120 Fun Dares For Friends: Perfect for Parties or Hang Outs

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When you’re out of ideas for fun things to do with your friends, the classic ‘’dare game’’ is always a blast. 

Whether you’re having a party or simply hanging out, this is the perfect chance to see your pals’ hilarious, embarrassed, and craziest side!

But what are the best dares for friends to get everyone excited and laughing?

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites so you can have hours of fun.

The dare challenges are divided into sections and include easy dare games for friends, clean dares for friends, funny dares to ask your friends, online dares for friends, and good dares for guys and your girlfriends.

If you’re up for something more challenging and interesting, we also have dares to ask your crush and some kissing dares.

So gather your group and get ready for some outrageous fun!

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Easy Dares for Friends

Get things started with some easy dares to give your friends.

With these questions and challenges, everyone will get all the excitement without being challenged too much.

Ready? Here it goes…

1. Ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar.

2. Look under the couch cushions; whatever you find, you have to lick.

3. Stuff as many mini marshmallows as possible into your mouth and then recite the ABCs.

4. Walk around the room while having a conversation with yourself.

5. Let someone do your eye make up.

6. Talk with a bad fake accent for the rest of the game.

7. Hold another player’s hand for the remainder of the game.

8. Hold a plank for 30 seconds.

9. Sing your favorite Disney song.

10. Make an impression of another player, and don’t stop until someone guesses who it is.

11. Pretend to be a dog for 3 minutes.

12 For the rest of the game, anytime anyone in the game laughs, you must crow like a rooster as loud as you can.

13. Wear your socks on your hands and gloves on your feet until we say stop.

14. Trade shirts with the person on your right.

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Excited friends having fun and one giving a high five while sitting.

Clean Dares for Friends

These clean dares are the wholesome way to get your friends out of their comfort zone and are perfect for almost all occasions.

Need more games like this? Check out our clean would you rather questions.

15. Make a sandwich while blindfolded.

16. Take a shot of dill pickle juice.

17. Give everyone playing the game a sincere compliment.

18. Call Burger King and ask them if they sell McChicken sandwiches.

19. Serenade the next person you see.

20. Dress the player to your left.

21. Message the last person you texted a message that says, “I love you”.

22. Describe what the sky looks like without using colors as a description.

23. Do a handstand for 30 seconds.

24. For the remainder of the game, you can only sing what you have to say.

25. Give a big hug to the person sitting across from you.

26. Wear the craziest wig you can find for the rest of the game, can’t find one? Make one.

27. Stand outside and dance the best disco dance you can.

28. Wear your clothing backward for the rest of the game.

29. Put on a blindfold and touch the other player’s faces and try to guess who it is.

30. Whisper until the next turn.

Five multiethnic friends talking and smiling together

Funny Dare for Friends

Looking for a good laugh? Check out these funny dares to tell your friends! 

You might be surprised at what they’re willing to do.

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31. Say something cute in an Irish accent to the person sitting on your left side.

32. Take your socks off using your teeth.

33. Convincingly sell a chocolate coffee mug.

34. Let another player put a leash on you and walk you around the room, stop to pee at least once.

35. Call a Chinese restaurant and order a Chicago-style pizza.

36. Peel a banana using only your toes.

37. Stand on your front lawn and howl like a wolf for 3 minutes.

38. Moonwalk.

39. Call a friend that isn’t playing the game and tell them in a hushed and serious voice that you need help burying the body.

40. Go outside and run up to the first person you see screaming, “I knew it was you!”.

41. Eat a spoonful of mayonnaise.

42. Call a 7-Eleven and ask them what time they open.

43. Put on a blindfold and let your friend feed you whatever they want from the fridge.

44. Do your best jazz hands.

45. Do the long jump.

46. Eat an onion like you would an apple.

47. Call a random number and ask them if you can borrow a few hundred bucks until next week.

48. Try to eat as much horseradish as you can in 1 minute.

49. Do your best impression of a president that the group chooses.

50. Go out to your front lawn and pretend that you cannot get your invisible lawn mower to work, and ask anyone that walks by for help.

51. Smell the armpits of the person sitting next to you and describe what it smells like.

52. Smell every player’s feet and rank them by how bad they smell.

53. Do the floss for 30 seconds.

54. Call a contact beginning with T and very badly sing them happy birthday.

55. Cheerlead.

56. Tue someone’s laces when they are not looking.

57. Eat a snack without using your hands.

58. Pretend to look for your voice.

59. Send a text to a random number using only emojis.

60. Drink a glass of juice without using your hands

61. Read the back of a food packet as if you are in a Shakespeare play.

Woman talking with a friend at a cafe.

Dares to Ask Your Crush

Have you ever wished you had the guts to ask your crush out or tell them how you feel? 

Fear not, friends – we’ve got some dares that will help you work up the courage. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge, then read on.

The wording of this section will switch slightly so you are addressing your crush.

