133 This or That Questions for Couples

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Looking for this or that questions for couples to use as game questions for gatherings- or to simply liven up your talks, have some fun, and get to know your partner better?

Then look no further!

We’ve rounded up questions for this or that for couples that go from clean and funny to personal and deep.

To make things more interesting, you can use a quick-fire timer and have the player drink if they exceed the time limit- or any consequences you prefer, feel free to get creative.

You can also ask additional questions like ‘’why’’ to know more deets.

For extra thrill, pair this up with our truth or drink questions.

We also have a list of this or that questions for friends, adults, girls as well as seasonal ones for fall.

Clean This or That Questions for Couples

Let’s start with some clean this or that questions that cover wholesome and easy topics.

The questions are simple and don’t require much thinking.

1. Live in the country or live in the city?

2. Be in competition with each other or with your friends?

3. Vacation on the beach or in the mountains?

4. One big yearly vacation or small road trips throughout the year?

5. Share a bathroom or a closet?

6. Hang out with my friends or with my family?

7. Take a nap together or work out together?

8. Morning coffee or an evening cocktail?

9. Dance while at the bar or sing karaoke?

10. Get matching piercings or tattoos?

11. Wear matching outfits or make out in a public place?

12. Host Thanksgiving dinner or go to someone else’s house for dinner?

13. Shovel the driveway or mow the grass?

14. Sentimental gift or expensive gift?

15. Internet or cell phone?

16. Sleep on your back or your side?

17. Sleep in complete darkness or with the tv on?

18. Change the bed sheets once a week or when they start to smell?

19. Order out or cook at home?

20. Split the bill when dining out or take turns paying?

21. Share food with each other or have separate plates?

22. Sing karaoke or participate in improv comedy?

23. White chocolate or dark chocolate?

24. Warm beer or cold red wine?

25. Going sledding or going for a bike ride?

26. Having a snowball fight or a water fight?

27. Sunrise or sunset?

28. Being chased by a monster or a tiger?

29. Fruits or vegetables?

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Funny This or That Questions for Couples

In the following list, you’ll find hilarious and fun this or that questions for couples that are sure to bring some laughs along the way.

This is a great way to discover the funny preferences your partner will make if given the choice.

30. Covered in hair from the top of your head to your toes or completely hairless?

31. Meet Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?

32. Be a traditional mermaid or a reverse mermaid?

33. Be in a Disney movie or a Marvel movie?

34. Vomit everything you eat or vomit everything you drink?

35. Stand in dog poop or have a bus drive through a puddle and wet you?

36. Wear socks or go barefoot in someone else’s home?

37. Long ear hair or long nose hair?

38. Be a cat for a week or a baby?

39. Knotted hair or sweaty armpits?

40. Fight an alien or fight a robot?

41. Lose your sense of smell or not be able to taste anything?

42. No more sweet treats or no more salty snacks?

43. Have an extra toe or an extra finger?

44. Shave your head or shave your partner’s head?

45. Stuck in an elevator with a farter or in the middle of people with b.o. on a flight? 

46. Never shop online again or never shop in a store again?

47. Wear the same shirt for a year or the same pants?

48. Dirty socks or dirty underwear?

49. Getting cussed out by your mom in public or your partner?

50. Ferris wheel throw up or roller coaster throw up?

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Weird This or That Questions for Couples

Want to get quirky with your partner?

The following set of weird this and that questions for couples are going to let you learn more about your partner’s strange and bizarre thoughts.

No need to take this too seriously as the questions are just for fun and entertainment.

51. No teeth or no fingernails?

52. Social media or real-life interactions?

53. Swim in a dirty pool or take a shower in a dirty bathroom?

54. Lend money to a criminal or borrow money from a child?

55. Asking weird questions or answering them?

56. Be really funny or really good-looking?

57. Be abducted by aliens or run into a Sasquatch?

58. Be 9 feet tall or 3 feet tall?

59. Wrestle someone you hate or wrestle someone who hates you?

60. Have a doll you take everywhere with you or a blanket you can’t leave home without?

61. Live through an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse? 

62. Have a mullet or a bowl cut?

63. A week without brushing your teeth or a week without using deodorant?

64. Be stuck at a fast pace for everything you do or in slow motion?

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Controversial This or That Questions for Couples

Take your this or that games to the next level with some controversial questions that will get you and your partner thinking.

These are exciting questions to ask especially if you want to discuss things that are a topic of hot debates.

Remember: you can always ask why to know the reasons behind their answers.

