purpose?

34. Do you like living in a big city? 

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Funny Yes or No Questions for Girls

Girls especially love it when someone can make them laugh– so if you want to impress that special girl in your life, these hilarious yes or no questions are sure to do the trick. 

These questions are sure to get everyone giggling too if you’re having an afternoon of fun with your friend.

35. Have you cheated at a board game before?

36. Have you eaten anything really strange?

37. Do you find dad jokes to be funny?

38. Can you burp on demand?

39. Do you talk to your pets?

40. Do you have conversations with yourself in the mirror? 

41. Do you get annoyed when people eat off your plate?

42. Do you watch any reality tv shows?

43. Have you accidentally stolen something?

44. Do you stalk anyone on social media?

45. Do you think you are a funny person?

46. Do you sing in the shower?

47. Do you scroll your phone while on the toilet?

48. If given a chance, would you try and live on Mars?

49. Have you fallen in front of a lot of people?

50. Would you bail out a friend who has been arrested?

51. Have you pulled off an elaborate prank?

52. Do you have a secret hobby?

53. Do you talk in your sleep?

54. Have you ever tried to hold in a fart, and it slipped out anyways?

55. Have you been to a food-eating contest?

56. Have you been to a wet t-shirt contest?

57. Have you thrown up on a date?

58. Have you been angry with someone for something they did in your dreams?

59. Do you like pineapple on your pizza?

60. Have you ever had to sleep with the lights on after watching a scary movie?

61. Have you gotten a speeding ticket?

62. Have you ever given a regifted gift?

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Simple Past Yes or No Questions for Girls

Take a stroll down memory lane and let your girlfriend/s talk about some of their fun and memorable encounters.

The following are examples of yes or no questions that will let you discover simple facts about their past.

63. Do you have regrets from your past?

64. Do you have fond memories of your past?

65. Have you done karaoke before?

66. Is there a hairstyle you wish you would not have gotten in your younger years?

67. Do you still live in the town you grew up in?

68. Have you acted selfishly in the past and regret it now?

69. Do you have good memories from your childhood?

70. Have you ever skipped Christmas?

71. Have you met a celebrity?

72. Has someone done something kind for you in the past that you still think about?

73. Are you still in touch with friends from your childhood?

74. Did you get into a lot of trouble as a teenager?

75. Did you ever break your curfew as a kid?

76. Do you remember what your favorite tv show was as a kid?

77. Have you been to a concert that you will never forget?

78. Does your life look the way you thought it would as a kid?

79. Were you a teacher’s pet?

80. Did you buy your first car with your own money?

81. Do you still have the same hobbies as you did five years ago?

82. Have you won a large sum of money on a lottery ticket?

83. Do you wish you had traveled more in years past?

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Embarrassing Yes or No Questions for Girls

Whether it’s at home, in public, or anywhere else, every girl has their own awkward stories to tell.

So here are some of the best yes or no questions for girls that let you discover the embarrassing experiences they had.

This list can include some tricky yes or no questions so feel free to skip if someone’s not comfortable answering.

84. Have you farted in public?

85. Do you always clean your hands after using the bathroom?

86. Have you wiped your nose on your sleeve before?

87. Have you recently peed your pants?

88. Have you said something stupid in front of someone you were trying to impress?

89. Do you go a long time in between showers?

90. Do you get winded going upstairs?

91. Have you accidentally flashed someone?

92. Have you had to go to the bathroom in a bush?

93. Have you made a fool of yourself in front of your in-laws?

94. Have you had to poop in a public washroom?

95. Have you stuck your tongue out as a kid?

96. Have you thrown a temper tantrum as an adult?

97. Do you like a particular food that most people find gross?

98. Do you still cut yourself shaving?

99. Have you lied to keep a job?

100. Would you give up personal hygiene for a month for a thousand dollars?

101. Have you stepped in poop before?

102. Have you had other people’s bodily fluids on your clothes?

103. Have you walked about with underwear attached to your clothes?

104. Do you secretly enjoy canceled plans?

105. Do you have smelly feet?

106. Have you spent an astonishingly large amount of money online shopping?

108. Have you flipped your lid then realized it was your fault?

109. Have you passed out?

110. Have you accidentally sent a text to the wrong number?

111. Have you said something out loud that you meant to say in your head?

112. Have you thrown up at work?

113. Have you been on a blind date?

114. Have you received an email that wasn’t meant for you?

115. Have you been arrested?

116. Have you considered quitting your job?

117. Is there a room in your house full of useless stuff you can’t bring yourself to get rid of?

118. Have you said something so cringy at work that you wanted to quit on the spot?

119. Has anyone ever read your diary?

120. Have you had head lice before?

121. Have you bailed in the middle of a date with the excuse you were going to the bathroom, then leaving?

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Deep Yes or No Questions for Girls

Deep conversations can strengthen a bond between friends- or even romantic relationships.

So for the ladies, if you’re looking for inspiration or a few thought-provoking questions to contemplate – we’ve got it right here.

Get ready to channel your inner philosopher with these meaningful and serious yes /no questions just for the girls.

122. Do you genuinely like who you are as a person?

123. Do you do things that are helping you grow as a person?

124. Have you ever been in love?

125. Would you move to another country?

126. Do you enjoy your job?

127. Have you had your heart broken?

128. Do you believe that the soul goes on after death?

129. Do you tend to run away from your problems?

130. Have you set and achieved goals?

131. Do you give money to charity?

132. Do you consider yourself to be a loyal person?

133. Are you able to tell people “No?”

134. Do you have problems with setting boundaries?

135. Are you a good secret keeper?

136. Do you believe in reincarnation?

137. Have you planned out your future wedding?

138. Have you picked out names for kids you plan on having in the future?

139. Do you believe you are a good role model?

140. Have you had a deeply spiritual experience?

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Relationship Yes or No Questions for Girls

Spice up your yes-no questions game and take things to the next level with some of the juiciest revelations about your girlfriend/s.

From rumors to relationships, the following yes/no questions list is sure to make everyone’s pulse racing. 

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141. Have you ever asked out someone for a friend?

142. Have you asked someone out solely on looks?

143. Do you have a go-to friend to gossip with?

144. Have you received a bouquet of flowers?

145. Would you kiss a stranger for $50?

146. Have you ever ghosted someone?

147. Have you started a rumor about someone before?

148. Have you shared a rumor before?

149. Do you have a crush on someone right now?

150. Have you been called out on a lie before?

151. Have you made out with someone and not know their name?

152. Do you regret not taking the opportunity to ask a potential friend for lunch?

153. Was your last kiss with someone special?

154. Have you asked your parents for friendship advice?

155. Have you asked your friends for advice to do with your parents?

156. Have you broken the law?

157. Do you like your mother-in-law?

158. Have you been cheated on?

159. Have you ever cheated on someone?

160. Would you passionately kiss your best friend for $100?

161. Have you returned a gift you received from a loved one without them knowing?

162. Have you sustained an injury while making out?

163. Do you like to go on dates that involve food?

164. Have you dated someone considerably older than you?

165. Have you dated someone much younger than you?

166. Have you ever stolen from your job?

167. Have you been involved in a scandal?

168. Do you have people that you truly hate?

169. Have you been in a fistfight?

170. Do you like men with beards?

171. Would you marry someone for money?

172. Have you ever catfished someone?

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Final Thoughts

Let us know how you liked this list of yes or no questions for girls.

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