62. Tell you how they feel about you.

63. Describe the first time we met.

64. What is the cheesiest but most romantic thing you have ever done.

65. Let’s eat at spaghetti, Lady and The Tramp style.

66. Take me out for ice cream.

67. If we were a movie, what would we be?

68. Do your best wolf whistle.

69. OTT cuddle.

70. Braid my hair.

71. Speak to me in French.

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2 women and a man smiling together at a cafe

Good Dares for Guys

When it comes to good dare questions to ask a guy, you want something that will be fun and get their adrenaline going. 

Here are some great dares that will do just that.

Dare your guy friend to do any of these fun challenges and see how he does! 

72. Wear your shorts on top of your pants for the rest of the game.

73. Act out a scene from your favorite movie, don’t stop until someone guesses what movie it is.

74. Do your very best celebrity impression.

75. Spin around until you are dizzy, and then try to pour a glass of juice.

76. Draw on abs and walk around the block.

77. Put your clothes on backwards and wear them that way for the rest of the day.

78. Shave one of your legs.

79. Smile as wide as you can until it is your next turn.

80. Message a girl from your friends list online and tell her you need to break up.

81. Talk in a robot voice for the rest of this round.

82. Take a drink from a bottle of hot sauce.

83. Pick someone playing the game to sing to you until it is your turn again.

84. Let the other players wrap you in saran wrap for the rest of the game.

Happy couple lying on the couch while playing ukelele.

Good Dares for Your Girlfriends

Do you like having fun and getting crazy with your girlfriends? 

Then you’ll love these good dares for the girls- and see who is brave enough to try them.

We also have fun games of best friends such as never have I ever, who is most likely to, would you rather, yes or no questions, and kiss, marry, kill.

85. Paint another player’s nails in 15 second, all nails must be done.

86. Dump out your purse and let everyone go through your stuff.

87. Draw a moustache and glasses on your face and wear them for the rest of the day, and when anyone asks, act like you have no idea what they are talking about.

88. Show the group the last picture you took.

89. Do the worm on the front lawn until three cars have driven by.

90. Call Walmart and ask if their soup aisle is well stocked.

91. Talk in a deep voice for the rest of the game.

92. Put on all your clothes (like Joey from friends).

93. Run outside in a costume, yelling, “I am a woman; hear me roar!”.

94. Purr like a cat and rub up against the other player’s legs like a cat until it is your turn again.

95. Talk nonstop until the next player is finished their turn,

96. Close your eyes and open your mouth and eat whatever is put into your mouth by other players.

97. Put makeup on without a mirror and take a selfie to post as your profile picture.

Girls in pajamas and sleeping masks sitting and covering mouths with phone.

Dares for Friends Online

Looking for more dares to do with your friends?

Then dare them to do something fun and crazy online!

These dare questions for friends online can be anything from posting the funniest pic or singing live- but just make sure to do it responsibly.

You can play these dares when you are not together, you just need a device that connects you such as a phone.

98. Post an embarrassing selfie as your profile picture.

99. Go to the first profile you see on your choice of social media platforms and like every post that person made for the last six months.

100. Facetime someone and pick your nose for the whole conversation.

101. Film a makeup tutorial and post it on Facebook.

102. Go live while you try to put your whole fist in your mouth.

103. Send the last five emojis you used.

104. Make a fist, pull your arm up to your shoulder (same side), and take a photo of the crease in your arm.

105. Create a reel using emo music and dark color palette.

106. Take a screenshot of your search history and let me see it.

107. Post two truths and one lie and let players guess which one is false.

108. Create a cooking tutorial and burn everything you make, but continue on like you haven’t, and you are the most incredible cook you know.

109. Go live on social media and sing the wheels on the bus (don’t forget the moves).

Man with headphones of conference call

Kissing Dares

Spice things up a little bit with some quite extreme dares to do with friends.

If you’re looking for challenging dares to give someone, why not try out some kissing dares?

They’re perfect when you need a little something to get your pulse racing- so check out some of them below.

110. Kiss the person sitting across from you.

111. Kiss the person that you find to be the most attractive playing this game.

112. Send a flying kiss the person sitting on your left side.

113. Ruffle the hair of the person you think has the nicest hair.

114. Hug a tree, or a plant.

115. Raise your eyebrows to the last person you dreamt about in the group.

116. Kiss every player of the game on the forehead.

117. Describe how you’d kiss a celebrity crush.

118. Kiss the bottom of the player’s shoe to your right.

119. Kiss an ornate object.

120. Spin a bottle and kiss the person where it stops.

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pretty woman doing the kiss face on yellow background

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for ideas to get your next game night started or just want some new and exciting challenges to take on with your friends, this guide got you covered. 

Our list of the best dare challenges for friends is sure to have something that everyone will enjoy. 

 If you have more dare ideas for friends we haven’t mentioned, don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below.

What is your favorite dare questions for friends? Tell us in the comments.

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