154 Dares for Couples: Funny, Romantic & Naughty

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to liven up your date night or party? 

Whether it’s just the two of you or you’re with other couples, trying out some dares for couples can be an entertaining activity that will break any dull routine. 

From being tongue-tied to eating food with unusual flavors, there are so many creative and comical challenges lurking around waiting to be discovered! 

To get things started, we compiled some of the best dares for couples covering clean, funny, romantic, and naughty challenges.

And believe us when we say, these ideas won’t put your relationship on the rocks- they’ll bring out loads of laughter instead! 

You can even pair our dare questions for couples with some truth or drink questions.

Clean Dares for Couples

Let’s start things with some light and wholesome dares to give your partner.

The following clean dares are enough to bring out the excitement without too much challenge.

1. Talk with an accent for the next hour.

2. Pop a balloon without using your hands.

3. Stuff as many marshmallows as you possibly can into your mouth.

4. Eat a spoonful of mayonnaise.

5. Give me a piggyback ride down the street.

6. Sing happy birthday to the next person you cross paths with.

7. Tell me a corny joke that made you laugh.

8. Sing the alphabet backward.

9. Ask the next person you talk to if they will smell your hand.

10. Wear 2 layers of jacket for the next 10 minutes.

11. Drink water from a cup like a dog.

12. Do twenty jumping jacks.

13. Call Mcdonald’s and ask what they put on their nuggets.

14. Call a pizza place and order fried chicken.

15. Turn your shirt inside out and wear it like that until your next turn.

16. Prank call someone and ask them how the weather is.

17. Stand on one leg until your next turn. 

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Funny Dares for Couples

Having fun is important in a couple’s relationship.

So get ready for some hilarity and good laughs in the following list of funny dares for couples.

18. Do the chicken dance to the friend’s theme song.

19. Recite your favorite quote in a whispered voice.

20. Dance like a country line dancer.

21. Walk like a runway model with a book on your head.

22. Put three ice cubes down your pants and hold them in there until they melt.

23. Send one of your parents a long text message explaining how to do laundry.

24. Stick your tongue out and recite your favorite poem.

25. Smell my breath and try to guess what I ate last.

26. Imitate your partner when they are excited.

27. Talk without using the letter “L” until your next turn.

28. Take a funny selfie and post it as your social media picture.

29. Call a friend with a mouth full of peanut butter and sing happy birthday.

30. Go outside and do a rain dance to Singing in the Rain.

31. Do ten push-ups while you tell me what you love about me.

32. Eat a piece of raw ginger.

33. Like the last ten posts on a random person’s social media. 

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Romantic Dares for Couples

What’s a dare games for couples without any romantic challenges to it?

So get ready to do something that will make your partner feel loved in the following list of dares below.

34. Trace with your finger “I love you” on my chest.

35. Sing a love ballad to me that reminds you of our relationship.

36. Flirt with me for the next three minutes.

37. Draw a picture of your favorite body part of mine.

38. Tell me the moment you knew you wanted to be in a relationship with me.

39. Profess your love for me on a live feed on social media.

40. Write a poem about how I have affected your life.

41. Recreate a romantic scene from a movie.

46. Tell me about your first impression of me on our first date.

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Crazy Dares for Couples

From awkward to embarrassing challenges, the next list of crazy dares for couples is sure to have you put on your brave face.

You might even be surprised by the things your partner is willing to do.

47. Eat ice cream in a seductive way.

48. Do your best sexy dance on a video call with your parents.

49. Prank call a friend and yell for help, saying you can’t decide what food to order.

50. Call your partner’s friend and tell them what a horrible partner they are.

51. Until your next turn, don’t use the letter “A”.

52. Call a restaurant and place an order speaking another language.

53. Hold a plank and spell the name of your ex that you hated the most.

54. Call a drugstore and frantically ask if they have a hamster first aid kit.

55. Send a picture of your feet to five people on your contact list with no message, and don’t reply to anyone who responds.

56. Spin around for a minute and then try to walk like a supermodel.

57. Call a convenience store and ask where they keep their diet water.

58. Draw a picture without using your hands.

59. Clean your car wearing only underwear and shoes.

60. Go live recreating your favorite movie scene.

61. Sing a lullaby as a country song.

62. Wear your partner’s shoes on your hands.

63. Have a staring contest with your partner and the first one that blinks must eat a spoonful of garlic powder.

64. Help your partner go to the bathroom.

65. Pick out your outfit to wear for the rest of the game while blindfolded.

66. Find an embarrassing photo of you as a child and send it to your whole contact list.

67. Call up a random number and tell them how fantastic they are, then hang up. 

68. Give your partner a piggyback ride while loudly stating they are “too precious to walk”.

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Dares for Boyfriend/ Husband

It’s now time to give your boyfriend or husband dares that are only for them.

