118 Romantic Questions for Couples for Date Nights, Road Trips & Hangouts

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If you’re married or in a relationship, do you feel like you and your partner are stuck in a rut with the same conversations happening over and over again?

You want to add some variety to topics you talk about, but don’t know where to start.  

Well, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll give you ideas for some romantic conversation starters for couples that will keep things fresh and spark thought-provoking talks.

Whether you’re on your date night, having a road trip, on a vacation, or simply hanging out at home, our list of romantic questions for couples will let you discover things you’ve yet to learn about your partner and make your bonding moment extra special.

The questions are divided into sections ranging from romantic relationship questions to personal and deep questions for couples.

You can take turns in asking, and because these are designed to be discussed during your private time together, each one of you can comfortably express your most truthful answers.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started.

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Romantic Questions for Couples

These romance questions for couples will help you start a meaningful conversation with your partner.

It might also give you a better sense of what your partner is thinking and feeling about love and your relationship.

1. Were you nervous about our first date?

2. What does a romantic date look like to you?

3. If you could have an extra hour a day to dedicate to our relationship, what would you use that time for?

4. How do you still try to add some romance to our daily lives?

5. What are the differences you love between us, and why do you love them?

6. What do you love the most about our relationship?

7. What is something you want to experience with me?

8. Is there an experience you wish you could have again with me?

9. Do I make you feel loved and appreciated often?

10. What makes our relationship work?

11. How do we balance each other out?

12. What is something I am insecure about that you can’t help but love?

13. What does being in a marriage mean to you?

14. What is something that I have done for you that made you feel appreciated?

15. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?

16. What are my best traits, in your opinion?

17. What does your perfect day look like?

18. Is there a song you like that always makes you think of me?

19. Do you have a favorite real-life love story?

20. What do you think we each bring to this relationship?

21. Do you want to renew our vows one day, and what would that look like?

22. What is the nicest compliment I have ever given you?

23. Is there something you would like to change about our current relationship?

24. What is your favorite outfit that I wear?

25. Do you like it when I randomly text you?

26. Are there any adventures that you want us to do this year?

27. Do you view another couple as a good role model for how you would like our relationship to be?

28. Do you have a problem that I can help you with right now?

29. What can I do to make your life easier?

30. What three words describe our relationship the best? 

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Romantic Questions for Husband

It’s time for some romantic questions to ask your husband.

Get ready to find out what he thinks about you or your marriage.

These questions will not only help you get to know your husband better, but they may also help to reignite the spark in your relationship.

31. What physical aspect of me do you like the most?

32. What is the funniest moment we have had together as a couple?

33. What made you decide to marry me?

34. When do you feel the most connected to me?

35. If you were able to read my mind, what do you think am I thinking right now?

36. Do you find me as attractive today as you did the day you met me?

37. What would you get as a tattoo to represent our relationship?

39. What makes our marriage work?

40. What do you think we will be doing when we are senior citizens?

41. Is there anything you would like to do differently in our past?

42. Do you want a second honeymoon, and where would you go?

43. What is the best thing I have ever done for you?

44. How do you like to be given love?

45. What does your perfect day look like without me?

46. What is the most thoughtful gift I have ever given you?

47. How would you describe your dream home?

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Romantic Questions for Wife

You probably feel that because you’re now married, it’s like you’ve talked about everything with your wife. 

But if you’re looking to liven things up and keep the romance going, how about try asking her sweet questions she’d love to answer? 

Listed below are some romantic topics to talk with your wife including questions that’ll let you discover what she truly values in your relationship.