65. Lose your home or lose your business?

66. Be rich but not very good-looking or poor but beautiful?

67. Be chronically ill or badly wounded?

68. Get attacked on social media or get attacked physically?

69. Work longer days and have long weekends or work a couple of hours a day but work weekends as well?

70. Eat your words or swallow your pride?

71. Lose all of your money or lose all your memories?

72. Savings or investments?

73. Have a terrible big event happen to you once or have small bad things happen to you every day?

74. A job that is not aligned with your integrity but you make a lot of money or a job that pays very little but reinforces who you are as a person?

75. Spend the day watching horrible low-budget movies or spend the day listening to really bad local bands?

76. Save 30 strangers from dying or a loved one from dying?

77.  Share the same religion or share the same values with your partner?

78. Follow your heart or follow your mind?

79. Win an argument or stay quiet?

80. Respect or affection?

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Relationship This or That Questions for Couples

Want something to spark discussions on things that revolve around your relationship?

Then use the following list of  this or that questions for boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses.

Most topics below won’t dig too deep, but you can skip some if you’re not comfortable answering them. 

81. Cuddling in bed before going to sleep or on the couch while watching tv?

82. Being affectionate in public or being more hands-off?

83. Adopting a puppy or a kitten?

84. Small wedding or a big wedding?

85. Cooking for me or me cooking for you?

86. Have an extravagant date night once a month or a low-key date night weekly?

87. Buying each other gifts for our anniversary or going on a trip?

88. Summer wedding or fall wedding?

89. Binge-watching a show on a Saturday night or meeting up with friends for a night of drinking?

90. Would you rather be with someone who’s always on their phone or someone who’s always going through your phone?

91. Have a beautiful home in the country or a luxury condo in the city?

92. Be in a relationship with someone who never says “I love you” or who never hugs you?

93. Watch the sun come up together or the sun go down?

94. Have a spontaneous relationship and not know what’s next or a peaceful and predictable relationship?

95. Be close to your partner’s parents or friends?

96. Flowers or chocolate?

97. Working out a disagreement right away or taking time to cool off and think?

98. A romantic weekend away or a romantic weekend at home?

99. Stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast?

100. Dress up for a night out or stay home in our sweatpants?

101. Build a home together or start a business together?

102. Hang out with our parents for the night or with our friends?

103. Buy a car together or get a puppy together?

104. Ask your partner for help or figure it out on your own?

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Deep This or That Questions for Couples

Meaningful conversations are said to have a positive impact on a relationship.

Using the following serious and deep this or that choices below, you can turn your question games into something thought-provoking and insightful.

105. Be powerful or be popular?

106. More money or more time?

107. Solve world hunger or be the person to find the cure for cancer?

108. Always say what you are thinking or not speak at all?

109. Big family or small family?

110. Remembered for something horrible or not remembered at all?

111. Win a big lottery jackpot or not pay taxes for the rest of your life?

112. Plan out every detail of your day or see how it goes and be spontaneous?

113. Have a strong body or a strong mind?

114. A star named after you or a song written about you?

115. Change your partner’s negative attitude or just accept it?

116. Go to church or go for a nature walk?

117. Give someone an expensive gift or make them something yourself?

118. Go back 10 years in your life or stay where you are?

119. Be friends with someone who talks a lot or someone who doesn’t talk?

120. Take a vacation with your extended family or friends?

121. Keep a secret from your partner or them keeping a secret from you?

122. Your partner be besties with someone you hate or their ex?

123. Make a lot of money illegally or be poor for the rest of your life?

124. Show up to n event overdressed or underdressed?

125. Spend your life in a small town or a big city?

126. Know how you are going to die or how your partner is going to die?

127. Unlimited money or endless free time?

128. Be able to hold in your jealousy or your anger?

129. A second chance at your career or a second chance at love?

130. Accidentally deleting your social media account or accidentally deleting all the pictures on your phone?

131. Lots of acquaintances or a few close friends?

132. Live with your partner’s parents or your parents?

133. Good health or a lot of money?

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Final Thoughts

We hoped you had a blast playing and answering questions for our this or that couples edition.

If there are any question games you want us to write about next, feel free to let us know in the comments. 

How to Play This or That

Wondering how to play this or that? The game is pretty simple.

One person will start by asking a this or that question from the list. The player/s must choose between the two options and give their answer.

You can also put your own spin on the game.

For example, if you want to add more pressure to the following this or that questions, use a quickfire timer to reduce thinking time and add a forfeit such as ten-star jumps or a shot of a drink of your choice if the player/s goes over.

If you want them to share more information, just tag on the question ”why” to their answers.

This game can also be played online or over the phone.

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