From doing push-ups to doing a prank call, the following dare questions for husband and boyfriends are sure to give everyone a blast.

69. Take your shirt off and do five push-ups.

70. Let me pluck your eyebrows.

71. Text a random person from your contact list, saying, “If anyone asks, I was with you all night.”.

72. Sing your favorite childhood nursery song.

73. Put chocolate syrup on a dill pickle and eat it.

74. Cut holes in a piece of deli meat, put it on your face, take a selfie and make it your profile picture.

75. Fill in your eyebrows with glittery makeup and wear it for the rest of the game.

76. Call a drugstore and tell them you have horrible diarrhea and need them to deliver adult diapers.

77. Take a bit out of a bar of soap.

78. Pretend to be someone we know until I can guess who it is.

79. Put on a blindfold and eat whatever I feed you.

80. Post a photo of a wedding gown on social media, with a thinking emoji.

81. Eat a whole sleeve of crackers as fast as you can with no drinks.

82. Send a picture of you topless and flexing to your mom.

83. Give your sibling a call and greet them with a ‘’Happy Birthday!’’.

84. Send everyone in your social media contact list a wave emoji.

85. Clean as much of the room you’re in, in 1 minute.

86. Try on a pair of your partner’s underwear.

87. Lick the nearest object to you.

88. Make an impression on your favorite celebrity.

89. Slow dance with a broom.

90. Do your best at a stand-up comedy routine.

91. Open a door without using your hands.

92. Belly dance to a ballad.

93. Sing me a love ballad.

94. Paint my toenails while holding the brush with your teeth.

95. Call a friend and ask if you can borrow their toilet bowl brush.

96. Write a haiku about our first date.

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Dares for Girlfriend/Wife

What hilarious things is your wife or girlfriend willing to do as a challenge?

Find out in the list of couple’s dare questions designed for your girl below.

97. Call me “bro” until your next turn.

98. Go live on social media and do a really terrible cooking tutorial.

99. Put makeup on without looking in the mirror and wear it like that for the rest of the game.

100. Take a drink out of the soy sauce bottle.

101. Call a pet store and ask how much they are selling mosquitos for.

102. Dump out your purse, and let me go through what you have in there.

103. Depict the life of a dog through interpretive dance.

104. Lick the bottom of my foot.

105. Peel a banana without using your hands.

106. Text your sibling that you pooped your pants and need them to bring you clean ones.

107. Make a video of you jumping and send it to three people on your contact list.

108. Call your friend and sing “Hakuna Matata” opera style as loud as you can.

109. Give me a scalp massage.

110. Taste your body wash.

111. Talk for the next five minutes about something that you find interesting.

112. Cook me your favorite meal.

113. Show me where you like to be kissed.

114. Create a song that has my name in it.

115. Draw your best portrait of me.

116. Pick your nose and show me what you find. 

117. Let me do your makeup, take a selfie, and post it as your profile picture.

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Dirty Dares for Couples

The following list explores dirty dare questions for couples that are sure to spice up your game.

118. Do a striptease for me.

119. Grind on my lap for 5 seconds. 

120. Tell me a dirty fantasy.

121. Lick somewhere on me you haven’t licked before.

122. Put on the sexiest outfit you own and do a seductive dance.

123. Kiss your partner’s ear for 10 seconds.

124. Send me a naked selfie.

125. Find something in the kitchen to lick off my body.

126. Smell my feet and describe what they smell like.

127. Find an adult movie online and show it to me.

129. Take off my clothes using only your mouth.

130. Take a shower with me, and soap me up.

131. Let me handcuff you to the bed and do as I please.

132. Blindfold me and do something naughty to me.

133. Let me play with your nipples.

144. Go commando for the rest of the day.

145. You have to do whatever I want in the bedroom for the rest of the night.

146. Send me a sexy picture while you’re taking a shower.

147. Give me a sensual massage.

148. Send a peach or eggplant emoji to the first person on your contact list with no further explanation.

149. Tell me a naughty dream you have had.

150. Bend me over your knee and spank me three times.

151. Role play that you are a landlord, and I’m short on rent.

152. Role-play whatever fantasy you have, but have been too shy to share.

153. Turn off the lights, and the first body part you touch, you have to lick.

154. Tell me a naughty story.

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