48. Do I help around the house enough?

49. Do you like to get dressed up to see me?

50. What is something you wanted to do as a child and never got to do even after we were married?

51. Are you happy with our life together?

52. Do you think it is necessary to have mutual married friends? 

53. What is your best memory of our relationship before we got married?

54. What line from our marriage vows did you take the most seriously?

55. What do I do right in our marriage?

56. How can I make your daily life more joyful?

57. What is your favorite thing to do on a date night?

58. Do you think having separate friend circles outside of our marriage is important?

59. Do I still give you butterflies in your stomach?

60. Where do you look for inspiration whenever you want to do something special for me?

61. How did you know this relationship was different from others?

62. Is there a mutual goal you would like us to accomplish this year?

63. Is there anything we can do now to make you more confident in our future?

64. If somewhere were to make a movie about our life together, what genre will it be?

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Relationship Questions for Couples

The amount of connection in a relationship is increased when both parties display honesty with each other.

But sometimes there are just questions that are simply tricky to ask or answer outright. 

So how about you and your partner play a love question game and use our list of questions for couples to get started?

Most topics below won’t dig too much but you can skip some if you’re not comfortable answering them.

65. What was something you feared most growing up that you overcame because of our relationship?

66. Can you change yourself just for me?

67. What is something you enjoy doing the most with me?

68. Do I have a habit that bothers you but came to accept now that we’re together?

69. If you could change one thing in our lives, what would it be, and why?

70. How can I be a better partner for you?

71. What is your favorite gift from me?

72. How often have you put my needs ahead of yours?

73. What is the most hilarious thing you have ever seen me do that made you love me more?

74. Which of your abilities do you think I find most impressive?

75. What is something you have accomplished outside of our relationship that you are most proud of?

76. What role do love and affection play in your life?

77. What makes you feel the closest to me?

78. Has anyone ever broken your heart?

79. Have you ever broken someone else’s heart?

80. Do you think we handle conflict well?

81. If money wasn’t a problem, where is someone you would like us to travel to?

82. Is there a part of our relationship that makes you the happiest?

83. Do you feel fulfilled being with me?

84. What is something in recent years that has changed how you view love?

85. What is a book, movie, or tv show that has significantly impacted your views on romantic relationships?

86. Is there something that I have unknowingly taught you about yourself? 

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Deep Questions for Couples

These romantic deep questions for couples will get you thinking and help you learn more about your partner on a different level.

Whether you’re in the early stages of your relationship or have been together for a while, the following questions will surely uncover the depths of your bond.

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87. When was the first time you told someone I love you that wasn’t part of your family?

88. Do you believe that “love at first sight” is real?

89. Do you believe in soulmates?

90. Do you believe falling in love is a lifelong experience?

91. What is the most romantic thing I have done for you?

92. When did you know you loved me?

93. Do you think there is a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone?

94. What defines a successful relationship to you?

95. Do I make you feel safe?

96. How have your priorities changed since we got together?

97. What do you love about yourself that you think is helping us grow stronger together?

98. Name three things that we have in common.

99. What is your favorite family tradition from childhood that you’d want us to do together?

100. What is your favorite tradition that we have started as a couple?

101. If you could change something about how you were raised, what would it be, and why?

102. Do you have a hobby you wish we would take up together, like ballroom dancing, cooking, painting, etc?

103. What is a surprising trait of mine that you love?

104. If you could react to a situation in the past differently, what would it be, and how would you change it?

105. Are there situations when it is ok to lie to me, and when would it be?

106. Do you feel that you are selfless within our relationship?

107. What is more important: being forgiven or accepted?

108. Do you believe in a greater power than ourselves and that we were meant to be together?

109. How much do you value me?

110. Do you think we both contribute to the relationship equally?

111. Have you set any rules in our relationship that you will never break?

112. How can I make you feel special throughout the day?

113. When did you feel the most vulnerable in this relationship?

114. Do you feel you have been open with me during our relationship?

115. What frightens you the most when it comes to love and marriage?

116. What has been our highest point as a couple and our lowest?

117. How can we create a more loving relationship?

118. Do you feel we are on track to the future you had hoped for?

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Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of questions that revolve around romantic topics for couples.

If you and your partner used this, feel free to share your experience- we’d love to hear it.

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